Dark Secret

A good story will play like a movie in your mind, it takes you places. A book that has a warning label for strong sexual content can make you want to touch yourself.

The Internet is a treasure trove of dark, sexual fantasy books. If you can imagine it, you can get it delivered to your front door. My dirty secret is reading books heavy in the BDSM category. The more hardcore the more it makes me spray.


As a woman, we go through many different stages in our lives and every woman deals with them differently.

Personally, my coping mechanism is reading the sexiest, with the most bondage, and stranger sex, books I can find. It’s my drug as it keeps me centered, most of the time. But I’m also experiencing a flash flood of hormone imbalances and it’s a savage monster and, the monster has me in its teeth.

One minute I’m laughing happily, then out of the blue, someone doesn’t say, “Excuse me,” while they are rushing past me in the bread aisle and I’m ready to throw hands and fight!

The theory is, “If your sex life is in balance, your life is in balance too.” My sex life is very one-note. It’s become a routine, which happens to everyone sooner or later, I know that.

I still enjoy fucking my husband. It’s a pleasant car ride on a Sunday afternoon.

But I need more. I need lust, pull off the road, and do it behind a tree, raw forbidden sex because the urge is so powerful, a sirens song calling to you that you can’t resist. The desire to fuck so great nothing else matters. I’m craving that.

The graphic books help and the monthly subscription to “Adam & Eve” keeps me loaded with toys, but I’m struggling in silence. I need help to get past this feeling of wanting to orgasm or murder someone, this isn’t normal.

I called my Dr. for a consultation. He examined me, ordered blood work, and came up with the conclusion I was starting menopause.

“Just fucking great!” I said.

He smiled in that Dr. way and said, “Wendy, you should go on an anti-depressant and pick up a hobby.”

So, here I am. This is how it all started, my journey into having sex with strangers, having a daddy-dominant husband, all because I took a writing class.

My Dr. suggested a hobby, I don’t think he meant dungeon sex. But pole dancing was out of the question as I have a bad shoulder. Therefore, I chose the adult writing class at the college.

Honestly, I’m very excited about the class since I had taken some writing classes in college. I had considered going into journalism instead of the medical field but traveling into war zones scared me off. I can handle blood, not blown-up bodies.

I’m people-watching as the classroom begins to fill up. A few men are being dragged in with their wives, the rest mostly middle-aged women. Then who I assume is the instructor, closed the door behind him.

To my eyes, he looks to be about thirty-five, maybe early forties. Good-looking, neat trimmed dark hair, and beard. He had piercing blue eyes, medium build, five foot eleven inches, give or take. Middle eastern or Italian descent, or some unique combination.

He opens his briefcase, removes his glasses, and clears his throat as all eyes are on him.

“Good evening everyone and welcome to Creative writing for mature adults.” What he means is old people!

“My name is Professor Tony Rossi, but please call me Tony. We will be spending one night a week together for the next six weeks. I hope your spouses don’t get jealous!”

We all laughed at his joke.

“I want you to feel comfortable with yourself, in your writing, and comfortable with me as your teacher, no judgment here. Remember, this is for your enjoyment. Have fun, be creative, use your imagination.”

The two-hour class went by so quickly. Our assignment was to build an outline for a story. Then next week he would help anyone still struggling with a story idea.

Driving home that night I felt relaxed, like I had a purpose again.

I started on my outline as soon as I got home. I knew I wanted it sexy, and totally out of my comfort zone, with an undertone of danger and eroticism. I came up with the title first since Tony said to start with an idea, let the words flow from there.

I’m calling it, “The After-Midnight Swingers Club.”

Here is my outline.

My friend from work told me about a swingers club she found online. It was expensive and very, very private. We giggled like two school girls over the fantasy. The cost is $5000 to join. But it is a lifetime membership. Perks include all-inclusive parties, private only by invitation parties, and secret gatherings by code word only.


I couldn’t wait until the next writing class. The week went by so slowly but Thursday was finally here and it was time for the second writing class.

The class had shrunk since last week, with no men and only four women, including me. Tony looked so disappointed when he saw the class size that I felt bad for him.

He cleared his throat, and took out his glasses, and thanked those attending for their perseverance, and started the class.

“Last week I asked you to form a story outline. I’d like each of you to come up to my desk, one at a time, so we can discuss it.”

I was the last one to go up and the last one in the room.

“Hello, Mrs. Michaels, how are you? Are you enjoying the class so far?”

“Please, call me Wendy. I’m enjoying it tremendously, it’s helping me not want to mow people down with the grocery cart!”

