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Dark Web Pt1

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“See, I told you I would use you, and you might be destined to spend the rest of Ur life a whore but your my little whore and I will look after you”

I’ve been into little girls for as long as I can remember but spent my whole life trying to ignore it. I’ve had normal relationships but if anything real bad happens in my life, I always end up on the dark web, doing searches for “hard candy”. I’ve never bought anything on dark web sites before, they have always seemed too “dodgy” for my liking. Just zooming in on the free previews and busting my nut all over myself has sufficed so far, until today.
I woke up to find a note from my fiancee saying she was leaving me for another man. I broke down and quickly found myself on my laptop, dark web, doing my usual search. The previews weren’t enough this time, I found a set of pictures of a beautiful little 10yo called Mandy. It always amazed me that they always looked like they were enjoying having the pictures taken in their skimpy underwear and sexy outfits. I clicked on the “buy now” button and was utterly shocked at the price £1000 just for pictures, I didn’t care I just needed to cum so badly. I keyed in my card details, paid and downloaded the picture set. I came so hard looking at Mandy spreading her tiny little cunt and imagining how tight it would feel with my meat buried deep inside her.
I slept well that night thinking about her perfect body.
The next morning I woke with a start, a loud banging at the door. I threw on some trackies and ran down stairs. I opened the door and was greeted by a delivery man, he handed me his machine to sign for the delivery, I signed, handed it back and he left. I was still half asleep so wasn’t even sure what I was signing for, that’s when I noticed the box at my feet. It was a pretty big box, on a pallet with “fragile” stickers on it. “What the hell did I order” I thought to myself. I hauled the box inside and was surprised how heavy it was. I ripped the box open and nearly fell over, there was a lifesize doll in the box. I touched it and then realised “OMFG, it’s not a doll, it’s a real child”. There was a note in the box that read
“Dear Sir,
Thank you for your purchase of Mandy, she has been drugged for the shipping but they should wear off within a couple of hours. She is yours to do as you wish. Nobody will be looking for her as we breed children to sell so there’s no need to worry. Please enjoy your purchase and don’t forget to leave us a good review”.
That’s why the damn pictures were so expensive, I wasn’t buying pictures, I bought a fucking child sex slave, my mode started going crazy, trying to think of all the things I could do to her. I pulled her out of the box and laid her on the sofa, she was so small and still totally out of it. My cock was throbbing so hard I thought it was going to explode if I didn’t cum soon. I pulled her skirt up to reveal her lacy thong, I started stroking my cock, harder and harder, I was so close to cumming when she opened her eyes and looked at me in total shock, in that instant I came, I covered her whole body. Exhilarated, I lay back and watched her as she went in and out of consciousness and cried. After a few minutes I sat up and spoke “Hi Mandy, I am your new owner, I am going to use you as much as I please, I will use and abuse your body as and when I want, in return for this I will also look after you” I stood up “now you look like you need a shower”. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom, turned on the shower, kicked of my bottoms and pulled her clothes off her small and still limp body and then climbed into the shower. I held her against me with her legs around my waist with the water running over our bodies. As she started to come to she pointed to the toilet, I looked at her and said “you may piss if you need to, but you can do it right here”. I held her with one arm and reached to my cock with the other as she let out her stream of piss over my cock, I started stroking and then started pissing against her little cunt. It was so warm and wet, I pushed the tip of my cock into her and filled her with piss then came furiously as I lifted her up and she pushed it all back out over my cock. It felt amazing having my own little fuck toy, I had so many things I wanted to try.
I stood Mandy in the shower and started to wash her little body, gently and caressingly “See, I told you I would use you, and you might be destined to spend the rest of Ur life a whore but your my little whore and I will look after you”

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