Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife Chapter 1

The story from now onwards will be described from my wife point of view.


My Hubby planned very well so that the guy will come in dark theatre to smooch me and we leave in dark without seeing each other face. But fate had another plan by shwoing my face to him and showing his face to me.

When i first saw the Call boy i was mesmerized. What a walk he has. He looked so stylish in his walk and the way he speaks. I never saw such a handsome guy in my life. His physic looks so manly. he may be going to gym daily( Later only i came to know he was a Gym coach) Usually gym coach will be bulky but he is very slim like a hero.I thought to myself that he no need to seduce me by smooching as am already seduced by his looks. (just kidding). Immedialtey after seeing me, he gave his hand to me and without thinking i immediately started to give my hand to him. He introduced himself and he started to praise my beauty. He noted all the things i had done from Scent to New dress and lipstick. I was taken back to my college days where my hubby used to praise my beauty. I loved those golden moments. Those golden moments are repeating now.

I totally forgot my hubby presence and kept watching him. Suddenly my hubby coughed and asked for water, i had water bottle but my husband kept it somewhere. I cursed my Husband for disturbing call boy’s Flirting. Call boy suddenly went to buy a water bottle. For a minute i felt like going along with him to buy water. But i told to my hubby some other reason to leave. If I tell that ‘i will go with call boy to buy water’ then he may allow bec he is a cuck but i cant able to ask him like tat openly. So kept mum. But i got someother idea to leave the theatere. I told ‘I need to go to toilet’ and left soon. When i went outside i immediately started searching for call boy. I saw him going towards restroom but before calling him he went inside. I waited for him for few seconds then thought let me also urinate so i went inside the toilet and locked it. Urine did not come. So i was just thinking something, suddenly i remeberd my hubby’s past request to rome in this Mall without undewear, without thinking anything i immediately removed my red cherry underwer and put it in my Handbag. Immediately left the restoom and was waiting for Call boy. He came out after some mnutes and saw me and said Hi. I Replied with an Hi. He handed over me a small plastic cover, when i tried to open it he said ‘Noooo, Dont open it’. I asked him ‘ What is inside’

Call guy : There was some norms in our company. Few should be striclty follwed ad few is optional. One of the optional norm ‘ No Underwear when meeting client’.

Me : Why so

Call guy : May be reviews from women clients. So i always meeting client without underwear but when i travel in bike without my underwear my balls are paining when my bike hit the speed breaker. So once i reach client locatin I immediately go to restroom to remove my underwear. (he later told me it as a Lie)

I laughed a loud. i felt like a very different and confident women now. I could not beleive myself that am listening and laughing to such adult things from a complte stranger.

He kept walking towards the water shop and i kept his cover inside my handbag. I immediately took my underwear and kept it inside his cover. I became such a shamless women. I kept his underwear and my underwear in a same small cover. My hubby sprayed the scent to my underwear also. So the scent from my underwear may transform to his underwear also.

I followed him and before he buying the water i asked him

Me : Shall we have just a walk for a minute before u buy water for my hubby..

He immediately agreed and we started walking a little bit, we saw a girl with mic and two guys behined her. Also saw two couples sanding next to them. She saw us and called so we went there to check wat it is.

Promo Girl : Welcome mam, We are Kamasutra condoms and these is promo for that. We conducting three games for three couples. The winner of max games will get 100 condoms packet for free. We already got two couples and was waiting for thrid couple, Would u like to join the game mam.

Before asking what the games are i immeditely said Yes.

My native was Kanchipuram which has more Brahmins. My husband don’t hve much friends at Chennaii. We don’t even know our apartment neighbours. So I don’t have the fear of some known friends or relatives finding us in mall.

She started to explain me three games.

Promo Girl : Game 1 is Stamina Game. In this your husband stamina will be tested mam.

She was thinking me as his wife. Call boy was expecting me to say that we are not husband and wife. But i kept mum and she kept explainng the games.

