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It started
small enough. A routine doctors check up. Blood work
up and low taboo blood pressure. Not a bad check up.

The doctor set up a diet and some medication for my
blood pressure and some injections for off setting the
thin blood. The diet was ok, the pills no problem. The
workout program was a bit aggressive. After several
weeks of the program he needed to prescribe a  taboo cream for
my chest.

My muscles were sore and did not seem to heal. It has
been six months since my check up and I seem to be
better. She as allowed me to grow my hair longer as it

Sloppy grotesque kink between brother and two sisters

For the past few months I have been been having an incestuous relationship with my two older sisters Becky and Lisa. The last weekend with my sister Lisa left me with mixed emotions. We both confessed to having developed strong feelings for each other that went beyond normal sibling affection. It even went beyond the […]

Creampie A drunk mother

“Another,” I slurred while raising my hand to attract the barman’s attention. “Ma’am, don’t you think you’ve had enough?” He asked with concern in his voice as he took away the empty glass that was in front of me. Advertisement I gave him a withering look. “I’m old enough to know when I’ve had enough […]

Brother and sister discover a glory hole and share it

John and his sister Erica were still asleep when their father pulled into the gas station. The trip took twelve hours and they still had six more hours left. Their bodies were contorted and twisted as they slept through most of the trip. Visiting family was always like pulling teeth for both of them, and […]

A white wife decides to be black bred

We assembled in the lobby, all seven of us naked, and it was the first time I really got a good look at the other women. More than anything, I was shocked at how young Melissa was. She couldn’t have been more than twenty. She was gorgeous — almost six feet tall, skinny, flawless alabaster […]

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