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I make some homemade pornography with a high school girl.

I dabbled in some homemade pornography over the weekend.
“Are you ready?” I asked.
Nervously, the girl nodded. Legs crossed, she sat in the middle of the king-size bed, arms folded over her chest, hands under her breasts, fingers rubbing the top of her ribs. Stripped down to bra and panties, she waited for further instructions.
“What’s your name?”
“Courtney,” she said.
Beautiful mocha skin, big hazel eyes and a pleasantly plump heart-shaped face, I had spotted Courtney while pumping gas. Mesmerized, my eyes followed Courtney into the gas station. I finished pumping the gas and went inside, ignoring the protesting part of my brain that knew this was a bad idea.
“How old are you?”
The girl stared at the camera for a long moment. Only a few inches over five feet tall, Courtney grew taller with confidence. The hazel eyes shimmered with some newly found intensity. Courtney grinned devilishly, and in that moment, the shyness was gone.
“Fifteen,” I said in a teasing voice. “Why is there a fifteen year old girl on my bed?”
Courtney giggled. She wanted to please, wanted to play my game, but nothing she did made her look less innocent. She wasn’t the kind of girl that belonged in a man’s bed. At fifteen, she wasn’t ready for the things that were about to happen. I stiffened with anticipation.
“I need to get fucked!” she shouted in teenage glee.
I was already naked, recording the girl in high definition on my phone. My cock was twitching. Courtney watched from the bed, lust battling innocence.
“I think I got what you need.” I stroked my cock with the free hand. “Have you ever been fucked?”
“I’m not a virgin,” Courtney said. “But I’ve never been fucked good.”
She spoke like a girl not accustomed to using bad words, and this also drove me crazy.
“Take off the bra,” I instructed.
There was a moment of hesitation, but Courtney obliged. She unhooked the bra from the back, and teasing, slowly pulled the cups over her titties. My best guess: these were 36C. They fell heavily into her hands. Courtney mashed her titties together and pushed upward. She rested her chin between the perfect mounds of flesh and stuck out her tongue.
I was lost in lust, my eyes watching without blinking. Regaining composure was difficult.
“Have you ever licked your own nipple?” I asked.
Confused, Courtney shook her head back and forth.
I gave some quick instructions. Courtney seized her right tit and pushed it toward her mouth. She gently caressed the thick, dark nipple with her tongue, never breaking eye contact. I stroked my cock. I needed to be careful. I hadn’t ejaculated in over a week. Courtney switched titties. She swirled her tongue in a circular motionless, counterclockwise, and watched for my reaction. I was very close to wasting my load on the floor.
I released my aching cock from my hand and tried to relax. On my bed, the busty teenager continued to lick and suck her nipples.
“You’re so fucking evil,” I said. “Take off your panties. I want to see your pussy.”
“You want to see my…pussy.” She continued to navigate between clean and dirty. Dirty words didn’t usually come out of this girl’s mouth.
“I do. Show me that little teenage pussy.” Speaking so vulgar wasn’t a part of my routine either. In my normal life, I was always kind, never demanding. “Roll onto your stomach, but keep your ass elevated, then slowly pull off your panties.”
Courtney obliged. I admired her bubbly, O-shaped butt. She yanked down her panties, exposed some crack. She stopped for a moment, pulled the panties back over her ass and made the slow descent for the second time. Unable to control my desires, I moved to the bed. I yanked her panties to her thighs and stopped. I spread her bubbly cheeks. I aimed the camera at her horseshoe shaped vagina. I squeezed her soft ass. I found my losing a little control. I softly slapped her ass. Courtney flinched.
“Can I eat your pussy?”
I spread her ass cheeks a little wider and buried my face. My tongue attacked her clitoris. I guided my tongue in a circular motion for about thirty seconds, moved downward, licked around the entrance before working way back to the clitoris. Courtney buried her face into the mattress and moaned deeply. I sucked and licked and sucked and licked. I was losing control again, tasting the freshest vagina I had ever tasted.
“Oh shit,” Courtney moaned into the mattress.
