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Dark Fantasy

This the follow-up to her Request.

As she headed home, Hope could barely believe the events of the last twenty-four hours. She was still in a daze from all that Glenn had shown her. It was exactly what she had needed. She was no timid virgin, not at fifty, but she had not had any serious lovers in years. Actually, there were only a couple of what would have been notoriously referred to as one-night stands.  

Last night had changed everything. In the pub, she had bared her soul to Glenn. She had told him that she longed to be kept, owned, possessed, used, abused and dominated. His answer surprised her. He told her that she could not know that until she knew love. Hope had never been loved and cherished. Last night had given her a glimpse of what a loving relationship could give her. She had never before felt so completely loved as she did at this moment.

When she got home, she finally opened his note. The first page had a time, a name, address,  a room number and a card key for a hotel. The second page had instructions listing what to wear, to have already eaten, and to be prepared to spend at least sixteen hours away from home. The last page had a small contract on it. Nothing surprising was in the document, just a release from liability and consent to be used as she had requested. She thought for about three seconds, then signed it. She would do anything to have Glenn fulfill her dark fantasy.

Friday could not come quickly enough for Hope. She was distracted at work due to the thoughts of what might be running through her mind. Everything she had dreamed of was constantly on her mind. Would he be willing to spank her? Was there any way that she would feel like he owned her? Could she let herself be dominated and taken by a man she barely knew? She longed for him to treat her like a woman in a story by her favorite authors, Hobson or Llewellyn.

When the day finally arrived she didn’t go to work. She had to prepare herself for the evening. Meticulously, she shaved her legs and pubic area. She longed to finger herself to an orgasm, but he had strictly forbidden her to do that. As the time neared for her to leave, she dressed in black silk stockings with garters, a thong and a long coat. She was waiting when the taxi arrived to take her to his hotel. She desperately hoped that she had not made a mistake coming here.

Glenn sat in his room, wondering if she would come to him. Could he be so lucky as to find a woman whose dark desires were a compliment to his own? He had longed to find that lady, and had actually given up the dream that it would happen. When Hope had entered his life, it was as though the gods had finally heard his plea. Glenn prayed that she was strong enough to accept some of the darkness that he desired.

Hope entered the hotel, walked through the lobby with her room key in hand as though she had been there a thousand times. No one seemed to notice her. The elevator quickly took her to his floor. Walking down the corridor she almost lost her nerve. She got to the door and opened it. Everything was dark except for the bathroom where the lights were on. She went immediately into the bathroom, shut the door, and used the toilet per her earlier instructions.

Glenn’s heart seemed to skip a beat when he heard the door open and saw the light as it crept into the darkness of his world. Hope went into the bathroom and closed the door. He steeled himself for what he was about to do as he went around the room lighting a few candles so that he could see her as they played. Glenn was already so aroused from his thoughts that his cock was trying to burst through his slacks. He forced himself to wait a few minutes before proceeding.

When she was done, she went to the mirror to touch up her makeup. There was an envelope for her by the sink. Opening it, she read: Leave the consent form on top of this envelope along with your safe word. When you are done and are dressed appropriately, sit on the toilet lid and wait there with your eyes closed. When you hear a knock, if you are ready, loudly say, “Enter.” Keep your eyes closed unless told otherwise. Sir will take care of you soon.

Hope touched up her makeup. She wanted Sir to be pleased with the way she looked. Then she placed the document beside the sink, removed her coat and sat on the seat, now wearing nothing but the thong, stockings, garters and stilettos. She closed her eyes and tried to wait patiently. It seemed like she had been sitting forever when finally, she heard three distinct knocks on the door. Hope’s heart seemed to skip a beat. She mustered all her strength and followed her instructions, saying, “Enter.”

The door was almost silent as it opened. She kept her eyes closed as she felt something being placed over her head and face. It was a leather mask with one opening for her nose and mouth. Her eyes were completely covered, and she was in the dark. Strong hands tied the mask’s laces on the back of her head. Sir’s firm hands then beckoned her to stand. He led her out into the room. Hope felt rather than saw Glenn sit. “Assume your place, my pet,” Glenn said. Hope knew that she was to kneel at Sir’s feet. Carefully she eased herself to her knees.

