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Changing Room Quickie

I snuck a glance at her through the mirror on the other side of the store. Yup. She was still staring at me, head resting on her hand. Her face had a bored expression on it, which highlighted the apparent look of longing in her eyes. Of course, this could all just be wishful thinking on my behalf. Her eyes were a greeny-blue mix and she had dyed her shoulder-length hair dirty blonde. She seemed around my age, maybe a few years younger. She was attractive, and I was definitely feeling horny, so I wanted to test my assumption. 

I picked up a shirt I was looking at, one I hoped would look good on me. I turned around. She was no longer looking at me but I could’ve sworn her eyes had only just guiltily flicked away from me. 

‘Excuse me? Could I try this on?’ 

‘Yeah, sure!’ She stood up and walked towards me. She was wearing a white shirt with some flower embroidery, tucked into a short wraparound skirt. She was wearing a lanyard around her neck, on which was a blank card and some keys. ‘It’s just this way,’ she said as she passed by me – a bit close, or so it felt. I followed her to a nook in the back of the shop. She went around and stopped in front of a door with a keyhole and a slot in which the words ‘vacant’ appeared. She placed a key from the lanyard into the lock and unlocked it. 

‘Let me know if you need anything else!’ she said in a cheerful shop assistant voice. I liked how her voice sounded and it did nothing to stifle the desire inside me. 

‘I mean, if you’re not too busy, I would appreciate any thoughts on how the shirt looks on me?’ I asked her.

’Oh. I mean, sure! Yeah, like, I’m not busy so…’

’Thank you!’ I said as I smiled warmly at her. Her expression appeared to be trying to read me, which I hoped was a sign of mutual interest. Maybe she was reflecting my expression similarity trying to read hers. I walked into the dressing room, and before she could get cold feet, I pulled off my t-shirt and put the shirt on. Checking myself out in the mirror briefly, I walked back out. She was still there. I stopped a few feet away from her, a distance normally too close if you wanted someone to get a good look at you. 

‘What do you think?’ I asked her. She looked me up and down – her eyes flickering to my face – then took a step forward and playfully patted down and straightened the shirt before giving a nod of approval. 

‘Yep! Looks very good!’ she said with satisfaction in her voice. 

‘Are you sure you’re not just saying that to make a sale?’, I responded playfully. She looked back up at my face with mock offence. I could see her eyes more clearly now. 

‘Of course not! It suits you. Fits your body well. Very irresistible.’ Her voice caught on the end of the last word, as if she felt she went a bit too far. I took the chance. I stepped forward; there was only a small gap between our two bodies. 

‘Yeah? You think I’m irresistible?’ I asked, insinuation clear in my voice. She didn’t say anything; she didn’t seem to expect the step forward but didn’t step back. She was standing between me and the open changing room door. I reached up and moved her hair off one side of her face, stroking her cheek as I did, then brushing the back of her neck. Her eyes closed and she gasped and let out a small moan. She looked back at me, lust definitely in her eyes, then took some steps back into the changing room. I followed her in and locked the door behind me. 

As soon as I had, I stepped towards her and pushed her into the mirrored wall. She grunted but did not complain, as I kissed her hard. Her hands gripped onto my shirt and felt her way up to the top buttons, which she started to undo and work her way down. 

‘Just in case,’ she breathed at me between kisses, ‘you decide you don’t want it.’ As she undid the last button, she pulled it off me and threw it to the side. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back, forcing her to expose her neck, which I moved on to, giving it kisses and nibbles. Her hands were around my neck and gripping onto my hair as I bit into her, eliciting more louder moans. If anyone else had been in the shop, they would have heard. 

After a while, I moved back to kissing her, moving my hands to her skirt. I undid the clip and the zip and allowed it to fall off her, exposing her underwear. I lightly brushed a finger against it. She let her head drop back with a light thump against the wall as she gave a lustful moan. I kept teasingly brushing the underwear, only increasing my pressure slightly each time, causing her to buck impatiently. 

