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Cuckold Email Chapter 01 The Bar:


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This is about the first time my wife cuckolded me, I had summited it to other sights under different pen names so you may have read it already.

I am driving my pickup on the way home from downtown Albuquerque. My beautiful wife of over fifteen years sits beside me with her arms crossed, her body stiff, jaw set like granite. The way she is dressed, so hot and sexy, would get the attention of anyone who looked in her direction. Well, actually, she has already received plenty of attention tonight. The reason she is pissed is because I stopped it.
Let us back up a moment.
My wife (Anna) and I (Roy) have agreed to having a cuckold-hot wife arrangement. She agreed to fuck another man for me. The idea of her being pleasured by another man has always made me so unbelievably hot that I cannot put it into words. I can almost cum in my pants just thinking about hearing her moans of pleasure while another man is taking her.
We have talked about it in bed while we are making love.
We decided that, if we are going to have a cuckold-hotwife arrangement then, there must be some rules or guidelines to follow so nothing gets out of hand.
My non-negotiable rules were:
1. Anna is not to become pregnant with anyone but me.
2. Anna is never to lie, mislead or otherwise evade the truth, even to spare my feelings.
3. Anna is never to deny me her charms as a result of being pleasured by others.
She accepted my rules and added a few herself:
4. Roy is to stay completely faithful.
5. Roy is not her pimp and is not to choose men for her.
6. Roy is not to interrupt her choosing the men in any way, unless he sees danger that she does not.
This brings up the issue of the safe word, Purse, and the reason she is so mad at me right now.
As we drive the 6 miles from the motel to our house, I find the silence is deafening. I try to engage her and justify what I did by saying. “He was signaling to a man at the bar. I didn’t know if he was planning on gang raping you.”
She turns and spits out in frustration: “It was his roommate. He was letting him know we needed the room for an hour or two. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”
“I am so, so, so sorry baby. I had no idea. I just saw him signaling.”
The rest of the trip was in silence. We pulled into the garage and she barreled into the house. I found her beautiful dress ripped in the hallway, her pumps thrown across the living room, stockings on the staircase and her bra in front of the locked door to our bedroom.
I paid the babysitter and, since she was only thirteen, I escorted her on the two block walk to her home. During the walk she asked me what had gotten Anna so upset. I told her that it was me, and that I had screwed up, big.
I returned and found the bedroom door still locked. Now, in 15 years of marriage, I had never slept on the couch. It would have only taken a screwdriver and a few seconds to open the door but I just left her and, for the first time, I slept on the sofa. How degrading.
All right, so you really want the details of the night and what made Anna so upset? Shit. Ok, ok, I will share them with you. As if I haven’t suffered enough humiliation already.
We went to a bar at a motel that caters for a lot of out of town conventions. Anna went into the bar 10 minutes before I entered. She was wearing a blue dress with a hemline that ended halfway up her thighs. It had a low cut neckline showing the finest cleavage in Albuquerque, with her beautiful C cups enhanced by a push-up bra. Her breasts do have a little sag, due to breast feeding our son, but they are real make no mistake, and I never get tired of playing with them. She was wearing stockings and fuck me pumps that accentuated her beautiful legs. Her face was made up like a professional did it, with ruby red lips, cheeks with pink blush and a little blue eye shadow. Even though she is forty she looked only twenty-five. I know that every head had to have turned when she walked in
When I entered the bar, Anna had already found a man that she was attracted to and was obviously flirting with. She glanced around and I knew that she had seen me, although she did not make it obvious. I watched them for a few minutes and could see her talking though I didn’t know what she was saying. They laughed a few times., then things got sort of serious for a moment or two as she got close to share something private. He nodded his head and sat back.
I knew what was going to happen next as it was something that we had discussed. Anna did not want a man with a small dick, as mine is well above average, and she needed to know what she had to deal with before going any further.
