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More Than Just a Thank You Chapter 2: Desserts

My pace quickens up the stairs as I once again unbutton my chef coat, sliding it off my shoulders and dropping it, along with the table cloth on the steps below. I reach the top and come up from behind you, wrapping my arms around your slender waist running my hands wildly across your nakedness. […]

The Assistant State's Attorney's Prerogative

“What about…” I tried to protest, but she cut me off. “Be quiet, or we’ll get caught,” she insisted. She pulled me into a stairwell, and we quickly went down one level. We moved purposefully without looking like we were in a hurry as we moved to the far end of a long, darkened hallway. […]

The Game

Endless meetings My mind drifts Phone lights up “Our Jazz club” A barechocolate nipple fills my screen Your nipple Unknown I wet my lips   “Find me.”  Phone goes dark Busy club  Soft jazz filtering outside Band playing Fluid My eyes find you Low cut Red dress Your favourite colour Chatting up the bartender Seeing me  […]

Pat admits to an early and minor discretion.

Series: A new path. Pat and I were in bed. She was sitting on my dick which had begun to deflate after filling her tight pussy with my cream. For a fifty-six-year-old, Pat has exceptional control over her vaginal muscles. It’s incredible how she can pull the last few drops of cum from my balls […]

“The Braid Up:” How to Create These Stunning Butterfly Locs

Listen, I love the look of some long, luscious dreadlocks just as much as the next person—but I don’t really feel ready for the commitment that comes with them. But let me fill you in on a little secret: If you want to live out your Chloe x Halle-esque hair fantasy without actually getting dreads, […]

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