“I have some gifts for you, my pet. Lean close to me.” Glenn said. Hope got as close as she could. He fitted a collar around her neck. “It reads ‘Sir’s Pet’ in deep red on your new collar. I hope that you like it. Hold out your hands as I also have cuffs for your wrists and ankles.” he added. As he placed the cuffs on each wrist and then each ankle Hope couldn’t help but smile. This was part of her dark desires. She loved the way the collar and cuffs made her feel inside.

“How would you like to play a game?” Glenn asked. “If you win, I will grant you a boon. If you lose, you will accept punishment.” Hope vigorously nodded, “Yes! Please, Sir.”

“You are going to suck my cock. If you can make me cum in less than ten minutes you will win. Do you still want to play?” Glenn said. 

Hope quickly replied, “Oh yes, Sir. Please let me play.” 

“I have set a timer, Hope. Your ten minutes begin NOW!” he answered.

Hope felt her way between Sir’s legs. She reached and found the zipper to his slacks, his cock felt hard already. She opened his pants and slid them slightly down, and moved her mouth to the tip of Sir’s cock. Hope started licking his cock up and down, rubbing her lips along the sides of his dick. She could feel every vein in his cock. They were starting to pulse with excitement. She was shocked that Sir had shaved not only his cock and balls, but it seemed that he had shaved his legs and body as well. His smooth shaft felt so good in her mouth as she started to work the tip into her mouth. As she worked up and down his cock, she was amazed at how much wetter she had become. Her cunt was so close to dripping fluid onto the floor.

Glenn was amazed at how wonderful Hope’s mouth felt on his cock. It was soft, warm and wet. Hope’s tongue felt so good against the tip of his cock. It felt like she was going to make him cum quickly if he let her. Hope actually was deep throating his member. He felt her throat constrict around his cock as she was fighting her gag reflex.

Hope started increasing her pace, trying to get Sir to cum in her mouth. She didn’t know how much time remained, but she did know Sir had amazing control. His cock was even harder than when she started. She loved the way Sir’s pre-cum tasted. She thought he must be getting close, but he seemed to be totally in control of himself. Sir reached down and started thrusting against her. Glenn spoke once again, “I don’t want you to think that I am not giving you a fair chance to win, Pet.” Hope started to gag as he forced himself deeper down her throat. He could feel the contractions from her throat when his cock was completely engulfed in Hope’s mouth. Hope was so wet she hoped that Sir would soon take her and fill her pussy with his wonderful cock.

Hope was sure that Sir must be getting close even though he seemed calm. She started sucking him with a frenetic pace. Alas, it was not to be. The timer went off and Sir was not even breathing hard. Sir’s hands pushed her off his cock, and he spoke once more, “It looks like you shall need to be punished, my Pet.”

Sir helped Hope stand, then walked her over to what must be the bed and had her sit. He got between her legs and she felt something being tied around her right ankle. Sir then moved her legs about two feet apart and tied her other leg to something else, a spreader bar. Hope had never dreamed he would have brought one with him from the States. Suddenly, he lifted both legs. Sir raised her legs past vertical. Hope heard a metallic click and Sir released her legs, she was shocked when they remained in the air. Sir then tied each arm to something so that they were extended by her side. Hope was amazed that even though she was restrained, she was quite comfortable.

Glenn looked at her and was in wonder that she was really there. She was so damn sexy with her legs held in the air, with a spreader bar between her ankles. Glenn could not help himself and ran a finger lightly between her pussy lips. He loved that Hope had really large labia that were outside her pussy. She was wetter than he had thought was possible. He then said, “Well, my pet, are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes,” Hope replied meekly.