Promo Girl : Stamina Game-> Ur husband has to lift you and run for some distance we marked and again he has run to the original point and then again run to the marked line. We will see how many rounds he lifts u.
He can lift u in any positions he wants.

After telling this other two couples went and stood there in the line and watiting for lifting their wife when whistle is blown.

I had no other option, i had silently went and stood there. Call Boy quitely followed me to the line.

My heart was beating very fast. First time a man is going to lift me and run and that too not my husbad. I was thinking how he will lift me. I was expecting him to lift me like how a hero will lift heroine in movies. When i turned around to see wat other couples are planning for their lift. i was shocked to see the wives were standing behined their husband back and waiting for the whistle blow. I think wives will jump over their husbands back. In tamil we call it as ‘Uppu Mootai ie ‘Salt Bag’.

I had accepted call boy as my husband before them and i had no other choice of acting like husband and wife. So without second thought i went back and kept my hands over his shoulders and was ready for the jump. When i heared the whistle blow i jumped and that time only i realised i did not wear my panty and he will feel my pussy since the skirt is very thin and soft. I had to stop this and go back to some other position. But i cant stop i already jumped and my boobs are resting over his back. Not only my boobs my pussy also scratching over his back. Between his back and my pussy there are two thinn clothes. His white shirt is also very thin. He started to run fast and my Clit kept scratching over his back and stimulating me a lot. When i went back of him i was worried about my boobs touching his back but now ‘boobs touching over his back’ is not at all a problem for me. He kept stimulating my Clit with his running. After three rounds i stopped worrying and started to enjoy the pleasure he giving me without his knowledge. Really it was a very nice feeling to rub my clit over his back. When i was studying 12th, i used to rub my pussy over the pillow to get orgasm. I felt the same feeling from him now. So i closed my eyes and started enjoying it. After few more rounds i felt more pleassure and i myself started to rub my clit over his back. No one can notice it since he was running. But he know wat am doing. I started to slightly rub my pussy clit with left right movemnts of my ass and then up and down movement of my ass. Not sure how much he is enjoying it but am enjoying a lot lot lot more. Never expected such new very high pleasure in my life. It is not only the pleasure of my clit but more than that the feeling of am doing this with new guy gave me more more pleasure. It was wonderful.

I wish every girls should enjoy such new pleasures in their life at least once. When i was thinking like these, he suddenly moved me away from his back as i was loosing the grip over his neck. He was abt to change the positin and i was abt to say no for the position change. But he increased my pleasure more by changing to new postion. He lifted me towards his hip like how a mother keeps their children in their hip. This time, he also slightly pushing his hip over my pussy and i also pushing and rubbing my pussy clit over his Hip. In previous position there was not much pressure given to my clit but in this new position pressure is given from both end and tat is giving me an ultimate pleausre. In stories and porns i heared of multiple orgams and orgasm within 3 mins. And also heared about female ejaculation. But i never experienced such things in my life. In a single day my hubby gave me maximum 3 orgasms, tat too when we were newly married. But now Monthly 3 to 5 times. I need more time to get orgasm. Atleast some 8 to 10 minutes. But sometimes i get orgasm very very fast within 2 min which is very rare. 2 Min orgasm had happened when i was in very very very high high mood. Now am in very very very ver very very high high high high high mood so i was expecting to get my orgasam at any time. This is the highest mood i got in my life. When my hubby first touched me it gave me electric shock but i was also in fear so i cant enjoy much of his new touch. But now am enjoying the new touch without any fear so this is my highest mood which i ever got in my life even with my hubby.

