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Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife

My name is Lakshmi.(original name start with L) I am married for 12 years with 1 kid. Aged 35. My hubby is Vinay (orginal name starts with M) with and he works as a doctor in government hospital. Ours was love marriage, during our love he was very possessive, he did not like me wearing jeans, t-shirt, sleeveless tops.

All the incidents word by word happed to me. This real life story is written by me and by my husband. We both sat to pen our memories. It is my hubby initiative. He wanted to keep the memories intact through the story. Initally we wrote these memories for us to keep and read later. But later he thought it to post in public forum so we added the intro part and removed few parts for our privacy. He wanted others get encouraged and inspired from our real life happenings.

Our sex life was normal, he satisfies me well by licking. Yes, only by licking .It’s been years he inserted inside me. He not satisfied me through insertion because of his premature ejaculation. But I am satisfied with this licking. As time went he was bored of same routine sex and wanted to try something different so he started to read sex stories online which developed his wife sharing fantasy. When he first told me about his wife sharing fantasy, I was literally shocked, fought with him and didn’t speak for days. After some weeks he again took the topic and again fight. It went on for a few months like this, he will open the topic and I will fight. But as days went I was also attracted to it. Then one day he opened the topic during our sex when I was in very high mood, he took my college friend name and asked me to imagine with him in this bed now. Yes it started, I mean I started to imagine and entered into a new world of different type of new pleasure . I thought to myself ‘Yes my hubby is right, imagining with a person other than my hubby gives different type of feelings’ . Usually he will go down and lick me but this time he did not lick me, he started to rub my clit with his fingers by telling the stories of me with my college friend. I did not tell my hubby of how I am enjoying this new type of pleasure. Soon I got the sugam which was the best in my life, the first orgasm with someone in mind other than my hubby. I still remember it. But after the orgasm, as a normal innocent wife I started to feel guilty and scolded him and asked him ‘hereafter dont talk like this” . After few days, during our sex he again opened the topic but I did not want to go forward and asked him to stop it. But he did not listen, he kept talking. To my surprise, I felt tat my mind wanted to seduce a new man today in imagination but my mouth kept saying no no no to my hubby. But finally my pussy betrayed me with wetness. I came very hard. He started to enjoy my new type of orgasm with someone else in mind other than him. It went on like this for few more months,  he keep telling new stories of me seducing a new guy and I keep telling no and I my pussy keep betraying me. I also started to like his stories of wife sharing but did not tell to him. Slowly I changed from innocent conservative wife to budding hot wife. Slowly as days passed, even I started to talk about my male friends during our sex. To be frank, ‘yes’ it give me a different type of new pleasure which I’m enjoying for first time in my life.

I love to wear modern dresses. After this fantasy introduction I started to show of my navel and side boobs while wearing saree,  I tried to not wear underwear in home when plumbers or home repair guy come to my home. Also I wanted to show off my cleavage to some new guys while going out. During my initial days of exhibition of my clevage and navel it gave me really sema kick. Showing our skin to some one else other than my husband gave me unexpected kick. Really girls just need to go and do this before it’s too late.

I was once a innocent wife who does not know that child is born through insertion but now I have changed to a hot wife who wanted to show off her cleavage to someone other than my hubby.

We tried different different things in our sex life like below.
1) Keeping my freinds or his friends pictures in mobile over my boobs and pussy.
2) Calling out my friends or his friends name during my orgasm.
3) Myself reading sex stories loudly while he licking me.
4) Virtual threesome using a dildo.
5) Blindfold sex imagining my college friends.
6) Online chat with strangers.
7)  Posing for his camera etc
8) Opening Twitter, Facebook & Insta accounts and watching how others comment on a girl. I usually get wet after reading the comments praising a women.
9) He keep sending me hot pictures and videos like a maried women showing her clevage to others, married women seduced by others, Hot short dress pictures showing clevage,thighs. Women pictures showing their navel ans side boob in saree. Cleavage in Saree pictures.
10) He keep sending me Stories like Wife Massage, Wife with Swim coach & Gym coach, Wife going Vacation wih friends, Wife in office party.
11) He sends couples confession text where husband & wife explaning his and her first time feeling and some naughty incidents happened during sex with others.
12) He send me Hot wife captions.
13) He installed a app in his and my mobile through which he sends me Dare things to Do like below
a) Comment something on twitter for the post u like. Comments words more than 6 words
b) Do 10 comments in Twitter today.  Each comment more than 6 words.
c) Like 10 captions in Twitter
d) Like 10 videos in Twitter.
e) Follow 10 members in Twitter.
f) Comment dirty in Twitter.
g) Post something in Twitter.
h) Ask any private question in Twitter
i) Read Comments for the Hotwife posing pictures in Twitter and like 10 comments
j) Reply to some comments on pictures of post of other hotwife or any post.
k) Ask abt Premature ejaculation problem on twitter.more than 30 words.
l) Post wat u like in sex in Twitter. More than 50 words.
m) Post wat u don’t like in sex. Not more than 20 words.
n) Like 10 dick  picture & Comment to it in more than 20 words.
o) Like 10 comments on dick picture.
p) Download some dick picture u like most and show me and then talk dirty abt that picture. Also u can comapre it with me by keeping the picture next to my dick. Can tease me by kissing the Dick picture and keeping it over ur boobs or pussy.
q) Ask some 3 questions in Twitter about ur sex life.
r) Create  3 sexy polls in Twitter.
s) Reply or Start a chat with somone u like in Twitter and the delete the chat history without showing me
t) Compliment a dick pictures in Twitter through a one to one chat who posted the dick.
u) Start a poll asking which part of u ur twitter followers want to see.Lips, Akkul, thigh.
v) Beg me to take a profile pic of ur twitter account.
w) Chat with a stranger about ur husband cuckold fanstay and how u enjoy it and take a screenshot or some text to show as a proof that u did it to ur husband. Dont show the whole chat to hubby, delete the whole chat. Just show very few as proof.

