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Cocklust Ch. 18

We ended up spending the night at the twins’ place.  Their bed wasn’t meant for four people— at least not for actual sleeping— but we made it work.  We basically got really friendly: whenever one of us moved, the rest of us would feel it.

When I woke up the next morning, I found our blanket had fallen to the floor, and a bunch of our limbs were draped over the others.  I was basically lying in a pile of man flesh.  I took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of everyone’s cum.

I had a raging case of morning wood, and the sight of all these guys only made me that much hornier.  Chad was hard too, and we were tempted to help get each other off.  I almost wanted to sneak into the bathroom, or even a closet, and have my way with him.  But we both stayed on our best behavior, at least for the moment.

We knew we’d broken the rules we’d laid out.  We were getting perilously close to my old slut phase, and we hadn’t kept things as anonymous as we’d planned.  At first I told myself that the twins must’ve used fake names too, the same way Chad and I had.  But then I saw some mail they’d left out, and sure enough, it was addressed to Mason and Madison Turner.

Fuck! I thought to myself.  Not only were those their real names, but now I felt like an idiot, since now I knew their last names and everything.  So much for that original plan.

Chad and I figured we’d hang out till the twins got up, but those boys kept right on sleeping.  We guessed they mostly worked nights, so they were probably even less into mornings than we were.  Eventually, we just said fuck it, and we ordered an Uber.

By some miracle, we managed to sneak back to Chad’s bedroom without running into his mom or his brother.  As soon as we closed the door behind us, I felt a huge wave of relief.

“Holy shit,” Chad said.  “I mean, I knew I wanted to experiment… but I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Are you saying you regret it?”

“I didn’t say that.  It’s just… holy fucking shit.”

I stepped up to him, and I ran my hands along his six-pack.  “I just don’t want you getting too many ideas.”

“Who said I was getting too many ideas?”

“Good answer,” I said, and I gave him a kiss.  As I did, I kept thinking of Middle Eastern Boy’s cock going up my boyfriend’s ass; all jealousy aside, it had been a helluva sight, and I had to admit I kind of liked it.  Then there was the sight of Chad’s cock sliding into Mason’s mouth, not to mention his hole.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked as he put his hand on my boner.

“You tell me.”

“I did say this cock is the one I want to come home to.  Remember?”

We locked lips again, and I started fumbling with Chad’s clothes.  I felt his boner through his pants, and I could tell he was as rock-hard as I was.  We barely broke off the kiss as I pulled off his shirt.

“I have an idea,” he said, “for how we can get the best of both worlds.”

We both kept caressing each other’s faces.  “Do tell,” I said.

“We haven’t watched porn in a while.  We can watch a group scene or something… and I want you to fuck me while we do it.”

I could practically feel the hormones surging into my bloodstream.  “Oh hell yeah,” I said.

“You know,” he said, “I seem to know someone who just got a new iPad… which would be perfect for something like this.”

“Do you now?” I asked.  “Is that why you got it for me?”

“I didn’t say that,” he replied, “but it wasn’t exactly a deterrent.”

“I bet it wasn’t,” I said.  I gave him another kiss, then stepped over to my suitcase, and I pulled out the iPad.  I could already feel my nerves tingling with anticipation, because I knew Chad was right.  After all, he’d been into gay porn since high school, and I hadn’t forgotten his thing for Flynn Taylor.  I of course was into group sex, at least as a fetish.  Yet the best sex we’d had was always just the two of us, enjoying each other’s bodies one-on-one.  The more I thought about doing all that stuff at once, the more I loved the idea.

I went online and pulled up Vitruvian Men.  Chad and I scrolled through their videos together, and we each pointed out a few we might like.  After a minute of searching, we found a new scene with Flynn, along with our old mainstays Vince, Logan, and Nate; plus there was also a new guy named Darren.  Chad and I both looked at each other, and we nodded in unison.