“Let me know if you can tell me what I am using to touch you. You may speak anytime you think that you recognize the object,” were the next words Sir spoke. He grabbed a flogger that he had purchased just for such an occasion. He lightly dragged the leather straps up one of Hope’s arms. Next, he moved it in circles around first one of her breasts and then the other, he was careful to only let the very ends of the tips of the leather strips touch Hope. As he alternated between each breast, Hope’s nipples started to harden. This was what Glenn had wanted to see. Hope knew that her arousal was heading off the charts. She had never felt like this before, scared, yet extremely excited. Glenn kept working his flogger all over Hope, trailing down her stomach and then teasing the inside of each leg. Hope’s body was betraying her as she started to quiver with anticipation.

Suddenly, with a flick of his wrist, Glenn gave a sharp swat with the flogger against Hope’s left breast and nipple. Hope gasped at the shock, then moaned as the slight sting settled in. Before she could relax, Sir flicked his wrist on the other breast. She knew that he had barely struck her, but the feeling was exquisite. Could this truly be what she had longed for? Hope heard Sir walk to the foot of the bed.

“Count for me, my Pet,” Sir said.

He lightly flicked his wrist again and struck her left butt cheek. “One,” Hope said as her breath was taken away. Smack, she heard on her right cheek. “Two.” Sir kept alternating between left and right. He was hitting a little harder with every flick of his wrist. Sir kept each strike at random intervals. With no discernible rhythm, Hope could not prepare for the next strike. Her butt was starting to tingle, as was her mound. Some swings had fallen across her pussy.

Finally, she knew what it was. “It’s a flogger.”

Glenn smiled, “Correct, my dear. Now let us finish your punishment. One swing for every minute of the game.”




Glenn sat on the bed and leaned over and kissed Hope on the mouth. She hungrily returned the kiss as she reveled in the stinging of her ass and pussy. He caressed her as he kissed her, teasing each breast. Glenn was feeding the hunger in her body. He gently teased each breast and nipple. Glenn then spoke, “Let me taste your gate of heaven and see if you are as excited as you seem.” He moved between her legs and started kissing her mound. He could see the light pink lines left by the flogger and was glad he had not gone too far. As he slowly started licking her pussy, he could taste her sweet wetness. She was dripping with anticipation. He continued kissing, sucking and licking her labia, clit and pussy. There was no doubt that Hope needed to cum, but Glenn kept edging her. He refused to allow her the release.

“Would you like to try another game, Hope?” Glenn asked.

“Yes, please, Sir,” she quickly answered.

“What is your favorite number between one and ten?” he inquired.

“Seven, Sir,” was her answer.

Smiling to himself, “How fortuitous, Hope. Wait here a moment. Don’t go anywhere.”

As if she could in these restraints. Sir had her right where he wanted her. Or was it where she wanted him to have her? Hope wasn’t sure. Glenn returned quickly. “I have a surprise for you, Hope. Remember that GIF you sent me of the anal beads on a string?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir!” she replied with excitement and anticipation. This was something that she had longed to try. Glenn squeezed some lube into Hope’s tight ass and applied a generous amount to each bead. He took the first bead and pushed it into her tight anus, and then past her sphincter, getting it as deep as possible. He slowly inserted each bead into her ass. Hope was amazed at the sensations this stirred in her loins. Her pussy was almost throbbing with desire. Glenn sensed that she was close. He leaned over and licked from her ass up to her clit. Lightly sucking in her clit, he said, “Cum for me now, Hope. Fill my mouth with your sweet juices.”

Hope’s back arched as she came. It was a wonderful release that shook her body and the bed. She flooded his mouth as she came, squirting her juices into his waiting mouth. Glenn let her relax for a couple of minutes. He then inserted a remote control egg into her pussy, setting the vibrations on low.

Glenn moved up and kissed Hope deeply. When their lips parted he spoke softly to her, “You have done beautifully, my pet. Now the game begins.” He pressed play on the DVD player and a very loud porn movie started. The cast was very vocal. There was begging, moaning, spanking, screaming and more. “I feel the need for a pint, pet. I want you to stay here and enjoy listening to this movie. The game is for you to get aroused but to not cum or have any beads or the egg slip out of your body. I will be back in a bit.” And with that, Glenn walked out the door.

