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Cum Together (Over Me)

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We hadn’t really seen aunt Sylvia until the wedding. So, I thought the dress was corseted, or something.

My uncle Bill stayed with us, and his kids after the divorce. His ex cleaned him out, and left the kids. I guess she was a Gold Digger all along, but why would you stick around long enough to have 2 kids, if you just wanted the money?

I don’t know, I was too young to understand, but Mom, and Dad took them in until he got back on his feet again. So, I got to know my cousins Katie, and Trey pretty well. Trey was the oldest, and his name was actually William Kern III. Uncle Bill was actually William Jr, the oldest. So, we called his son “Trey” for the third.

So, after a few years, we’re invited over to the wedding, and mom pointed out how young Sylvia looked. I noticed how thin she looked, especially around the waist, but then I saw Trey in a Tuxedo and I barely recognized him.

Okay, he was a bit of a fat kid. From a broken home, and over the summer, he ate. A lot, he was pretty lazy, and he mostly played Nintendo with my brothers. Because he was a boy, so I mostly hung out with his little sister, but she was older.

“Wow, you look great.” I ran up, and realized I just ran up to talk to a boy. “Um, I like your suit?” Over the music, they had kind of a dance party before the wedding, and reception. So, we’re all dressed up, but even in the suit, I could tell he’d grown out.

He just looked back, and said “You too.” Especially in the shoulders, but I just retreated. It’s not like there’s this unwritten rule about girls talking to boys they like. I just never had the guts, before. When I saw him, I just forgot he was “A boy,” and ran up, because he was my cousin Trey I hadn’t seen in years. So, he was kinda like my brothers, in that way. Not really counted as “A boy.”

Then Katie ran up, and we ran off to giggle, talk about girl stuff, and I got some of the story. “Oh yeah, Sylvie’s a dietician, and fitness instructor. Wait till you see dad.” There is a rule about the bride, and groom seeing each other before the wedding, so he wasn’t there, but my mom and dad were out on the dance floor. Proving there not old (Even though the DJ was playing old dance music from the 90s. It wasn’t “Everybody dance now!” yet, but he had it in his repertoire. He just saved it for later.)

I guess I can say that his dad looked just like him, only older. A chip off the old block, but Sylvie had gotten him tighter around the middle, he stood up straight, and stuck his shoulders out. “Well,” dad joked, “That didn’t go off without a hitch,” we all groaned, and then went off to the reception.

Sylvia looked incredible. Like how did Uncle Bill ever get a girl like that, and this time, she didn’t have the excuse of marrying him for his money. He was ruined the last time I saw him, and got depressed. Started drinking, and putting on weight… I thought the wedding dress just had to be corseted, even though I didn’t see any laces, or anything but she also looked so young. That’s what mom said, but of course with the veil, and makeup you could barely see her face at the wedding.

She was jealous, but then we went back to the hotel for the reception, and mom got us ready for the pool. They had an indoor pool, and no ballroom, so they decided to take the cake in by the pool. Hot tub, glass sauna, so we all went back to the room, and got changed for a pool party. Of course, Trey and Katie had their own room, their folks the Honeymoon suite, so we didn’t get to see them until we came out in our swimsuits.

“Guys, watch this!” Trey was waiting up on the diving board, and I thought he looked good in a Tuxedo! He let go of the bars on either side to run, jump, did a backflip, and held onto his ankles until he let go to drop straight down, hands first.

“Cool!” My brothers ran off, and Katie came up. “Oh yeah, he’s on the diving team now.” I shut my mouth, and nodded. A little self conscious that I was looking at my cousin like that, but then the wedding couple came out, and even uncle Bill looked fit. Hairy, but aunt Sylvia had on a sarape with her hair still up. All the makeup from the wedding, just nodding, and shaking hands. Taking a champagne flute for the first toast, and the adults crowded around them.

It turns out she wasn’t skinny, at all. Even her arms rippled with tight stripes of muscle when she shook hands, and her back. God, she looked like a man in a string bikini from behind. I mean, a skinny man, but still, with a whole lot of muscle, and hips. So, not really much like a man at all, other than all the muscle.

“Uh!” Katie sulked.


“Well, look at her.”


“Silvie, I guess I have to get used to calling her mom, now.”

“Well, what’s wrong with her?”

“Nothing, she’s perfect! That’s what’s wrong with her.” Okay, it turns out that the wedding dress wasn’t corseted, at all. It just fit her body, except in the bust. She had abs, and no body fat. So if anything it was padded in the bust so it looked like she had more boobs.

