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Chloe My Cumslut Cousin

It was the winter of 2003 the bell had just indicated the end of the school day and I now had to make the 20 minute walk to my aunties house as she would look after me until my mum had finished work.

I was standing outside the school gates waiting for my cousin Chloe, she was in the year below me and every school day for the past 4 months we had been walking to her house together. Once she arrived we started the walk, snow had been on and off continually throughout the day and it was starting to pick up again, I felt a little bad for Chloe as the school dress code didn’t allow for girls to wear trousers, so for her it was a black blazer, white shirt, tie and black skirt. She was allowed to wear black tights and she had a coat on as well but it didn’t really make much difference in this weather.

We were about 10 minutes into the walk and Chloe was walking in front of me, it was too cold to have a lazy walk and chat so we had our heads down with a mission to get back as soon as possible. The wind had been constant when a short but stronger gust of wind blew past us and lifted Chloe’s skirt in process, my eyes caught sight of her little white cotton panties and her firm pale bum cheeks were on show. My semi hard cock started to fill with more blood in anticipation, i was already horny but this just made me more so.

You see in the first month of me waiting for my mum, me and Chloe had taken to watching a film in her bedroom. Her room was quite large but the TV was on her clothes drawer and the only way to watch it without breaking your neck was to sit on her bed, she had a single bed and we both wanted to lean against the wall whilst we watched, we tried it a couple of times but it just wasn’t comfortable for either of us, in the end I lent against the wall and Chloe sat in-between my legs and lent against me.

Everything was fine for a couple of weeks until during one film I started to get a hard on, I told her to give me some space but as you do when your young she pushed back to annoy me, not realising what the issue was. As she pushed back onto my crotch the additional pressure made it grow harder, I knew she had felt it and Chloe was never one to shy away from anything.

“Oh my god, have you got a boner?” she asked

“Errr yeah but it’ll go away” I felt myself blushing

“Can I see it? I’ve seen one in sex ed but not in real life” she asked whilst trying to pull off a puppy eyed look

“If you want too it’s nothing special” I replied

I undid the zipper on my school trousers, my hand slightly shaking, pulled down my boxers. I didn’t touch it or anything I just thought I’d show her then put it away, I started to pull my boxers up when Chloe quickly asked

“Can I touch it?”

“If you really want too… I guess” I replied

Being young she poked it first, then slowly touched it more so with her finger tips, she grazed the head of my cock, myself and my cock both jumped

“Be careful that’s really sensitive”

“Sorry” Chloe said as she withdrew her little hand.

“It’s ok, it’s just sometimes I do that and it makes me shoot sperm out” I informed her.

I had only just started masturbating, I was very new to my own body and the language to use so I tried to explain it the best I could.

“Wow!” Chloe exclaimed “in sex ed we learned that sperm makes babies!” Chloe looked down and then said very quietly “can I see you do it”

“No way! Not a chance, your mum’s down stairs!”

“Oh ok” she said sounding rejected

And that was the end of that, well at least for another week.

We were watching a film as usual, my cock getting hard as it had been doing since our first encounter, for the past week I had been imagining Chloe watching me shoot my sperm and I had decided that today I’d let her.

“You have a boner again and it’s poking me in the back” she said whilst sounding frustrated.

“Well I can’t help it, the only way to make it go away is if I shoot my sperm” I lied, hoping she’d ask to see me do it.

“Well just do it then” she quipped

“Ok” I said simply but on the inside I was elated.

Chloe just stopped moving “Seriously?” She said with hopefulness in her sweet voice.

“Yes if it stops your curiosity then I’ll do it” it was a complete lie but I was horny and my penis had just taken over the controls (welcome to puberty).

I again pulled down my school trousers and underwear to reveal my solid member, only this time I wrapped my hand around the throbbing cock and started to slowly stroke it up and down in front of my cousin. I was extremely turned on and closed my eyes, just enjoying the feeling of my hand when Chloe asked

“What does it feel like?”

“Just really nice and at the end it’s like an explosion from the base of my penis”

Chloe didn’t say another word for the next few minutes, she was just fascinated with watching my jerk my cock.

“Oh my god” I gasped “here it comes”

My cock flexed hard, the throbbing easily visible as it shot ropes of hot, white cum up my stomach and onto my chest.

“Oh my god… wow! That’s amazing!” Chloe watched in awe

“Yes” I panted “yes it is”

“Can you do it again?”

“Not right now, maybe later” I said as I cleared up my mess with some tissues “let’s watch the rest of the film and we’ll try again later”.

Later didn’t come, 30 minutes after I had came in front of my cousin my mum had picked me up however, the following day me and Chloe were right back in the same situation.

