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Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife Chapter 2

How I Became Cuckold. How I Changed my Wife. Simple Steps to Change any Wife.

This should be Introduction of the story but I missed it. Few members asked me so posting the introduction of the story of how I became a cuck and how I changed my wife.

Myself and My wife aged 32. Ours is Love marriage. She is *****. We both look fair with good physic.

My wife nick named as ‘Assy’ in her college days by her girl friends because of her round ass. Am a Big fan of her well shapped round Ass. She maintains her structure till now, even after child.

In earlier days I was very possessive. She wanted to wear Jeans, Leggins & Sleeveless tops but I fought with her asking not to wear such dress as others may see u in bad way. But as of today, everything is changed because of my Cuck Fantasy.
I was a good conservative boy but everything changed by one particular site. It is Xboard dot US or Exbii or Xossip. This site is not working now. I used to read ‘Straight Couple stories’ in this site during my College days. I saw wife sex stories in that site but I hated to see even the headings of ‘Wife swap & Cuckold’ stories while I was searching for good couple Stories. One day I opened a story called ‘Musical Chair game in Party’. I thought it is couple story so opened it to read but it was wife sex story where the wife goes to a party and fucks many while playing the game. Husbands will sit in the chair and wife has to sit over any one of the husband lap when music stops. I finished reading the story with masturbation. Then slowly I started to read Wife sex Stories.

After some years I was married to my wife. Cuck fanatsy started to develop more after marriage because of stories in Xossip site.

My Cuck fantasy started in 2013.

I opened the topic with my wife by talking abt others with her during our sex.She fought with me. Did not talk, So I stopped. Then after few weeks I started again. Again Fight. Again some gap and then tried. Again fight. But every time her fight was getting reduced. One day I masturbated her by telling stories, as usual she said big nooooooo but did not stop me. She climaxed for the first time by listening my stories of her with others. But after her Orgasam she will say “Don’t talk like this hereafter, am feeling guilty, I can’t see ur friends face if u talk like this” .But next time if I open cuck stories during our sex she will say noooo but she won’t stop me completely.

She started to enjoy my adult talks abt her with others during sex but will say “Don’t talk like this hereafter’ after her Orgasam.

I started to show her threesome videos. She rejected. I accepted her rejection and gave some gap of few weeks and again tried. She said noo. Again gave gap, again showed after few weeks. She watched with hesitant initially. Watching threesome and porn videos became regular habit during our sex.She likes softcore so I will start with softcore videos and then show her threesome Videos. She started to like Playboy Swinger Series’s Red room scene where couples will gather in a dark red room and fuck. It will be a romantic scene and not hardore fucking. She is a romantic girl till now. I showed her Hot threesome and group fucking pictures. I read sex stories for her. Sometime I will read and she will Masturbate. Sometime she will read while am licking her. This continued for years and she slowly stoppped complaining about my Cuck fantasy even after her Orgasam. She even started to tell me stories of her with my friends.

I made her chat online in Yahoo where there is a chace of me seeing her chat history. As usual she said nooooo. Gave gap and tried for few times. One day I chatted with a guy infront of her eyes. She kept quite. She watched me chatting abt her. The guy asked what is her bra size. I said I don’t know and asked my wife. She said “We r married for so many years still u don’t know my size. It is 36”. I replied to the guy “My wife told it is 36”. She liked talking abt her. I left for bathroom. The guy was keep asking what my wife wearing. I asked my wife from bathroom “What he asking”. When she told me wat he asked, I replied my wife “u just type Nighty, I will come in Sometime’ . She did her 1st chating by typing the word “Nighty”. Like this I involved her in chatting.

Though she chatted with him I felt she did not chat freely. I was smooching her and watching what she chating. She was replying very short like ‘Yes, No, Ok’. But even tat was sema kick for me. 1st and last time I licked her ass on seeing her chatting with a stranger. I removed all her dress and she was in doggy while chatting and am licking her ass. She even told to him in chatting tat she is naked and husband is Licking. I was shocked. I thought she will continue chatting with “yes, no, ok”. But she chatted more than my expectation. I saved the history and till now I masturbated many times while reading the chat.

Though she chatted well, i felt she is not opening up fully. I understood tat my presence making her not to open up. So I gave her laptop by opening Onlinechatroom dot com where there is no possibility of saving chat history. I gave laptop to her and went out. She chatted more dirty.I somehow got the history and shocked to see how freely she chatted. She even asked him to Cum in her Mouth. She asked him ‘How long u will fuck ‘. She asked him to Satisfy her with continous fucking. She said tat her husband does not fuck properly and said “My husband failed in fucking”. He gave me 35 marks in fucking. She praised my licking to him. In adult chatting the guy asked her “Shall we close the door?”. She said “No no don’t close, let my husband watch. He likes it “. She chatted more freely when she had the feeling that am not going to see her chat history. I saved all her chat history and will share based on reponse I get for my posts.

The above chat happened wih a guy who is still now a famous story writter in this site.

This is how I changed my Wife to a Hotwife.

