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dad daughter Sex In Goa

Hi readers, this is my story when I was, 24 years in college and had to visit Goa. My parents asked me to visit and stay with Madhu aunty, a close friend of our family. Madhu aunty’s husband Kumar uncle had passed away a few years back and she lived with her daughters Pooja and Priya, they had a house near the beach.

Initially, I was reluctant to stay with them but when my parents put their foot down I had no option but to stay with them.

Madhu aunty spoke to me the day before I was to reach, and we talked generally, getting to know one another better and she was giving me directions on how to get to her place.

I reached at 6 in the evening and got to meet both her daughters. Pooja was 20 yrs and Priya was 18 yrs old. We all sat on the sofa and talked about this and that for some time. Priya was good looking, quite a stunner, she was maybe five-five, with a slim waist…

We got along well and decided to go to the pub. Priya and I went the dance floor. We danced for a few songs, and then took rest for drinks and snacks.

I commented to her she was an excellent dancer, and I was shocked when she said, “I hope so, I am a professional dancer.”

As time went by I was also flirting with Madhu aunty.

Priya danced quite close and said to me, “I know an excellent way to cool off later. How would you like to go swimming at the beach when we get back?” I said I would love to!

The sleeping arrangements were quite sad. Priya’s sister was in the bedroom, so the three of us were sleeping in the hall. Priya and her mother settled down on the sofa cum bed, and I took a mattress on the floor. Both of them fell asleep right away. I guess it was due to tiredness.

I wanted to ask Priya about the swim, but I decided against it, as I might wake Madhu aunty.

In the morning I woke, I was horny, and decided to ask Priya and see if she wanted to go for a swim. She did, so we quietly moved out and went to the beach.

There was not a soul out there, just us. After only ten minutes, she kind of shocked me. She removed her suit off. I swam around with her enjoying the sight of those perfect breasts of hers bobbing around in the water.

We threw each other around a bit, playing and talking about everything. We didn’t start kissing for quite a while, and by then there were children who were starting to swim close to us, so she put her suit and we went back.

Back home, her mom was awake. She told me she was going out with Pooja. A few minutes later, Priya came out of the bathroom, after changing; she fixed me with a lustful stare when I told her, that her mother and Pooja had gone out.

Then she moved up to me and gave me the best kiss I have had. She pushed up her shirt, exposing one of her nipples for me to go to work on. I swirled my tongue around the hardening nipple, then sucked. She started moaning and after a few minutes of getting sucked, she told me she was about to come. She pushed me onto my knees and told me how horny I had made her.

Then she unhooked her shorts, she was wearing red silk panties. I had just started pulling them down when we heard the noise of the door. She pulled up her shorts up quickly, whispering that we will continue later.

Madhu aunty and Pooja had returned. I asked Pooja if she and her mom wanted to go to the pool. She said no, but her mom said yes. All I could think what Madhu aunty was expecting. Aunty wasn’t bad looking for a 45-year-old. She was in good shape. She had made an effort to take care of herself.

We went for a swim in the pool and then lay out in the sun for a little while. She looked good in a bathing suit, and I flirted with her on and off all afternoon, trying to decide what to do.

Later, after dinner, Madhu aunty and I went to out to a restaurant and have a few drinks.

After some time, she took my hand and asked if we could go back. There was no question what she was thinking about. I said okay. I knew that I was committed, there was no going back. Her daughter had made me extremely horny in the morning, and I was still was.

Madhu aunty changed into a silk nightgown and got into the bed. I removed my clothes down to my jockeys, switched off the lights and got in next to her. I put my arm around her and started kissing.

She was very nervous, and I told her we would go slowly, and she didn’t have to do anything except relax. I kissed her slowly and softly. My hand glided down. She got up and removed her nightgown, and I could see the outline of her breasts, in the darkness. They were a little bigger than her dad daughter sex daughter Pooja’s. I kissed them and continued downward with my tongue till I reached the elastic of her lace panties.

