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Calling All Outdoor Cat Parents: You Need This Heated Pet House This Winter

Being an outdoor cat is all fine and dandy, I’d imagine, until it’s negative degrees outside and you’re jealous of domestic cats who have access to warmth. But not this winter! Now, your outdoor or feral cat will be riding out the cold weather in a heated cat house, thanks to this Amazon best-seller. Heated […]


Even though cunnilingus sounds like the perfect name for a female superhero, it’s the fancy word that is used to describe oral sex performed on a vagina-haver. But while Cunnilingus is an oral sex technique, it doesn’t mean you can only use your mouth. Lots of people incorporate dildos, vibrators, or other sex toys (as […]

32 Iconic Diwali Captions to Use for Your Instagram Post This Year

Every year for five sweet days in late autumn, the beloved Diwali festival occurs and order is truly restored in the universe. Celebrated by millions across the world, there’s a lot to love about the Hindu festival of light—like the whole good triumphing over evil thing, light overcoming darkness, and new beginnings. I truly believe […]

Jennifer Lopez Says She Still Feels Like a Hollywood Outsider

When people think about Jennifer Lopez, they definitely aren’t picturing someone unsuccessful. J.Lo has been a hit at pretty much everything she’s tried—dancing, acting, singing, and now launching her very own beauty line, JLO Beauty. Lopez made a promotional video with Sephora for Latinx Heritage Month and opened up about the fact that things aren’t […]

Brendan Morais Posted a 7-Minute Video Apology for His ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Drama

Brendan Morais is continuing his apology tour for his part in the big drama that went down on Bachelor in Paradise. Said drama hit burn-down-the-beach levels of intensity and ended with Brendan and his his semi-secret, pre-show, Technically Not Official GF Pieper James leaving the beach early, practically chased out of Mexico by the anger […]

Don’t Set Your Alarm for ‘The Morning Show’ Season 3 Just Yet

The Morning Show has officially returned to Apple TV+ with season 2. But just because the show-within-a-show takes place in the wee hours of the morning doesn’t mean we actually have early access to news about its future. There’s no official news about The Morning Show getting another season just yet, but let us explain […]

Everything You Need to Know About New ‘Bachelor’ Clayton Echard!

Big news from the unhinged world of Bachelor Nation: Clayton Echard is our new Bachelor. Obviously, Clayton is brand new here due to the fact that he has literally never appeared on a Bachelor franchise TV show. Yet! This dude is a contestant on Michelle Young’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette, and has already started […]

TikTok Star Remi Bader Majorly Called Out Fashion Brands—And It Worked

It’s not every day you go from working a corporate job to being a social media star. But for content creator Remi Bader, this was her actual reality. The 26-year-old influencer, who lost her job just a little less than a year ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic, quickly built an empire on TikTok that’s […]

Beyoncé Shared a Ton of Euro Vacation Photos With Rumi and Jay-Z on the Afternoon of the Met Gala

Beyoncé was photographed in Cannes, France recently, and while we are sad that she skipped the 2021 Met Gala, Bey hopped on Instagram to generously make up for her absence. Bey shared three grid posts full of her European birthday vacation style. Notably, her four-year-old daughter Rumi appears in one shot with her and Jay-Z. […]

There’s an Unnerving Easter Egg in the ‘Succession‘ Season 3 Release Date Posters

Get ready everyone, because it looks like the Roy family will be back on our TV screens a lot sooner than we thought. HBO revealed that Succession season 3 will premiere on October 17. Of course, it wouldn’t be a new season without a flashy new poster featuring our dysfunctional family as they reel from […]

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