I hugged him tightly and pressed my clit over his hip and started rubing it up and down like a fucking motion. I did it very slowly so no one could notice it except him.He held my hip very tightly and pressed my pussy towards his hip. i felt his hip very tight, may be because of his workout in gym. Am nearing my first very very big orgasam in my life. But suddenly he stooped running and i opened my eyes and saw him winning. Others had completed only 4 rounds but he did 15 rounds and he still had stamina
I need to continue it but the promo girl stopped it. She asked to stop at 5th round itself but since i was using him he did not stop it and he was continously running for me to complete my orgasm. He tried to get me down but i held his neck very tighlty and shaked my heads left and right saying No but he had to drop me. I cursed the promo girl. This is so painful to stop in middle. I prayed ‘No girl should expericnce my situation’. It was very tough, really very tough to handle. My urge was stopped. I was bit irriated. Anyways i had got down from his hip but i held his biceps area very closlely and tighlty like newly wed couple.i was standing very close to him, All these was because of stopped orgasm. I badly, really very badly wanted to release my urge.

The promo girl announced us as winner and announced the next game as ‘Leg over Leg walking

Leg over Leg walking -> Wives had to keep their leg over their husband leg and walk or run in the same marked line until u can, proving ur stamina. This time within a second i dragged him with my hand to the marked line and kept my naked leg over his naked leg, We alreay removed our shoes. i hugged him very tightly and kept my face over his chest and closed my eyes. He started to walk. In this game my pussy over a thin skrit is rubbing over his think jeans. i felt he is very huge than my husband. But did not concentrate much on his size and i wanted to rub my clit over his dick, he was very hard and stiff. I never experienced such stiffness with my husband. Anyways am not worreid abt it. Without any shy i started to rub my pussy clit over his Dick but i cant do it since he was moving slowly and if i rub it over his dick everyone will see my ass shaking. I have very big round ass. Am famous in my college for my ass. Even my husband is one among the fan of my ass. I shake my ass left right while walking. Most of the college guys walk behined me sighting my ass.

This is really a torcher. Previoulsy i was stopped from rubbing by getting down but now am very near to his stiff dick to rub but i cant. There is one saying in Tamil ‘ Kai ku yaettinadhu Vai ku yaettala’ ie ‘I touched the fruit in my hand but cant able to eat it’
For a moment I thought let me rub my clit and get satisfied and let everyone see my ass shaking but I can’t.I cursed myself for this situation.i just hugged him tightly and closed my eyes by pressing my pussy very tightly over his stiff big dick without rubbing it left and right. As usual he won the game and I lost the game without any orgasam.

The promo girl announced the next game as Musical Chairs.
Musical Chairs -> Two chairs will be kept for 3 couples, the music will be played.Once the music is stopped, the couples need to sit over the chair. Husband and wife to sit in single chair.

The music was played and we both held our hands and started running. When the music stoped he sat over a chair and I had to sit over him. I sat over his lap and not over his dick. I was not interested in his dick since I don’t know the pleasure of dick. Still now I had experienced only sucking pleasure and not insertion pleasure from my Husband since he ejaculates within seconds. So not much interested of his dick size or stiffness. I was only worreid of not getting a place to rub my clit. Since marriage, I experienced only clit rubbing or Sucking orgasam from my husband. In the final round of musical chair, without my conscience I sat over his big dick. Only this time I realised how big his dick was. He was really big.Bigger than my husband. Since he did not wear his jetty I could feel his Size. He won the game and we got the gift of 100 condoms. He was not sure where to keep the condoms so he handed over it to them and said ‘ I will pick it from u again after some time’.

We returned to the theatre after buying him water bottle and on the way I was thinking some ways to release my urge. I thought to go to rest room and rub my clit but I did not want that. I badly wanted to release my urge through him only. So I was thinking some ways to use him now. I thought of taking him to the lift and once the door is closed I will ask him to lift my skirt and rub my clit. But I know I can’t get orgasm within a very short span in the lift. Atleast I need 2 min. Anyways tat is too much for me. Only in fiction stories women will behave like a slut. This is reality and I can’t behave like tat. I closley held his bisceps with my two hands and walked with him. I kept holding him like this and entered the theatre and suddenly he realised that his husband may see us so he said “We entered theatre and ur husband may watch, u don’t come with me, u go and come after some time. I went and stood outside for few seconds and entered the theatre. I was abt to sit but I felt the urge of urinating. It was urgent. May be due to the control of my orgasm. I ran towards the exit and urinated and returned to my seat.

