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She doesn’t wear a bra at home when nobody else is there. So whenever the front portion of her saree drops, he can see her nipples poking out of her semi-transparent blouse.

She was mature hesitant about the outfit as it was a bit revealing. But my friend somehow managed to convince her, saying there’s nothing inappropriate and it’s just us. We are his close friends. She reluctantly agreed.

again came on her and was kissing her body parts. Then I rubbed my cock on her pussy lips for some time. Then I slowly started pushing my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was very tight for obvious reasons. Half of my cock was inside her when she suddenly opened her eyes, but she was still looking drowsy.

I love Moby dick

#Incest #Teen #Virgin 1 min ago 1688 Words | 0 |0.00 By mobyandme Uncle Adam introduced me to Moby, his cock, at first I was unsure about touching his cock but he taught me some stuff and now I love it so much. Cock fun with Uncle Adam was my favourite type of fun, he […]

Mom caught me jerking off in the bathroom

#Incest #Teen #Voyeur 2 mins ago 569 Words | 0 |0.00 I was jerking off in the bathroom and mom walked in on me doing it. She saw what I was doing and gave me a helping hand. My story isn’t as full on as most of the stories on here but its still a […]

My budding little porn stars

#Abuse #Rape #Teen 2 mins ago 1430 Words | 0 |0.00 I took advantage of Laura and Annie when they were sleeping and made them my little porn stars. They were magnificent. If only they knew. We lived in a block of flats and our neighbour down the hall knocked on our door late at […]

My Celebrity(Momina Mustenshan) Real Story with Kunal

#Others 2 mins ago 481 Words | 0 |0.00 By Momina Mustenshan Hello Everyone i am momina mustehsan those who dont know can search on google i am a famous pakistani singer and famous in bollywood too.My songs have 100s of millions of views.I had done some bollywood songs too. I did a song “ […]

A fantasy about my daughters friend became real

#Teen #Virgin #Voyeur 1 min ago 1827 Words | 0 |0.00 I’ve been wanted a piece of her for ages and when I could no longer resist I took a chance and it paid off. She rode me in my car after school. Every single day for the last 3 years I have driven my […]

Great tenderness

#Virgin 14 seconds ago 611 Words | 0 |0.00 By Crimson It wasn’t supposed to happen. As I write this I feel so muck tenderness and love. Being soaked in such and emotion. Ever since I was young, I knew I was a bit horny and into sex. But no matter what I would control […]

Raping a little girl in the park

#Group Sex #Rape #Teen 2 mins ago 707 Words | 0 |0.00 I’m 16 and me and a few friends gangbanged a cute young girl in the park. She looked about 8 or 9 and was alone. The park is quite large with a good amount of hidden or hard to get places. I’ve always […]

Halloween night and becoming a lover part 2

#Gay #Teen 13 mins ago 1174 Words | 0 |0.00 By Cd So after mom told me about it she said that I should go up and take a bath .I said ok I went to the bathroom room and ran tub and was getting undressed when mom came in an gave me a douche […]

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