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Caught Out Chapter 5

“I sent him on his way, honey.”

“Was he being difficult?”

“Everything about Rod is difficult. I can’t understand why we got involved with him?”

“Unless I’m mistaken, it had something to do with nine inches, didn’t it?”

Amy laughed, “I have a very perceptive husband.”

“Yes, a perceptive husband but not very big, unfortunately.”

“He’s big enough for me. I love him, all five inches of him.”

“That was yesterday. This is today.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that once you have had nine inches of thick cock you will want it again and again and… Need I go on?”

“Possibly, but we don’t know that yet do we?”

“Come on, Amy. Remember the party. You and Rod were dancing and he took you outside. Now I don’t know what happened that night and you needn’t tell me if you don’t want to but what I do know is that you had not reached orgasm for several months before that night but after that night for a long time you reached orgasm every time with me.”

“What do you think happened?”

“I don’t know for sure but I know that after the party you were soaked and you almost raped me. As I have said before, whatever it was I loved it.”

“Is that why you bought Rod home to me?”

“That was part of it, yes.”

“I’m going to the movies on Saturday night with him. Do you want me to let him seduce me?”

“What do you want?”

“There you go again, answering a question with a question.”

“He won’t wear a condom. How safe do you think you are?”

“I should be okay. So what you’re saying is as long as I think I am safe you would like me to fuck him.”

“Yes, as long as you tell me about it.”

“I should tell you that Rod told me that a couple of his mates had suggested that they go to the movies with us. Are you sure that you still want me to go?”

“You’re teasing me, right?” He looked at her and realized that she was dead serious. “You’re not joking, are you? Who are they?”

“I think he said that their names were…   Let me think now…  Marcus was one…and the other one… Yes, he said Sammy.”

“Holy Dooley!  Sammy is black but he is a good bloke. I like him. He’s trustworthy.”

“Is he? Rod didn’t tell me that he was black. Are you upset, honey?”

“No, of course, I’m not. As I said, Sammy is a great bloke. Are you going to go through with it?”

“There you go again, firing back a question as an answer to a question.”

“Do you blame me?”

“That’s a double question. You’re getting excited, aren’t you?”


“You know, nothing may happen. We might just go to the movies then come home and that will be that.”

Jim shook his head, “No way. You told him you’re going to break it off with him, didn’t you?”


“He mentioned his friends after you told him, didn’t he?”


“I knew it. He is planning to gang fuck you with his mates.”

“That is probably his plan, yes. Do you want me to go through with it? Would you want to watch?”

“No, I couldn’t watch that.”

“Okay, that’s that then.”

“Will you be okay?”

“Of course I will. Rod might be pushy but he wouldn’t hurt me so I expect that I’ll be quite okay. I’m not sure about three of them though. Maybe I can pair off with one of them. What do you think?

“If that is what you want then go for it. Sammy is a nice bloke and you’ve always had this thing about you one day trying a black man.”

“You don’t mind me trying black,” she giggled, “They say once you go black you never go back.”

“Well, we might know if that’s true after Saturday night.”


“Hi Amy,” Rod turned to look at his two friends, “This is Marcus and this is Sammy. This is Amy, fellows.”

“Hi Amy,” they said in harmony.

“Hi Sammy, Hi Marcus,” Amy replied. “It’s nice to meet you. What is the movie tonight?”

Rod looked at Sammy and asked, “What have you organized, Sammy?”

‘It’s called the farmer’s daughters, Rod. It’s about some black farmhands who are left to look after the farm and the teenaged daughters while the farmer and his wife have a couple of months holidaying at the beach.”

Amy’s mouth dropped open, “Are you saying that it’s a porno?”

“Well, I thought that is what we wanted. It’s on at the underground theatre.”

“I’m not sure I should do this without talking to Jim first,” Amy stated while turning her head back towards the door. She could see Jim watching from the lounge room but she doubted that he could hear them because the TV was on in the background with the motor race that he had been watching on. She shrugged her shoulders, “I guess it will be alright.”

“Jim doesn’t care,” Rod told her.

“Jim cares a hell of a lot more than you think,” she snapped back, “but I guess it will be alright. You guys had better be good.”

“I’m always good,” Marcus told her then added with a laugh, “nobody has complained yet, anyway.”

“Funny,” Amy replied. “You had better behave yourselves I mean.”

“There is not much fun in that sweetheart,” Sammy said with a pleasant smile which Amy returned. “Come on, Amy, let’s go. Sit with me in the back of Rod’s jalopy.”

“Why not,” Amy said realizing that Jim was not going to save her. She knew him and she knew that not only would he not save her but if he came out he would embarrass her by asking her why she didn’t want to go. Worse still he would ask in front of the three guys.

As they bounced along in the back of the jalopy Sammy made a point of watching her breasts bouncing in time with the bumps on the roadway. She had not worn a bra on Jim’s insistence after he said, “What use is it to go out if you don’t give your date something worth looking at.” At the time it sounded erotic but now sitting in the back with the bouncing it seemed outright rude and uncomfortable.

