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Carpe Diem! Sally Surprises Us

Brenda and I were quietly relaxing when my email pinged and I saw we had received a mail from Sally, a friend of ours for a few years. Our friendship is just platonic. She sees us as a kind of Agony Aunt and Uncle, bless her! You would call her open-minded in thought but a little conservative in life-style. Nonetheless, we are very fond of her.  I started reading while Brenda was watching some daft thing on TV. But I soon said to Brenda that she should turn that off and read this with me! Here’s why (and any advice or suggestions you have for Sally would be most welcome):

Hi Guys!

I hope you and Brenda are both well and enjoying your holiday (as I’m sure you are, you naughty pair! lol) I hope you don’t mind me burdening you with this but my head’s in a bit of a muddle and I’m not sure what to do.

You remember I broke up with Pete a little while back. It was a tough decision; not least because he was, it has to be said, a quite amazing lover! It was just… his need to be in charge was getting too much for me. Yes, yes! I know you’ve called me a control freak but at least I only try to control myself and my own emotions!

Well, recently, I met this lovely guy called Simon. We’ve had a few dates. We always seem to get on really well. He’s pretty clever, dresses nicely and just very easy company. So, it all looks good! Or does it? This is why I wanted to ask you two what you think.

I was a bit afraid to tell Pete that I’d met someone else for some reason. Maybe it felt a bit too soon or something. Three months… what do you think?

Anyway, I did tell him and was nicely surprised when he said he was happy for me. But I was even more surprised with what happened next.

Simon and I were out for the afternoon, just looking around the shops and so on. It was lovely. We’d booked a table for two at a nice Thai restaurant in town. Then, the plan was to go back to his place – probably for the night. 

He’d only described his house up to then; an old-style cottage with oak beams and everything. It sounded really cosy so I was looking forward to seeing it. But other than that, we had agreed on not planning anything; you know, like sex. We would just go-with-the-flow as they say.

Of course, that didn’t stop me dressing to please in a body-hugging black dress that stopped near the top of my thighs, a flimsy thong and a quite tight bra that accentuated my cleavage! I know… shame on me, right? Haha! It did make me feel a bit naughty, especially with all the male attention it drew as we browsed the shops. I admit to a certain level of anticipation by the evening and we reached the restaurant.

But then, just as we were sitting down to order our dinner, guess who should come through the door! Pete! Yes! My heart sank. I prayed he was only there to get a take-away but noooo, he just had to have a bloody table, didn’t he? 

“Are you ok?” asked Simon, noticing my sudden slight attack of nerves.

“Umm, yes, yes, fine thanks,” I answered, unconvincingly. 

Pete spotted us and hesitated, but then offered a polite and friendly little wave as the petite and pretty waitress went to greet him. He slipped a small backpack from his shoulders as she started she led him to his table. Simon saw this.

“Ah,” he said. “I’m guessing from your face and slight trembling that this is your ex? Pete?”

“Yes,” I hissed. “Why did he have to choose here for fuck’s sake?”

Simon thought quietly for a moment. I had already explained a little about why he was now an ex so he had some understanding of the situation; how Pete was a nice enough guy. But too controlling.

“You know what?” said Simon. “Let’s invite him to join us.”

My eyes bulged in surprise.

“No bloody way!” I protested. “This is supposed to be our evening!” I protested.

‘And it will be,” replied Simon. “We’ll eat, feel relaxed that we can be adult about this and then … off we go! What can go wrong?” he asked confidently.

Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed. Simon sent the invitation via the waitress, who had to wait while Pete finished a phone call. He looked over at us, perhaps checking our faces, then grabbed his pack and came over.

“Umm, Hi!” he said in a friendly tone. “Are you sure you don’t mind me joining you?”

“Please,” said Simon, gesturing to a chair the other side of me at our quite small round table. “We wouldn’t have asked if we weren’t.” 

“Well,” said Pete, lifting his phone up in one hand. “Seeing as that call was my date cancelling at the last minute, that’s very kind of you so, yes, thank you!”

Apart from a little unease as they leaned across me to shake hands and introduce themselves, I had to admit, it did feel a lot easier than I believed it would and soon the three of us were munching our way through a lovely meal, having some wine and chatting.

The conversation flowed nicely enough but somehow – and I swear it was deliberate on Pete’s part – it got into discussing exploring life and how many ways there are to do that. It had been a favourite theme of Pete’s as I don’t need to tell you.

