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daughter for dessert

As I saw my son in law-( sil) coming out of my room I was happy, as he too had satisfied and happy look on his face. daughter for dessert He smiled at me and went to his room. I knew my wife was in my room and she had just been fucked by my elder sil. My dick started to have an erection at the thought of my wife’s pussy taking in the dick of my sil.

I am 58 , retired from job and my wife 48. We have two daughters, both married. This chap who just fucked my wife was married to elder daughter.

I saw my wife coming out of the room, arranging her saree. Seeing me she gave me a wink and smiled.
“ how was it? I asked.

She again gave a satisfied smile and I put my hand on my rising cock.
My eldest daughter was 28 and her husband was 35.
Obviously, my wife, 48, daughter for dessert was happy to get fucked by a guy, 35, that too her sil.

I waited for my sil to come out of his room, as I was suddenly hot to see my daughter, that is his wife, sreedevi…I decided to wait. As I waited with my dick in full form, my mind wandered to my old sweet memories….Long back…yes long back this chapter of my lustful life started, giving it new chapter of family sex…..

I was working then in a private company in daughter for dessert chennai

One day I came back from office and could sense there was tension in the house between the mother and daughter. My daughter, sreedevi was 18 then, a beautiful thing with blossoming boobs, fair and sexy with big eyes. She was developing into to an attractive woman like my wife.

That night wife told me that my daughter was love with a guy and she was afraid there could be trouble. I consoled her that it was part of growing up and it will be ok in due course. But my wife asked to talk to my daughter. It seemed that wife had scolded her and she was upset. daughter for dessert I promised to my daughter the next day, which was friday, as my wife was going to her house.

I took leave that day and my wife left for her house, taking our second daughter with her. My elder daughter was not attending her classes, obviously due to the fight between the mother and daughter.
My daughter prepared food for lunch and she was free by 11.30 am.
I knew how to deal with the issue and I was not against young people having fun as long as it was kept a secret and it was safe with no complications.

Without her knowledge I used enjoy the beauty of my daughter and this time I looked at straight, moving my eyes over her boobs and waist and called her to my room.
She came, daughter for dessert with some surprise in her eyes.

‘ you are a beautiful lady’ I told her
‘ why dad ? She was again surprised, but happy.
“ no wonder young guys fall for you’ I told her, holding her hand.
She stood beside me lowering her eyes but still smiling.
Its all right to fall in love and to have fun” I told her. “but should be careful and should be kept a secret. ‘

My daughter looked relieved and I held her close to me.
“I too had many lovers when I was young and many were as young and tender as you are”I told her holding her even closer to me, so that my dick, that was getting harder, daughter for dessert was pressed against my sexy daughter. She felt my hard dick against her soft body and she made no effort to free herself.

“ Dad, you too were naughty’ she said without looking at me.
I held her further close, pressing my firm dick directly between her thighs.

“ I was naughty, and my girls were too naughty, like you,” I said looking into her eyes deep.

Her return gaze was intense as she could feel the throbbing of my penis and she too was getting hot. daughter for dessert May be my cute daughter is wet between her thighs, I thought.

‘did he fuck you? I asked her, referring to her lover.
“ no, he did not” she whispered.
I sat on the cot and made her sit on my lap, taking care that my tool was exactly between her thighs. I slowly moved my hands from behind and slowly felt my daughter’s budding breasts for the first time.

“was it like this ?” I asked her pressing her both boobs
My daughter put her hands on fingers pressing it further on her boobs. I knew she was enjoying.

“ relax my beauty,’ I told her, planting a kiss on her head.” no one is here and o one will come here.’ daughter for dessert I reassured her trying to unbutton her top. She did not resist.

‘ I always wanted to see my pet daughters full beauty” I whispered in her ears, while slowly removing her top.

Inch by inch my daughter’s fair fleshy boobs came into view. My eyes feasted on the wonderful boobs of my daughter and I knew she could read the lust in my eyes.