“They’re nice,” Sammy told her.

“Sorry, did I miss something? What are you talking about?”

“Your breasts, they are very nice. They are perfect actually.”

Amy was embarrassed so not knowing what to say she simply said, “Thanks,” then dropped her eyes to avoid him looking at her. Then she saw it. She had heard how big black men could be but she had disregarded it as just a sick fantasy that some people might have but what she saw pushing along Sammy’s trouser leg was real, very real. She lifted her eyes up in embarrassment but saw that Sammy was watching her.

He smiled. “Yes, you make me excited,” he said. “I’m sorry if it embarrasses you but I can’t help it. It just happens.”

“It happens, what happens?” She asked not understanding why he was apologizing.

“This,” he said, placing his hand over the head of his long penis. “I get excited being with you and I can’t control it, I get hard. I know it must have embarrassed you to see it.”

“No, not really, I wasn’t embarrassed,” she lied, “I was just shocked to see its size.”  

“Have you not seen one that big,” he asked keeping his voice down so the other men in the front didn’t hear.

“No, never.”

“It’s a shame I can’t show you,” he told her. “Maybe I can later.”

“Yes, I’d like that, I think,” She looked up at him remembering that Jim has told her that Sammy could be trusted. “Sammy, Jim, my husband told me that you could be trusted,” She saw him nod in agreement. “Can I ask you a favour?”

“Sure, anything you want.”

“I’m going to break it off with Rod tonight. He put me under a bit of pressure and locked my husband out of our fun trying to keep me away from him. Jim is okay with it but I’m not happy about it so I’ve decided to break away from him. Would you mind acting as my date for the night?”

“Sure, I’ll do that but it might cause some issues because Rod invited me along. We’re in his car so he might get upset and make us walk.”

“We need not worry about that because Jim gave me some money so we can either get a cab or call Jim to pick us up.”

“Alright, so how do we go about it?”

“Well, to start with we would need to kiss a bit. Rod has been watching us in the mirror so then I might touch you. After that, you might need to get a bit touchy-feely with me but nothing too hot, if you understand.”

“Kiss me,” he told her.

Amy reached her arm up and pulled his face down to her to kiss. This continued for about five minutes then she broke away and placed her hand onto his erection. She ran her hand from its root to its head then looked up at him and said, “My God, it’s not only long, it’s almost as thick as a coke can.”

“Yes, it’s too thick. I have problems with girls. When they see it they get frightened.”

“You poor man, I promise that I will try as much as I can for you but you will need to be careful and patient with me.”

“You’re going to let me…… you know.”

“Yes, if you support me to make a break away from Rod then you can take me home and we’ll see where that leads to.”

“Do you want to take it out?”

“No, I won’t take it out, not here but maybe in the dark of the movie theatre. Now kiss me again and feel my breasts.”

Sammy did everything that she asked, exactly as she asked. It’s amazing what a promise of sex with a beautiful woman can achieve.


It was after the movie that Amy called Jim.

“Can you slip out to give Sammy and me a ride home, honey?”

“Yes, that’s fine but what has happened to Rod?”

“He didn’t take nicely to me saying no for an answer.”

“You broke up with him?”

“Yes, Sammy helped me so I’ve got to keep a promise that I made to him.”

“Okay, you don’t want to take him to a motel for the night?”

“I thought you might want to watch.”

“No, not really. I might get upset. Besides I’m still watching the racing.”

“Okay, we will take a cab to an upmarket motel. I’ll try to get home to cook breakfast for you.”


Amy hung up the phone and said, “Come on, we need to flag down a taxi.”

“He won’t come out to give you a ride home?”

“He suggested that we might like to try a motel.”

Sammy couldn’t believe his luck not only did he have one of the most beautiful women he had ever met with him but her husband had suggested that they find a motel for the night. “Suits me,” he replied and he wasn’t kidding.


After almost an hour of kissing, massaging, and touching each other, Amy told him, “I think it is about time, Sammy.”

“Are you sure, Amy? I don’t want to hurt you or frighten you away.”

“I’m okay, Sammy. I’m not like those young women that you have been with. I won’t get up and run out on you.”

“Okay, so how do you want to start?”

“Maybe a little fingering to start with and then when you have me nice and wet try a little penetration.”

“Alright, but tell me when you’re ready.”

“Oh, that’s nice, Sammy. Keep that up. Maybe try a second finger and then after a while, a third one. Stretch me.”

Sammy followed her instructions to a T and soon she was moaning and groaning. All the time he was using his thumb on her citreous. Eventually, she groaned out, “Oh, Sammy, I’m going to cum.” Sammy knew that this was his opportunity. He either made his move now or not at all.

He moved his six-foot-six frame up along her body, aligned his powerful weapon with her pussy, and using one hand to hold her open and the other to direct him, he thrust forward. A little over two inches penetrated her but it was enough.

