Caught out Chapter 6

“Did you like it?” Jim asked his wife. She looked at him with a concerned look on her face. Thinking that she didn’t understand the question he clarified, “sex with Sammy, I mean.”

“Yes, I did like it, a lot better than with Rod,” Amy informed him with a smile hiding her concern that he might ask her more. “In fact, it was indescribably good,” she added.

“I had hoped that you and I could spend some time together for you to tell me about it but instead I’m only getting a few minutes with you while Sammy is having his shower to take you out again.”

“We’ll get time together tonight or tomorrow for me to tell you about it.”

“I know but I have to work tomorrow and tonight he may not bring you home until late. Besides we need to talk about protection for you.”

Finally, he raised the very question that she was most concerned that he would. “Jim, you know that I have trouble with the pill and it is difficult to get condoms that fit Sam but he has promised to pull out if I ask him to.”


“So are you saying that you will tell him to pull out every time?”

“Yes, I will tell him to pull out but perhaps not every time. Sometimes I get excited and forget these things. You know what I’m like. I get carried away sometimes and I’m finding that I’m getting more carried away with Sam.”

“But when you’re approaching your dangerous time you’ll have to. If you keep forgetting you know what will happen, don’t you?”

“Here, give me your hand.” Jim held his hand out to her. She took it and pulled his hand not very gently over to her and put his hand between her legs.

The first thing he noticed was she had no panties on. Then he felt wetness. He groped further with his fingers to find she was gaping open. “My God, you’re so stretched,” he told her with his mouth open in surprise.

“Yes, and this has only been from one night with Sam. It is going to get worse, not better, Jim.” Her hand took hold of his rock-hard dick. “Come with me,” she told him.


“Where are you taking me,” he asked.

“We’re going to the spare bedroom and I’m going to get you off because I won’t be of any use to you when I get home tonight. You can finger me to see how much I’ve changed while I wank you off.”

“What about Sammy?”

“It’s good of you to ask but he’ll be okay. I told him that I needed to spend some time with you before we go out and he is okay with that, this time. There may be times when he is not okay with it but that’s something we will have to contend with when it happens.”

“But I’m your husband. If I want to be with you, I will.”

“Jim, you don’t understand. You wanted this and now you’ve got it. Sammy is in control now, you’re not. Neither am I. That all changed last night while you were sleeping and wanking your little dick.”


“I didn’t wank, well maybe a little and my cock is not little! Its average,” he stated but added, “at least average,” as if to confirm that he was not little.

“Beside Sam your cock is small, Jim. Sam is bigger than you even when you are hard and he is slack. Remember, Jim, this is something that you wanted. Now, I was reluctant to go down this roadway but you kept asking me questions that told me that you wanted me to reach out to other men. I have now and that can’t be changed. I’m not sure where this ends but I want you to know that this is about sex, not love. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

“Not really.”

“Okay, Jim, you’re my husband and I love you and that is not going to change.” She took a big breath as he nodded, “but sex with me from now on will not be the same,” she hesitated before she added, “for either of us.”

“I see so where does that leave us?”

“It leaves us as husband and wife, loving each other and finding different ways to find sexual satisfaction with or without each other.”


“Are you saying that I should go out and find myself a sexual partner?”

“No, definitely not, you are not to go out on the hunt. Come with me, I’ll show you.”

Amy took Jim by the hand and led him to the spare bedroom. She indicated for him to lie down which he did. She then lay down beside him but in reverse with her head adjacent to his crotch. She unzipped his pants and observed that he already had a boner.

Jim realized he could smell her sex. The odour was strong so he knew that it was not only her that he could smell. It was the combined sexual fluids of both her and Sammy. He lifted her knee to separate her legs. He observed how messy her crotch was and how much she gaped. He had never seen his wife like that before but it turned him on to see it. For a while, he wondered how she could walk around without panties on but not leak sperm onto the carpet.

He lowered her leg as she took his dick into her mouth and he saw that her pussy lips were forced closed when her legs came close together which told him why she had not leaked onto the carpet. He wondered how long it would be before she would leak while walking around if she continued to have sex with Sammy. He guessed it wouldn’t be long and the thought of it turned him on even more.