“No she’s not,” I pointed out, “She’s flat. You’ve got even bigger boobs than her.” She giggled, and shook her head, but that cheered her up a little bit. “How old is she anyway?”

“Thirty six?”

“No, shut up.”

“Yeah, that’s what I said, but it’s true. She doesn’t even have to tell anyone she’s 28, they don’t believe her when she tells the truth, anyway.”

“So, what’s she see in your dad?”

“What’s wrong with my dad?”

“Nothing, I just have to ask. She’s way out of his league.”

“Not any more. Have you seen his abs?”

“Oh yeah. Sorry, it’s hard to forget the way he looked, when you came to live with us. Are you okay with your mom leaving, and stuff now?” It was a touchy subject, but that was a long time ago.

So, “Yeah,” they got over it. So, we just hung out in the shallow end with Toby. Oh yeah, mom had another brother in the years between, but he’s not even old enough for the water wing floats yet. So, he just sat on the steps, and splashed the water like it was 1 big bathtub. At least he was potty trained, so no diaper to fill up with pool water.

Me, and Katie caught up, while the boys were across the pool showing off. My big brothers just had to get used to Liam (It’s “Liam” now) being bigger, stronger, and more acrobatic then them, but even without the diving board. He could turn backflips off the side of the pool, until finally dad ran up.

“CANNONBALL!” Mom laughed, and dove right over the 3 of them, to come up, and put her hair back. To water brush it, and giggle, splashing playfully with dad.

“Uh, looks like she hasn’t grown up any.”

“That’s my mom.”

“I know, but isn’t she just a little childish, and immature?”

“Well, aren’t you turning mean, and judgemental?” So, we started splashing each other to get our hair wet, until Toby fell off the step trying to play, so I had to rescue him before he drowned. We finally got him up on a table, with a table cloth, and a towel. So, he cuddled up, and went to sleep.

“Well, it’s not like they ever went through a midlife crisis, at all. They just decided to never get old.”

“Everybody gets old.”

“Okay, but they’re young at heart, and it’s not just my mom. My dad isn’t buying a sports car, or having an affair with his fitness instructor.”

“Uh! They didn’t have an affair, he was divorced.”

“I know, but my dad’s still married, so it would have been an affair.”

Speaking of which, I had my back turned to pretty much the rest of the party. So, I didn’t see them get out, until Katie pointed them out. “Look.”

Mom had dad by the hand, and he was following her over to the sauna room. With a big boner sticking out the front of his pants. She choked off a giggle, “Ngm, well it looks like he’s feeling young enough.” The sauna was on, so the windows were fogged up, but even through that, we could see dad. He wiped the window so the could look out, and mom pulled his shorts down from behind. He wore just regular swim trunks, not like a banana hammock, he wasn’t that kind of guy that walked around with a tanned gut, and a speedo bikini at the beach.

Now, ever since she got pregnant, and finished nursing Toby, I guess a part of me knew. Somewhere in the back of my mind that mom, and dad were having sex again. If they ever stopped, they just never did it in front of us, and I tried not to think about it, because they’re my mom, and dad. Then, dad wiped the steam off the window, and mom hugged him from behind. I could barely see her arms around him, let alone tell if she took her swimsuit off, but it didn’t take a genius to tell that she was giving him a hand job.

I just looked back at the party, where they were oblivious. Standing around, talking to each other, and of course Sylvia was the center of attention, but then I looked back, and dad had to wipe the window again. When it steamed up with his heavy breathing, so he could look right at her.

Aunt Sylvia, before his eyes clenched tight, and he let his forehead down, against the window. All you could see was his elbows, and his hands up, but then he curled his fingers as if to scratch the glass with his nails.

I looked back at Katie, who shook her head, and looked back at me. She shut her mouth, and bit her lip, but didn’t say anything. Me neither, because we didn’t have to. She’d seen it too, my dad looking at her step mom, when mom finally beat him off in the sauna. Then, she pointed, “Look.”

Again, only this time, it was her dad. Sylvia waved him on, so he kissed her, then turned around, and went back to the sauna. Dad was just coming out, with a big satisfied grin on his face, they hi-5ed, and then uncle Bill went in the sauna with mom. While dad grabbed another champagne flute, and went over to talk to aunt Sylvie.

“Uh, they’re swingers?”

“Not exactly.” Katie got up closer, so she could lower her voice, and tell me the truth. ‘my dad used to date your mom, first. They never really stopped, you know?’ I shook my head. ‘doing it? Even after his divorce, and even before that. Why do you think my mom left in the first place?’

‘for the money?’

‘no, because she found his sex tapes. with him, your mom, and dad in bed together, having a threesome.’