I slithered my tongue in a circular motion for a few more minutes. The entire time, I had stopped recording. I turned on the phone and moved my face from her ass. I wiped my chin and started stroking my cock.
“You ready to get fucked.”
Courtney nodded.
“I need to hear you say it.”
“Do it, please.”
“That’s not good enough.”
I was jerking myself with one hand and masturbating Courtney with the other.
“Please fuck me,” Courtney shouted. “I really need you to fuck me.”
I was plummeted inside Courtney before she finished the sentence. I wanted to start slowly and gradually increase the pace. Instead, I went balls deep on the first thrust. I continued fuck Courtney fast and hard. Courtney shoved her face deep into the mattress. I grabbed a handful of her long black hair and pulled gently as pounded harder.
I adjusted my body, trying to get the perfect shot of my cock as it pounded the teenager’s pussy into submission. Three times I stopped moments before I filled her vagina with cum. I made Courtney rub her clit as I fucked. I slowed down and drove my cock deep. I moved out slowly, stopped and all at once, went balls deep.
I was fucking Courtney long and deep when her climax. “Oh my God. Oh my God.” As Courtney was rocked by orgasm, I fucked recklessly. Skin slapped against skin and my ribs started to feel like I had just run a mile. I yanked her head back by the hair and fucked slow and deep. Courtney second orgasm was stifled by my hand. When number two subsided, I finally pulled out.
I gently rolled Courtney onto her back. I parted her legs and handed Courtney the phone. My cock sank into pussy.
“Do you like my cock?”
“I love your cock,” Cortney said. “I’ve never fucked like this before.”
Camera back in my hand, I focused on Courtney’s face. I didn’t outright pound her this time, but I also didn’t move slow. I found a good pace and enjoyed the sensation of her pussy as it squeezed my cock. Her bouncy teenage titties moved to the rhythm of my movement. It was like being hypnotized.
I pulled out and straddled Courtney’s chest. I slid my cock between her tits and rocked back and forth. I wanted to keep going, but my cock was filled to brim. I needed release. I fucked Courtney’s titties for another minute.
“I need to cum,” I said.
Courtney remained silent, but she watched my cock as it slowly moved between her titties.
“I can’t hold it.”
I grabbed my cock and started stroking. What happened next would never have happened had I been thinking straight. I was going to cum on her tits. Instead, I found myself jerking off closer and closer to Courtney’s face. She watched in fascination, staring at my cock. I’m almost certain she didn’t know what was about to happen.
“Fuck,” I grunted.
My balls were unleashed. The first jet of cum struck shoulder and collarbone. The second jet exploded from my cock and landed somewhere on the bed. Everything else left its marked on the intended target. The third and fourth struck the middle of her face. One jet started just below her lip and stopped at the forehead just below the hairline. The second landed on her nose, reached the forehead and highlighted Courtney’s black hair. The fifth, sixth and seventh smeared the left side of Courtney’s face. The jets slowed, but I continued to pump smaller amounts over her mouth, cheeks and chin.
I examined my handiwork. Half of Courtney’s pleasantly plump face was assaulted by my thick cum. Shocked, she laid motionlessly on the bed.
“Am I the first man to cum on your face?”
Courtney nodded. She didn’t want to open her mouth. Her lips were also cum covered.
“I have an idea. Suck on your titty again. It’ll look even hotter with cum all over your face.”
Courtney was reluctant. I pleaded. In the end, Courtney pushed her right titty toward her mouth. The second she opened her mouth, the cum on her lips oozed into her mouth. Her resisted the urge to gag and started licking her nipple with slow circular strides. Cum oozed out the corner of her mouth. The cum on her face dripped onto her chest. I was standing on the bed, watching the teenage snowballing her own nipple. It was amazing.
I started jerking off. Less than a minute later, I crouched into position and shot my second load into Courtney licking mouth. Cum bubbled from her mouth as she continued to lick her nipple. I shot two more jets onto Courtney’s chest. I fired two more into her mouth. She spit the cum between her titties while staring at the camera.
I turned off the phone.
I felt guilty. This girl was only fifteen. She also looked amazing decorated in my cum. I was conflicted. I also thought I might try this again.


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