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Conference Quickie

The door to the Hotel room was pulled open, and then slammed shut again, her body pushed against the hardwood as it rattled slightly in the jamb. The doorhandle pressed into her tailbone, although it wasn’t at all unpleasant, in fact, she rather liked the slight pain, it was growing on her.

Urgently, he kissed her, his hands pawing at her tits through her tight blouse. Not wanting to waste any time, she made quick work of his belt buckle, pulling it through each loop and then throwing it across the room, where it landed with a soft thud.

His trousers, being slightly too big for him, fell away easily. They were brand new and very expensive, and he had spent most of the day worrying about staining them somehow, or if they creased, but those thoughts were farthest from his mind as he unbuttoned the blouse of the stranger pressed against the door.

“Married?” he asked breathlessly in between kisses, his fingers deft as her tits spilled out of her blouse.

“Newly divorced.”

She didn’t bother asking him about his relationship status. She had clocked a wedding band on his finger as they had made small talk after the first conference ended. He had slipped it off at some point between his clumsy flirtations, and when they caught the elevator up to her room.


“Why does it matter?” she questioned, squeezing his hard cock through his underwear. “I know I’m older than you.”

“I’m twenty-six,” he said.

“See?” She smiled. “Told you.”

Extracting his cock from his briefs, she gently worked it, the foreskin sliding up and down over his bulbous cock head as she stroked. Her other hand, delving further, found his balls, which she cradled in her palm and lightly massaged. He moaned softly and smiled, pushing his underwear down so she had better access to his package.

He nipped at her earlobe with his teeth, and then whispered, “come over to the bed with me.”

Awkwardly, he stepped out of the trousers that were bunched around his ankles, and then led her by the hand to the large bed, the blankets still kicked back and hanging off the end, after a restless first night’s sleep.

Her lower half was zipped free of a tight skirt that was a rather hideous shade of beige. It was the first thing he had noticed about her, thinking that it was a shame that such a phenomenal ass was hidden by an article of clothing that was such a vile color. It had turned out to be of little matter, really, as he was now sitting on the edge of the bed kissing that same ass, pulling her panties down her long legs.

His tongue lapped and swirled briefly at her asshole, and then he continued his journey, kissing his way around her ass cheek, gently turning her body until he was face level with her cunt. He looked up at her, a devilish grin spreading across his face, his pointer finger starting to explore her needy pussy.

His finger ran over the hard nub of her clitoris, flicking it back and forth a few times. Still standing on legs that were now becoming unsteady, she placed her hands on his shoulders, to try and balance herself.

His rigid finger explored her wet pussy, pushing inside her briefly, and then back out to playfully rub her clit, before dipping back inside her again. He repeated the process three more times, fingering her hole for the briefest of moments and pulling out to tease the clit. Her moans were growing more and more frustrated, but she was getting wetter by the second.

Sick of being teased, and knowing they had not much time, she pushed him back onto the mattress and straddled him, his prick pointing straight up to the ceiling before being engulfed by her warm, tight, wetness.

She rode him hard and fast, her pussy accommodating his girth and seeming to remember what it was like to be fucked and filled with a cock, though it had been several months since the last time she’d had sex. She grinded against him in a frenzy, her tits bouncing though they were still trapped within her lacy bra.

He closed his eyes and gasped out his enjoyment as the Goddess on top ravished him, using him for her own personal pleasure. He wasn’t the one doing the fucking here, it was all her. She was the driving force, he was merely a tool in helping her seek her sexual satisfaction.

He was worried now though, as he felt the first pangs deep in his balls. She was riding him rigorously, and if she kept this up, his own actual tool would reach its sexual satisfaction. Trying to hold off, he instead tuned his ears to the vague dripping sound coming from the bathroom, but it was no use, the body bouncing up and down on top of him was all-consuming.

“Gonna…..cum,” he managed to heave out.

“Do it,” she said. “We don’t have much time anyway. Go on, cum.”

He grabbed onto her hips and held her pussy deep against his cock, his cum erupting inside her. She peered down at him, smiling as he finished, his body tensing and then relaxing again, every muscle in his body eventually going limp.

She rolled off him and onto her back, her body welcoming the soft mattress beneath her. Not finished though, she spread her legs and frigged herself off, some of his cum starting to ooze from her pussy as she rubbed her clit.

A short minute later, she let out a loud moan and had her own orgasm, her pussy leaking his ejaculate.

Like jelly, her limbs flopped next to his on the bed, and she let out a contented sigh. They lay there for a moment in silence, with just their heavy breathing, and the constant dripping from the bathroom.

“Better get back down to the conference,” he said. 

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