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Circle of life

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I was raped by my drug addict mom and her friends for years, then I became a druggy, had kids of my own, now I and my druggy friends rape my daughter.

From the age of 13 my mom and her friends raped me constantly.

She had been a drug addict since before I was old enough to understand that she was a drug addict, she took drugs even when she was pregnant with me, and luckily I turned out fine though.

I remember her always bringing people back to our flat and they’d all get wasted on drugs and alcohol, as soon as I could walk I had to pretty much take care of myself, mom spent all our welfare money on her addiction so I had to scrounge for food, mostly eating left over takeaway that her friends had left behind.

I don’t think I ever had any new clothes bought for me, they were always second hand clothes or hand-me-downs from her friends kids, we didn’t have a TV or any decent furniture, if we ever did get given anything, like the time a local charity gifted me a bike for Christmas, mom would just sell it, again to get money for her drugs.

When I was about 11, that’s when mom and her friends started getting touchy with me, I remember one of her friends pulling me on to her lap and she pushed her hand down the front of my jogging pants and fondled my boyhood, it happened quite a lot and mom did nothing to stop it.

Mom caught me jerking off once and she beat me for it, told me it was dirty, and I was a nasty little boy.

Then one day she’d had her friends round at the flat, they spent all day getting drunk and high, it was the early hours of the morning but still dark outside when most of them left, it was just me, mom and one of her friends passed out on the floor.

I was curled up and asleep at one end of the couch when out of the blue mom just grabbed my legs and pulled me down the couch, she kneeled on to it and then yanked off my pants while I tried and failed to resist, then she slapped me across the face, cutting my cheek with scratches from her fingernails.

As I held my hands over my face in pain, she started to tug on my penis, I was 13 and any interaction with my penis made it instantly start to bone up, when it was half way hard, she started to suck on it and I couldn’t move because I thought she would have bitten it off or something.

I felt her dirty wet mouth all over my fully erect penis, I won’t lie, it did feel good, but she was my mom and it felt nasty and wrong, I told her to stop, I begged her, but she wouldn’t, so I tried to fight her off of me, but then her friend woke up and saw what she was doing, she came over and started laughing.

My mom told her to hold me down and she grabbed my arms and pinned me, I couldn’t move, I watched my mom pull her knickers off and she flashed her nasty pussy at me before sitting on top of me, I felt my penis touch something wet and warm and then it went inside her as she sat down on it.

Mom rape me with the help of her friend, I closed my eyes and tried to ignore it, mom was heavy and it hurt each time she slammed herself down on my legs and her ass squished my balls, I ejaculated and started to cry, I was confused because it was happening against my will and I didn’t like it, but at the same time it felt really good and I didn’t know what to feel.

They switched placed, mom held me down, and then her friend stripped off all her clothes and sat on me, she forced her old sagging tits in to my face, after a couple of minutes I got another erection even though I didn’t want one, and she fucked me just like mom did until I ejaculated again.

Mom told me to stop crying, she said boys don’t cry, and that I was acting like a little girl.

Every single day after that my mom and her friends raped me, sometimes they’d keep my tied up naked on the couch all day long so they could abuse and rape me whenever they felt the urge to do so.

When I was 15 I gave in, this was my life now, I joined them and started taking lots of drugs and fucking them willingly, even successfully impregnating 2 of mom’s friends so they could get extra money from welfare for having babies, which meant more for them to spend on drugs.

I’m 36 years old now, mom died many years ago, I still live in the same flat and I have become my mother, one of my many children, my daughter Ora, turned 14 last weekend, now me and my male friends take drugs all day and rape her constantly, we’re taking bets to see how long it takes for her to get knocked up, shouldn’t take long with our combined efforts.

Life’s a fucking rollercoaster.

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