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Date Nut

#Cheating #Interracial #Teen 12 mins ago 1673 Words | 0 |0.00 By Nic18 My momma had a date, but he just kissed her at the door, and said “Good night, sugar.” Went in, and left him there. “Don’t worry,” I came out from underneath the stairs, but I put out my cigarette when he pulled […]

Bustin’ Nuts

#Group Sex #Interracial #Teen 4 mins ago 2425 Words | 0 |0.00 By Nic18 I tried to quit, never even should’ve started it in the first place, but then I smelled it. #Woke #BLM #SJW #CheckYoPrivilege FrosT pulled out a full pack right off the bus, and started packing it. He don’t even smoke, just […]

I’m Bisexual

#Bisexual #Group Sex #Virgin 16 mins ago 2044 Words | 0 |0.00 By Author Pen Dragon I told my brother first, because he was the only one I could think of. Also, he started getting popups on his laptop. Mom saw one, when he got it out to do homework in the kitchen. Then, dad […]

Crimson Sentinel – Preface (Covers the Previous Mercury Series Too)

#Others 7 mins ago 404 Words | 0 |0.00 By Maxdefault I have gathered media data (photos) to help you visualize the characters better. I have uploaded the photos to a simple picture hosting platform… I stopped writing on July 8th because I hit a wall. In my pondering I felt like some of my […]

Lesbian Roommate

#Lesbian 41 seconds ago 559 Words | 0 |0.00 By crissxcross i’m the lucky guy that gets to fuck his lesbian roommate i feel like i’m a lucky dude. so last year when the pandemic was at it’s height, my friend and i decided to move in together to save money. we’ve known each other […]

Aunt’s in his Pants

#Exhibitionist #Group Sex #Voyeur 1 min ago 2607 Words | 0 |0.00 By Author Pen Dragon She called me her “Step-Niece in law,” because she married my mother’s sister… Of course, that makes them lesbians, and IDK what to think about that, but let’s just say that Incest runs in my family. I’m not gay, […]

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