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I got heatstroke once on the beach. So when it happened again, I knew exactly what it felt like.

My friends were just walking home from the store with me, and I felt sick. “Uh, hold up.” Dizzy, and there was a fence there to lean over. “YEAUGH!” Threw up, it was just soda, but that made me feel a little better, and one of the girls held my hair for me.

“Are you okay?”


“Maybe it was something you ate.”

“No, I think I got heatstroke again.” I took off my hat, and 2 of them held me up under there arms.

“Let’s get her over to the shade.”

“There’s water down there.”

“Here,” Sharon gave me some water from her bottle, and it was cold from the cooler, but I just swished it around, and spit it out. They splashed water on my face, and I pulled my shirt up off of my sweaty tummy.

“Huh, thanks.” Just getting out of the sun helped. “I think I’m feeling a little better, but I’m just going to chill out for a minute, you girls go on without me.”


“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, I want to be left alone right now.”

“Okay, but you be careful.” I heard them in the bushes, climbing back up to the street, but I just kept my eyes closed, and waited for my head to stop spinning. They didn’t even joke about alcohol, but that’s what I thought.

The kind of embarrassing scene party girls have staggering home drunk after hitting the clubs, bars, and doing who knows what kinds of drugs. I didn’t pass out, I don’t think, but it was so nice. I just enjoyed how cool it was, the fresh air, a little breeze gusting through the leaves, and the water tricking in the creek.

Then, this boy came down, and I cracked my eyes, but he didn’t even look over the stream. Instead, he turned around to the little concrete wall, holding up the bridge, and the bank. He unzipped his pants, and I watched the piss run down the wall before he zipped up, and turned around.

I closed my eyes, but I heard him gasp. Then, he came over, and I heard his shoes land on my side of the water. He leaned over, so his shadow covered the blue sky I could see through the leaves, when my eyes were open, but then he took my hand. Held my wrist with 2 fingers to feel my pulse.


Then, he put his hand on my shoulder, and gave me a gentle shake. I tried not to smile, because I was playing a little game at this point, but a part of me risked what a stranger might do, if he found a little girl asleep in the woods.

He didn’t kiss me, but then he felt down my top, and checked me for a training bra. I hadn’t started puberty yet, but I was looking forward it. Becoming a young lady, a teen, and maybe getting some boobs to attract boy’s attention, but finding nothing in my top. He ran his hand down my tummy, and brushed the sweat with his fingertips, then he touched me.

“Uh?” With his other hand, I was expecting him to go there next, but it surprised me when he put his hand down. Flat on my tummy, and his other hand went between my legs.

He looked up, and I blinked, but he stopped touching me. “Are you okay?” He looked around nervously, “What are you doing, taking a nap out here in the dirt?”

I bit my lip, and nodded, but I saw his arm, and touched it. “Hm, you don’t have to stop, touching me?” I was already feeling a tingle in my underpants, that I never felt before, but I knew exactly what it was. “You’re making me horny.” I put it back between my legs.

“You’re so young, but very pretty.” I smiled, and closed my eyes. He held his hand there a minute, but then he started rubbing me through my shorts. He finally kissed me, so I stopped biting my lip, and opened my mouth for him to slip his tongue in. It was dry, but his tongue was nice and wet, so I could suck the drool off of it.


I realized I was dehydrated, when the trickling water didn’t make me have to pee. Finally, he slipped his tongue out, and licked his lips. “You like to suck?”

I nodded, “You like licking lips?”

“Yeah,” his fingers slipped up the front of my shorts, and pinched the button, but he unzipped his pants again. “You have some lips in here.” He slipped his fingers in, so my zipper split open. “For me to lick?”

I just closed my eyes, and licked my lips, but they were starting to dry out. That was as much of an agreement as we talked about. So, he dragged his knees through the dirt, by my hair, and them I felt his dick head brush my lips. I kissed it, and licked it first. He was sweaty, and salty, but also hairy, so I knew he had to be full of something for me to drink, and he must’ve shook it real well, because I couldn’t taste a drop of piss.

He touched my cheek, and turned me, so I could open my mouth, and let the warm meaty knob slip through my lips. Then, along my tongue, before he stopped, and started going the other way. “Here,” he took his my hand, without stopping his finger. Rubbing the crotch of my panties into my dry crack, he put my hand on his cock. “Hold it, stroke it.” His hand wrapped around my fingers, he guided me through a couple pumps, and I nodded. “Just like this.”