Going out with different guy is always exciting since new guys praises new things in different way which u never heard of. Girls are born to be praised. Our husbands get bored of same girl so he won’t concentrate much on u but for another guy u r a new girl and he wets u with praises which a girl got from their husband in starting days. Different men have different touches which I can’t explain.

The college couple my husband saw entering the theatre is actaully us.

Now the story is from my husband point of view.

My wife told me the entrire thing happened outside, later in home. I was excited Knowing the couple who fought at the entrance is actually my wife. But as of now, when i was inside the theatre i don’t know wat happened outside between them.

This idea of she going with new guy while am watching the movie made her excited. She told me later that it brought back her olden days when she was holding my hands like lovers while walking.

Now I wanted to ask her abt the undewear in her handbag.

Me : I saw small cover in your handbag. When and why you and he removed ur panties and how come it is in same cover.

My wife : I started to full fill your fanstay.It is now my fantasy too. Do u remember the day u asked me to Rome in the mall without panty? I suddenly remembered it and wanted to fullfill ur fantasy.

Me : So u removed ur jetty in toilet and then romed in mall all alone without ur panty.

My wife : Yes I romed without panty but not alone. I was with him only.

Me :What u romed with him?

My wife : Do u have any problem my cucky? Now just sit and enjoy what u wanted me to do.

I was very eager to know what they talked when they romed together but controlled it and decided to ask her at home.

Me : How come his inners mixed with u.

She told me the reason of why he removed his inners and told how she mixed her panty with his undwear.

But I wanted the call boy to wear his inners so told her the same. She told him the same and he went and retured by wearing his underwear.

After tat we three watched movie and she sat between us.We sat in corner seat. The theatre is empty, hardly 40 people.

All above incidents are real life happenings………..

She was holding both of our hands. I watched them in corner eyes. They did nothing. Just talking and laughing. After some time I could see from my corner eye tat her hand was getting lifted so I just turned my head left towards my wife and just saw a fraction of seconds where he tried to kiss her hand. I got a slap over my hand from my wife. I asked her why she slapped my hand (after reaching home) she told me “we both sat silently without knowing wat to do with u sitting beside, finally he got some courage and tried to kiss my hand but adhukula u disturbed him and he did not even kiss my hand properly” . While listening this from her I got high kick over the feeling of my wife who wants to feel someone’s kiss over her hand’. To show her anger over me, she took away her hand from holding me. Now she was holding his hand only and I was alone like a stranger. For a moment I felt they are couples and am a stranger. My wife also felt the same thing and she told me tat “the feeling of getting close with someone else with husband nearby is mix of exciting and shivering. A new type of feeling.” After few minutes she started to lean her head over his shoulder. Still her one hand is holding his hand and another hand is just lying over my side of seat holder without holding me. I felt very excited at this moment where she got attracted to another men in front of me. I felt they are newly wed couples romancing in theatre. I got involved in the movie and after few minutes when my hands tried to just hold her hand again to reclaim her I was shocked to find, her hand is not by my side. Within few seconds, shock turned to excitment of what the other hand doing. I tried to wacth in corner eye but darkness was aganist me. it was a Ghost movie entirely taken in dark so theatre was always in dark mode. I was imagining too much like “Is she touching his dick over his jeans”, ” Is she gone too much by doing handjob to him”.
I thought she won’t do these things because before leaving mall she strongly told me tat she will never ever do anything other than just holding his hand but will allow him to touch the hand. So I got courage but few minutes before only she slapped me for disturbing them during their hand kiss which was present in her ‘Not to Do’ list. But touching his dick in the hand which is on his side (her left hand) is more comfortable then right hand( which is on my side). With all this thinking and expecting a slap over my hand I turned my head towards left side to see where the other hand is.

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