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Cucked on Vacation

t was our first proper vacation in years. I breathed a sigh of relief as I gazed out our suite window towards the calm ocean waters of the gulf. After seven years of marriage and a limited amount of time off it felt therapeutic to finally have a week away all to ourselves.

We had selected Naples because it was quiet, and peaceful, and a drastic change of scenery from the drab winter we had just suffered through in Ohio. I turned and looked towards the bed, where my wife rested in slumber. Vanessa was approaching thirty-five but she appeared more a girl in her twenties. She’s a beautiful woman, really – standing she’s roughly five and a half feet tall. Her frame is curvaceous and thick, having filled out slightly after our two children. I drank in her image as she lay curled asleep, expensive bedding draped across her plump behind, barely concealing her large natural breasts. My dick stirred suddenly. Our sex life had been less than exceptional in recent years, the both of us succumbing to the routine and daily stresses that sometimes make an appearance in a relationship. There was something about the expensive bedding and the ocean air that this hotel provided though…

“Are you staring at me?” her voice snapped sweetly through the previously silent void of our hotel room. She had awoken.

I smiled at her, “Couldn’t help it, you look gorgeous.”

“Creeper.” she joked, tossing a pillow towards me in vain.

I mounted the bed, and moments later, her. I kissed her with passion, morning breath be damned. She opened her legs slowly, wrapping them around me seductively. I glanced down at her beautiful pussy, brown pubic hair trimmed and inviting, her glistening folds slowly pulling apart as her legs opened, exposing my home for the last decade, the place where I loved to be.

I shuffled my boxers down just far enough to allow my five inches to strike outwards, and I immediately planted my dick against her dampening mound. We kissed again, tongues swirling. There was a passion present in this bedroom that had been sorely missed in ours back home, and before we could speak another word I was inside of her.

Her moans were muffled but passionate as she buried her face into my chest. My wife’s femininely sweet voice is notoriously sexy, and her coo’s and gentle moans always aroused me to no end. I knew that I wouldn’t last long, but I was desperate to make her cum. My mind wandered to the perverse thoughts that sometimes made an appearance in my head. Thoughts that made me curse my genetics for not having a bigger appendage, thoughts that made me aroused to think how Vanessa might react to one. I quickly shook them from mind, and just as I was about to lose control, I felt her orgasm clamp down on my shaft. We both came pleasurably.

“That was great.” she said with a smile, breathing heavily as she now lay next to me. A light sheen of sweat had begun to make itself apparent on both of our bodies. I kissed her deeply, “Sure was. This entire week is gonna be great.” I said, meaning it.

The hotel, more resort really, was incredible. Vanessa and I weren’t wealthy, but we had saved up enough in preparation to really allow ourselves to enjoy this trip. On location there was a cavalcade of amenities, world class spa, world class gym, immense pool and exterior bar areas, a number of various restaurants, and not to mention the lovely surrounding beach. We spent that first full day wandering the premises, exploring the beach, and really soaking in the sights and sounds that would make up our surroundings for the week.

As dusk fell we showered and prepared for a ritzy meal at one of the hotels finer restaurants. I enjoyed a succulent sea bass with a wine pairing and Vanessa, for lack of a better word, wolfed down a perfectly cooked filet. We quickly ran through a bottle of red whilst sharing smiles, laughs, and great conversation. My wife looked absolutely divine in her black low cut dress, which did an excellent job at accentuating her large tits and ass. I was pretty certain one of the bus boys nearly tripped through the kitchen doors while gawking at her.

After dinner we decided to continue our escapades at the lobby bar, which was an immense room with crystalline light fixtures suspended from a massive vaulted ceiling above. We found a seat in between a few patrons and ordered a couple more glasses of wine. We sat for a moment to soak in our surroundings, and eventually struck up a casual conversation with the persons sitting next to us. Vanessa was chatting up another woman who was here on vacation, and myself – a gentleman who was in town on business. I actually quickly found myself enjoying the discussion I was having with Mark. He was visiting a local job site as a construction manager of sorts, and he often stayed at this particular hotel. I was in the same industry up in Ohio, so we quickly hit it off discussing our related careers, and then sports, and then a number of other topics.

“Is this your wife?” He finally interjected during a quieter moment, nodding towards Vanessa.