I nodded, but didn’t stop sucking the end. Hungry for his load, I picked up the pace as soon as he let go, and pumped it as fast as I could!


“Up!” I looked up out of the corner of my eye, but he bit his lip, and then he threw his head back. Sniffed real loud, and then I felt something roll up the bottom.

“MH!” Splash in my mouth, so I closed my eye to enjoy my first taste of his juice.

“Huh, fuck. Uh.” He sat down, and caught his breath, while I let my head roll back. The thick goey mouthful run down my throat, and gulped it quick, before I gagged, and puked.

“Huh, that’s tastey, but you promised. When you catch your breath, it’s your turn.”

“Huh, yeah.” He lay down, and I sat up. Blinked, waiting to feel dizzy, but I didn’t. “Come here.” He pushed my undies down with my shorts, but I had to get up on 1 knee, then the other to pull my shoes off. “You’ve got such a pretty little pussy.”

“Well, if you like it so much, why don’t you kiss it?”


“Yeah, luh lulululLlLlLl!”

“Ihihihn!” I wiggled, and giggled, but his hair tickled my legs. So, I spread my knees wider, and put my hands down to hold his head on the sides. Clamped them between my knees so I could really grind his nose into my red swollen puff. “Huh! Lick it down there, stick your tongue in my hole.” Not my butthole, my virgin hole. “Tonguefuck me oh! Tonguefuck my twat! Uh!”

I really acted it up, and even practiced faking orgasms. So I was expecting to do that, but then I started getting bored, and I really felt wet. I wanted even more, and I was in so much heat, I just let myself scoot down to his chest. Take his hand beside me, and lift up off his shirt, to stick it back between my legs. “Now, finger me.”

“You’re a virgin.”

I nodded, “For a minute, but don’t worry about that. I don’t want to be one no more, so make it quick. IHN!” My tummy puffed out, “HUH! U?” I shook my head, trying to suck air back in, but I had to back off of his finger. “Huh, uh!”

“It hurt.” He guessed.


“Well, duh.” I pulled his hand up, and turned it around, to smell the spit. See the little bit of red smeared around there, but it was mostly spit. I sucked it off. “Huh, now kiss it, and make if better.” I climbed back up to my seat on his face. “Huh, now you can fuck me. Tongue fuck me until you can get it up.” He shook his head, and kissed my thigh.

“Huh, I’m already hard again.”

I turned to look back, put my hand on his crotch, and feel his boner through the zipper. “Huh, well that was quick!”

“You want to stay on top?”

“Yeah,” I got up, stopped to brush the dirt off my knees, while he got it out again. “I think I better.” Now, I had a little penny tang in my mouth, from the little bit of virgin blood I sucked off his finger, but I squatted. “Hold it still.” I tried to let myself down on it, but it just squished, and slipped up. So, my knees gave out. “Shoot, it’s too big!”

“You’re too little, but it’s okay. I’ll lick you until you get off.”


“No, let me just feel it in here.” I wiggled, so it wagged in between my wet lips, a minute.

“Well, you can try it like this.” He held my hips, and guided me through a couple strokes, until I started riding it, and feeling the tingles run up my back. The hairs standing up all over my body, I shivered even though I never felt so hot. Well, I guess that’s why they call it in heat, but he picked me up.


“I’m about to cum, and I want you to get an orgasm next.”

“Oh!” I just turned around, and practically dove back into his crotch. Head first, I pumped it hungrily, and this time rubbed the other side with my tongue.

“Oh FUCK!” This time he didn’t hold his breath. “Oooh, fuck!” He relaxed, twitching and spurting on my tongue, again. This time, I gulped it down, afraid that it would run out, and I’d waste a single drop of that sexy precious fluid, but I swallowed every last drop!


Then, I heard a clap, a slow clap, and then another and another. Up on the bridge, my friends came back to check on me, and caught me in the act of sucking my virgin blood off my first dick.

I wiped my mouth. “Hm!” That made it taste even better!

“Wow!” they turned, and laughed to each other.

“You see that? She didn’t even barf again!”

“Yeah, and she took his big dick like a total pro!” They were so proud of me, and supportive. I knew I had the best friends ever, but that day, they really proved it.

So, I didn’t mind sharing my fuck buddy with them at all. He took all our virginities before we got our periods, so we couldn’t get pregnant. Not all at once, nor even on the same day, though.


He went home to rest up, and then took another girl out another day, to make her a young lady. You have to give him a break, so his balls can fill back up again.

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