I laid the iPad against a pillow, and I hit play.  It took a second for the video to load, and as it did, Chad and I stripped off our dirty clothes.  Then the scene actually started, showing the porn stars at some desert resort.  They were already naked, but they were just casually chatting, as if their upcoming gangbang wasn’t a big deal.

Chad climbed in his bed, got on all fours, and spread his legs.  The sight was so incredible that I almost froze: my boyfriends’s gorgeous ass in the air, with his hungry hole open wide and pointing right at me, and his big juicy balls dangling underneath.  From where I was, I also had a perfect view of the porn on the screen.

I lubed up and assumed my position behind him.  Chad fast-forwarded the video through the foreplay and oral stuff, and went right to the fucking.  At the point he hit play, Flynn was riding Logan in a reverse cowboy, and Nate was plowing Vince while also blowing Darren.  There was so much fucking going on that it was almost hard to keep track of it all.

I pressed my cock against Chad’s hole, and he pressed back against it.  I slid inside him without a hint of resistance, though he did let out a groan.

“Oh yeah,” he said, “that’s it.”  I couldn’t tell if he was saying it to me, or saying it to the screen.

The camera zoomed in on Vince’s dick, which was flopping around helplessly.  Nate was pounding his ass without mercy.  Vince closed his eyes in ecstasy, and he let his mouth hang open, as he took it like a man.

Chad was gyrating his ass against my rod.  Since his back was to me, I couldn’t see his face, but his body was rhythmically rising and falling.  His butt cheeks jiggled with every thrust I made, and I could feel his sphincter massaging my cock just the way I liked it.  This dude knew exactly what he was doing.

“Fuck yeah,” Chad said as he watched Flynn and Logan.  Flynn was still bouncing up and down on Logan’s lap.  Flynn was obviously loving the dick up his ass; his own dick was hard as a rock, and it swung around as they fucked.

I ran my hands down Chad’s back.  His skin was soft and warm, but there was no mistaking the strong bones and muscles that lay just beneath the surface.  His whole body seemed to be submitting to me, flexing and extending each part of his anatomy, all of which was at my beck and call.  I couldn’t resist kissing him between his shoulder blades.  “You like that?” I asked.

“I fucking love it,” Chad said without missing a beat.  He kept on working his body, especially his ass, like he was a master at getting fucked doggy-style.

Onscreen, the video shifted its focus to Darren and Nate.  They were still doing oral.  Darren let out a sigh of pleasure and looked into the camera.  The way he did it, it felt like his eyes met mine.

I felt a surge of adrenaline, and I plowed back into Chad, harder and faster than before.  I grabbed Chad’s hips and yanked him toward me, making my dick go deeper inside him.  His sphincter slid all the way up my shaft, till it got to my pubes, and I felt the juicy warm depths of his colon beyond.  Chad gasped, and his body shuddered, but he seemed every bit as into it as I was.

“Oh Jesus!” he grunted.  “Baby, give it to me.”

“You want my cock?”

“I fucking need it!”

“That’s what I want to hear,” I said as I kept pounding away.

Eventually, the porn stars switched their positions.  Flynn started fucking Nate, while Darren fucked Logan, and Vince just jerked off.  I noticed Chad seemed to keep watching Flynn.

“You like that guy?” I asked.

“You know I do,” he said.  “He’s fucking hot.”

“Do you wish it was you he was fucking?”

“I told you,” he said, “you’re the one I want.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“Fuck,” Chad said as he took in another thrust.

“Go ahead and fantasize,” I said.  “I know you want to… and I know you’ve done it before.”  I pounded him some more.  “Imagine this is Flynn’s dick up your ass.  Just like I’m imagining we’re in that room with them.”

Chad’s body was starting to tense up.  I knew where this was going, and I wasn’t about to stop it.  Knowing Chad, I suspected he’d gotten off to Flynn in this same bed more than once.

By now Nate was lying on his back, and he was stroking his cock while Flynn fucked him missionary.  Flynn leaned down to him, and they started making out.

“Oh yeah,” Chad said.  “That’s it.  Keep doing that….”