She stopped me and I helped her remove her panties. Then I got down to my most favorite thing, eating a woman. I was very slow, wanting her to get the most pleasure from this. I picked her up and down for several minutes, stopping each time to tease her clit with a swirl at the top. She was dad daughter sex moving her hips so much I was not able to maintain contact.

Breathing heavily, Madhu aunty pulled me up onto her and made me lie on my back. She removed my jockeys. I have heard so many good things about how experienced older women were at giving head, I was looking forward to this. I decided I was just going to lie back and enjoy it.

She spent quite some time licking the underside of my dick, then moved on to the head and finally took my whole dick in her mouth.

She continued using her tongue around dad daughter sex my dick while I massaged and played with her tits. After some intense sucking, she moved up beside me. I took her in my arms, kissing and playing with her breasts and sucking her nipples. I then positioned myself at the entrance to her wet and ready pussy, and slowly moved to enter her.

In spite of being wet, she was as tight as a virgin. She said, “I am sorry, I am still tense and needed to relax some more.”

I knew what would help, and went down on her one more time. This time I ate her with lust, pushing her legs up to her chest to give me complete access to her pussy. I used my saliva and tongued her hole inside and out, exciting her but careful enough not to take her to the point of climax.

When I thought she was ready, I moved forward and found her pussy more than ready to receive my tool.

I moved with her back and forth, kissing her as we fucked. Her eyes were rolled back in her head the whole time I was in her. I had her with her feet on my shoulders and continued to stroke her. Then I played with her breasts. I then asked her to turn got behind her. She said that was her favorite position.

Aunty was now relaxed and was enjoying. She pushed dad daughter sex back against me, matching my every stroke. We had been playing for an hour before moving to this position, and I only lasted another ten minutes, before emptying my load deep inside her. It was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.

She kissed me, went to the bathroom to wash up.

The next day, In the evening, Priya told me she wanted to go out. I agreed and dressed to go out with her. I asked Madhu aunty whether she was coming and she said she was going to stay home. Then she told us to have a good time.

I was happy. I didn’t have to worry about behaving myself. We got in the car, Priya pushed up her dress and told me she had worn her favorite black g-strings just for me, and I knew I was in for a wild night.

We got drinks and found a seat. There was hardly anybody dad daughter sex there, as it was early, but those who were just kept staring. She sat down on my lap and started kissing my neck, then took my hand to put it up her dress.

To avoid going any further, I told her we should dance. We moved to the floor and began dancing. Then we got a little closer. After some time, the place was filling up and we decided to leave and go to the beach. I took some towels and we went down to the sea. I lead her to a semi-secluded spot and laid the towels. Even before I could even get my shirt off, she was already lying down naked, waiting for me to join her. I kissed dad daughter sexher passionately,

I then went for her breasts but she didn’t let me stay there for long. She pushed me down to her trimmed pussy. I took time to enjoy her sweet pussy, moving up and down between the folds of skin, sucking the juices into my mouth and teasing her clit with my thumb. She dad daughter sex had come three times. Then I moved up beside her and let her get a taste of her own juices on my lips as I kissed her. She threw my towel and moved to suck me.

Her hungry mouth just engulfed my prick, she took the full length in her mouth, and her tongue was moving under my dick, where it was most sensitive. She played with my nipples while she sucked and played with my balls.

I was getting very horny and I could feel a load building up. She sensed it too. She stopped and pulled me on top of her. I entered her slowly, teasing her. I knew dad daughter sex she just wanted me to fuck her. When she saw I was teasing her, she thrust her hips up, burying my dick in her wet, hot pussy.

It was just incredible! Her pussy muscles were squeezing my dick like she was doing a massage. She then climbed on me, making her comfortable and got to fuck me, moving her hips in a circular motion.

We then switched to the doggie-style and like mother, like daughter, she told me it was her favorite position.

I couldn’t take any more of it! I daughter sex soon blasted her pussy with my cum.

When we were done, we swam in the ocean to wash the sand sticking to our bodies and headed home.

What a day it was, I was still wondering who dad daughter sex was better – the mother or the daughter. Well, this I guess each one is unique and different.

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