“Oh, yes, Sammy, give it to me. Don’t stop now. Give me more.”

Sammy pulled back and thrust again and another two inches perpetrated her. Once more he pulled back and thrust forward. Amy bent her back and thrust upwards to meet him, “Oh, God. I’m cumming,” she shouted, “I feel so full.” That was all Sammy needed to hear. He thrust forward time after time, after time until only one inch remained.

Then she wrapped her legs around his back. Sammy knew the moment that she did that she was his, not only now but for as long as he wanted her.

Jim waited at home, walking the floor expecting that shortly she would be home but that was not to happen. Amy had found something that she didn’t know or understand existed in this world. She screamed, she moaned, she groaned, she bucked wanting more and Sammy was the one to give it to her. Finally, he had found a woman who could take him completely and he had no intention of letting her go. She was his now, he knew it and Amy knew it. Jim was yet to find out but that would come in time.

Several hours later, well after the morning sun had shone through the curtains on the motel window for the first time Amy thought of her husband, Jim.

“Oh, my God,” she called. “I’ve got to go.”

Sammy put his arms around her and with his weapon still buried completely inside her he sat up holding her firmly against him.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he asked.

 “I’ve got to get home to Jim!” she told him.

“I see. Jim told you to enjoy yourself, didn’t he?”


“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, I am. I’ve never enjoyed myself so much in all my life.”

“Good, then hand me your phone. It’s just there on the bedside table.”

Amy picked up her phone and realized that she had turned the sound down for the movie so she hadn’t heard Jim calling her.

“Jim’s has been calling,” she told him.

“That’s good. Now give me your phone, sweetheart.” Submissively Amy handed her phone to him. After she had done so she had second thoughts.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to call Jim and tell him that I’ll bring you home later in the day.”

“He’s going to be upset. He’ll say no.”

“That’s okay but he has no say. He sent you out last night knowing what was going to happen so we’re in control now. He’ll just have to suck it up.”

Amy was too shocked to respond. Oh my God, she thought, how is Jim going to handle this? Then she felt a stirring inside her. It felt good, very good. She was with a real man, now, someone who will look after her and protect her and service her like she always wanted to be serviced. Sammy had only cum once inside her all night but had stayed hard and not once withdrawn from her. Let’s see how Jim handles this. After all, it was Jim who wanted it, wasn’t it, she thought.

Sammy was fiddling around not finding the number to call. “Ah, the number is there, Sammy.” Amy told him, “Put it on loudspeaker. I’d like to hear.”

“I thought you might. By the way, I want you to call me Sam from now on and when you talk to your friends about me make sure you use my nickname, Big Sam. Let’s make ’em all a little jealous, shall we?” he told her with a grin.

Amy smiled, liking the idea while Sammy hit the call button on her phone, “Hi Jim, I’m calling to let you know that we have had a magnificent night.”

“I was worried about her,” Jim told him.

“Yes, well Amy is fine. She’s a little busy right now to talk but I’ll bring her home around one or two o’clock this afternoon so she can tell you all about it. I’ve booked a restaurant tonight for us so I hope you don’t mind if I have a shower and get dressed at your place for our date tonight.”

“Date, she didn’t mention anything about a date?”

“That’s okay, Jim. She’ll be able to fill you in on the details as I get dressed to take her out.”

“Where is she now?”

“She is sitting on my cock, Jim and I’m just about to cum inside her again. You don’t want to spoil it for her, do you? I’ll see you at around one or two o’clock this afternoon.”

“Wait, Sammy, you are using a condom aren’t you?”

Sammy chuckled, “Nay, that would ruin it for all of us, Jim. You know where you want this to end. No husband sends his wife out dating other men unprotected without knowing the end result. I promise that we will make it as exciting as possible for you, Jimmy boy. You do trust your wife, don’t you? I will pull out every time she asks me to without hesitation.”

“Oh, God!”

“See, Jim. I know that you almost cum. It just adds that little bit of spice to it, doesn’t it? Now, I need to get back to Amy.”

“Did you, last night,” Jim asked in desperation.

“Did we what, Jim?” knowing what he meant but wanting to hear Jim ask him.

“Did you pull out, last night?”

 Sammy chuckled again, “No, Jim. I said I would if Amy asked me to but she hasn’t asked me yet. I think she is just enjoying it too damn much. Besides, she told me that you love creampie. You do, don’t you Jim?”

“Oh, Christ, Oh, God!”

“There you go, Jim. I told you that you love creampie. You orgasmed just by being told about them, didn’t you? See you later Jim.” With that, he pushed the end button. Amy looked up at him and pulled his head down to kiss him.

“I think I’m going to love dating you, Big Sam.”

“Not as much as I’m going to enjoy dating you, sweetheart. Now you will listen to your husband and tell me to pull out, won’t you?”

They both burst out laughing then got a rhythm going to achieve that orgasm they both longed for.

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