The porn stars kept their kisses going for a minute or two.  Then Flynn leaned back up, and he started reaming Nate.  Chad kept his eyes peeled on the screen.  Finally, Nate arched his back, gripped his cock way harder than before, and shot a big load past his shoulders.

That was it for Chad.  I couldn’t see his cock from where I was, but he reached down and seemed to barely touch himself.  I felt his hole convulsing around my dick, just as he let out his familiar groan.  “U-u-u-uh fuck yeah!” he gasped as he seemed to lose control of his body.  I could only imagine how much he cum he was shooting on his sheets.

Watching him get off— and feeling his flesh spasming around my cock— was just what I needed to send me over the edge.  I felt my cum surging down my shaft and pumping into his body.  “Shit!” I gasped as I gave him a few more thrusts.  My orgasm seemed to cascade right through me.  Then, when my dick finally finished spasming, I tried to catch my breath.

Chad rolled to his side, and my cock popped out of his ass.  Sure enough, he’d made a huge mess on his bed, not that I was complaining.

By now Flynn had pulled out of Nate, and was jacking off on his face.  Chad kept his eyes peeled to the screen till Flynn shot his wad and gave Nate a good facial.

“Fuuuuck,” Chad said.  I assumed he wanted that big juicy load for himself.

Flynn stepped away, and he let Vince get on top of Nate.  Vince pounded his pud for a couple more seconds, then started shooting too.  His cum mixed with Flynn’s as it poured down Nate’s cheeks.

I reached down to Chad’s package.  I stroked his cock with one hand, and I stroked my own with the other.  Both us were still as hard as before, and we watched together as the last two porn stars blew their loads.  Logan went first, and he shot across his own chest.  Then Darren pulled out of Logan, and he shot around his hole.

“Hell yeah,” one of them said; I couldn’t tell which one.

Chad put his hand on my cock, and I took mine off.  “Was that as good for you as it was for me?”

“Probably better,” I said.

We just laid there for a second, each of us stroking the other, till finally the video ended.  Then I put the iPad away, and we headed for the shower to clean up.

We lingered for a while, soaping each other up, and generally playing with each other’s bodies.  The shower was just the right size for the two of us: we felt intimate and sexy without feeling cramped.

As we did, we debated what to do next.  On the one hand, we had plenty more fantasies we could act out on our own; we had any number of toys we could play with, and it was definitely safer than opening our relationship further.  On the other hand, we both seemed to love the thrill of trying new things.  We knew relationships could get stale, and the last thing we wanted was for our sex to get boring.  Especially now that we were finally out of our shells— or out of our closets, as it were— we wanted to take full advantage of what all was out there.

“I did like that club we went to,” Chad said as we both scrubbed our crotches.

“Do you want to go back there?”

“Well….”  Chad stepped under the showerhead, and he let the water pour across his body   “I mean, I guess strip shows aren’t that different than porn.  If anything, they’re tamer.  So I guess if we’re gonna watch porn, there’s nothing wrong with going to see strippers….”

“As long as you don’t develop feelings for them.”

“Who said I was developing feelings?”

“I didn’t say you did—”

“Last night was a hookup.  And that’s it.  Just like what we did on the beach.”

“I know.”  I put my arms around him, and I looked right into his eyes.  “I just want to be careful.  I wouldn’t want to fuck things up… like you said.”

Chad didn’t answer.  He just nodded.

We ended up going back to Thaxter’s that night.  We found it was an awful lot quieter than before.  There were no actual strip shows going on— just shirtless go-go dancing— so the crowds were noticeably thinner.  They were also less rowdy, so we had more time to talk to Thaxter himself.

I was surprised to find out he’d owned the place for thirty years.  Thaxter was old enough to remember seeing Stonewall in the news, and he’d come out to his family right when Harvey Milk got elected.  The way he told the story, things seemed hopeful at first, especially with the seventies-era free love and whatnot.  But then Harvey Milk got shot, and soon after that came the AIDS epidemic.