‘yeah, they’ve always been a threesome. she didn’t clean him out in divorce court. he settled out of court, because she threatened to expose him.’

‘oh.’ I nodded my head, even though it explained a lot, it was a lot to process, and just brought up more questions I had to think a while to even ask. It turned out that my oldest brother wasn’t even my brother. He was my half brother, and mom got pregnant, so she had to marry one of them. She just chose dad, before the results of the paternity test came in, but because they’re brothers, it was really hard to determine which one was the father, so they had to run more tests.


Katie (fGMmm Cousins Porn)

When we got back to our room, my brother plugged in the laptop to play the bachelor party on the flat screen. He changed out of his swimtrunks, and took a shower after me, so when I came out, he was on the bed with the covers up over his boner.

Aunt Kaye, and Silvia, my step mother now. (She wasn’t the other night, though.) They crashed the Bachelor party, but aunt Kaye followed Sylvia in with the video camera. Well, a digital camera, but it could take video too, so we could just steal the flash card when nobody was looking. Plug it in the slot on the laptop, and plug that into the the flat screen with a USB/HDMI cable.

They didn’t have strippers, but uncle Wayne did get a blue movie for them to watch. Bikini Babe Bukkake, or something. Maybe it was one of The Gangbang Girl series, I don’t know. We didn’t get to see the titles before our moms crashed the party with the video camera. I called the cousins in their room, and invited them to “Come over.”

“Right now? Give sandy a second to put the baby down.” Well, he was a toddler now, but they still called him the baby.

So, let me go back to after the divorce, when dad had to go live with his little brother. Cassie was the baby back then, but I probably don’t have to tell you how humiliating that was. My dad felt like a loser, and aunt Kaye helped him cheer up. We’ll just say that, but he got drunk, and she was real nice to him about his belly. I don’t know if she was just being polite, to make him feel better about him letting himself go, or she really likes full figured men, but they didn’t do anything in front of the kids.

They sure did a lot of PDAs, but my cousin Sandy was too young to really understand what was going on. I was only 12 when we left, but the boys used to talk about it. Yup, sure enough they had a threesome, but it wasn’t until we moved out that dad had a talk with my brother about that whole arrangement. It turns out we had a half brother (Wayne Junior) because that threesome went way back to when they were in college together.

Aunt Kaye, how should I put this? She’s a party girl, she never really outgrew that, but then she started dating dad, and uncle Wayne. They took turns, taking her out to parties, and back to their dorm rooms, until finally, they started having sex together, and just skipped going out in the first place. Dad graduated, and went on to start his own business. (That failed some time later) While the other 2 stayed behind, got pregnant, then married. Had kids….

Fast forward to after the divorce, when Willy (My brother) found dad’s old cam corder, the little tapes, and the adaptor to plug them into the VCR. He was a teenager, so he started going in the bathroom to jerk off before bed, then in the morning to get rid of his morning wood. Dad had gotten enough freelance work to get an apartment, but it was a 2 bedroom, so me, and Willy had to share a room.

Then, dad sobered up, and started going to AA meetings, where he met Sylvia. Pretty much the same story, she was pretty sheltered as a teenager, and a virgin until she got to college. So, she cut loose, and partied, but the difference was she was taking Sports Medicine, and Nutrition. So, she didn’t let herself go, but after she graduated, she had to sober up, and get her life straight. (That’s why the champagne flutes were full of sparkling white grapple juice, and there wasn’t a bar anywhere around the wedding, or the receptions.)

She went through a little Born Again phase, but at first she started giving my dad diet advice. He handed that down to Willy, who started losing weight, and then dad got a weight set to start getting in shape again. Willy started working out with him, and I went through middle school, until I became a Freshman.

Again, Willy was the one that found the family photos. Dad’s a Photographer, bye the way. So, to make up for her doing all this Pro-bono work, aunt Sylvia wanted to become a Fitness Model professionally, and dad agreed to help her with her Portfolio. I honestly have no idea how long they’re fucking. The photos were mostly swimsuit model photo shoots, Sports Illustrated type stuff, so they went out to the beach, and she ran through the water, looking back.

Then, she lay down propped up on her elbows, so you could see what little she had in the bikini top. I’m not being mean, she’s athletic. All muscle, no fat, but really lean muscle with lots of definition. She could have afforded a boob job, but she didn’t like the way that looked. Even in theory, and I have to grudgingly agree. Honestly, all those straight lines, like her obliques pointing down between her hips with big silicone balloons on top, it would look like a double scoop ice-cream cone. So, she never seriously considered getting work done, after all the hard work she put in, naturally.

