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COLD AS HELL fucked hot

I’m known for my talent in locking myself out of cars, homes, offices — you name it. That final click a door makes when it closes sends a shiver through my body. This year, I began New Year’s Eve with a cup of hot coffee. Then wrapped in my sweat clothes, I ran out through the snow to the mailbox to get the paper. As I ran, I heard the door click behind me — locked. “Shit!” as I ran, feeling the sub-freezing temperature around my ankles. I opened the mailbox, “Shit!” as I grabbed the paper and then suddenly the door in the next condo opened and Rachel, my neighbor called, “Hey, over here, Dean!” I ran to her door.

“Get in here, fool. I heard your door lock behind you from over here!” She smiled, her face red from the cold as she laughed with me, wrapped in a big robe with huge frog slippers on her feet. I smile and laughed back, letting her lead me to her kitchen. “I’ll make more coffee,” she called over her shoulder. I was excited to see her and my big grin on my cold face gave it away.

You see, Rachel and I had moved into our condos on the same day during the 4th of July weekend. At the time, I was still dating Emily and just smiled and introduced myself before Emily yanked me away (she was very possessive). And Rachel was surrounded by a number of male friends who were helping her move.

From our short conversation, I learned that Rachel was a former ice skater, Olympic Tryout material. From the Condo Newsletter’s Newcomer’s section, I learned that she finished 5th in the US Championship her last year of amateur skating. She skated for several years in one of the professional shows and retired to be a skating choreographer here in Atlanta.

She had a wonderful smile that I saw often as we walked to our mailboxes or sat on our decks. We were friendly at the pool during the summer, smiling and talking, flirting a bit. She still had her body from her skating years — tall, slender, with incredibly strong legs and butt (I had seen that at the pool), small but well-shaped breasts, shoulder length blond hair with green eyes. She wore a one-piece electric blue suit that hugged her body.

At Thanksgiving, the Condo Board threw a party for those of us who did not go home for Thanksgiving. She and I danced several times, once to an incredibly long slow song that left me semi-erect and left her with a sparkle in her green eyes. Emily and I were still together then so nothing came of the dance.

I broke up with Emily in a great fight the weekend after Thanksgiving and drifted over to Rachel’s condo the next week but there was no answer. The neighbor on the other side told me that she was gone to some big skating competition in Los Angeles and would not be back until after Christmas — she was going to her parents in Kansas. He was picking up her mail and talking care of her cats. I just laughed it off until the New Year.

As I entered her kitchen, she leaned over the counter to get her coffee beans and grinder (ah, fresh ground coffee in the morning!) and her thick robe fell open. Under the robe her long legs were visible under the boxers she wore. I smiled as I watched the lean line of her body as she stretched for the grinder — she was so graceful. I had a sudden desire to hold her and another desire to watch her face as she submitted to hard sex. My cock throbbed in my boxers and stiffened against the soft cotton material.

We drank our coffee and talked, her robe open as we watched the birds feed on her deck outside the kitchen picture window, her body in tee shirt and boxers under the open robe, my sweats covering only my boxers. She asked about “… your girlfriend?” and her eyes twinkled as I told her that we had broken up several weeks ago. She put on a CD and told me, “I bought this after we danced to this song at the party. ” A slow song played and we smiled, remembering our dance at the party. I reached across the table and caressed her hands, watching her nipples harden and press against her tee shirt. Her face relaxed and she smiled, “That’s nice,” she said.

I stood, walking around the table to stand in front of her with my thick 8-inch cock now hard and erect in my sweats, “This could be even nicer. ” I watched as her face turned up to me, still smiling, and her hand went out to caress me, stroking me through the material of my sweats, a small moan escaping her lips as she stroked my full length, her eyes still sparkling. She pulled my sweats down around my knees, my thick 8-inch cock pressing against my boxers, and then springing free as she pulled my boxers down, then slowly licked my thick shaft with her tongue. “Oh God,” I gasped, her tongue tracking the veins on my cock, her hand stroking me slowly as then her tongue flicked my flared mushroom head. “Oh God,” she echoed as she stroked me slowly.