“That was not a good time to be gay,” Thaxter said.  “Of all the friends I had in 1978, by 1995 all but two of them were dead.  And for us who got lucky, we basically couldn’t be out in public.  People thought we were all disease-ridden filth, like getting anywhere near us would get them infected.”  He looked down at the ground.  It was clearly a sensitive subject, even after all these years.  “That’s why I opened this place.  I wanted a place where we could be ourselves… for whatever that’s worth.”

“Holy shit,” I said.  I had no idea his club had been a labor of love.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing times have changed.  I just worry sometimes.”

“Worry about what?”

“Look around you,” he said.  “Gay people don’t need bars like this anymore.  Now you can be out in public.  You can meet other gay people anywhere.  And don’t get me started on Grindr.”

I didn’t say a word.  I couldn’t help thinking of how I had Grindr on my phone.

“Anyway,” Thaxter said, “I shouldn’t burden you with this.”

“No worries,” I said.  I sipped my cocktail, then looked out at the room around us.  “Has business really been that slow?”

“It comes and goes,” Thaxter said.  “The twins always draw a crowd, for obvious reasons.  But when we’re having a dry spell… sometimes I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills.”


“Absolutely,” he said.  “Then again, I’m getting old, so maybe it’s just time to retire.”

Chad and I looked at each other.  Then I looked back at Thaxter.  “You want to know what I think?”

“Of course,” Thaxter said.  “Shoot.”

“You should get a better drink menu.  I mean, it’s San Diego.  People expect good beer around here.  And with all those California wines you can get—”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.  People don’t exactly come here for the menu.”

“But they should,” I said.  “I mean, think about it.  You just said yourself, they don’t need to come here to meet people, or get laid, or any of that stuff.  So you need to give them some other reason— like a fun place to hang out, eat, and drink.”

“Don’t argue with this guy,” Chad said.  At first, I thought he was talking to me, but then I realized he was saying it to Thaxter.  “Scott’s a future lawyer, you know.”

“Hey!” I said.  “Not if I can help it.”

“I’m just warning him—”

“Careful, babe,” I said as I shot him a glare.

Thaxter just laughed.  “Spoken like one helluva couple.”

I just snorted and shook my head.  I was trying to tread carefully, because I did feel bad for the guy.  He was clearly behind the times, and he was putting his own livelihood in jeopardy.  I hated the idea of a long-established gay business going under.  “What are your Yelp reviews like?”

“Oh, I never look at those,” he said.  “We did just fine before Yelp came along.”

Uh oh, I thought.  That wasn’t a good sign.  I pulled out my phone, went into the app, and pulled up Thaxter’s listing.  “You’ve got a two-star rating,” I said, and I handed him my phone.  “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that’s fair to you… but I guarantee it’s costing you customers.”

Thaxter frowned.  He clearly didn’t know how to use the app, so he fumbled around before handing my phone back.  “So what do you suggest?”

“You need a social media person,” I said.  “Someone to keep your posts up-to-date, respond to bad reviews, and stuff like that.  And you need to encourage your good customers to post.  That way you can balance out the haters.”

“Are you asking for a job?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But you implied.”

“Look,” I said.  “If you want me to do some digging, I can.  But I’m really just trying to help.”

Another customer walked up to the bar, and Thaxter went to take his order.  As he did, I thought back to that summer, when I’d first logged onto Grindr and realized how many closeted guys were around me.  Then I thought of my first time venturing into Boystown, and of all the possibilities it had offered.

As I looked around the bar, I noticed a young guy, possibly underage, who was playing on his phone.  He had the same nervous look that I’d seen on Chad the day before— and it was probably the same look that I’d once had myself.  It was the universal look of being new to a gay bar.

Slowly but surely, I realized this guy wasn’t alone.  There was also a guy sitting at the bar, who looked to be around forty, with the same general demeanor.

Chad and I kept nursing our drinks, and as we did, we picked up pieces of the conversations around us.  The young guy didn’t say a word; he just kept playing with his phone, seemingly lost in thought.  But the forty-year-old opened up to Thaxter quite a bit; he’d just come out to his wife and kids, and he had no idea what to do next.  I suspected a lot of people around us had similar stories.