His laugh was so genuine, I started laughing too.

“Tell me the concept of your story.”

“It’s about a woman’s fantasy to join a swingers club, with her husband. She wants this fantasy of sex and raw animal behavior. She wants to make him watch her getting ravaged by another man.”

I could tell he was surprised by my outline. “That’s very fascinating. Do you have names for your characters?”

“Yes, I’m calling the wife, Mistress Contessa, and the husband, Sir Magellan. The man from the swingers club is called, Black Stallion.”

“Wow Wendy, that’s good. How do you plan on filling in the storyline?”

“I want the woman to live out her deepest fantasy, not caring about anything else. She will deal with the fall-out after.”

Tony looks at his watch, the classroom was now empty.

“I’m sorry Wendy, I kept you past the scheduled class time, please forgive me, but your concept is very intriguing.”

“No problem, my husband is already in bed, he won’t even care.”

“Please, allow me to walk you to your car. I’d feel better knowing you’re safe.”

“Thank you, that’s very sweet of you.”

He walked me to my car and then waited for me to get in and lock the door before he took his leave. As I sat there, it dawned on me that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. I mean, that doesn’t mean anything as many men choose not to wear rings nowadays.

I became engrossed in my writing. Nearly every evening I’d sit and write until I had a four-thousand-word short story, that seems to be evolving into a small book before the next class.

The class size shrunk again, to one person, Me!

Poor Tony. I could see the disappointment on his face. I smiled at him.

He looked at me and said, “If you want to go home, I’ll make sure you get a full refund on the class.”

“I don’t want a refund, I want you to keep teaching me how to write.”

“Would it be unprofessional if I offered to buy you dinner? We could read your story and be comfortable at the same time.”

“Sounds great, where should I meet you?”

“Have you ever been in a corvette?”

“No, never.”

“Let’s take my car and I’ll drop you off when we’re done.”

We walked to the parking lot. His 2020, metallic blue, corvette, had its own reserved parking space. The car purred to life with a touch of a button. As soon as he had open roads on the highway, he looked at me and said, “Hold on.” He was smiling ear to ear as he gunned it.

I was holding on and laughing at the same time. I never felt so alive, I was having a blast!

We went to a bar forty miles away from the college. The atmosphere inside was sexy, quiet, and private.

Tony smiled at a few customers as I followed him to a small candlelit table near the back of the bar. “Wendy, have a seat, I’ll be right back.”

I was reading my story on my iPhone when Tony returned. He was carrying a server tray loaded with chips and salsa and a pitcher of margaritas.

His smile is infectious.

“Side job?”

He laughed, “No, more like ownership.” He set the drinks and chips down. “I bought this as an investment property, it’s my baby.“

“It’s very nice.”

“Let me read what you have so far.“

As he reads the story, I was watching him. His eyes were darting back and forth over the words. Grinning, then scowling, then, his neck started turning red, slowly moving up his face. He started squirming in the chair when he was reading the heavy sex part.

He finished reading and took a huge drink of his margarita. “Wow, the sex is so vivid in my mind, it feels like a movie. It has elements of seduction and some grammar errors, but those are easily fixable.”

I was beaming as I was so proud.

“Is this your fantasy, Wendy?”

I got shy, “Yes, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be, I’m very close to crossing that professional line again. If you want to stop, just say so.”

I didn’t say anything.

“What if I told you, I could help you with your fantasy, but with a twist. Instead of you making your husband watch you getting fucked by Black Stallion, it would be me watching you, then when he’s done, I get you.”

“You want to fuck me?” I couldn’t believe it.

“Of course.”

“And you want to watch me get fucked, then fuck me again?”



“Wendy, my cock is hard right now. I’d fuck you in the beer cooler if you’d let me.”

“You’re ten years younger than me and I’m not sexy.”

He slid his chair next to me, took my hand in his, and placed it on his jeans, right on his cock. It was solid. I can feel my face starting to turn red, my hand shook a little, as he pressed against it.

“Wendy, have you ever cheated on your husband?”

“No, I was a virgin when we married, I’ve never had sex with any other men.”

“Do you know what a big turn-on that is?”

I moved my hand away, but Tony put his hand on my thigh.

“Why is it a turn-on that I’m married?”

“I’ve always been attracted to the more mature woman, and if she’s married, it’s an aphrodisiac. It makes me pursue her even more.”

Tony moved in for the kill shot. He squeezed my thigh and whispered in my ear, “You want to be mine, my private toy, you want to be taken, fucked in every hole, squirting until your body is completely dry.”