I became slightly irritated. Pete seemed to be in charge of the conversation. And of course, he slyly introduced exploration of the senses into the talk. Simon seemed quite intrigued though so I couldn’t get them off the subject! I’m sure Pete sensed my irritation too, judging by the smug look on his face, damn him!

He started getting a bit flirty as the conversation went on. I was hoping Simon would get annoyed or protective and change the subject… but he didn’t! 

Pete’s eyes kept dropping to my cleavage as well, which didn’t help. I’d enjoyed the attention from the strangers in the shops – and from Simon who made no attempt to hide his admiration all afternoon! But this was a bit too close for comfort! Or was it? This was where the confusion started, I guess.

I had to admit that I still fancied Pete. I didn’t want to! But I did. I didn’t want to like the fact that he kept eyeing my tits but, again, I did. My choice of wardrobe was supposed to be for Simon, though, not him!! 

“So, have you explored much?” Pete asked Simon. 

“Well,” Simon hesitated before answering, “Not as much as perhaps I should have,” he said, giving me a wink as he said it.

I wondered what he meant by that. It got me quite flustered – though I wasn’t sure why.

I can’t quite remember what question prompted it but Simon stroked my bare leg under the table as he answered. That actually felt nice, so I didn’t bat his hand away or anything. What I didn’t expect though was a couple of questions later when both Simon and Pete did the same thing together!

I jumped out of my chair and said I needed to visit the ladies room and hurried off. I sat to pee, wondering what the hell was going on – and why my nipples were hard! Telling myself to get a grip, I splashed some cold water on my face before returning to the table. They both smiled to greet me back. 

“Hmmm,” said Pete. “You’re a bit wet.”

My heart stopped.

“I bloody well am NOT!” I half yelled, conscious of other diners who might hear.

“Well, sorry,” said Pete, insincerely. “Just that you look a little wet.”

I glanced down in horror to see if my nipples were trying to poke through my bra and dress. Pete spotted this and chuckled.

“Your face, Sally. It’s a little wet,” he said, deliberately failing to sound innocent. My hand shot to my cheek and realised there was indeed a little water still there. I could have cheerfully murdered Pete at that moment and looked to Simon for any sign of support but found none.

Pete got up for his own visit to the loo.

“That cheeky bastard!” I hissed at Simon. “You do know what he was trying to do there, don’t you?” I snarled.

Simon didn’t answer. Instead, he simply slid his hand up my dress, moved my thong to one side and slid a finger inside me. catching me so much by surprise that I was rooted to the spot. I stared at him in total shock.

“Oh yes, I know,” he said. “But… it seems he was right!” 

I glanced frantically around the restaurant. Mercifully, everyone seemed oblivious to the fact that one of their fellow diners had a finger in my pussy under the table, so I stared back at him. More confusion hit me as I couldn’t find a single word to say.

Simon only withdrew his finger as he saw Pete returning. Pete sat down and noted our silence. 

“Have I missed anything?” he asked, almost mockingly. Simon shook his head, smiling. 

“No, no,” he said. I just stared at the table, totally perplexed by a mixture of horror and horniness.

Eventually, I managed to suggest that perhaps it was time to go. 

“Yes,” agreed Pete. “I should leave you to your evening.”

My sigh of relief at hearing this was cut short halfway out when Simon said, “Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m kind of enjoying the conversation. How about you join us at my house for a while before we say cheerio?” 

“Oh, I’m sure he wouldn’t…” I started to say but Pete cut in.

“That’s a lovely gesture, Simon! Thank you, I’d love that.” I wanted to glare at Simon but that confusion stopped me, if that makes sense! I’ve never felt angry and horny at the same time before. I didn’t even know I could

I sat between them in the back of the taxi, tense and fidgety. Pete sensed this and suggested to Simon that I might need a shoulder rub. He duly complied and began massaging me around the neck and shoulders. His hands did feel lovely and so I decided I probably did need it and relaxed into his touch. 

Pete watched Simon’s hands – and my face – closely and smiled benignly. Simon suddenly chuckled. 

“What’s funny?” asked Pete, smiling.

“You were right, Pete,” he answered. “She was…” and mouthed the word ‘wet’ silently in case the driver heard.

Pete’s hand reached up my dress and he did exactly what Simon had done. I tried to squirm away but had to admit it was more in case Simon got upset than because I wanted him to stop.