It was then that she rolled over on top of him, placing a leg on either side of his body by bending her knees right back. Her sex gaped wide open in a way he had never experienced. Inside her, he could see a whitest jelly which he knew had to be the remnants of Sammy’s sperm. As he watched the jelly-like material slowly ran down her insides to accumulate on her pussy lips.


He knew what was going to happen. It was going to fall down onto his face. He couldn’t let that happen. He tried to move aside but she had him pinned down. He didn’t have any option. He had to lick her clean. He had to do it soon or it would be too late so he lifted his head and ran his tongue from her clit to her anus. Amazingly this seemed to increase the flow rate so he licked again and again.

It was then that he realized that her stomach muscles were rippling. She was forcing it out of her. He smiled, opened his mouth and placed it over the top of her vagina. His nose pressed into her anus and he felt it ripple as she forced more of Sammy’s sperm into his mouth.

Then he had a thought. She had never allowed him to have sex with her anally but he wondered. He pulled back from her slightly, pushed her down a little then placed his mouth over her anus and forced his spit and the sperm into her anus. Initially, her anus clamped shut but he pushed his tongue into her to force it open then as he pulled back he pressured the sperm mixture inside her anus.

By this time she had stopped sucking him.

“Do you really want to do this,” she asked him.

“Yes, I do,” he told her.


“Okay, I’ve got what I wanted so I have no right to stop you from doing what you have always wanted to do with me.” She lifted up onto her haunches into the doggie position. He lifted himself from under her and lined up behind her. She was very surprised when he pushed his dick into her vagina. She bought her legs together to create some friction and was surprised at how nice it felt.

Jim pushed in and out of her several times. He loved the slippery feel of her pussy coated by Sammy’s sperm. It told him that all was not lost for them sexually but he knew that they had limited time before Sammy would come to claim his living sex aid for the night. Knowing this he withdrew to Amy’s disappointment, lined up with her rear, and slipped into her a couple of inches.

Again he was surprised that he found it so easy to enter her. He had expected it would be difficult but in fact, although it was tight it happened without a fuss. He wondered if, in fact, she may have tried this before and made a mental note to ask her sometime when they were alone. He thrust in then out each time going a little deeper and in less than a minute he shouted, “Oh God, I’m going to cum.”

“Pull out, Jim. Don’t cum in there.”

Jim withdrew squirting three or four rather small shots of sperm over her rump. On the last squirt, the sound of clapping came to them. Jim looked up to see Sammy had been watching them.

“Come join us, Sam,” Amy told him.


Jim was not impressed but as always he allowed Amy to make the decision for them. Besides what could he do under the circumstance? By this time his dick had shrivelled and had slipped out of Amy’s anus.

“How did that go, man,” Sammy asked him. “Did you like your seconds.”

Jim realized that Sammy had not realized what had just happened, “It was fine.” Jim told him with non-committal uncertainty.

“That’s the best bit of pussy I’ve ever had but you think it is just fine. I can’t understand how you don’t love it especially given that I had greased it up for you,” Sammy told him.

“Maybe I’m a bit too greased up for him, honey,” she told Sammy.

Jim was shocked to hear his wife call Sammy, honey but there was nothing he could do about it so he let it pass. He looked at the mess he had made of her and told her, “I’ll get something to clean you up,” then headed towards the bathroom.


When he returned Sammy was lying beside his wife and they were kissing. He felt left out so put the wet rag on the bedside table and left them to it. He didn’t realize that he had just found out what his future from now on would be like.


Jim’s desire for his wife to find a lover to turn him on, to fulfill his dreams was to mean that his life would never be the same again. Sex with his wife in future would be grabbing a half-hour together while Sammy prepared for their night out. She would return to him far too late and far too used for them to consider sex even if she returned to him at night at all.

Sex for him was to become either anal after slipping a couple of thrusts into a very stretched pussy but more often masturbation thinking of what they might be doing.

There were exceptions of course but Jim never really enjoyed sex with pregnant women but then beggars can’t be choosers so each time that Amy reached seven months Jim enjoyed sex once more with his wife because each time Sammy would disappear for that period to return about a month to six weeks after the birth. Jim couldn’t go on top of course the way he liked with a woman so pregnant but then doggie or with her on top was not that bad.