There is no General rule to change a wife. Every wife is different.

Below are the steps u need to follow to change ur wife
1) First Understand her. Know her likes and dislikes. My wife like to talk with me more, Like me praising her. She love if I spend my time with her by talking and she listening. She likes to watch softcore videos.
2) Be patience. Learn to accept Rejection without getting angry or irritation. Many times I worked more hard by spending more time in planning to change my wife but it ended with failure. I get Irritated with her behaviour and will decide to stop it. This is very big mistake. Wives are not slut like how it is portrayed in stories, movies and porn videos. They will take time to change. So if she rejects any thing then accept it and be patience.Give some gap and try again after some weeks.Keep trying. Sure one day u will succeed.
3) Make her aware of the adult things happening around her.I made my wife aware of some adult things by showing her twitter, chat screenshots. She felt comfortable tat these hotiwfe things are common in india. Twitter changed my wife a lot. I created a I’d and alloted her time to browse twitter freely without any disturbance. I call it as Happy Hours. During happy hours I will take care of the kids and she will be in locked bedroom all alone browsing Twitter and other adult stuffs.

So in short do three things
1) Do wat she likes.
2) Be Patience, Keep Trying, Learn to accept Rejection.
3) Make her aware how common the Hotwife thing in India using social networks.

Myself and my wife was sitting on the floor and the call boy was sitting on the seat with phant and underwear up to his Thigh.

I don’t want to be a watchman to my wife and the call boy. I restricted her wish

My Wife : Please leave now.

Husband : I want to see wat u doing with. him. I won’t disturb u both.

My Wife : Please give me 2 mins. I will atleast release my urge with him.

Husband :What u wil do in 2 mins

My Wife : Nothing

Husband : Please tell me. I will accept wat ever u wish.

Wife: I will release my urge with him.

Husband : How?

My Wife : How u will satisfy me at home?

Husband : Rubbing and Licking ur clit.

Wife : Same here.

I was shocked on listening her

Husband : u wanted u get him licked?.

Wife : No licking. Only Rubbing possible here.

Husband : Rubbing , I can also do it for u.

Wife : I know ur talent but I wanted him to relase my urge. Not u

Husband : Pls allow me to be here. I will just simply sit and watch the movie without watching u both.

After begging like this for many times, she finally agreed me to witness her orgasm.

Myself and my wife got up and sat on the seat with she in middle. Cal boy put back his underwear and pant. I asked my wife to hold me when he is rubbing your clit. I started to watch the movie. In next few minutes, I felt she holding my hand tightly. I understood the call boy has inserted his hand inside her skirt and started to rub her clit. I am already witnessing the body reactions of her through her hands which is holding my biceps. Sometimes she will hold very tightly. I want to witness her face reactions but I promised her that I wont watch u and will watch only the movie.

Suddenly I got an idea, I promised tat I won’t watch her but I never promised tat i will not touch her. I just wanted to know how call boy is rubbing her clit. I took my hand and tried to keep my hand over her pussy area. I kept my hand over her pussy area while watching the movie. I felt his hand rubbing my wife pussy. I also inserted my hand into my wife skirt, I thought she will resist but she didn’t. After inserting my hand into my wife skirt, I found cal boy hand rubbing her clit. I just kept my hand inside her skirt and did nothing while he was rubbing her clit. He was rubbing her clit in good rhythmic motion. After sometime I also felt the urge of rubbing her clit so I removed call boy hand from my wife clit and I kept my hand over my wife clit. Now my hand was rubbing my wife clit and cal boy’s hand was lying there idle without doing anything. Within few seconds I felt a movement in call boy’s hand. His hand went down the clit. Then after some seconds, I found his hand is moving like he is fucking her pussy, yes he started to finger her by inserting his finger into her pussy hole. In the past eight years of our marriage, I would have fingered her less than 5 times, she never allowed me to insert my dick and finger. Her pussy is very sensitive. If i insert my finger she compalins of irritation in her pussy skin after sometime(may be because of my nails but am not sure) but today she is allowing some stranger to insert his finger into her pussy hole. This is unbelievable behaviour of my wife. He fingered her very slowly, this time I heard a little moan from her. I think she was moaning because of his fingering and not because of my clit rubbing. I held call boy’s finger and took out his finger from my wife’s pussy hole. I then inserted my finger into her pussy hole and started to finger her. She stopped Moaning. I was surprised that she was Moaning only for call boy’s fingering and not mine. Call boy’s hand was idle for sometime. Now call boy started to rub my wife’s clit, at the same time my wife also started to moan. I was surprised that my wife is Moaning only for his Fingers. I think she is enjoying whatever the call boy does.

Now suddenly I felt third hand is coming inside her skirt. It was my wife, she pulled out my finger from her pussy hole. She held call boy’s hand and inserted his finger inside her pussy hole.

She told to me “Call boy is fingering nicely, let him do tat job, u concentrate only on clit”.

Within next few seconds she told “yes…. going to get it”.