So, then we moved in with her, they started sleeping together in the same bed, and fucking. Of course, then she proposed to him, but with her gym, and all. She made more money than him, and it became obvious that she wore the pants in the family right away. (Even though those were yoga pants with a matching sports bra.)

Now, I like to think of myself as a fairly normal teenage girl. Average, brown hair, and blue eyes. 5’2″, 120lbs. 32B, 24, 34″ hips. Nothing to be ashamed of, but Sylvia. She’s a runner, so all the men in the neighborhood came out to check the mail, or water the lawn, suspiciously right when she was out for her run. I mean, the whole neighborhood, I went with her (On my bike) and the whole 2 mile route was full of married men, just hanging out on the porch, and watching us go bye.

They sure as hell weren’t looking at me, in biker shorts, and a tank top over a sports bra. I actually needed it, for support, but she just wore one to cover up her nipples. Basically the bare minimum to not run around completely naked, but it turns out that guys will even overlook that if you’re skinny, tanned, and athletic enough. I “Rebelled” by cheating on my diet. Every chance I got, but also burning it off bike riding in the hopes of getting some attention, when she wasn’t around.

On the same route, I might as well have been riding through a ghost town. Even on the weekends, when the boys were out of school too, and their dads were off work. I practically had to swerve around the tumbleweeds, as dead as the neighborhoods were. (Okay, the lockdown, and social distancing didn’t help, but I took it personally. Because I was 14, a freshman, and jealous of my dad’s girlfriend getting all the looks. And I mean all the looks, it was her house, her neighborhood, and she grew up there. So, aside from college, the same men had been watching her run for like at least 15 years?)

At least it was a 3 bedroom, so we had our own rooms, and shared a bathroom. I knew that there was no way I could catch up with her fitness wise. I needed a bike just to keep up with her in running shoes, but she got me the bike for my 15th birthday. So, I started eating to fill out my bust, biking to keep my tummy flat, and basically have something other than an 8 pack of abs to catch guy’s attention.

Fast forward to the wedding, and I saw my cousins again. Cassie was Sandy now, and she had a little brother to babysit. I used to babysit her, but her problem is being the only girl in the family. 3 brothers, and the youngest until Thobias came along, but just starting to grow up, and look at boys. (Oh yeah, and my brother lettered in swimming, won the Diving championship for our whole city, and even went on to State, where they lost to the Capital team.)

So we caught up, and I told her some things, that had been kept secret from her through childhood, but I saw right away how she looked at my brother. Oh yeah, and having him in my family, even when mom wasn’t around? Nobody would even believe I was his sister, because he was a jock. A senior, while I was a freshman, and invisible.

She looked right at my tits, in a 1 piece, and even commented on them, but only to compare me to my new step mom. Thanks, Sandy. So after that, we went back to wash off the pool water, and hang up our swimsuits in the shower. Will wore his uniform, literally just a speedo, but he left the swimcap at home. Then, he set up the video from the Bachelor Party, and I called the cousins to “Cum over.”

By the time they showed up, Sylvia had finished her routine. Posing in her underwear, with a garter around one thigh, but it kept slipping down, because her quadriceps are just as long, defined, and tapered as the rest of her body, but that let aunt Kaye set up the tripod, to hold dad’s camera, and she got up to do a table dance. Stripping down to the underwear, while Sylvia pointed to the men, and made them dance. Strip, after dad who’d gotten pretty good at it, and made them all look bad.

So, by the time the cousins showed up, the party was in full swing. “Uh, what are you watching?” My brother just put his knees up to cover his boner with the blankets tented, and his hands on the outside. We hadn’t shared a room in years, since before he lost the gut, so it was almost like old times. When he discovered the family photos, and movies, only without the gut.

“Your dad’s bachelor party.”

“Well, what are they doing there?” The boys covered up their boners right away, but Sandy got upset.

“Well, they didn’t have any money for strippers, so your mom, and Sylvie decided to crash the party.”

“And play stripper?”

“Uh,” Wayne shook his head. “They’re not just taking off their underwear.” When Sylvia started warming them up, by hand. For aunt Kaye to come along behind her, and finish them off since she was the one with the cum catchers. 4 kids, and she sure bounced back from the last one!

“Huh, yeah!” My brother laughed, “It’s turning into a Bukkake party!”

“What’s a bukkake?” Sandy was so confused, and innocent that she hadn’t even gotten into porn yet. When she was practically a teenager for all intensive purposes, so I had to explain it. “Well, it’s Japanese for a cumshot party, but it’s also gotten real popular in Germany.”