Hope was abashed. Had she done something wrong? Why had she been left alone? As she thought further, she realized that she was slowly getting into the sounds of the gang bang DVD Sir had left playing. The egg which, to this point had been running at a very slow, light hum, suddenly, increased its speed with the increase in action being heard. Hope’s pussy was getting even wetter if that was possible. The vibrations of the egg were making the beads vibrate in her ass. It was getting to be more than she could take. Then the egg started running at a frenetic pace. Between listening to the woman screaming about the big cock in her pussy and feeling the buzz of the egg, Hope was in serious trouble. She was about to cum hard. 

Thankfully, the buzzing slowed to almost a crawl. She was safe for the moment. The scene on the DVD changed and now there were three men fucking a bound woman. Hope started to move with the sounds of all the sex on the screen. Suddenly, the vibrating egg was shaking her insides at what she was sure had to be its highest setting. Between the thoughts of how it would be to be the woman in the DVD, the beads in her ass, and the egg, she suddenly was driven over the edge and lost her game. She came hard and squirted all over the floor. Knowing that she had lost, Hope decided to enjoy all the action to the fullest.

Glenn had enjoyed the pint, knowing that Hope would probably be overwhelmed with all the sensations she was experiencing. When he returned to the room, he was certain that he had won this game as well. Hope had not even seemed to notice that he had returned. Her body was writhing against the restraints. She had obviously squirted at least once. Glenn paused the DVD and Hope realized he had come back from the pub. 

In a very small voice, Hope said, “I have lost our game again, Sir. I came at least four times before I lost count. I know that it was forbidden, Sir. I simply could not help myself.”

Sir stood there a moment, letting the silence speak volumes. “One would think that you like to be punished by Sir, my pet,” Glenn said. “It looks as though discipline is still on the agenda tonight.”

Hope could hear the disappointment in Sir’s voice. For some strange reason, it excited her to contemplate what he would do now. She felt his hands gently opening her pussy and retrieving the vibrating egg. Glenn then took a thin piece of wood in his hand. It was about a foot long, an inch wide, and perhaps a quarter of an inch deep. He gently pulled on the string connecting the anal beads in Hope’s ass. There was some slight resistance as the first bead slipped out of Hope with the small sound of a pop. Hope started to moan in pleasure. Suddenly, there was the sound of a sharp smack. Glenn had swatted Hope across both ass cheeks with the strip of wood. The stinging of her ass was so sudden that she gasped out loud.

The silence that followed was deafening. “Did you forget something, Pet?” Glenn asked.

“One, Sir.”

He pulled out a second bead and used the wood again. “Two, Sir.” Glenn pulled each bead out, giving a swat with each and then waiting a few seconds. He made sure that there was no way Hope could prepare for the next swat. Hope was holding back the tears when he got to the last bead. She was sure that seven would be the end, but she was wrong. Her ass was extremely red and swelling. She could feel it. Why was she so wet? What was he doing to her to make her need this so badly?

“We seem to have run out of beads before we got to ten. I guess that I will have to make a slight change.” Glenn said in a melodramatic voice. He took the wood and smacked it on Hope’s abdomen between her leg and her pussy. “Oh, my God, that hurts!” Hope blurted out.

“What?” Glenn asked. 

“Eight!!! Eight, Sir. I’m so sorry, I forgot,” Hope exclaimed. 

The next strike was in the same area on the other side of her pussy. “Nine, Sir,” she moaned, barely holding back her tears. Glenn laid the last strike right down the middle of her pussy. “Ten, Sir!” she cried out as the tears started streaming from her eyes.

As Glenn looked down at Hope’s ass, he saw how red it was. It was beet red, but nowhere near the blister stage. He took a moment to rub some soothing cream on the redness. Hope immediately felt the burning feeling lessen. When Glenn rubbed the salve near her pussy, she felt an electric thrill in her nether regions. She couldn’t believe how much wetter her pussy was now. Glenn moved up to her face and kissed her very deeply. 