“Hmmm,” he hummed. “And still is,” he said.

As much as half of me was desperate to stop this from going any further, the other half couldn’t help but enjoy Pete’s fingers stroking my pussy and clitoris while Simon kept working on my shoulders; at one point, pulling my dress top and bra forward enough to inspect my now very erect nipples.

By the time we reached Simon’s place, I was soaking with anticipation but took Simon into the garden out of Pete’s earshot.

“Simon,” I said, stroking his face. “Are you sure this is a good idea? I really like you and had no inkling we would be ending up back here tonight…with him in tow! I thought this was going to be just us,” I pleaded.

Simon looked at me with such kindness.

“And we also agreed we were just going to go with the flow, right?” he answered. “OK, I know this feels a bit strange. We haven’t even been to bed together – yet. But, if I’m honest, watching whatever it is you’re feeling right now is turning me on!”

I studied his face carefully – and my own feelings which I still didn’t quite understand. I’ve always been a one-on-one kind of girl, as you know. Like anyone else, I’ve enjoyed a few fantasies but never seriously thought of acting them out! I said as much to Simon.

“And we don’t really know if that’s going to happen now either, do we?” he answered. 

I felt ‘safe’ thinking all this tension might simply serve to work us up to a passionate night together.

“OK,” I said. “But, you tell me as soon as you feel enough is enough. Promise me that please!” I begged. “This all weird! I’ve never been in a situation like this either…and not sure I want to be. I’m confused, horny, irritated… maybe mostly horny,” I said, looking down in shame as I said it. “But… I’m with you now. And I want to see where we might go together…”

“I believe you,” Simon replied. “And I promise to say if things get too much for me. The same goes for you too, by the way. OK?”

“OK,” I said and we went back inside to find Pete lazing on an easy chair as if he owned the place!

Simon and I sat on the sofa while we chatted some more. I kept looking around his living room. It was lovely. Cosy… and those old oak beams! Beautiful! 

Anyway…Simon had his arm around my shoulders and his hand rested gently on my boob. Pete kept looking at that hand. I didn’t know what he was thinking or feeling but, it felt quite nice so I let it rest there. That talk in the garden had relaxed me a bit although some residual fear still persisted.

At one point, Simon had to go and pee. While he was in the bathroom, Pete asked me directly if we’d had sex yet. I found the question cheeky but I thought honesty was the best way to deal with this so I told him we had flirted a lot and been sending each other saucy texts. But no, we hadn’t had sex.

I couldn’t believe it when Simon came back and Pete boldly said to him, “Simon, Sally tells me you haven’t had sex yet!”

Simon finally started to look a little embarrassed. ‘At last!’ I thought and wondered if he was starting to regret inviting Pete. Instead, he just drew in a deep breath and replied by saying that we would be getting round to that, he hoped.

There was a moment of slightly uncomfortable silence; a moment of total uncertainty where nobody seemed to know what to say or do next. Typically, it was Pete who broke it.

“Sally, come here,” he said, quietly but firmly.

I looked at him, aware that my first instinct was to follow his instruction but was annoyed with myself  that and tried inwardly to refuse but… I just got up and walked slowly over to him, glancing nervously back at Simon on the way. Pete took my shoulders and turned me around to face Simon.

“Now Simon,” said Pete, with his hands holding my shoulders. “Just look at this vision of beauty.” 

His words. stirred my growing lust which was quickly winning the battle between it and all the fear and trepidation I was feeling. I tried desperately to resist.

He ran his fingers through my hair, around my face and neck, then down my arms. I waited for Simon to protest at seeing his new woman being touched like this. But nothing came. Pete let his hands – no – I let his hands run further over me; wanting to stop in case Simon got angry and left, but getting wetter at the same time. 

His hands ran down my sides to my hips and paused.

“Look at these luscious curves,” Pete said to him as if he needed to. Simon seemed mesmerised, watching the movements. 

“It’s hard not to,” he answered.

“Hmm, so I see!” teased Pete, prompting me to look down at Simon’s crotch and notice a large – and I mean large! –  bulge appearing. Pete then took hold of my zipper and started to pull downwards. I was a bundle of nerves! Despite the swelling in Simon’s trousers, I feared this could suddenly be all too much and he would run. Yet, I couldn’t move. And I was getting wetter by the second. I could feel my nipples trying to push through the fabric of my bra and dress. 