She moaned. I stopped rubbing her clit and closed her mouth with my hand. She bite my hand. I told her “Don’t moan pls”. It’s high risk”. She then leaned over my shoulder while call boy was fingering her. She was about to relase her urge. She bite my shoulder while he fingering. I saw the bite marks later in home. This is the 1st bite mark from my wife but am not the reason for it. The bite mark is a mark gave by my wife in rememberance of the call boy.

She moaned “Ahhh yeeeesss am goiiinng toooo”. Tat time suddenly lights were switched on. It was Interval break. She wanted him to continue. I warned call boy to stop it. My wife’s high mood made her forget the risk involved. Still today she regreat of tat incident. {Later in home when I explained her the risk, she understood it and vowed not to take any risk even in very high mood). I never left outside in interval in fear of my wife’s heavy urge to release. I stayed there with them. My wife never talked with me. They both were talking like newly wed couples.

I can able to understand she was in very high urge of releasing her orgasm. I thought she may scold me for disturbing her. She wanted me to be the watchman but I begged her and sat with her saying I won’t disturb, but I disturbed them. May be this time she will scold me severely and she may not allow me to sit next to her.

My Wife : (In angry tone) When the movie starts, you please go and sit somewhere and be a watchman to us. This time I won’t allow you to sit next to me. I am very serious

I don’t want to be a watchman to my wife and the call boy. I want to witness what my wife doing and how her face reaction will be with another man. So I just sat there itself when the movie started. my wife gave me a angry look and signalled me to go. I shaked my head signalling no. She pinched me on my inner thigh, it was not a light pinch it was a serious pinch and it pained me a lot. Then only I understood the seriousness of her wish to make me as Watchmen for her and call boy.
{she later told me that she does not want to do in front of my eyes, she was thinking that I may disturb her by saying no for certain things}

Finally I decided to move away from here and be a watchman for them. I was just thinking where to go and sit, it took some minutes for me to think but by the time my wife could not wait so she slapped me very hard on my thighs. The call boy smiled at me. Before this meeting, I was dominate with my wife but now it is entirely opposite, all because of this call boy. I feared a lot thinking someone may hear the slapping sound and watch us but she does not have any such fear. Thank god no one is here for next 5 rows so it is not possible for anyone to hear the slapping sound. I made a mistake by bringing her to the ghost movie where very few persons are there. I should have booked a normal movie where few persons would have occupied nearby seats. anyways this is my fantasy to make this happen but I was not ready for this much advancement.

I expressed my fear to my wife “what will happen if he does something which you don’t want to do so so shall I be here for your safety”.

She replied “Please leave now, I will take care of my safety. if anything I want then I will message or call you”.
When she talked about message or call I got an idea

Me : OK I will leave but with one condition. You have to call me now, you have to keep telling me what he is doing and what you are doing. I will keep listening you guys. In case if you need any help then you can ask me in call and I will come to your place.

{My wife later told me that she does not want to update me through call of what she is doing with him but she wanted me to leave so she lied to me that she will tell whatever happening between them.}

She called me. I attend attend the call. Me and my wife used Bluetooth Mic. I kept my mobile in pocket and she kept it in her hand bag since we have Bluetooth earphone to speak

I started walking and sat in a seat which is 5 rows backside to her seat.

Wife (Through Call) : Hello

Me : Sollu de. Yes tel me.

Wife : Why you sat back side? Come on sit front side of my seat.

{She later told me that she wanted to make sure that I don’t have any chance to watch her that’s why she asked me to sit in a seat which is 5 rows in front of her seat}

As she ordered I sat in a seat which is 5 rows in front of her seat.

My Wife : where are you.

Me : I sat in the seat as you told.

Wife : ok good sit there itself and watch if someone is watching us. thanks. I know you are a good watchmen. Have eye on others.

When she told this, I thought I should have an eye on her also but from here I could not able to see what she is doing so I thought let me enjoy only with her Call updates and moans alone so I sat in the seat and I was just waiting for her moans and talks

There was no sound for few minutes

Husband : Hey what happened, why there is no sound, are you ok ?

Wife : Yeah I am ok.

Husband : Please keep updating what all you doing, step by step. Please don’t do anything without telling me .

My wife : Sure I will tell everything to you before I am doing here. I will parallely do here and update u. Don’t worry.

My Wife (To me through call) : Now I got down from the seat and sat on the floor. Now I am removing his Shoe so that I can remove his phant and underwear very easily.

Me (To my wife through Call) : hey why you are removing his shoes? You never removed mine in this 8 years of marriage life. Also why u need to remove his Phant. Just ask him to rub ur clit. U told u wanted to relase ur urge na so just ask him to rub ur clit and get ur urge released

My Wife (To me through call) : Ho yes. Ok, I wont remove, I will ask him to remove his shoes if he wants to be comfortable.

Very good

My Wife (To me through call) : He removed his shoe himself. He said he will feel comfortable without shoes.

While she telling this I heard the voice of the call boy telling “My shoe was very tight, even I will feel hard to remove it but you removed it very smoothly.Now remove my socks also.

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