I put my hand around her hand and slapped her face gently with my hard cock. “It’s beautiful,” she murmured as I slapped her face again, thin lines of my pre-cum shining on her cheeks. I watched as her tongue snaked out to lick the head, licking a drop of pre-cum from the tip. “It’s beautiful!“ as she lifted her head and looked into my eyes just seconds before she sucked the head deep into her hot wet mouth.

“God” I groaned as I slide my hands behind her head and neck, pulling her closer as she took me deeper and deeper, twisting her head from side to side around my hard cock. The thick shaft filled her throat, and she gagged slightly, the dropped to her knees and tossed her robe off, changing the angle of her neck as she deep throated me. “Damn!” as my cock slide fully inside her hot throat, her tongue underneath my cock, flicking the head as she bobbed up and down, then sliding against my shaft as she slide down deep on me.

She continued to twist her head from side to side, her mouth hot around my cock as it turned, two fingers holding me as she sucked me so deep that her mouth brushed my pubic hair. “Oh God!” I groaned as my hands hold her head, my knees slightly bent for position, my back arching as I thrust gently with her bobbing head on my cock. She lifts off of my hard cock, smiling up at me, a long line of salvia from her mouth to my cock head. “I want your cum Dean. I’m not lifting from your cock again until after you cum. ”

She took me into her mouth with a vengeance, taking me deep, my cock head sliding against the back of her mouth and down her throat, her head swirling left and right, hair flying, mouth hot around my cock as she twisted. I could feel her tongue working quickly, swirling around my head as she bobbed up, then stroking my shaft as she drove down onto my shaft, then caressing the root of the shaft as she sucked me deep.

At last, she began bobbing up and down, slowly and then quickly, taking my cock deep ever time, my head just on her tongue and then deep in her throat. She reached and grabbed my thighs, pulling me in rhythm with her head bobbing, forcing me to fuck her mouth. I grabbed handfuls of hair and held on, arching my back to drive deep into her mouth.

“Oh Rachel” I groaned, feeling my orgasm coming, pulling at her head, but she just held me tighter, sucking me deeper, tonguing me rougher as I screamed out “I’m cumming!” and filled her throat and mouth with hot thick cum. She released me and I pulled out, spraying cum across her lips and cheeks, then spurting across her open mouth and extended tongue. Cum dripped from her cheeks as she took me back into her mouth, sucked me dry, then sucked and licked me as I recovered.

I lifted her to her feet, kissing her mouth and tasting my cum on her lips. “Rachel, mummy, that was great. Now it’s my turn. “ I pressed her back against the table. With her long legs, her ass rested at the edge of the table, and I slowly slid my lips down her neck to her chest, lifting her tee over her head and sucking her hard nipples into my mouth. Her breasts were exquisitely formed and very sensitive, and she clutched at my head moaning. I sucked and nibbled at both breasts, picking up that she loved the feel of my teeth gently biting and rough against her nipples. I wanted more, so I pressed her back against the table and slid her boxers off.

Her pussy was clean-shaven, moist with her juices, and at face level. She moaned loudly as I slid my tongue between her lips and tasted her juices. My tongue slide inside her slit, searching and finding her hard clit, then licking her softly. “Ohyes!“ as I tongue rested against her hard nub. She grabbed at my head and directed my head, then rested her arms on the table as she arched her body to press her pelvis against my tongue. “Ohyes!” as I spread her pussy with my fingers, and probing deep again. I capture her clit, and her hands grabbed my head, directing me, pulling me tight against her as I tongued her.

I tongued her clit softly, first flicking it with the tip of my tongue, and then varying the flicks with full tongue pressure. As she moaned, I twisted my head left and right, tonguing her with new angles and pressures. Her hands left my head, grasping at my shoulder, nails digging into me, as I sucked and licked her clit. She threw her legs over my shoulders, pulling at me as she gasped for air.

I felt her body stiffen, her hands grasping at my head, her mouth gasping for air, “oh, oh, oh, ohyes, OHYES!” as she came, her legs grabbing at my shoulder and pulling me into her as my tongue continued to suck and flick her hard clit. “OHYESFUCK!” as I felt another orgasm sweep her body, her legs holding me tight against her, my mouth buried in her hot channel. I kept licking, and orgasms swept over her, her body shaking, her unintelligible groans filling the room, “Ohyes, ohyes, ohyes, ohyes… ” She finally pushed me away from her pussy, “ummmmmm” as I held her, allowing her to recover.