I pushed in harder against the wet fabric. She dropped her head forward, resting on my shoulder, which she started to kiss and bite, making it my turn to moan. As I rubbed around her underwear, she whispered instructions to me about where and how to rub. 

‘Yeah… higher… higher. Yeah, there, rub in circles there!’ Once I had found the spot, her bucking returned as she pushed against my fingers, her moaning continuing, loud and demanding in my ear as her head continued to rest against my shoulder. ‘Yeah… yeah… please… keep… Yeah…’

Soon her moans started to become sharper, and the ‘yeah’s became ‘oh’s. And then her body shuddered as she came. She stiffened for a few seconds, her fingers scratching into my back, then she sighed contently. She became slightly more unsteady in her feet as I felt more weight shift on me. I pushed her off me and back into the wall. Her hair dropped back. She was smiling with her eyes closed and as she opened up to look at me, I knew she spotted the lust still in my eyes. She reached down and rubbed my erection under my pants. The feeling of pressure against fabric was overwhelming and I grunted, causing her to grin at me slyly. She pulled at my belt and undid it, before undoing the zip and the button on my underwear. My penis stood up and out. 

I grabbed her arm and spun her around. She caught herself with her hands against the mirrored wall. Pushing her legs aside, she bent over and leaned against it. I lifted up her shirt and pushed aside her underwear, exposing her. I lined myself up, pressing the tip against the opening. She moaned, softly again, and wiggled herself with longing. 

I gave it to her and pushed myself in, bit by bit, resting at each resistance. She moaned as I moved deeper inside her. Once I was in deep enough, I started fucking her.

’Oh. Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes. Please. Urgh. Yeah.’ She moaned as I pushed myself in and out of her. 

‘You like that? Does it feel good?’ I asked her. My hands were gripped under her arms and on her shoulders, pulling myself into her.

‘So good. I’ve needed this… for so long. Needed to get… fucked,’ she spoke between her moans.

’Hmm. I could tell. You definitely wanted a dick in you.’

’Yeah. Give me. All. Your. Dick.’ As I pushed into her, the lanyard swinging off her neck kept knocking and tapping against the mirror, I reached around and yanked at the lanyard clasp, causing it to fall off her neck and under us, resting silently on the floor. ‘Thank you,’ she moaned appreciatively.

‘So, is this your shop, baby?’ She chuckled, which sounded extremely cute mixed with her moans, that I couldn’t help but fuck her harder for a few minutes. I swapped one of my hands to pull her hair again, causing her to yell out, a yell that was quickly replaced with moans of satisfaction that she couldn’t form words through as I pushed myself against her faster and harder. I watched her expression in the mirror, the look of satisfaction at getting fucked. Eventually, I stopped, and staying inside her, gave a short break before adopting a slower rhythm, which gave her a chance to speak. 

‘No… my aunt’s. I’m here on summer break from uni. She gets me to watch the quiet days when we’re not expecting many customers.’

‘Ah. And here you are getting fucked on company time. Naughty girl.’ 

She chucked and moaned again. ‘Yeah. No one has been in but you. I’ve been bored.’ She looked at me through the mirror, trying to focus on me while her body gets thrust forward. ‘Didn’t take much to get me to misbehave.’ Her words and time were arousing, as well as the eye contact, and after giving her shoulder a quick kiss, I started picking myself up again. She responded with moans of ‘yeah… yeah… yeah,’ but continued to try and keep her eyes on my face. 

‘No one has been in the shop before me, or been in you?’ I asked, starting to get more breathless. 

‘The shop! Today! People have- I mean-‘ she looked a bit guilty, and she was no longer bucking back against me but was still receiving. ‘I have a boyfriend. At uni. But. I haven’t seen him in a while. I…’ She was starting to look a bit uncertain, so I reminded her where she was by pulling her hair a bit tighter and fucking her harder. It worked and she continued to buck back. 