Ask someone to Fuck u in Twitter.

Choose captions from my collections in laptop and post any caption in Twitter

Choose Dick from my collection in laptop and post in Twitter with some comments over the dick.

Ask sexy questions in Twitter by tagging your husband twitter account in that post .
bb) Post my mark in satisfying you in sex through intercourse and through sucking by tagging your husband twitter account.

Make me sit in a chair with myself recording the videos of my hubby masturbating in the bed by talking dirty  and then we both will see and me comment on the video before deleting it.

I wore Dildo and he sucking the dildo.

He used big dildos and made my pussy loose, my pussy was very tight because he did not insert for many years or i did not allow him to insert since he cant satisfy me by insertion. He then inserted into my loose pussy and talked dirty like i fucked someone who had big dick.

He made a human size structure with pillow and his Shirt-phant. He inserted the dildo between the pillow and asked me to imagine it is a new guy. he will sit in the chair and i sit over the didlo and fuck the dildo with my ass going up and down. Using Ink pillar he took the rice boiled water which is very thick like real cum and pour it inside my pussy. When the boiled rice water comes he lick my pussy with it and talk dirty like it is other men cum inside me. He records it and later we do some commets about the video before deleting it.

Made me walk naked by shaking her ass and show her the vidoe with comments and dirty talking.

Blindfolded me and smooched by telling some hot stories about me with my college friends and his office friends.

Send some stories and he watch me masturbating by reading the stories.

He show me some seducing vidoe and we act like same moaning, face reaction, body actions.

He send me some sexy selfie and ask me to send the same like tat later unexpectedly.

I chat with him like he is a stranger and am a hot wife.

He sends me some dick pictures and i need to choose anyone to kiss it and also to keep it over her boobs and pussy.

He asks me to choose some 10 dick pictures. He gives a number to each dick from 1 to 10. I choose a number from a bowl.  I also have to choose from another bowl with actions written in paper like Kiss, Keep over boobs, Keep over pussy, Keep over ur ass, Comapre it with Hubby dick. So finally wat ever number comes i have to use tat dick and do the actions i choosen from bowl. i also enjoy this game when played for first time. The anticipation of expecting which chosen dick i will receive for wat actions is truely enjoyable and diferent.
29) He made me naked and gave me a video. I had to watch the video and masturbate infront of him. I have to lie over the pillow and rub my clits and masturbate. Sometime the vidoe will be finished soon before my orgasam, that time he will give me a dick picture and he will talk dirty abt me with tat dick. Somtime i also start commenting or talk dirty about the dick he shows.
30)  He made me to chat in online chatroom but not more txts, only 10 dirty things or 10 lines with stranger.
31) He records a audio with sexy talkings abt me and my friends and then he will give it to me to masturbate. He will leave the room, I have to listen his sexy talkings and masturbate.

My life was going like this happily with small small naughty things like I said above but one questin changed a innocent conservative budding hot wife into a real hot wife and made me to enter into the new world of pleausre and satisfication

One day we were watching a normal movie in which a handsome rich guy was smooching her in public bus in crowd. She was average looking marreid women in her 30’s but the guy looked very handsome & rich. He was manly and masculine with slim structure with beautiful smile. The women in the movie moved away from him and got down showing her dislike.
My husband : How is the guy looking’.
Me : “he looked cute, manly and handsome with good body language. Any girls will fall for him”.
My husband : “if such a guy smooches you in bus then what will be your reaction”.
Me : “i too will ignore him like the women did”.
My Husband : ‘why’
Me: ‘i Dont know’
My Husband : We did so many nasty things in sex but what makes you to ignore him’.

Yes he was right. I did so many nasty things in sex but me too feel like ignoring him, why?. When i was thining like this, suddenly i heard a question from him.

My Husband : “Imagine this, if suddenly god appears before you and shifts you from here to a crowded bus which is very very dark such tat you cant even see your hands even if kept close to your hands. Then god says to you that ‘the Bus is full of handsome male passangers and you will be here for 15 minutes and then u will be shifted back to your home. The guys here will be smooching you, if u dont like then u can just do a knock with your two finger and in next second you will be back in your home. No one in this world know what happened in this bus including me’. In this situation what will u do, will u knock the fingers?”. My husband asked like this.