He moved my hair and kissed my neck, down to my shoulder, then he sucked just hard enough to leave a hickey.

With shaking hands, I took a drink of the cold margarita.

“Ok, how’s this,” he said, “I want you to think about it. Write more of your story and next week we’ll meet up at the college and see where it goes from there.”

I shook my head yes, and said, “I’m ready to go get my car.”

On the drive back he held my hand, we listened to music but didn’t talk about anything.

He pulled up next to my car, shut the Corvette off, and opened the door for me. He took my hand and walked me to my car and pushed his body against mine, pinning me against my car.

“You write with such passion, I’m going to jerk off later, thinking about that story. I know you’re great in bed because you write with such clarity and emotion.

His hands were going down the sides of my breasts as his knee gently spread my legs apart. He leaned in, and without permission, he captures my mouth with his. His hand slid down, unbuttoning my jeans, he was groaning as I let him slip his fingers into my dripping wet pussy.

“So wet, mmm, baby.” He was sliding two fingers in deep as I’m holding on to him. “Cum for me.”

He starts rubbing my swollen clit, three fingers deep, pumping, rubbing. He pulled my bra up and then he was biting and sucking my breasts.

“Cum, baby, be mine right now!” His fingers are soaked. “Give it to me,” he said pumping his fingers in and out.

This is too much, I’m boiling inside, my pussy contracts around his fingers as the orgasm erupts through me. He pulls his hand out and quickly and starts licking, and drinking my essence.

I’m completely spent and I was sagging against the car, half-naked, dripping wet with cum and sweat.

He helped me dress and then he hugged me for a long time. “Thank you, baby, that was spectacular. I’ll be thinking about this all week. I’ll see you next Thursday.”

I was in an endorphin fog.

The next morning, I wake up thinking surely that didn’t happen. But the mark on my breast confirmed otherwise. I don’t remember driving home, or going to the shower.

I spent the next week writing, putting every ounce of myself into my story.

Here is my story

My husband and I are attending our first swingers party where we are directed to the parlor. My husband’s hand is crushing mine and we see Champagne flowing from fountains. I can feel the energy in the room as the women are dressed to tease and excite. The men look dashing and dangerous.

The game for tonight is ‘Woman’s choice’. The husbands could either watch their spouse get fucked by another man or they could hunt for sexual activities. My husband was going to watch me live out one of my most secret desires tonight.

A member of the club would escort the husbands to the individual viewing areas when it was time. I let go of my husband’s hand since it was time to play. I wanted to feel the excitement of tracking down the man I wanted tonight, “my trophy.”

Once I made my choice, I had to make the first move. The man could refuse if he chose to but if he refuses a woman, he will be punished in front of the entire club. That punishment is determined by the Headmistress of the club, “Mistress Black Widow “.

I was casually walking around the club, I saw a man standing next to a water fountain and he was watching me, watching him.

His eyes were deep brown and he had a look about him like he was comfortable in the suit but preferred jeans. A ruggedness but sophisticated too.

He waited for me to make my move. Boldly, I walked towards him, “Hello, my name is Contessa, would you like to be my companion for the night?”

He grabbed my arm forcefully and motioned for a guide to escort us to the private rooms. We were led up the winding staircase, past several doors, until finally, we stopped at a room marked with the word, “Bondage”, on the door.

The room is a bondage chamber. Ropes, sex machines, mirrors on the walls, ceiling, and the large bed that had been equipped with hooks on them for tie-downs. He led me to the center of the room.

“I’m going to make you cum and you won’t stop until I permit you. I am a dominant Master, you may only address me as Sir, when you orgasm, you will call me, Stallion.” Your husband is watching us, does that turn you on, knowing he’s watching me now as I blindfold you?

“Yes, Sir.”

“Don’t move.”

I felt him as he unzipped my gown, letting it fall to the floor. He unsnapped my bra and it fell to the floor. He was standing close, his breath on my face, as he slid his hands down my body, pushing the lace panties to the floor.

“Step out.”

I was standing there completely naked except for my heels.

At class that Thursday I was shaking with a mixture of fear and fantasy. I didn’t know what to expect, so I dressed in my best panties and bra, jeans, a nice blouse, and my sexist heels.

Tony is standing next to the corvette when I pulled up. I shut the car off as he opened my door and kissed me hard, smashing my body against his. His cock was hard and pushed into my pelvis.

“I need to fuck,” he said after the kiss ended. “Get in the car, I have a surprise for you.”