‘It’s okay, baby. You’ve had a long day. Just let yourself be a bad girl.’ She seemed to react well to that and pushed harder against my cock. ‘This is my first time in this village. I’m travelling down further south, I just had some time to kill before my next train.’

She looked back at me; she seemed to have a slight expression of sadness in her eyes. ‘You’re only here for today?’

‘Afraid so. So best make the most of thi-‘ I stopped, both my words and my thrusting. The sound of the shop doorbell rung through the store, followed by the door closing and footsteps. 

‘Hello?’ a male voice called out. The woman I was currently inside had wide eyes. She was frozen in place as if in the spontaneous nature of it all, she hadn’t considered being interrupted. I considered my options as we heard the customer wander around the store, 

‘Guess we better wrap this up,’ I whispered to her. Her wide eyes looked at me, unsure as to what I meant. I moved my hand from her hair and clasped it over her mouth, gagging her. Then I started to fuck her, hard and fast. She tried to muffle her own moans, but the pounding was a lot and instead, it whimpered through my fingers. I tightened my grasp as needed so that I felt only I could hear it. The image of her staring at me, gagged, all lust and fear and vulnerability shining through her eyes only, helped get me off and I felt the tell-tale feelings of an orgasm. 

‘I’m going to come. Inside you?’ She didn’t react for a moment; her eyes flickered a bit as if considering. My hands were still tightly around her mouth, but I felt the slight motions of an attempt to nod. I moved into the endgame and fucked her harder. Her eyes started to roll up, and I felt her knees buckle slightly. Then, I shot my load of semen inside her. It had been a while for me too, and I bit her shoulder to muffle my groans as I felt myself empty in her. She whimpered as she too felt it. I felt her put more of her weight on my arms as I had to do more to hold her up. Once I had finished, I removed my hand from her mouth. She breathed deeply but was still trying to be quiet. I pulled myself out of her and lowered her down onto the bench. She leaned against the wall, her eyes closed and her face with a smile of fulfilment. 

‘That… was… I…’ She sighed. I stepped towards her, placing my now flaccid penis near her face. 

‘Baby, I need you to clean this for me.’ I reached forward and held her face, so her mouth was next to my penis. She caught on a second later and opened her mouth. I placed myself inside, as she closed her lips and licked it. My penis was still sensitive and it stung, but I didn’t need her to do it long. Once all the semen and other fluids were off, I pulled myself out, allowed her to drop her head back onto the wall. 

I wiped my penis dry on my t-shirt, then put the shirt on. I tucked the labels as best I could, then scooped down and picked up the lanyard, which I also placed in me. Leaving the woman, exhausted and spent, resting in the changing room, I unlocked the stall, exited, then locked it again, just in case. I wandered into the shop and found an older gentleman looking through trousers.

‘Hello, sir! Sorry about that, I was just dealing with something in the back. How can I help?’

‘Oh. Oh, no problem. I was just wondering if anyone was in. Although now that you are here, could I use your changing room?’

‘Ah. I’m really sorry we have a… leakage, in there. That’s actually what I was handling. It’s out of use, I’m afraid.’

‘Oh, I see. Hm.’ He considered the trousers he was holding. ‘Well, this does look my size. And I can always return it if it’s not. Would it be okay to buy it?

I lead him to the till and scanned the woman’s card on the till. It logged her in, and I was able to navigate with only slight hesitation through the simple till system and ring him through. He thanked me, then left. I rung the shirt I was wearing through the same process, and paid for it, then removed the labels. I returned to the changing room. She seemed to have recovered slightly, although she was still leaning against the wall. Semen had leaked out of her and was dripping off the bench. She saw me walk in and gave me a happy grin.

’That was great. Thank you!’ she said. 

‘Thank you.’ I glanced at my watch. ‘That pretty much helped kill the time I needed for the train.’ I reached down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. ‘Which I now need to leave for. You were a good fuck. You should probably clean yourself up, though. You can keep the t-shirt.’ And with that, I passed her her lanyard and left her there, looking a bit taken aback by the abruptness, and I left the store and caught my train, never to return. 

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