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Charlie And The Factory, Chapter 11

“Ok, so, tell me, what made you take this job?” I said.

“I have kids to feed. I lost my old job not too long ago… Not that it was a good one.”

“People romanticize stripping. It is sexy but it’s dangerous,” I said. “That being said, let me give you a few points by working here. The first and most important one being: It will take more than that beautiful curvaceous ass of yours to make men crumble. Watch the performances, you’ll see.”

“Coming to the stage… Peaches!” the DJ introduced.

I looked at Mia intently as Peaches performed to an upbeat pop song. She did a damn good job for saying she’s a rookie.

“That was Peaches. I hired her fairly recently ago. She says she’s a rookie at this but… I don’t know. Do you?” I said.

She shrugged and said:

“I don’t.” 

“The thing with Peaches is: She has more of an athletic figure with curves. She doesn’t have nearly as many curves as you. But she seduces. Also, she makes it work in her own way. That’s what I mean by that. Not just that ass of yours. Or your tits. Be unique,” I said. 

“Have you seen my Instagram?” she said. 

“Yes. It’s impressive, but…”

“But what?” she said, tilting her head.

“You’ll see. Oh, You will see,” I said back. 

Not too much later was the second act coming up on stage.

“Next up on stage is one of our hot young up-and-coming acts. She is…Keisha!”

“Oh, my goodness,” Mia said, realizing Keisha was actually a stripper.

“This should be good.” 

Keisha walked up on stage, all oiled up. The DJ played her set. It was a mixture of fast and slow tempo songs. Keisha was one to drop her clothes, then show off her assets. She was not known as a tease. She always ended her routine on a split, whether dropping from a pole or otherwise. 

“That… Was interesting,” Mia said, observing her performance. 

“As you can see, that was Keisha. How she got here was in a story in of itself. You see…”

“Yeah, her videos were on the Internet. I saw her,” she said. 

“My business partner saw her on there and hired her for Amateur Night one night. I actually saw her perform. After her shift…” I started. 

“What happened?”

“She was offering…”

I got interrupted by Lance. 

“Hey, boss man, Becky is next. Do you want me to go look for her?” 

“No, I got this. I’ll go look for her. Talk to Mia for a second. I’ll be right back,” I said before briskly walking to the backstage area. I started looking inside the doors. Most of which were empty except a few.

“Oh! Don’t you know how to knock?”

“Sorry, Gigi, sorry. Do you know where Becky is?” I said.

Gigi turned around. She was topless. 

Gigi suffered from a case of voyeurism. Gigi had dance training as well. Nonetheless, Gigi had a gorgeous face, had a hell of a body, and made men go crazy.

“Nope,” she said simply. 

“That’s my cue to leave. Thank you!”

The second room was occupied by another dancer. 

“Hey, Simone,” I said.

“Yes?” Simone said, in her sweet voice. “Oh, what’s up, boss?” 

“Do you know where Becky is? She’s next up.” 

“Oh. Ummm. She’s with one of her regulars… If you know what I mean,” she said with a look to me.

“All right. Simone, you’re on in her place. Are you ready?” I said. 

“Yeah. Time to get money,” she said.

“Get your money, baby girl. You got this.”

I began to turn around and go back where I came from when my keen sense of hearing heard moaning…

“Ugh. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Ugh…” 

“Yeah, keep doing it. Keep doing that shit. Yeah. You’re a nasty slut, ain’t you? Ain’t you?” a deeper voice said.

I looked at one other door slightly ajar. It was Becky riding a famous athlete that I knew from watching television. We matched eyes for a few seconds. For that those few seconds, Becky licked her lips and tasted her juices. Becky was smart. She was pretty. She had dance training. However, her body was not like the others there. So, she used her smarts and knew who to seduce and what to use on her body. Her best assets were her brain and her mouth. I looked inside, and I noticed Becky smiled, and went faster, her breasts bouncing in syncopation. Did she like being watched? Nonetheless, I put that in the back of my mind… and quickly went in the other direction.

