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Sautela Pyaar

मैं इंदौर के एक छोटे से गाव का लड़का हूं… मेरे घर में हम 3 लोग रहते हैं, मैं, मेरी सौतेली मां और मेरे पापा… Papa : Ramesh50 sal K Hai Zyadatar ghar k bahar hi rehte hai…aur Humesha Nashe me Rehte hai Jab bhi ghar aate hai Thode Saukhin Type k the…wo private company […]

I love Moby dick

#Incest #Teen #Virgin 1 min ago 1688 Words | 0 |0.00 By mobyandme Uncle Adam introduced me to Moby, his cock, at first I was unsure about touching his cock but he taught me some stuff and now I love it so much. Cock fun with Uncle Adam was my favourite type of fun, he […]

Mom caught me jerking off in the bathroom

#Incest #Teen #Voyeur 2 mins ago 569 Words | 0 |0.00 I was jerking off in the bathroom and mom walked in on me doing it. She saw what I was doing and gave me a helping hand. My story isn’t as full on as most of the stories on here but its still a […]

My budding little porn stars

#Abuse #Rape #Teen 2 mins ago 1430 Words | 0 |0.00 I took advantage of Laura and Annie when they were sleeping and made them my little porn stars. They were magnificent. If only they knew. We lived in a block of flats and our neighbour down the hall knocked on our door late at […]

My Celebrity(Momina Mustenshan) Real Story with Kunal

#Others 2 mins ago 481 Words | 0 |0.00 By Momina Mustenshan Hello Everyone i am momina mustehsan those who dont know can search on google i am a famous pakistani singer and famous in bollywood too.My songs have 100s of millions of views.I had done some bollywood songs too. I did a song “ […]

A fantasy about my daughters friend became real

#Teen #Virgin #Voyeur 1 min ago 1827 Words | 0 |0.00 I’ve been wanted a piece of her for ages and when I could no longer resist I took a chance and it paid off. She rode me in my car after school. Every single day for the last 3 years I have driven my […]

Great tenderness

#Virgin 14 seconds ago 611 Words | 0 |0.00 By Crimson It wasn’t supposed to happen. As I write this I feel so muck tenderness and love. Being soaked in such and emotion. Ever since I was young, I knew I was a bit horny and into sex. But no matter what I would control […]

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