“You have done well, my pet,” Glenn said softly. “Are you ready for my cock to fill you now?”

“Yes, sir. Please use me to satisfy your cock’s needs,” Hope pleaded.

Glenn stood and moved back to the foot of the bed. He leaned over and feasted once more on Hope’s sweet pussy. While he was busy lapping between her thighs he was using his hands to lube his cock up. He felt Hope shudder as she came again. “It’s time, my pet!” Glenn said.

He took his cock and tapped her pussy a few times. Hope was so excited to feel his cock near her pussy. She was so ready to feel his cock in her pussy once more. He stood upright and moved a little away from Hope. God, she had waited so long to feel him enter her, Hope thought. Suddenly, she felt his cock pushing against her. But it wasn’t at her pussy. Sir had placed his cock at her tight little ass.

Glenn lined his lubed cock up with her ass and steadily pushed against her tight opening. Hope felt the head of Sir’s cock as it moved through and past her sphincter. Before she totally realized what had happened, she had all seven inches of his cock in her ass. What the fuck, she thought. He just took my anal cherry without even asking. She was about to use her safe word when Sir grabbed her nipples and pinched them as hard as he could. Hope screamed out in shock and pain.

She was about to scream that she was done when suddenly, she realized that this was exactly what she had offered Sir. She told him that she was his to use as he pleased. It was as though suddenly a switch had been thrown inside her. She now understood what it meant to be owned.

Glenn slowly eased back leaving only about half of his cock in Hope’s ass. He reached beside her hip and grabbed a rabbit vibrator he had been waiting to use. Setting the speed to one of the higher settings, he then slipped it into Hope’s slick pussy. As he inserted it, he started to slowly fuck her ass. He timed his movements so that the little extra nub hit her clit just as his cock hit its deepest point in her ass. Every thrust of his cock pushed the vibe back in her and made it brush her clit.

Hope was quickly approaching another orgasm. Glenn started pinching her nipples again with all his strength. She was sure that they would be bruised in the morning. He kept pinching one breast, but moved his left hand to Hope’s throat. Glenn squeezed her throat firmly, not enough to stop her breathing, but he did restrict it.

Hope was lost in a world of her own. Everything was driving her to a massive orgasm. Sir had increased the pace with which he was fucking her ass. Her body started convulsing in a huge orgasm. As she started to cum, her ass gripped Glenn’s cock tightly. He went with Hope and allowed his own orgasm to start. As they each reached the glory of a shared orgasm, Glenn knew what a precious gem he had found. He had finally found someone with whom to share his darkest desires.

Hope could feel Sir’s hot cum in her ass. It was something she had wanted to feel for years. Her body had gone limp from all its exertions. She felt Sir’s cock slowly slip out of her ass. As she stayed there, she heard the bath start to fill. Sir came back to her and released her legs from their suspension. He gently removed her ankle and wrist cuffs, and her collar. Assisting her in sitting up he loosened the stitching in the back of her mask and removed it. Even in the candlelight, she had to keep her eyes closed. 

Hope was amazed by Sir’s gentleness as he lifted her up into his arms and then carried her to the tub. He slipped her into the warm water. It felt delightful as Sir gently washed the lube, sweat and cum from her body. The aches from having her legs suspended for so long were ebbing away. When he was done, Glenn wrapped her in a towel, dried her off and carried her back to the bed. There, he laid her on her side and applied some more salve on her slightly swollen butt to minimize the swelling.

Hope curled up in a fetal position as Glenn covered her with the sheet and blanket. He went back to the bath and cleaned himself. Returning to the bedroom, he blew the candles out, crawled in the bed, and wrapped Hope with his body. Hope had almost drifted to sleep when she felt Sir cuddle up behind her. She realized that this was exactly what had been missing from her life. For the first time that she could remember, she was truly content. She finally knew that she belonged to a gentle master who could fulfill her darkest fantasies.

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