She reached into his lap and felt for his cock. She smiled at him in approval and leant in and kissed him on the mouth, a gesture that he returned. I watched him take a stab at second base. Anna let him steal it gladly.
As I watched a strange man fondle my wife’s breasts while she stroked his cock through his clothing, my emotions were in turmoil. My heart felt like it was trying to rip out of my chest and my stomach was churning but, at the same time, my cock was so hard that it almost tore through my pants.
The next few seconds were critical. If she dropped her purse or pulled it out, then I would know that she wanted to be rescued, and I was to move in and separate the unwilling couple. However, it didn’t take long to realize that she was enjoying it. Not only hadn’t she let go of his cock but, instead, she slowly stroked him. I could sense he was a large man, perhaps even larger than me.
He then took over and whispered something in her ear. Anna nodded her head with a big smile. He took her hand and began to stand, signaling to someone at the bar. Three men signaled back.
I took a piece of paper from my pocket as I rushed to my wife and asked: “Did this fall out of your purse?”
The scene after that was not good. He asked, “Who is this?” She said, “My fucking husband.”
“Oh shit”, he said.
Anna turned to me and angrily spat, “What the fuck”, then she picked up her glass, threw the contents in my face and stormed out. I followed her slowly and very red faced.
Chapter two: Home
I didn’t try to talk her out of our bedroom, or to unlock the door, feeling that I deserved what I was getting. I knew that I had fucked up, so I went to the linen closet to get a blanket and pillow, then got comfortable on the couch and went to sleep.
I woke to the smell of bacon and got straight up. After dressing, I reluctantly made my way to the kitchen. She handed me a plate of pancakes and bacon and, with a mischievous smile and a tone brooking no argument said, “Here is some breakfast for you. I am going out for the day.”
“Where are you going?” I asked, looking at my son, Jess, who was eating his pancake and trying to ignore the conversation.
Anna did not answer me but, instead, she placed the dishes in the sink and ran upstairs. A short time later, she reappeared wearing a sexy summer dress, stockings and low 2-inch heels. It was obvious that she was braless since her nipples were erect and protruding from her chest like bullets.
I asked again, “Where are you going?”
She turned and said, “None of your business”, and then went out the garage door, got in her car and left. Both myself and Jess were stunned.
Anna had obviously not forgiven me, so I decided to make it up to her by cleaning the house, washing the dishes and doing the laundry.
Chapter three: The decision
She had not returned by 4 pm so I decided to start dinner. As I worked, I became increasingly anxious wondering where she could be this late on a Sunday afternoon.
Dinner was on the table when I picked up the phone for the first time to call her. I hung up before the phone connected as I heard the garage door open and Anna drive in.
She came into the house as if nothing was amiss.
“Hey you fixed dinner. Thanks”, she said as she kissed me hello. We sat and enjoyed my cooking. With all of us making light conversation, dinner was pleasant.
Jess was more than happy to go to his room the second dinner was done. Anna and I both picked up the dishes and put them in the dish washer. After dinner was cleaned up, Anna asked me to have a seat in the dining room, which I did reluctantly.
I knew I was in trouble when I sat down and she sat at the opposite end of the table.
She waited a long moment before she spoke. “He wants nude photos of me.”
“Who wants what?” I asked
“The man I am willing to cuckold you with”, she answered.
“Here is the thing. I am not going to be humiliated again like I was last night. So, either I take the lead on this or we end it right here and now.”
I was paying more attention to Anna now than ever before. She argued well and had made a good point.
Anna continued. “The choice will be yours.”
“Yes yours”, she repeated.
“This is how it is going to go. I am going to give you his email address. We will compose an email to him and attach nude photos of me to it. I will put it on your cell phone and all you have to do, if you really want me to cheat on you, is send the email. Simple isn’t it?” she asked not expecting an answer.
I sat speechless with my mouth wide open. She meant this. Holy shit.
“Ok”, was all I could get out. After a few breaths I continued. “Who is this man? What’s his name? And I have no nude photos of you.”