Lust of a father for her daughter, which is accepted by her. It is a divine feeling of pure love.

“ I like you, dad,’ she said as her breathing was getting heavier.
I mouthed my teen daughter’s budding boobs, daughter for dessert one by one, playing her nipples with my tongue.

“ it’s yours dad’ she gave me a passionate kiss.
‘ I always dreamed about your pussy, once reached puberty” I told her directing her hands to the groin. As if she was waiting for it, my daughter gripped my cock, which was still under my dhoti.
“ Wow, its big and hard,” she said.

‘ I made you with it, fucking your mother” I said.
‘ do you daily fuck my mother “? She asked. I envy her.
I slipped my hand between her thighs reaching for groin area. “ I fuck your mother there’ I said, placing my hand above her pussy, daughter for dessert feeling the soft fleshy folds of her virgin hole.

She spread her legs, for her loving dad. My loving daughter opening her thighs so that her dad can reach her cunt…. Oh..It was a great feeling…

I rubbed her pussy over the panty. She tightened her grip on my dick…

‘ put your hand in side my underwear and feel the real dick of your dad’ I told her.

She did not hesitate. Put her hand inside and gripped the cock that made her. She was smiling but a bit shy. “ tighten you’re your grip ‘ I asked her. She did. daughter for dessert “ it’s a long big one dad,” she said.
‘ now I want to see my little daughters pussy, show it, won’t you? I was impatient to see kid’s fleshy folds between her thighs.
She stood up and raised her frock. Before I could reach with my hands, she removed the panty.

She stood before her father, fully nude, legs wide apart, showing that heavenly hole before her lusty dad. She was smiling at me confidently assured that her dad was fully enjoying her beauty.
I was, it was a delicious feast for a father’s eyes to see his daughter fully nude for the first time.

I dropped my dhoti and underwear releasing my cock to its full size. Her eyes were glued to my cock as it was throbbing with excitement.
Her little pussy was a beautiful sight, especially for me, her father. There was scanty hair growth around her pussy. daughter for dessert The sweet folds of her pussy looked rosy, as she was very fair. My hand went down to my cock but she extended her hand got hold of it before I could. I could feel her pulling my cock towards her pussy. My lovely daughter was in a hurry to feel her father’s penis inside her hole. But I wanted to admire her cunt fully, taking all the time in the world.
It was raining outside and in the flat, we, the father and daughter, were alone, fully naked and excited about the great fuck that was going to happen.

I knelt before my naked daughter bringing my face between her thighs to her pussy, which was mine, mine alone. I made her. And she was now offering her hole for me. My own daughter was smiling at me as my lips moved towards her pussy.

I slowly parted the folds of her pussy and kissed. A father’s first loving kiss on his daughter’s cunt. I moved my mouth all over her cunt, kissing it hard. I felt the silky softness of her cunt. It smelled nice too. daughter for dessert I found her clit with my tongue and t playing on it. Her pussy was hot and wet. She started moaning as I licked her hole.
As the sensation was shooting all over her, she started leaning on me, almost losing her balance.

I laid her on the cot and she further opened her thighs. I fully mouthed her pussy and moved my lips and tongue expertly till she exploded with pleasure.

With my loving eyes, I enjoyed the sight of my cute daughter lying before me naked, showing her cute cunt for my pleasure. Her eyes were closed with satisfaction.

Her hand was moving towards me looking for my dick to hold. I moved towards her and placed my erect cock in her hand, daughter for dessert which she gripped, with her still closed.

I watched her face as she was lying there with my cock in her hand gripped tightly.

From her looks, I knew she was feeling safe and protected with her father’s strong dick in her soft but firm grip,

As a proud father, it was time for me to enter into my daughter’s silky milky pussy, to fill it with my love, a love reserved only for a daughter by a dad.

She slowly opened daughter for dessert her eyes and looked at my cock that was gripped by her lovingly.

She tightened the grip on my cock and called… daughter for dessert….”dad…

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