Once I heard that, I knew what I had to do.  I couldn’t bear to see Thaxter’s go out of business and leave these people high and dry.

I did a search on my phone, and it only took a minute to find some good craft beer distributors.  I set up Thaxter’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everything else.  I even responded to some of his bad Yelp reviews.  I didn’t have time to set up a full-fledged website, but I did check out some of the web-hosting options, and I put together a list for Thaxter to review.

Chad kept sipping his drink the whole time.  He didn’t say much, but I could tell he was quietly rolling his eyes.  He seemed to think this was all a little silly, and that I shouldn’t do all this for free.  But to me, it didn’t feel like work.  It was easy enough to do, and more importantly, it made me feel like I was making a difference.

By the time we left that night, Thaxter had everything he needed to bring his place up-to-date.  I also gave him my e-mail in case he wanted to talk more.

When we got back to Chad’s house, we didn’t have sex as I’d expected: we didn’t go for hookups or stroking or anything else.  But we did do an awful lot of cuddling, and we made out here and there.  Most of all, we just enjoyed each other’s company.  We were all too aware that our vacation was almost over, and we’d be back to the old grind before knew it.  We were bound and determined to get the most out of this time while we still could.

I woke up Monday morning to find Chad in the bath.  He was naked of course, but he was up to his neck in bubbles, so most of his body was hidden.  Even so, he looked awfully sexy with his beard wet and his skin glistening.

He invited me to join him, and of course, I couldn’t resist.  It wasn’t exactly sexual, but it was really hot to lie there with our bodies intertwined.  I could pretty much feel my pores open up as we soaked in the hot soapy water.

Eventually, of course, we did get turned on.  I loved the idea of doing it in the bath, except our lube was water-based, so it wouldn’t hold up.  To fuck the way we wanted, we needed more heavy-duty stuff, so we made a quick run to a drugstore nearby.

We were in the so-called family planning aisle, checking out the different lube options, when we heard a voice behind us.  “Chad?”

Both of us jumped.  Behind us was a pretty brunette.  I recognized her from her picture: it was Chad’s high school ex.

Chad and I tried to act cool, but it was too late.  She obviously knew what was up— considering we were two guys picking out lube.

“I knew it!” she said.

“I….”  Chad forced a smile.  “Hey, Valerie.”

“I was going to ask what you’ve been up to… but I guess I’ve got my answer.”

An awkward silence hung in the air.  “Well,” Chad said, “this is Scott.”

Valerie seemed to want to say something else, but she bit her tongue.  “Hi.”  She gestured to a guy behind her.  “This is my boyfriend Steve.”

Chad and I both gave a halfhearted wave.  This Steve guy looked an awful lot like Chad; so apparently, this girl had a type.  He was trying to hide a box of condoms behind his back.  Evidently, we’d all come to the drugstore for the same basic reason.

Chad glanced at the condoms too, but he didn’t let on.  “So how are you doing?”

“I’m… I’m good,” she said, and she nodded for a second.  “You?”

“Me too,” he said.  “Really good.”

I didn’t say a word.  It was the first time I’d met anyone else who’d had sex with Chad, at least outside my presence.  I had a hard time imagining him with this girl, but then again, my field of expertise was Chad’s gay side.  Most of his straight life— or rather his straight-acting life— was a mystery to me.

Steve seemed as uncomfortable as I was.  “I’ll, uh, get in line at the checkout,” he said.  Then he hurried away.

“So,” Chad said, “what do you mean, you knew it?”

Valerie fiddled with her purse.  “Do we really need to talk about this now?” she asked.  “I’m just saying, I… I mean, I had my suspicions about you.”

“What kind of suspicions?”


“I mean, it’s not like I’m… I dunno, embarrassed or whatever… at least not anymore.”