“I want to see you shoot again?!” Chloe said with her eyes wide and a massive smile on her face, we had barely even got in her room.

“Ok calm down” I replied trying to play it cool

I again pulled my trousers and boxers down when Chloe asked

“Can I try it? To make it shoot I mean, It looks like fun”

My mind was jumping for joy even though I hadn’t even thought of her doing it.

“Ok, just be gentle” I said apprehensively.

At first she was gripping it wrong and pulling down too hard but after some tutoring I showed her how I liked my penis grasped, where I was most sensitive and the speed at which to do it.

Her small soft hand wrapped around my cock looked magnificent, the pre-cum was flowing over the head and I showed her how to rub it in to make it easier to masturbate me, she would look at my cock whist pumping it and then look me in the eyes. It didn’t take long for me to reach my peak

“Little faster, it’s going to happen, faster, faster, oh, oh my god, yes” I grunted and shot my hot sperm, this time however it went all up her arm and down her hand

She looked at it fascinated “it’s so warm and white…” Her fingers probing the gooey liquid. I went to the bathroom to clean up and brought some tissues back for Clo, when I walked in I saw her putting a finger ever so slightly on her tongue trying to see what it tasted like

“So?” I said, she hadn’t seen me come in and I made her jump ” what does it taste like?” Now it was her time to blush “not much” she said taking the tissue from my hand “kinda like salt n sweet popcorn I guess”, she was wiping down her arm when I thought I’d be brave.

“You’ve seen mine…. Can I see yours?” I asked whilst looking at the ground, my cheeks burning red.

“See my what?” She asked naively

“Your fanny?”

“Oh, ermmm hang on” she had finished cleaning herself and chucked the tissue in the bin, she opened her door and popped her head out, She was making sure no one was upstairs, it was easy to tell when someone was on their way as the entire stair case creaked like a boat hitting rocks.

She turned around and shut the door, looked at me and dropped her skirt to the floor, she walked over to the bed in her white shirt, tie, tights and then sat down, she pulled off the tights and lay back on the bed.

“Can I see?” I asked, her legs were closed

She slowly parted her legs and that was the first pussy I had seen, it was hairless, with puffy lips but it was all nicely tucked, it was untouched.

“Can I touch it like you touched me?” I enquired

She just nodded.

I gently moved my fingers from the top of her fanny to the bottom where I found a mass of juices.

“What’s this?” I asked whilst looking at it closely on my fingers.

“I don’t know but it happens every time i see your sperm shoot out”

I again rub my fingers over her fanny, this time rubbing her juices over her swollen lips. I reach the top and start to go back down when I notice that every time I go over a certain bump she moans and closes her eyes, Intrigued I slide over it again & again, her eyes are squeeze shut and her breathing quickens. I notice that if I go around in circles she moans even more.

“Shhhh your mum will hear us” I whisper

Chloe puts her hand over mouth in response.

“Stop, I think I’m going to pee” she begs but I’m too involved in what I’m doing to pay any attention, all of a sudden Chlo moans this animalist noise.

“Ughhhhhhhhhh oh, oh my god” her eyes roll back and I’m a little bit anxious about what I did, her hands are gripping the sheets and liquid starts to leak out the bottom of her fanny, not a lot of liquid mind you but enough to make me thinking that maybe she was peeing.

“W…what was that?” She asked me “it was weird but amazing”

“I have no idea bu..” I stopped and turned my head

The stairs were creaking.

“Quick! get dressed” I said hurriedly.

There wasn’t a lot of time and Chloes legs looked like they were made out of jelly, I threw the skirt to her which she quickly put on, her tights and panties were kicked under the bed and we jumped into our film watching position.

The door opened and in popped my aunties head

“What are you two up too?”

“Just watching a film” I responded as calmly as I could, my heart pounding and my penis back to being as solid as a rock.

“You ok Chloe?” Her mother asked

“Yeah just the film’s a bit scary” she smiled whilst holding a cushion in front of her stomach and between her legs.

Her mum looked at the TV and saw we were watching beetle juice and just nodded, what her mother didn’t know was that 10 minutes prior her innocent daughter had jacked me off, 3 minutes ago I had rubbed her daughter to orgasm and that as she was talking to us her daughters skirt had lifted when she sat down and her bare ass was pressing my hard on between her ass cheeks.

Her mum left and we heard her walk back down the stairs.

“Wow that was close!” I remarked

“Yeah but totally worth it, shame it’s Saturday tomorrow I want to do that again!”.

Chloe got fully dressed and we settled down for the film which was soon interrupted by my mother picking me up.

The following week was going to be amazing or so I thought, Monday morning came around and I was as sick as a dog.