“Hey, boss!” the DJ said. “Is Becky coming out or not?”

“She’s… busy with a client. I found a replacement. “Simone’s up. Don’t change the set. She’s got this,” I said.

“Ok…” He said.

“Thanks, Lance, I needed it,” I said. 

“Is she on?”

“Nah, I found someone else.” 

“People of the Factory, due to unforeseen circumstances, our next act cannot perform. So, coming to the stage in her place, making her Factory debut is the sexy… Simone!” the DJ announced.

“Hmm, I wonder what the circumstances were,”

“Don’t ask,” I said. This is where I got a bright idea. “Mia, I got an idea for you. An idea for your uniqueness in this club. I’ll say it after Simone performs.” 

Simone sashayed onto the stage. The DJ looked my way. I nodded. Her set was three songs. The first song was a hip-hop song that she confidently danced, twerking and all. The second song transitioned to an R&B song. She started to be more seductive and dance sexily. She dropped her bra at the beginning of that song, showing her bustiness. It then switched smoothly to another faster-paced hip-hop song. This was the third and final phase of Simone’s sensuality. She turned around and dropped her panties, jumping into a split in the process. She spent the rest of her routine popping her pussy, giving the audience previews of her tight pink treasure. Men were going nuts, throwing dollars in every which direction. Simone was a great dancer, but I had no idea how much sex appeal she gave off. I was very surprised.

“Wow,” Mia said. “I finally understand now.” 

“You get it? You are in an elite class of ass and tits. You need to learn to differentiate yourself. See? I have an idea,” I said.

“What is it?”

“Now, every girl here has an X-Factor about them. Some, it’s their bonafide sex appeal. For some, it’s their smarts. For you, I think it’s your lips. Lick your lips?” I said.

She licked them slowly.

“See? Now, suck your finger?”

She reluctantly sucked her fingers slowly, wrapping her plump lips around them.

“Those plus that ass of yours equals money for you, do you hear me?” I said, touching her shoulder.


“See you tomorrow for your first day, Bubbles?” I said, smiling.


Meanwhile, after the shift…

“Damn, Simone, I didn’t know you got down like that!” Gigi said.

“I’m… Speechless,” Kitty said.

“That never happens,” Lillian chimed in.

I felt a vibration from my pocket.

“Let me guess, your girlfriend?”

I checked it. It was.

“Shawn, meet me in the parking lot to my car.” 

I crept out to the parking lot. I got in Daisy’s car smoothly.

“What’s up, Daisy… Oh.”

Daisy (Charlie) smiled at me. She had on a robe, open with nothing on underneath it, showing her glorious curves.

“Oh? Oh, what? Are you going to whip that thing out or what?” she said, caressing herself.

“Oh, you naughty girl…” I said, laughing. “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

She started to get wet at the touch. I thought I heard something. I kept going. I was at the point of no return now. 

“Mmm, yeah, love that beautiful pussy. Beautiful…” I said, in a hungry voice.

“Eat my pussy. Eat my pussy, baby,” she moaned in want. She moaned in need.

I took off her robe. It showed all her Ebony curves and parts. I kissed nearly all of them. Including her treasure, in which she moaned louder.

“Ugh! Eat my pussy, Daddy… Ugh…”

I didn’t know what came over me after next. I kissed her. It got deeper. She kissed me back. She got on all fours…



“Moan for Daddy! Moan for him!”


“Ughhh!!! Daddyyy!!!”

The way she said that turned me on even more. I fucked her harder.




“Come get Daddy’s nut…”

Daisy jerked me off until I climaxed.

“All right. Thanks!” I said to Daisy while getting myself together.

“I should say that to you. Not so bad yourself, Daddy,” Daisy said.

“But can I ask you this?”

“What is it?”

“Can I do it again?”

“Always, Daddy.” She turned around.




Daisy giggled. 

“You’re so cute, Daddy,” she said, kissing me on the cheek. I looked in her eyes. This all started with a lap dance. I don’t want this to end. Could I be falling for a stripper?

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