“Okay, well, that’s good,” she said.  “I’m happy for you.  I-I mean… I always thought you were a nice guy.  Even chivalrous I guess.  You didn’t act like a horndog like a lot of the other guys did… at least not to me.  I mean, eventually, I put two and two together… and it looks like you did too.”

“Huh,” he said, and then he clucked his tongue.  “Did you ever tell anyone about this?”

“Not except for my girlfriends,” she said, “but listen, I’ve really gotta go.  I don’t want to keep Steve waiting.”


“Nice to meet you, Scott.”  She gave me a curt wave, then hightailed it toward the front of the store.

We did end up buying the lube we’d come for.  Unfortunately, the encounter had been such a buzzkill that we didn’t use it— at least not at first.

I tried not to feel jealous, but part of me just couldn’t resist.  Chad and Valerie had clearly had feelings for each other, at least on some level.  And they’d been together a lot longer than Chad and I had.  She’d gotten to do stuff with him that I never could: among other things, I’d never get to be Chad’s homecoming king, or queen, or whatever word you wanted to use.  If their high school was anything like mine, the other students must’ve looked up to them, and maybe even idolized them.  She could also give him stuff that I couldn’t— like pussy— though I kept telling myself I was giving him what he really wanted.

I tried to clear my head at lunch.  Chad’s family and I hung out on their patio, overlooking the hills and the ocean and everything else.  I had to admit, it was a helluva place to kick back.  I still couldn’t get over the fact that his family lived like this, or that they thought this was normal.  Granted, they had their own set of problems, but still.

Chad’s mom spent that afternoon getting ready for her New Years gala.  She’d already picked out a fancy dress, and she’d brought in someone to do her hair and makeup.  It was quite the production, which dragged on for hours.

Patrick, on the other hand, just put on a tux, which took all of about five minutes.  Since Chad and I weren’t going, we didn’t need to do much of anything, so we just sat back and watched.

Up until then, I’d never fully realized we’d have New Years Eve to ourselves.  But Chad was well aware, so he kept pushing his family to get out of the house.

The others finally left around sundown.  I plopped down on a deck chair, but Chad disappeared into the kitchen.  A minute later, he came back out with a bottle of red wine and a set of matching glasses.

“Happy New Years, baby,” he said.

“Woah,” I said.  “Are you being all romantic now?”

“Sure, why not?” he asked as he poured me a drink.  “After all, it’s been a hell of a year.  And I did meet you last January, so it’s almost like our first anniversary.”

I’d never thought of it that way, and I wasn’t sure if this really counted.  Even so, I wasn’t about to argue.  “In that case,” I said, “I guess that means happy anniversary.”

We clinked our glasses together, and we shared a deep kiss.  Then he sat down beside me, took my hand, and wrapped his fingers around mine.

I still thought this was a little surreal.  I’d spent the New Years before in my half-empty dorm room, surrounded by a mostly deserted campus, with almost nothing to do.  Now here I was, having a romantic moment with a man, and I really didn’t want the moment to end.

The sun was hanging low in the sky, so a big part of the ocean was shimmering right at us.  It also reflected off the pool, which sent light dabbling across our bodies.

“You know,” Chad said, “what would you think about coming back here for the summer?”

“The whole summer?”

“Well yeah,” he said.  “I mean, we talked about it last year too, remember?”

“Oh, I remember….”

“I could get a job or something… and you could too, if you wanted.  I bet Thaxter would hire you in a heartbeat.”

I licked my lips.  I did like the idea of working for Thaxter, or at least someone like him.  It sure as hell sounded better than working for my dad.

“One way or another,” Chad said, “I don’t want to spend another summer apart.”

I couldn’t resist another kiss.  I felt his beard against my skin, and his tongue started circling my lips.  His breath was blowing softly against me.  Chad put his arms on my chest, and he shifted his body to meet mine—

“Oh shit!”

We broke off our kiss, and I saw he’d splashed some wine on his shirt.  He dabbed at it a little, but the dark red stain was already soaking in.