It took two weeks before I was at school again and therefore back with Chloe in the evenings. When I did meet up with her again she was so happy, Chloe had found out what had happened to her and learnt from some friends that women can “orgasm” too and apparently when a guy shoots his sperm he “cums”, she was so excited by this new info and apparently lots of other stuff she had learnt whilst I was gone and couldn’t wait to try it all again.

4 months had passed since that first time, hand jobs and rubbing Chloe’s pussy for 4 months and now on this wintery day me and Chloe were going to take the next step. I had learnt about oral from my mates and Chloe was very excited, I had also learnt about fingering too but Chloe didn’t want to risk breaking her hymen… Yet.

We walked in through the back door and straight into the kitchen.

“Hey mum” Chloe yelled, to which she received no reply

Chloe went to find her mum whilst I took my coat off and stood next to the radiator, when she finally came back she told me her mum was a sleep on the sofa.

“Want some hot chocolate?” Chlo asked

“God yes I’m freezing”

“I know a faster way to warm up” Chloe winked.

Over the past four months she had become a lot more flirtatious and a lot more inappropriate, numerous times we would be walking back and she’d make lewd comments or her favourite thing to do is when we are sat around the table for dinner and whilst everyone is eating she would rub her hand up and down on my crotch or even take my hand and put it up her skirt where she was not wearing any panties.

“Calm down we’ve got time, and you definitely have to warm your hands up before touching my junk” I stated.

In 10 minutes we had made and drank the hot chocolate and ran up stairs, Chloe had checked on her mum to make sure she was still sleeping, she was out like a light apparently.

“Do you want to go first?” I asked

“I don’t mind” she said whilst stripping her bottom halves off.

“I’ll take that as a yes then” I muttered, a little gutted I wouldn’t get release first but also excited about what was about to happen.

She lay on the bed with her legs wide apart and I crawled up between them, I began by rubbing her hairless pussy lips, her juices already evident on the bed sheets, her lips were so swollen and red. She was extremely horny.

“Ok” I said “let’s try this out for size”.

I lent down and at first licked the outter lips of her pussy, not much notable taste but it seemed to have a good affect on her. So I started moving inwards, as I got closer to the bump, or the clit as she told me call it, her taste got stronger and the juices flowing out of her intensified.

“Your tongue feels so hot on my fanny, it’s amazing” she said as her smile grew from ear to ear.

I licked up and down and side to side all over her clit, her hands were gripping the sheets and pulling up, I slowly moved my way down to her pussy hole, my tongue slipping in-between her folds. The juices available was unlimited and my tongue was soon darting into her pussy, it was a musty taste but was also like a nectar, sweet and addictive. My tongue plunged into her sweet pussy, slurping her juices down, her hands and legs jerking all over the place. My cousin’s pussy tasted amazing and I couldn’t get enough. Soon though I felt hands pushing my head away.

“Stop.. stop… I can’t take it anymore… That was the best thing ever….I mean everrrrr”

I thought she was over exaggerating but I was glad in what I had accomplished, now it was my turn.

Chloe just chucked her skirt on whilst pulled my trousers and boxers down enough to release my cock, Chloe went to the side of the bed and started off by taking her soft warm hand and wrapping it around the base of my shaft, she slid it up and down a few times to make it even harder, if that was possible.

Chloe stopped and took a breathe in, she looked at me and smiled, her hair held back by a hair band and the cherry Chapstick she used obvious on her lips.

She slowly inched towards my cock causing extreme anticipation for me, she stuck her tongue out and flicked the head of my cock. It was like a bolt of lightning being sent through my cock, her small mouth and warm tongue the cause of it. She licked the head numerous times each one causing me pleasure like I had never felt before, she took her tongue and licked from the base to the top and then finally put her small mouth around the head of my cock and swallowed. In the mean time my hand had snaked it’s way around behind her to her skirt, I slid my hand down and under placing it on her soft ass cheeks and squeezed.

Her head moved up and down 3 or 4 times before I exploded, her lips wrapped tightly around my cock as the first rope of cum hit the back of her throat, we had discussed early whether or not she would swallow and she had said she will see what to do when it happens, and here she was swallowing my thick cum down into her small belly, I don’t think she was ready for the amount of cum though as it soon caused her to cough and splutter as cum poured out between her lips and down her chin.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen and the best feeling I had experienced. She swallowed what was left in her mouth and used tissue to clean up the rest, we were both spent but we managed to dress properly and set up to watch a film, we were woken up by our parents a few hours later.

Me and Chloe continued this practice for almost a year before the babysitting stopped and I was allowed to look after myself. We have managed to “catch up” every now and again but nothing will compare to that first time for the both of us.

We never went all the way but hey, there’s still time.

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