“Jesus, yeah. How rude of me.” I turned to Vanessa, momentarily pulling her out of her own conversation, “Let me introduce you to Mark babe. He’s in town as a PM, works hospitality construction similar to my line.”

Vanessa smiled wide, clearly somewhat loose from the copious amount of wine we had both been drinking. “Hi there!” She extended her hand, and that’s when I noticed how large Marks were. Her delicate hand was engulfed by his palm as they shook in greeting. I couldn’t help but notice that my wife’s immense cleavage was on full display as well, and I saw Mark steal a reactionary glance. It was more than understandable though, her tits were nearly popping out of her dress.

That was actually the first moment that I sized Mark up. He was maybe ten years older than my wife and I. I realized that he would probably be considered an attractive gentleman by most. He was black, tall, built, and with nice physical features.

“Mike and I were sharing stories about our careers, but what brings you to town? A nice little vacation I take it?” Mark seemingly asked us both.

Vanessa chimed in immediately, nodding, “Yep! It’s been years since we’ve had a vacation, we just got out here yesterday. Have the entire week to ourselves.” she smiled excitedly, her voice as sweet as ever.

Mark nodded, “That’s great. Yeah I’m actually here for about a week as well, but the wife hates it when I’m gone for this long.”

I glanced down at his hand, noticing his wedding ring for the first time. The conversation turned to home life, and we learned that he and his wife had been together for twenty years already, marrying relatively young. We discussed our kids, his kids, and a great many other things. It was clear that we both got on very well with Mark, but it was getting late – and we all eventually said our goodbyes for the evening.

The majority of the next morning and early afternoon was spent in our suite. Vanessa and I had discovered a newfound vigor on this trip, and we had an exceedingly difficult time keeping our hands off one another. It was a youthful rush of sexual energy and I hoped it wouldn’t end. After our bedroom romp we eventually headed down to the beach. It was late afternoon when we arrived, and we easily found a nice spot to stretch out. I watched as my wife peeled off her outerwear, exposing a lovely red bikini. I noticed that her skin was already slightly more bronze than when we left home.

We relaxed for awhile, closing our eyes and soaking in the low hanging sun. I was about to drift off into a restful slumber when a familiar voice interrupted, “Hey there folks.”

I opened my eyes to see Mark, smiling down at the both of us.

“Hey!” Vanessa replied, lowering her sunglasses to properly greet him.

“Meetings ended early today, figured I’d hit the beach for a minute.” Mark offered.

I immediately noticed what excellent shape he was in for his age. His torso was chiseled and large, and he seemed to be even taller than he appeared the previous evening – but perhaps that was due the vantage point that lying down offered.

“Nice.” Vanessa replied, continuing, “Yeah we’ve had a beautifully lazy day.” she looked towards me, smiling and stretching. I noticed a blush appearing on her face. At first I thought she was feeling some mild embarrassment about Mark seeing her in a bikini, in which she looked impossibly attractive. However I glanced back at Mark and immediately realized that wasn’t the case.

Mark was wearing snugly fitted bathing trunks, not quite as showy as a speedo, but certainly within the realm. Men typically only wear the sort when they are proud of something, and it was obvious that Mark was proud of what he was packing. There was an immense outline of manhood bulging outwards and downwards within the blue trunks. It was almost obscene, and I quickly averted my eyes.

“Doing nothing is part of the appeal of a vacation.” Mark replied, smiling wide. He continued, “Well, I don’t want to intrude, maybe I’ll catch you guys at the bar later.”

“Yeah man, for sure. We’ll probably be down there later tonight.” I replied. Mark nodded kindly, and walked off towards a secluded portion of the beach.

Once he was out of ear shot Vanessa turned to me, smiling, “Was I imagining that?” She blushed.

“Dude is packing.” I said, in a matter of fact tone. I wasn’t the jealous type, even though the size of his junk did bruise my ego somewhat.

“How can his wife even handle that thing?” she wondered aloud.

Her comment caught me by surprise, but the uninhibited comment aroused me – which was another surprise. I had certainly never heard her openly discuss another man’s size before, and I decided to have some fun with her lewd pondering. “Don’t be jealous, I’m sure you could handle it too babe.” I quipped. It wasn’t the first time I had joked with her about taking a bigger man, sometimes comments slipped out during sex – especially when my fantasies were rushing through my mind.