“Dammit,” he said as he took off his shirt.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.  It’s just a random t-shirt.”  He tossed it aside and sat back down.  “Now where were we?”

“Right about here,” I said as I went for another kiss.  I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him toward me.

“You know,” he said, “you should take off your shirt too.”

I chuckled.  “Somebody’s moving fast….”

“I’m just saying,” he replied.  “You want to know one of the best things about this pool?”

“What’s that?”

“None of the neighbors can see it.”  He pointed at the landscaping, which shielded the pool on either side.  “Which means, when we’re home alone like this, you don’t even need a swimsuit.”

“Mm-hm,” I said, “so you’ve got your own private nude beach?”

“I guess you could say that.”  Then, without another word, he yanked down his pants, ran to the pool, and jumped in.

“Shit!” I said as water went splashing all around me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.  “Don’t you want to join me?”

I didn’t answer.  I just stripped off my clothes, threw them to the side, and raced to do a cannonball.

“Aw fuck!” I heard him say as he tried to shield himself.  Then I slammed into the water, and all I could see were the bubbles around me.

When I came up for air, Chad was laughing his ass off.  I swam over to him, and he tried to grab my cock.  I reached for his ass too, but he moved too quickly.

We played around for another minute or two.  We ended up near the ladder, where we stopped to catch our breath.  Both of us were rock hard by then.  By now the sun was disappearing, but the underwater lights were on, which created a weird glow beneath us.

“I want to make love to you,” I said.

Chad licked his lips.  “You mean you want me to fuck your brains out?”

“If you want to put it that way….”

He shot me his trademark grin.  “Wait here,” he said, then got up out of the pool.  I watched the water pour off of his body, and I paid special attention to the stream dripping off his cock.  Chad walked over to a cabinet, grabbed a towel, and disappeared inside.

I started playing with myself as I waited.  I couldn’t stop thinking of a year before, when I’d first spotted Chad in my dorm.  I’d originally pegged him as just another good-looking frat boy.  I frankly hadn’t expected him to even give me the time of day.  Now I knew there was so much more to him; and I suspected I’d barely scratched the surface.

Chad came back with our heavy-duty lube, and he brought our wine to the edge of the pool.  “Here,” he said as he handed me my glass.  “I want this to be extra special for you.”

I didn’t know what he meant by that, but I was eager to find out.  His hard cock was swinging above me, and I couldn’t wait to have fun with it.

Chad got back in the water, and he pressed me against the edge of the pool.  He took a sip of wine, then had me take a sip of my own.  Then he gyrated his hips, and I felt his boner grinding against mine.

I wrapped my arms around his body, pulled him tighter, and locked my lips around his.  Then I took it a step further and wrapped my legs around him too.

Chad reached under the water, and he grasped both of our cocks at once.  Then he started stroking both of us simultaneously.  He kept grinding his body too, which only increased the sensation.

“That feels so good,” I whispered between kisses.

“That’s the idea,” he replied.

I broke off our kiss and threw my head back.  Frottage was such a rare treat, and it felt so fucking good, I just couldn’t get over it.

“Lean back,” he said.  He pulled my lower body upward till it was floating on the water.  Then, without another word, he took my cock in his mouth.

“Oh yeah,” I gasped as I felt him sucking away.  I tried to sip more wine, but then Chad wrapped his tongue around my shaft, and I found myself gulping.  I felt a buzz rippling through my body; I couldn’t tell how much was from the wine, versus how much was from the blowjob, but either way it felt really fucking good.

Chad gripped my butt cheeks and pulled my hole open.  He teased it with a few fingers, then ran one hand down my crack.

“Shit,” I gasped.  I could feel my hole start to tingle.  It needed a hard cock inside it, and fast.

Chad raised his hand above the water, and he played with my balls.  As he did it, he kept on sucking me harder and harder.

“I need you to fuck me,” I said.  “Right now.”

Chad took his mouth off my cock.  Then he reached behind me and fumbled for the lube.  I scooted back so my ass was out of the water.  Chad rubbed some lube on my pucker, then eased me back into the pool.  I put my feet on his shoulders, and I put my arms around his neck.