He gave me some time to think. I thought why we ignore even handsome guys? I think it is because of the risk involved, if there is no risk then all women are ready to enjoy the smooch of even multiple hands in muliple places of her boday at the same time.

Me : ‘Every women in the world enjoys the touch of new hand if the women’s mood is triggered properly and there is Zero risk involved. This is Universal Secret. High Mood + Zero Risk = Wider spliting of leg’.

My Husband : “Wider spliting of leg is applicable only on unmarreid girls or even to Married women with kids”.
I immediately replied “Even to married women”,
My Husband : “Wat about you”.
Me : am also a marreid women.
My Husband : “Why married women? they already receive pleasure from their husband then why they enjoy new hands touching them”.
Me : New hand = New Feelings + New & Different pleasure. Different men give different pleasure. One sucks well other fuck well and some other does these two well. Few will be expert is smooching while dancing, Romancing, Seducing, Different hands different feelings. Men has different characters, one will be smooth and romace very slowly seducing every women but some may be rough & fast.
My Husband : omg, u know this much. i cant beleive.
Me : I learned all this from you only. You are my Guru in sex.In short, Women always wanted to experience different things so in sex also they want different things.
My Husband : What abt you, u miss anything from me in sex?
Me : No Darling. I love u so much. In sex u satisfy me fully by suking though i never experience how a good fucking will be, so am not worried abt fucking orgasam, am very happy with suckin orgasm u give me. Am very much satisfied wife.
My Husband : Then why u said ‘Yes i will also not knock the fingers’.
Me : Simple. Different men, different character and different pleasure. .
My Husband : So u will also expereince new hands and split ur leg wide open if u in high mood and zero risk
Me : Ofcourse yes, U dont like?
My Husband : Ofcourse i like, I wanted to give u the pleasures which u missing from me.
This was a very big chat. Actually in reality we talked more than this but i cut short to reduce the length of the story and to not bore the readers.

My husband laughingly said : One day i will give u risk free situation then i will see whether u will split wider or close ur legs tighly.

Few weeks after this discussion he suddenly said that we will go to movie this Wednesay 3pm show to a movie. The movie was a flop movie. It is a Ghost movie. I did not like the movie and told him.

Me : Why u wasted two tickets, The movie does not worth a penny. How much it costed?

My Husband : 10K + Cost of 3 movie tickets. It worth every penny. U too will say the same after returning home.

Me : Smiled, Your are kiddng. Why three tickets? Our son is studying in Hostel so only we two at home.

My Husband : Did u remeber these words @ High Mood + Zero Risk = Wider Legs.

omg. he is telling the truth then. But instead of asking abt the 3rd ticket i asked him abt the 10K cost.

My Husband : He is a call boy.

Me : Wat is that, call boy?

My Husband : A call boy is guy working for adult corporate company who trains them well in fukcing and seducing women. They are best in the world to seduce a women. They are 10000% safe, They are tested well before meeting a client. One boy will serve one lady per week. So he is high energetic. We can choose as per our preference. We can choose Age, Married status, Height, Weight, Colour, Race. There are guys varying from 1000 to 2Lakhs. High rate boys are from Rich family and they do only with beautiful girls or marreid women for high price. (All these Corporate thing is a lie which my husband later revealed)

On hearing such things i got bit uneasy and striclty said “am not coming to the movie, You alone go and enjoy with him” but at the same time , I was eager to know more about the call boys and asked him ‘Why u said it is ‘Zero Risk’

My Husband : I choose a guy from Delhi and he is very smart and handsome. They verified us tat we are real married couples.

Me : U did not anser my question yet? What made u to say it has Zero risk.

My Husband : Zero risk because it is same like that God thing we discussed some weeks back. The theatre will be very dark since it is ghost movie and all the incidents in the movie happes in night so he cant even see ur face clearly. I booked on wednesday so tat the theatre will be empty, I checked online of how many tickets booked and found only 30 tickets booked out of 200. Also no one has booked near to our seat. I booked a Corner seat in the dark.We will arrive before he comes and sit in the dark theatre. I sent the tickets to the company and they will handover to him. He does not know ur name, location or anything abt u. He cant even see ur face in that dark. We can leave the theatre before the interval. He was ordered by the company to leave the theatere only after the movie completion. i think we will hardly stay there for just 10 to 15 mins. U can come and sit there, he will just touch ur hand and rub it. Nothing other than this.

Me : What if he follows.

My Husband : No chance for that because he signed a 10L loan bond with the company so if he misbehaves and if we complain to the company then he will be dismised along with the payment of 10L to the company which no one will risk.

Me : (Jokinlgy said)What if he get falls on my beauty and ready to pay 10L for me.

My Husband : Ha ha ha. Corporate is bigger than an Individual. They can do him anything if we complain. He is like our slave. he has to do wat we say.

Me : So what order you gave to him?

My Husband : The order given to him is to touch and just smooch her hand only. Nothing more. I wanted you to just feel the simple touch of a new man.

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