Her blush deepened “Mike stop… Don’t tease me.” her voice was sweet and tinged with embarrassment.

“I’m just joking around.” I replied.

The ocean air had lowered my inhibitions, and I was feeling comfortable discussing the idea of Vanessa bedding another man – even if it was just in a joking manner.

“I have seen the way he’s been looking at you though. I’m sure he’d kill for a tussle with you.” I prodded her some more.

Her blush persisted, but she spoke in a joking manner – flipping her hair back flirtatiously in the process. “Who wouldn’t?” She replied. I laughed, amused by her mock confidence. Vanessa reached for a beer from our beach pouch, popped it, and took a large sip. She seemed to be full of thought, and a smirk flashed across her face. She spoke in an exaggerated tone. “Well, I have never been with a black man before.” shooting me a teasing look as the words escaped her lips. I guess the ocean air was doing wonders to lower her inhibitors as well. My dick instinctively twitched in arousal.

As we walked to the bar that night I couldn’t help but think about Vanessa’s comment on the beach. If she didn’t find Mark attractive she wouldn’t have even gone along with the joke. My wife had never really openly admitted to finding another man attractive, but it was clear she fancied him, and I’m sure his impressive manhood did nothing but intrigue her.

We had been sitting alone for nearly and hour and I was strangely disappointed at the thought that we might have missed Mark. I couldn’t help but notice Vanessa looking around for a sight of him as well. We were a few cocktails deep, snuggled against each other and riffing with the bartender when he finally arrived.

“Evening folks.” he said as he pulled up a chair next to me.

“Hey there.” I replied, oddly happy to see him.

The three of us immediately dove into friendly conversation, and the drinks continued to flow. I noticed that he was a tad more flirtatious with Vanessa than he had been the previous evening, and I also noticed that my wife was willing to reciprocate. It was harmless really, lingering smiles, gentle touches of the arm during laughs, but they both were certainly enjoying the interaction.

About an hour had passed when Mark received a phone call, he picked it up, still sitting at the bar. “Hey love.”

“Oh nothing, just down here at the bar.”

“Yep, I’m actually sitting with the couple I told you about.”

Vanessa and I glanced at each other in amusement. I guess we were worth mentioning.

Mark laughed, “No, no I didn’t. Not everyone is into that lifestyle sugar.”

Vanessa and I looked hard at each other this time, and I saw her face contort in intrigue. I had a similar reaction.

“Yes yes, I know.” Mark chuckled again.

“Alright, okay baby – Alright. Love you too.”

He put the phone down. “Sorry about that.”

Vanessa and I must have been staring because he sort of looked at us and said, “Everything okay?”

Vanessa was four cocktails in and incredibly free spirited when she was this far down the rabbit hole, “Sorry Mark, couldn’t help but overhear. What is this lifestyle that we’re not into?” Her face was red but her expression was engaged and her eyes lively.

I chimed in, “Yeah I’m kind of curious as well.” chuckling.

Mark looked suddenly embarrassed, “Oh, you heard that. Sorry about that.”

Vanessa was desperate for a clue, “Well?”

He fidgeted in his bar stool, looking momentarily uncomfortable, but replied. “Look, uh. My wife and I have an open marriage of sorts. We married very young and we don’t really mind the other one sowing some occasional wild oats, if you will. She actually kind of encourages it in my case.”

My expression was blank but my blood pressure had to have risen.

Vanessa smiled, blushing, intrigued. “Well that is certainly interesting.. But what does that have to do with us?” She asked, rather naively. I already had more than an idea.

Mark chuckled, “Well I casually mentioned to Cynthia that I met a couple at my hotel. I told her that you both seemed like well established, good natured people. I also let it be known that the wife was particularly attractive.” He turned to me mid explanation “Mike, I mean no offense.”

“Sounds like you were just being honest.” I quickly offered.

Mark chuckled again, continuing.

“So naturally my wife asked if I was going to pursue anything. She wondered if you two might be into sharing.” He seemed to look at Vanessa as he finished speaking, and I turned to her with a massive smirk on my face.

You could see the realization move across her face as her expression changed. Her skin flushed beet red and she brought her hand up to her mouth to cover a dramatic gasp.

I burst out laughing.

Mark joined me with another chuckle, and continued, “So yeah, to answer your question. That’s what I meant by lifestyle.”