Slowly but surely, Chad eased into me.  I stayed perfectly still as his nice thick manhood slid past my sphincter.  I let out a deep breath as I felt him fill me up.  Chad looked straight at me with his big dark chestnut eyes.  Then, at long last, he started pumping away.

“Aw fuck,” he said, “this is why I’m so gay.”

The water around us was sloshing in all directions.  “Keep going, baby.”

“Fuck, I love this ass,” Chad said as he pulled partway out of me, then thrust back in.  “I’ve been thinking about this all day.”

“Then fuck me harder,” I said.

Chad followed my orders, and he rammed deep into me.  By now, waves were rolling all over the pool, and they were surging in a couple of places.  I could hear Chad letting out short staccato breaths, but they were nearly drowned out by the gurgles and splashes around us.

I let him fuck me like that for a minute, but then I moved away from the edge and grabbed the ladder instead.  That gave us a lot more freedom to move, and of course, Chad didn’t disappoint.  He slid his body underneath mine, and he started fucking me seesaw.

The sky was pretty dark at that point, but the underwater lights kept refracting from below.  It was pretty surreal: it cast a weird glow on Chad’s face, and probably on mine, not to mention the rest of our bodies.  Yet somehow it still seemed sexy and romantic.

We hadn’t gotten off in more than twenty-four hours, which was a pretty long time, at least by the standards of that particular trip.  I could tell when Chad was getting close, so I just told him to keep going.

“Oh fuck,” he gasped as he started losing control.

“Yeah baby,” I said, “fucking shoot up my ass.”

“I want to fucking cum in you—”

“Do it, baby—”

“O-o-o-o-oh yeah!” he yelled as I felt him get off inside me.  His dick kept twitching for a really long time, and from what I could tell, he was shooting a much bigger load than usual.

“Fuck,” I said when he finally finished.

“Are you close?” he asked.

“Hell yes, I am—”

“Then get up on the ladder,” he said.  He pulled his dick from my ass, and he hoisted me above the water.  I sat on the ladder’s top step, and Chad immediately went back down on my cock.

“Oh baby,” I said, “shit, I’m gonna cum….”

Chad looked up at me but didn’t stop sucking.  He even gave me a thumbs-up, like he wanted me to bust.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back.  I felt my body spasm, in the best fucking away, as I released my load in his mouth.  Chad was still at the top of his game.  He waited till I was finished shooting, then came up for a kiss.

As soon as I opened my mouth, Chad released my cum right onto my tongue.  My jizz tasted an awful lot like his, though it seemed a little creamier, and possibly saltier.  We both savored it for a moment, passing it back and forth between our mouths.  Finally, we both swallowed, and we looked into each other’s eyes.

“I can’t wait to spend this next year with you,” Chad said, “whatever else happens.”

I hadn’t expected him to put it in those words, but I actually felt the same way.  “Right back at ya, baby,” I said.

We ended up staying in the pool for quite a while.  We played with each other almost like a pair of dolphins, circling around each other, swimming over and under each other’s bodies, and periodically jumping out of the water.

Eventually, we did get out, and we headed back to the deck chairs.  Of course, the rest of our wine bottle didn’t stand a chance.  We spent hours just laughing and joking and having a good time.

By the time midnight rolled around, we’d moved to the jacuzzi.  It was so steamy in there— literally and figuratively— that we couldn’t resist a round two.  This time it was my turn to fuck Chad, and as always, he took it like a champ.  I was so into him that I didn’t even realize what time it was, and I barely even noticed when the fireworks erupted in the distance.

It wasn’t till later that I realized I’d just rung in the New Year with my dick up Chad’s ass, and my own cum in my stomach.  Not that I was complaining of course— on either count— and it was actually on-point, considering how our year had gone.  I hoped it was a sign of things to come, and that our second year together would be less complicated than the first.

I definitely didn’t expect the shit show that came next.

To be continued…

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