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Her boss introduces Jenny to lesbian love

“Thanks for coming in, Jenny. We’ll be back in touch with you.” And with those words, I figured that was all I’d ever hear about the summer job I’d just interviewed for. I’d spent half the morning getting ready to meet the manager of Dustee’s, the little clothing boutique at the mall where I’d put […]

Crimson Sentinel – 166 (Death Dagger Hill)

#Exhibitionist #Lesbian #Voyeur 21 mins ago 4299 Words | 0 |0.00 By Maxdefault Pam pulls her shorts down and squats over Ryleigh’s head, and lets the pee flow, like a mountain stream. Crimson Sentinel – 166 (Death Dagger Hill) Use the Main Characters List Link below for a graphic representation (picture) of the Main Characters […]

Two friends fall in love; mad science and lesbian sex ensues

Samantha leaned forward and spat, a sticky white string dangling briefly from her mouth before breaking. Humiliation, she thought, her mouth full once again, her breasts swaying with the vigorous back-and-forth motion of her right hand. Lost in thought, she’d been brushing her teeth for a full six minutes. No, not just humiliation, degradation, she […]

Sloppy grotesque kink between brother and two sisters

For the past few months I have been been having an incestuous relationship with my two older sisters Becky and Lisa. The last weekend with my sister Lisa left me with mixed emotions. We both confessed to having developed strong feelings for each other that went beyond normal sibling affection. It even went beyond the […]

Camping with my little Brother and Sister

It has been almost a year since my brother and I started getting closer than a brother and sister should be getting we have been playing with each other and fucking each other almost every day before and after school even after everyone in the house is asleep we would sneak into each other’s bedroom […]

Lesbian Roommate

#Lesbian 41 seconds ago 559 Words | 0 |0.00 By crissxcross i’m the lucky guy that gets to fuck his lesbian roommate i feel like i’m a lucky dude. so last year when the pandemic was at it’s height, my friend and i decided to move in together to save money. we’ve known each other […]

I will do anything to get out of debt (part 3)

#Abuse #BDSM #Lesbian 2 mins ago 2254 Words | 0 |0.00 By A.B.Smith. Thanks to my stupid husbands gambling losses I decided I would do anything to get out of debt. The man standing behind me who had been fucking me with a cock that felt it was as big and hard and long as […]

Brother and sister discover a glory hole and share it

John and his sister Erica were still asleep when their father pulled into the gas station. The trip took twelve hours and they still had six more hours left. Their bodies were contorted and twisted as they slept through most of the trip. Visiting family was always like pulling teeth for both of them, and […]

“A Shemale Submission”: A Lust Story

I have lived a dual life for years… since April 20th, 2010 to be exact. That was the day I released my first two erotic stories on Literotica: ‘The Complete Submission’ and ‘The Perfect Fall’. Looking back at those two now, I cringe at my writing: my lack of character development, my vague semblance of […]

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