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Daughter mixes up her hotel room with her father’s

I walked up to the house and knocked hard on the door. It was Valentine’s Day, and I had gone to my parent’s house to get dressed for my date on my way home from work. I was running late as it was and I hoped my parents were still there, because I’d forgotten the key to their house. I’d left my dress there so that I could surprise my boyfriend, Nick, with my new outfit.

After a few moments I went to knock again. Just before I could, the door swung open and my father appeared in the doorway. He was dressed in an undershirt and slacks, obviously in the middle of getting ready.

“Rachel?” he began, “what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Hey Daddy! I’m just on the way to my date with Nick but I left my dress here to change into.” I explained. “Didn’t Mom tell you?”

“I guess it slipped her mind. Come on in, princess.” He said, motioning me in.

I was already in my 20s, but my dad still had pet names for me. I had to admit I’d always been a daddy’s girl, and as a result we were very close. It was kind of embarrassing to be called “princess” all the time, but I loved my dad.

I walked in to the house, passing by my father. I suddenly felt like he was staring at my ass, but I brushed it off; he obviously wouldn’t do that.

“So, you’re not going to your date in that? You look really good already.” he said, pointing towards my current apparel. I was wearing a blouse and a tight, grey skirt, as I had just come back from work. I was an associate at a medium sized law firm, and as a result I was always dressed for the courtroom.

“Well, Nick and I are going to a hotel this evening, actually, so I thought I’d spice things up and wear a really nice dress.” I set my keys on the counter, noticing I had accidentally brought in the room key to our hotel suite. I set that down, too. “What are you and Mom doing?

“We’re actually going to a hotel tonight, too! We got a great deal for a one night suite, so we thought we’d take that. She’s upstairs getting ready right now.” My dad resumed getting ready, tying his shoes.

“Oh, I see. I hope you guys have fun! Anyway, Daddy, I’m in kind of a hurry so I’m going to go get dressed. I’ll be in my room.” I didn’t want to be late for my date.

“Okay, sweetie. Your mother will still be getting ready for a while, but I have to stop at my office for something, so I’ll be leaving in a bit. If you leave last make sure you lock up the house.”

“Alright, Daddy!” I said, walking towards my room.

I entered my room, picking up the outfit that I’d left on the bed a day earlier. My room was still exactly the same as it was when I lived with my parents during high school. They’d never had any desire to use it for something else, I guess. I held up my dress to my chest and turned towards the mirror on the wall, one I’d used for years all throughout my childhood. It was a thin black dress that was tight at the top and flowed loosely near the skirt. As an extra surprise for my boyfriend I’d gotten some lingerie, a lacy garter belt and bra, completely with the stockings and everything.

Realizing I would be late for my dinner I began to undress so I could get ready for the date. I unbuttoned my blouse and stripped off my skirt. I removed my bra and panties so I could put on the special lingerie. Before doing so, I decided to admire myself in the mirror.

At 25, I honestly felt like I looked great. I was very petite, only about 5’3, and I was just over 110 pounds. I exercised daily to make sure I kept in shape and took as best care of my body as I could. I had a thin waist and wide, shapely hips. I ran my hands over my hips and then turned to the side to admire my ass. It was perfectly round from yoga and squats, and I often found people staring at it when they thought I wasn’t paying attention. I had perky, C-cup breasts which fit my frame perfectly. I lightly rubbed my breasts, enjoying my body. My boyfriend and I hadn’t had sex in almost a week, and I was getting a little frustrated. I couldn’t wait for later tonight!

I snapped out of my trance and began to dress for the evening. I put on the lingerie and did a turn in the mirror, studying how it looked on my body. It made me feel incredibly sexy, and just a tad naughty for wearing it under my dress. I was definitely excited for my date. I zipped up my dress and went to the bathroom to touch up some of my makeup.

It took about 40 minutes to get everything finished, and soon I was almost ready to leave. As I looked at myself in the mirror one last time, I heard the front door open and slam closed. I figured it must have been my mom leaving, as my father had left almost half an hour ago. I thought nothing of it and collected my things, heading to the front door. I picked my keys up off the counter and realized my hotel key was gone.

“Where could it have gone?” I said to myself, looking around in the kitchen. I was seriously going to be late, so I started to get a little frantic. I walked into the living room and found it sitting on the coffee table. “Strange,” I thought to myself, “I swear I left it on the counter. Someone must have moved it.” I put it out of my mind as I checked if I had everything I needed and stepped out the door, making sure to lock it.

I got in my car and started to drive to the hotel. It was one of the really big, fancy ones in the downtown area and I was actually really excited to see what it was like. Nick and I were going to have dinner and then spend the night in the suite, just the two of us. I pulled into the valet, leaving the car with him, and walked into the lobby.

I looked around for a minute, trying to find my boyfriend, when I heard my cell phone ring. I took it out of my purse, seeing that Nick was calling me.

“Hello?” I answered as I pressed the button.

“Hey Rachel,” he began, “I have some bad news.”

I immediately stiffened. What now? It was Valentine’s Day! “What happened, Nick?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t anything important.

“Well, I got in a little wreck. I’m completely fine, but I’m gonna be late.” He explained.

“Oh no! What happened? Are you sure you’re okay?” I was disappointed that he’d be late but at least he was okay.

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