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Close Enough

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My boyfriend didn’t pressure me into trying anal first, he just did it to me.

We hadn’t even done it all the way, I was a virgin, but I’d managed to rub him off before. We never really got the chance, there was no place to go, I couldn’t have him over at my house with my dad there. Then, one afternoon he left a note.

He got called away, and he’d bring dinner home with him, but he’d be out late. So, I called my boyfriend, and invited him over. I changed, and tried to look as sexy for him as I could. Not a whole lot in the way of sexy clothes, my dad wouldn’t buy me fishnets, or high heels.

I just did the best I could, picking my tightest top, and no bra. Then, I fussed with my hair in the bathroom mirror, until the doorbell rang. “Uh,” he looked back at the driveway, “Your dad gone?”

“All night!” I pulled him in, and he noticed.

Said “You look nice, so. What do you want to do?” I just laughed, and dragged him off to the bedroom. Dad’s room, since he had the bigger bed, but he didn’t waste any time. Pulling up my top, and he was delighted to play with my bare boobs, while I got his pants open.

He was hard, so I got down on my knees, but I was careful not to over-stimulate him. I didn’t want him to finish early, like the one time he wet his pants, on the school bus. I was just sitting on his lap, and we made out. When he got to second base, he squeezed my bra, and held his breath. Then, he let go.

That was it, he blew it in his pants, and I didn’t even feel it under my legs. Now, here he was with his pants down, and he took his shirt off. I love his body, especially topless. It was too cold for him to keep his sun-tan. He’s skinny, but not too skinny. Muscular, but not like, bloated, and swollen. A little hairy, but not sweaty.

I tasted a little soap, and rubbed it off with my tongue, but that ment he showered, and me too. Finally, he said “My turn,” and picked me up. Put me back on the bed, and felt under my skirt to pull my underwear off. Then, he held my legs up, with his hands in my knees, and went to town.

He licked me up, and down, but each time he went lower, and lower. Until he slipped right past my baby hole, and stuck his chin in my butt crack.

“Oh,” I shook my head, when he found my butthole, and swirled it around in there. I remember talking to Celsie, when she was dating him, and she kept complaining about that. They eventually broke up, because she wouldn’t put out. She was saving herself, and there was no way she’d let him do something as dirty as sodomy.

I bit my lip, knowing where this was going, and psyching myself up to let him go through with it. I hoped it didn’t hurt, as much as I imagined him taking my cherry, but I wanted him inside me so bad, I didn’t care where he put it, but he fingered me first. Rubbing his thumb up and down my snatch, to brush my clit, until I started having a shaking orgasm. That made me hump his thumb hard, and grip his fingers with spasms.

“Oh, oh huh ah yeah, huh!” Finally, my pucker pulled out, and slipped shut, wetly. “Huh, I’m ready.” I nodded. “Do it.”

“You’re sure?” I closed my eyes, and nodded, biting my lip, but I had to admit. Silently to myself, I wanted it. Up the butt, just to see if I liked it. He turned me over on my side, and I put my face down in the comforter. I bit it, when I felt him press it in. Deeply, until the tight muscle couldn’t stretch any deeper.

“MHN!” I whimpered when it spread out, to the surface, and he pulled back. A little, maybe an inch until I felt the head stop just inside. Then, he pressed in a couple inches, and backed out. An inch, then a couple more inches, until he was all the way in.

“Uh!” I had to bread the, then wipe drool off my cheek, but he kept pulling out slowly, stopping when my tight butthole squeezed around the neck, then sank in hard “UGH!” It felt like he was forcing the air out of me, “FGHN?” I shook my head. “Uh ah oh!” Soon, I was lose enough for him to pick up the pace. “It feels. So! GOOD!” It didn’t hurt at all. He was so gentle, and took is slow, so he didn’t hurt me. “I. Love! IT! Oh, fuck me! FUCK MEEE!”

Finally, he sank in one last time, and he felt so heavy on my hip. Panting hard, and fast, I felt up his tummy just to feel it flex, and suck in.

“Hhuh!” He went soft, and slipped out. Rolling over, he helped me crawl up sideways. So, he could hold me, and I rubbed his hand on my tummy. He kissed my shoulder. “You all right?”

I nodded, and gulped, still drooling, but I swallowed. “Huh, yeah.” I shuddered, and felt one last ripple inside me. In my fuckhole, somehow he made me cum up front, doing me in the back like that. “I loved it, I can’t believe I got off on that.”

“Yeah?” I rolled over, so he could search back and forth between my eyes.

“Yeah,” I kissed him. “If you can get it up again, you can do it again, and again. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love your dick up my ass.”

That would have to do, until we got married, but we only got a chance to do it again one more time in the shower, before dad got home.

It was late, and he was tired, so he went right to bed. So, I managed to sneak my boyfriend out, after he got dressed.

My dad got up, and he was waiting for me. Standing in the hallway when I shut the door. “Huh, you guys use protection?”

“Dad?” I shook my head, and pulled the bathrobe closed over my naked breasts.

“Well, you’re not on birth control, but there’s condoms in the bedside. I hope he used one.”

“No?” I ran for my room, but he knocked on the door gently. “I’m not going to get pregnant, so don’t worry about it. We didn’t have sex, we just fooled around.” I lied, “Okay, oral sex.” It was bad enough that he knew I had sex in his bed. I couldn’t tell him what kind of sex, it was too embarrassing.

“Huh, well I better make an appointment at Planned Parenthood.”

“No dad, I told you, I’m still a virgin, I don’t need an abortion.”

“For birth control. So, you never have to worry about Abortion.”

“Oh,” I shook my head. “Okay, now go back to bed.”

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

“Goodnight, dad.”

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