As she began to move against me, her wet pussy dripping with her juices, lifting me up against her body. “Oh Dean, I want you now. ” As I stood, my cock slid up her legs and wedged between her ass cheeks, slick with her pussy juices. She groaned, “God, you are so big and thick. I have to have you. ” I moved back and forth, my cock between her tight ass cheeks like a tight titty fuck.

My cock throbbed and I reach down, sliding my hand against her wet pussy until soaking wet, then stroking my hard cock. I bent my knees, sliding my shaft up and down between her ass cheeks, listening to her moans of pleasure. I reached around again, getting my hand wet and lubricating my shaft and head. She clutched my shoulders, gasping her hot moist breath in my ear, “oh… oh… oh… oh… ”

I bend my knees, changing the angle of my cock, pressing against your tight ass ring, you body stiffening against me. “Nooooooooooooooooooooo!” as my wet cock head slides against your tight asshole, “God NO! You are so big!” I arch my back, thrusting smoothly with more pressure as your hands clutch my back, fists hitting me, nails clawing at my back, “Nooooooooooooooo!” as I push hard against your tight ring, then suddenly the thick mushroom head of my cock popping inside your ass.

“ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHH!” as you fall backwards on the tabletop, legs splayed, resting over my shoulders. My arms go beside your body, my body pressing against you and my cock sliding several inches inside your tight tunnel. I rest, allowing you to get used to me, my hand going to your pussy to rub you and stroke your wet clit. My cock fills you, and the fullness grows and fills your body, and you moan, “Ohyes, ohyesssssssss!”

I arch my back and press against you, sliding slowly deeper and deeper, listing to your gasps, “ohhhhhhhhhhh” with every inch, your hands now pulling my ass towards you, taking my cock deeper, the pain/pleasure filling you. Finally, my balls slide against you, your wet pussy against my abdomen, my face just over your face, eyes open, gasping for breath with my cock fully inside your tight anal channel. Then you say, “Oh don’t stop. Don’t stop fucking my ass. ”

I pull back from you, your tight anal ring grasping at me, and your body slides off the table as the friction pulls at your ass, “OHYES!” as I thrust back inside you, filling you again with my thick cock. I try to pull out again and get a little further, but your ass is too tight, too clutching, and I slide back in again to fill you. “Ohhhhh… umpff” I hear with every pull and thrust as my cock slide a little further out then slams back deep inside you. “Ohhhhh… umpff” as I try again, getting almost 4 inches out then slamming back in again. Finally, I set up a rhythm, your body rocking underneath me, “Ohhhhh… umpff… ohhhhh… umpff… ohhhhh… umpff… ohhhh… umpff!”

Your body writhes under me, your tits swaying with every thrust, your ass thumping against the table, hands outstretched and clutching the edge of the table, your pussy wet. Now one hands goes to your wet pussy, rubbing, stroking, caressing your clit, and your mouth opens wider: “Ohhhhh… umpff… ohhhhh… umpff… ohhhhh… umpff… OHHHHH… UMPFFFF!”

I feel your body stiffen, just like when you came earlier, and I increase my pace, fucking your tight ass faster and faster. Your body writhes, your breath gasping, your hands grabbing at my arms, nails digging into me, your mouth open without sounds as my cock swells, throbbing inside you. My back arches and I thrust deep inside your ass, my head back, your nails ripping my arms as my cum starts up my shaft, cock swelling bigger and bigger, your ass tight around me, Your pussy spasms as you cum, mouth open but no sounds coming out as my cum shoots deep inside your ass, filling you with a burning hot feeling, and I collapse on you, your legs wrapped around my shoulders, cock sliding out of your wet ass, cum dripping to the floor down my legs.

We both slip into sexual unconsciousness from the intensity of our sex. I vaguely hear moans, and feel my cock sliding against your body and we groan and move slightly. I feel your lips against my ear, moist breath still gasping, then your soft voice, “Oh Dean, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I lift you off of the table, a long smear of cum beneath your ass and pick up your robe to wrap around you, carrying you to the bedroom. We slip under the covers, both restless, our bodies sore and satiated, then curling up together, our arms and legs wrapped around each other. “Ummmmmmm,” you murmur. “Glad you locked yourself out” as we fall asleep

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