“Yeah,” Bobby laughed, “I love German Goo Girls especially, they’re all blonde, and sexy.”

So then, Will got up, and pulled the covers back. The erection he’d been nursing the last 15, 20 minutes had gone away. “Why don’t you guys try it?”

“Yeah,” I already dried my hair, so I just stripped off the towel, but the music was up loud enough for Sandy to grin, and start unbuttoning her blouse. Slowly, she started swinging her hips (What little she had, in middle school) while her brother, and our brother Wayne kicked off their shoes, and shucked off their pants to stand up in their underwear.

“Huh, let me get you started,” I started on the end, with Bobby, who was almost the exact same age as me. Our birthdays were like 3 1/2 weeks apart, so he had a 15yo boner, and Willy was starting to stick straight out, but when I rubbed Bobby’s crotch. “Huh!” I pulled out his waistband to check, and make sure.

“Wow, Bobby.”

“What?” He looked down, but even with my hand wrapped around it, he had 2, or 3 more inches sticking out to get a nice stroke. “What is this 6 inches?”

“No,” Wayne just pulled his down, so it popped up and bounced. “This is 6 inches. That’s only 5 and a half.”

“5 and three quarters!”

“Guys, this isn’t a dick measuring contest.” My brother looked down and frowned. At his maybe 5″ boner, which started to wilt, sad.

“Well, good, because if we brought a ruler.”

“Wayne!” Sandy stomped up to him, in a training bra, and panties. “Be nice, you’re just jealous of his body.” She looked over, and grinned, then she looked back at me. Giggling, and blushing.

“Yeah, go ahead. I’ve got my hands full here anyway.”

“Oh my god, ihihneahuh!” She felt my brother up all over, while he started at her hips, and pulled her panties away from them to slip them down. “You’re so warm, and hard, and rippley!”

“Huh!” I pulled the boys back to my bed by the leashes, so I could lay back. “What’s wrong guys, don’t you like tits?” They actually looked away from me, standing here naked, to watch their sister feel up my brother CNFM?

“Oh yeah.” Wayne hot a couple of handfulls, while Bobby said “Get up. You’ve got a great ass.” To get behind me, to feel me up from behind. So Wayne felt down, with his boner against my tummy, and his balls right up against my pubes.


“Yeah,” Wayne felt down my hips. “Your legs too. How do you get them so muscular without stretch marks?”

“Huh!” Bibby stopped humping my butt-cheeks when he felt around to the hand bra. “Wow, you’re nice and soft.” She squeezed them, “And perky, not like your mom’s pancake titties.”

I almost said she’s not my mom, reflexively until I looked over at her body. Naked now, and squatting to double stroke 2 boners on either sides of her face, but then I realized what I missed. All along since she covered them up so well. Wearing a sports bra, instead of a training bra, so I just assumed she never really had much up front.

It turns out they were flat, shriveled up, and saggy, so they flopped on her chest like, well. Pancake titties, and her running shorts were tight. So they covered up the stretch marks on her hips, and the divits in her butt so the cheek (I could see from the side) looked like a golf ball. Just as white, just as hard, and just as dimpled all over as a giant golf ball.

It turned out that she wasn’t perfect at all. She was just better at hiding all the flaws, so she looked good, until she got her clothes off.

“Huh!” I felt a lot better about my body after that, but the dick sandwich sure helped. With a double dose of mayo, once I got my heels out to stand up in. Just the right height for Bobby to hot-dog my buns. Wayne laying back on the end of the bed so I could bend down. Kiss his belly button, and swirl the little hairs around in there, while I squeezed his bone between my boobs. Up until Bobby shot his wad up, and it fell in hot heavy wet splats on my back. Then Wayne shot his up his panting tummy, and even hit my chin!

“Uh!” Will shut his eyes, and turned back to Sandy. “Sniiiff!” Sitting on his boner in her undies, but she had her training bra off. So, she could rub him off to baste his abs, and wipe it up, to make his tanned muscles glisten with the spunk.

“Huh!” She crawled down his legs to lick it off, giving his nipples extra attention. Then, she got off him, and came over to lick it off my back. I turned around, and she licked the drops that ran down my neck, then got a little that had stuck between my tits, and then she just kept licking down my flat tummy. Lower, and lower, and skipping past my pubes to kiss me deeply between my legs.

“Oh!” I turned around, and lay back on the bed. Dried my back on the covers, and she followed me. Crawling between my legs. I spread them so she could kiss me deeply in my sex until the boys got done taking turns in the shower. Rinsing off the cum and sweat, then they came back to watch us getting lezzy on the bed until they got it up for another round…

# # #

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