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Dad used to make me fuck women

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Pop found out I was gay so he made me fuck women infront of him

I’m 40 now, but when I was in my early twenties, my dad used to make me fuck women.

Back story: my dad and I are immigrants from Lebanon, we moved to the United States after my mom passed away. I was only 3 years old. Growing up, I always knew I felt some sort of attraction to other boys my age. I always kept it secret though. Although a good man and hardworker, my pop was abusive, and I knew he would have disowned me had he known. In my early twenties, I eventually started sleeping with an older gay man that lived in our apartment building. I was still living with my dad at the time because money was extremely tight. Long story short, my pop found out and lost his mind. Although Lebanon has become a bit more progressive with gay rights in the last few years, my pop was strong in his religion and beliefs. My pop gave me many beatings after that and also tried to get our gay neighbor evicted from our building. Things got worse though when he found some pornographic magazines I had hidden and he told me it was either prove to him I wasn’t gay or get out. I didn’t want to be homeless so I did what he said.

Eventually he got me hooked up with the daughter of one of his immigrant friends, who had just recently started to work the streets to help her family. She was beautiful, a Syrian immigrant, and it honestly made me sad that her parents were making her sell her body in a place where we were supposed to be free of those things. Anyway, the first time she came over my dad made me have sex with her infront of him. It was awkward and uncomfortable, I was ashamed and after it all I went and threw up and didn’t sleep for nights after that. But it wasn’t over, he continued to have her come by once a week and make me have sex with her until he felt i was enjoying it or was turned “heterosexual.” The first few times I pretended to orgasm inside of her, just to let my dad think it was working. but then it started actually happening. the more we had sex, the better it started to feel, and i actually started to ejaculate inside of her. it was a very weird feeling if i’m being honest, like my body knew what to do, the innate male connection to a woman and how to fuck her. i felt ashamed and confused, but also couldn’t deny that i was enjoying what was happening to me. My pop would encourage me and show me how to have sex properly. eventually he switched it up and brought in other girls, and i started using condoms because i was scared to get any of them pregnant. but each time i started fucking these girls harder and harder, in different positions. my dad would watch as i began to enjoy these women more and more, and i started to show him proof that i was ejaculating. i would orgasm on their bodies or their faces, and once i did that, he eventually told me that he was proud of me and that we could stop.

but i didn’t stop… honestly i felt this created some sort of addiciton for me. i would have these girls come to me almost daily at one point and would fuck them over and over. i would just watch the suck me, or ride me, or watch my penis go in and out of them over and over, i finally felt powerful, like i was finally the correct version of myself and completely in control. the feeling of a womans wetness, her soft skin, and her tightness around my penis is honestly the best feeling in the world. after that i tried having sex with other men, but could never orgasm, and eventually stopped even getting hard to the thought.

to conclude, i ended up marrying the first woman i slept with, as i got her pregnant. We have been married for 12 years now and have two kids. My dad passed away 6 years ago, but I thank him. Although it was difficult for me at first, he helped me become the man I knew I was deep down, and I owe him my life.

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