He drove for forty-five minutes and then he pulled into a gas station.

“I’ll be right back.”

He came back with a bag of things, some condoms, and other items.

“Open the glove box, baby, and put the blindfold on, please.”

My hands are shaking, but I did it. He turns the car on and we are on the move again. “Fifteen minutes, then we’ll be there,” he said.

I can feel the car slowing down, we were on a gravel road and I had no idea where he took me. The car rolls to a stop and he shuts it off. I could hear him getting out as gravel crunched under his feet. My door opened and he took my hand. He led me down a gravel path, and up a small flight of stairs. I heard keys and I could smell the ocean.

He pulled me inside, down a hall, then down some stairs. More keys jingle, a door creaked open.

I smelled leather and I heard his phone vibrate. He punched in something and I heard the outside door open and footsteps, at least two people came down the stairs.

No one was talking but I knew there were at least four people in this room. Tony, me, and two strangers. Still blindfolded, someone pushed me forward and I landed face-first onto a bed.

Then he rolled me over. I’m no tiny woman, five foot seven, two hundred pounds, so whoever it was had some muscle. My clothes were yanked off without any thought. They wanted me naked and naked I was.

My nipples were getting hard. The cold air was making me shiver on the bed. Large rough hands grabbed me by my throat, pulled me to my knees, my jaws were forced open, and a huge, thick cock was jammed down my throat.

He was holding my head tightly as he stabbed my throat over and over, pulling my hair, spitting on my face.

He grunted and, it was got louder as he slammed my mouth down as he pushed up, forcing me to swallow gulp after gulp of his thick, salty sperm.

The bed creaked as another body joined me. I still had a cock in my mouth when I heard Tony say, “Fuck her in the ass, I want her on my cock now.”

The cock was pulled from my mouth. He turned me around, my ass high in the air, Tony’s cock was going down my raw throat. Tony was pumping like a crazed jackrabbit.

I was gagging continuously, then I felt my ass being lubed up, a finger slid in coating the delicate skin. Then two hands stretched me. I was whimpering and I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my legs.

Then Tony was holding my head in place, as the stranger, plowed my virgin ass with his thick meat.

I was screaming as Tony had me locked on his cock. The stranger pulled his cock out and rammed it back in, no mercy.

Tony shot his load down my throat, just as the stranger shoved his fist in my dripping cunt. I was wailing.

“Put her on my cock,” grunted Tony. “Who’s your daddy, are you mine now?”

He was squeezing my throat. “Is this your fantasy, Wendy, my cock in your pussy, and a black man’s cock in your ass?”

Tony pulled me down, getting more depth with each thrust. The man in my ass was rubbing my clit, I was thrashing as he stuffed my ass, I have no more room.

I heard Tony say, “What are you waiting for?”

Another man was standing near me, he bends down, pulled my hair, and kissed me roughly. My lips felt like they were bleeding. I was getting double penetrated mercilessly.

The new man took my hand and wrapped it around his cock. I was giving him a hand job, then he shoved it in my mouth. Three cocks were filling me.

Almost as one, all three shot their wads of spunk into me. I was soaked in white, thick sperm. It was dripping from my vagina, my ass, my mouth.

Tony pulled off the blindfold and I could hardly focus my eyes. The room was so dark but then I saw the two strangers. My husband pulled his cock from my mouth, a huge black man was standing behind me, his cock was still in my ass, and Tony was in my pussy.

I was trembling. My husband pulled his cock from my mouth and he kissed me, tasting himself on my tongue and I saw the hurt in his eyes.

“Are you surprised seeing me here tonight? Let me tell you my story, Wendy. I wanted you to have your fantasy, I read your story. Sweetheart, you didn’t need to hide your desires from me. I have a dark side too and you’re going to find that out very quickly.”

“I went to the college the night you spent with Tony at the bar, I wanted to have sex with you, like in your story. I wanted you to feel wanted and desired, but when I pulled in, what I saw was my surprise. I saw you getting finger fucked in the parking lot and you looked beautiful.”

“I saw red but I wanted to fuck you too. Your mine, so I waited until you left. Then I pulled up to Tony and we had a conversation. Tony was more than happy to reach an understanding with me. Make no mistake, Wendy, I’m your husband and you are my fuck toy. I’m your daddy now and I will decide who you get to play with. Do you understand?”

I was numb, “Yes, Daddy.”

“That’s my good girl, now sit on my face, it’s my turn to make you squirt, Tony, fill her ass.”

The End

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