“His name is not for you to know. He is going to be my bull. That is all you need to know of him for now. As far as the photos, we can take some after you agree or we reach an agreement”, she said in a matter of fact voice, again brooking no argument.
I wasn’t going to change her mind, so I agreed to all she said, feeling very submissive and extremely aroused.
We waited until Jess went to bed before beginning our photo shoot. We went to the living room where I snapped 84 photos of my wife’s beautiful body. I must say I was in heaven. She had never let me take photos of her nude before. After the shoot, she went through the photos deleting all those she didn’t like. Then, together, we picked the 5 that were going to be attached to the email. After promising her that I would not post or share the other photos with another human being, she let me keep the rest. Then she composed the email. Simply put. “Here are the photos you requested. Let me know the second you get them and this body will make your dreams come true.”
A large pang of jealousy shot through me like a lightning bolt. I truly wanted to destroy the email but, at the same time, my cock was incredibly hard with the thought of sending it.
I went to Anna and kissed her. She returned the kiss. We were in our room naked before either of us could object, not that either one of us wanted to. I came twice that night. She was surprised as much as I was. But this idea was so fucking sexy.
The next morning I was up early and got breakfast ready. I was excited. Jess left for school and I had just a few moments with Anna. She warned me that I was not to take this lightly and that, if I sent that email, she was going to go to him. I nodded my head and threw my arms around her. I sat her on the counter, then moving her panties to the side, I fucked my wife. No, I did not make love. We fucked with mutual lust. I plunged into her deep and wanting. I didn’t stop until I shot my baby makers deep inside her, making sure she knew that her pussy was mine.
Monday and Tuesday weren’t so bad. I felt calm and not too stressed. We made love two times on both of those days. I told Anna jokingly, “Even if I sent the text you would be too fucked out to do anything.”
She retorted in the same no-nonsense voice she had been using every time that we mentioned it. “Don’t bet on it. If you send it, I will go to him”
Wednesday was rough. I was tense and struggled all day thinking about the power she had placed in my hands, thinking about her being with another man. Wednesday night we made love three times. She never mentioned the email, she never asked how I was feeling, she never questioned whether I’d made a decision.
Thursday was a bitch. All I could think about was that fucking email on my phone. I tried to hide it from myself. I tried to ignore it. Nothing worked. It turned out that I had a very unproductive day. I went through all the photos that she allowed me to keep on my phone, which made me want her even more. We only made love one time. She was mine, she was all mine, and I liked that. Again, she never mentioned the email. She didn’t say a word or ask me if I had sent it or not. She had a lot of stamina. I loved that about her so much.
Friday morning came. I was at work and must have stared at the phone for three hours. At 11:46 am I pressed the send button on the phone. I immediately regretted my action. My next thought was to smash the phone or douse it in water. As I saw the email icon change from sending to sent, I realized that it was too late. I was in mental agony. It felt like all the blood had drained from my face. I was white as a ghost. I fell to my seat, realizing the magnitude of my action. My heart was pounding in my chest.
“Are you ok Roy?” my receptionist asked with deep concern in her voice as she noticed my expression.
“Yea I am fine”, I lied. “Just got some bad news, I will be fine. Give me a few moments and I will be just hunky dory.” I tried to reassure myself, and then smiled at the woman.
She didn’t believe me at all, however she did go back to her job while continuing to watch me closely.
I picked up my phone and texted my wife, “I just sent the email”.
She texted me back in less than a minute, “I know. I have packed an overnight bag and have been taking it with me to work since Wednesday, so I will be going straight from work to him. You can call me at 4:30 if you want to chat. Love Anna.”
She knew? And she had been packed since Wednesday? What the fuck? I was both confused and hurt. I was upset. No, that’s not true at all. My cock was so hard. I was turned on as hell. Thinking of him and her together made my chest hurt, however it did not take away from my lust.


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