More often than not Jim was just too tired to care about sex. Looking after young children so that his wife could go out with her black lover was very tiring after a long day’s work but then someone had to pay the bills. Amy couldn’t do it because within three months of the birth of each of Sammy’s children she would repeat those annoying words, “Jim, I’m pregnant again.” As for Sammy, he lived much of the time with them now except for the months around Amy’s birthing. For some reason, during that time he disappeared to appear again once Amy was capable of having sex again.


Last month, Amy spoke to him about the living arrangements. She was concerned that on the few nights that she came home after going out with Sammy she had been woken up by Jim going in to check on the kids. She suggested that if he moved into the spare bedroom nearer to the kids it might work better for them. That would also allow Sammy and her to come back home to have sex rather than to have to go to Sammy’s brother’s place. Jim just shook his head and walked away to the bathroom to have a shower before going to work.

Today when Jim came home he went to their bedroom to get changed out of his work clothes to find that Sammy’s clothes were hanging in his wardrobe. He swore loudly a few times, punched the wall then walked up to the spare bedroom. He knew what he would find, his clothes. “You would think that at least she would hang them up for me,” he mumbled.

After hanging up his clothes Jim made his way back to the kitchen to complain to his wife to find a beautiful slim black girl in her thirties talking to his wife.

His wife looked up from making her coffee and said, “Jim, this is Makayla. She is moving in with us. I’ve been concerned that you are spending too much time alone and being overworked with the children. Makayla has offered to help out in return for board, lodgings, and food. As all our rooms are now filled she will need to bunk down with you.”

“I… I…I d..d.. don’t understand,” Jim stuttered out.

“I will be with Sammy one hundred per cent of the time now so you will need someone to look after you. Makayla has offered to help.”


Jim turned to Makayla, “why would you do this. You don’t even know me?”

“Yes, I do. Amy and I have been talking about you for a long time now and I like what she has told me.”

“Okay,” he said. Amy was confused. It was not like Jim to give up so quickly and easily.


Jim walked away to his bedroom then called the local furniture shop, “I need two single king-sized beds,” he told the shop assistant who answered. “Can you deliver?”

Jim knew and understood that he had destroyed his marriage. His wife was no longer his but he still loved her and so he cared for her children. It wasn’t their fault. He had created this disaster. He was an intelligent man who knew that people like Sammy didn’t stay with one woman for long. They used them up then walked away. All he had to do was wait and look after the children.


As for Makayla, he believed that she would get the message and move on before long. Meanwhile, he had an assistant to help with the children. For how long he didn’t know. Perhaps they may even become friends but Jim only loved one woman and he knew if he was ever to get her back he had to make sure that he didn’t take any other woman as his lover.

It would take three years more before one morning Jim got out of bed and sitting at the breakfast table all alone was, yes you guessed it, Amy. Jim walked over poured himself a coffee and took a seat. A few minutes later Makayla joined them. Amy said nothing and Jim said even less so it was Makayla who asked the question.

“Where’s Sammy?”

Amy looked across at her, “he didn’t tell you?”

“No, why would he tell me anything?”

“I thought you were his plant to let him know what I was doing so he had complete control over us.”


“I don’t even like the guy. Why would I sell you out for him?”

“I’m sorry, Makayla. Why did you stay if you felt that way about him?”

“Your husband is pretty special and I guess I might have felt a little sorry for him, the way you and Sammy have treated him.”

Jim got up as the girls talked and slowly left the kitchen. He wandered off to the kids. He changed a couple of nappies then made a couple of bottles before he headed to the bathroom to get ready for work. His patience had finally paid off.

Sammy never came back. He had found himself a younger wife. When he heard of it, Jim felt sorry for the woman’s husband but there was nothing he could do except make the most of his situation.

Amy and Makayla became good friends and so Makayla stayed. She found work as a housekeeper in the neighbourhood so could help Amy out when she went on the search for a new man to keep her satisfied.


But then that is an altogether different story that Jim would prefer to not talk about just yet.

The End.

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