Vanessa quickly took another swig of the cocktail, seemingly terrified.

“Will you relax? You asked the man after all.” I scolded her, mostly jokingly.

She found her voice, “I- I’m a little confused. Your wife lets you sleep with other women?”

Mark answered candidly, “Yeah, well, I’m only allowed to sleep with married women – she doesn’t trust the single ones.” He took a large swig of his drink, and continued, “I bull regularly for a married couple back home actually, and I’ll occasionally meet a couple when I’m away on business.”

“Bull?” Vanessa asked, again rather naively. My wife was a brilliant woman, but this conversation had put her fast on her heels.

“A Bull is a term used in the lifestyle. It basically means that I sleep with married women. I love taking married women to bed.” Mark replied, bluntly.

There was something bizarrely arousing about Mark being so forward about the subject, especially considering that it was clear he would love to take Vanessa to bed, given the chance. I couldn’t believe that after all my years fantasizing about this particular kink, that someone like Mark would show up and discuss it so openly with my wife and I.

My wife took another sip of her drink, face still flush. I noticed her breathing was rather heavy, and she seemed to still be mulling over the realization. She spoke, “And the husbands allow it?”

“Encourage it, really. I’ll only partake if the husband knows about it, and wants it to happen. It’s a huge rush for most men to watch their wife cuckold them.”

He paused, and directed a follow-up question towards me.

“What about you Mike? You seem awfully quiet, and you don’t seem as shocked as your wife here.” Mark asked.

My mind was racing indeed, and every perverted thought that ran through it somehow ended with Vanessa on her back, writhing in pleasure. This was cuckolding that he was speaking about. Another man was sitting here, in front of Vanessa and I, laying the prospect of cuckolding right at our feet. I couldn’t believe it, and although I had fantasized about Vanessa with another man many times over the years – hearing a real life offer sent my mind into overload.

“Mostly fascinated really, just kind of soaking it all in.” I managed.

Mark replied, “So it’s safe to say you two have never done anything of the sort.” He chuckled again. “I told my wife I didn’t think you had.”

“Can’t say that we have.” I glanced at Vanessa, who was still blushing and visibly nervous. She shook her head in agreement.

“Well look, I don’t want to weird you two out any more than I already have. I also have a painfully early meeting tomorrow, so I think it’s time I took my leave. Hopefully I catch you guys tomorrow.”

He stood, pausing as he left his cash on the counter. “Have a nice night.” And with that, he turned and left us.

My wife and I were silent for a moment, and then I turned to her and spoke, “I told you he wants to fuck you.”

We both broke into a muffled, absurd laughter.

The elevator ride up to our room consisted of Vanessa and I pawing at each other like teenagers. I wasn’t sure what exactly had gotten into us, but I’m sure Mark’s kinky admission had influenced our arousal to some degree.

We hopped into bed still fumbling at each others bodies when I decided to reach for the remote.

“What are you doing?” my wife managed, between kisses.

The brazen conversation at the bar had stirred my perverted mind into sexual overdrive. I decided to push things.

“How about a movie?” I replied, realizing we hadn’t watched a porn together in quite a few years.

Vanessa smiled wickedly, blushing. “Go ahead.” She acted as if she was relenting, but I knew she was aroused by the proposition.

“You know what, I’m gonna clean up real quick – you pick the movie.” I tossed her the remote and headed to the bathroom.

I was near giddy as I showered, dick stiffening at the knowledge of what my wife might be doing in the other room. I was overly excited and cut the shower short to return to her. I still couldn’t believe that we had discussed cuckolding with an actual bull – just moments ago.

I quickly dried myself and threw on my boxers, rushing out the bathroom with erect curiosity. As soon as I opened the door the sound of feminine moans and bodies slapping hit my ears. As I rounded the corner into the main bedroom I was greeted to the erotic sight of my nude wife. She was lying on the bed with her legs wide, feet resting on the bedding below. She was massaging her pussy as she took in the images on the screen. Her tits rested sexually on her chest, jiggling slightly as she played with herself. I noticed that her cocktail dress was tossed on the floor along with her stilettos and panties.

“I didn’t mean to order this.” She blushed when she noticed me.

“Order what?” I replied, as I approached the bed finally glancing at the television.

I was shocked to see a woman being pounded intensely by a massive black cock, her head arched back in pleasure as she took the large organ inside of her.

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