Pete unzipped the back all the way down and slowly slipped the dress from my shoulders. It dropped to the floor, giving Simon a full view of my near-nakedness. He reached unconsciously for his crotch and seemed to try adjusting himself. “He must be running out of room in there,” I thought to myself! He looked huge – which sent all sorts of things through my mind!

Pete then unclasped my bra at the back. This moment was terrifying! Excitement was building like a fire inside me but doubts shouted at me that everything could collapse before it had started with Simon. I lifted my arms to keep my bra in place and turned to Pete. 

“Pete, maybe this isn’t…” I began trying to protest but Pete just placed a finger on my lips and told me to shush. Simon was now looking at my exposed back and the thong running down between my ass cheeks; bra straps hanging loose. Pete turned me back round to face him.

I let my arms drop to my sides, looking helplessly at Simon. I felt the room’s air rush in to tease my tits and nipples as the bra left its place and dropped to join my dress on the floor. My nipples were so erect I thought they could explode.

“Simon,” said Pete. “How can you stand there and not want to suck on these gorgeous tits?” 

My knees nearly buckled as he said it and any remaining resistance to what was happening just laid down with a dying whimper as my lust stood triumphantly over it, grinning into my face.

Pete took hold of my arms at the elbows and pulled them behind me, which pushed my tits forward. Simon stepped closer and bent down to them, taking each one in turn in his mouth, sucking greedily at their flesh, spreading his lips wide around my nipples. He took each one deep into his mouth and flicked them with his tongue. 

The intense pleasure waves this produced through in my tits spread through my chest, neck, head and down my legs to my toes. I was trembling under their influence. My legs shook and wanted to give way. My pussy was soaking.

He stepped back again, enjoying the sight of my nipples wet from his kisses. Pete released my arms and whispered into my ear to stay still. He knelt behind me and tugged at the sides of my thong. Pulling downwards, he slipped it off and tossed it to Simon who caught it and held it to his face. He closed his eyes and inhaled my scent deeply. 

This was the first time in my life I had been standing, totally naked, in front of – or between – two fully-clothed men. The sense of exposure mingled with complete vulnerability was more exciting than I could ever have imagined. A sense of abandon rushed into my whole being and instinctively, I reached down with one hand, thinking I would get my fingers coated in juices for the men to lick clean – or perhaps just give them a show.

“Ah ah!!” chided Pete behind me. He reached across for his pack and brought out a long coiled up rope.

“Oh my God!” I breathed heavily. 

“Wrists, please,” said Pete, unravelling the rope. I couldn’t tell how Simon was feeling by the direction things were turning but his face still showed no signs of protest!

I was in a trance as I obediently held out my hands in front of me, as if under an irresistible spell. This was new territory for me, let alone for Simon! Pete tied my wrists together, my palms flat against each other. He used just one end of the rope and tossed the long remaining part over one of the oak beams. Catching the end, he started pulling it until my hands were raised high above my head but I could still stand.

“I bet you’re wondering if she tastes as good as she looks, aren’t you, Simon?” came Pete’s voice from just behind my ears.

Simon seemed unable to answer verbally but simply knelt down and started kissing my feet. The return of his touch sent shivers right up my body. My breathing got heavier as his mouth found my ankles, then slowly and meticulously travelled up my legs, his head pushing them apart as he reached my knees. I could barely keep my feet on the floor. Only my toes were in contact.

Further up his mouth explored, tasting the flesh of my thighs, massaging them with his lips. This began to feel like torment as my pussy grew ravenous for his tongue. Higher and higher he slowly climbed until finally – FINALLY! – I felt the tip of his tongue lightly make contact with my clitoris and run slow gentle circles around her. I gasped and moaned softly as he began to explore between my folds, prising them open and sucking them into his mouth with his tongue wiggling around between their flesh. He was an expert! 

My head dropped backwards and was caught and supported by Pete’s chest. I felt Simon’s arms hook around the backs of my knees and he lifted my feet clear of the floor, placing my knees on his shoulders with my feet on his back. His mouth was firmly attached to my pussy and his tongue probed inside and out, working me up into a frenzy of raw sexual wanting. 

Then he grabbed my ass for support as he slowly stood up, his tongue still feverishly lapping my juices as they flowed into his mouth. He raised me higher and higher until I was suspended by my roped hands, my legs over Simon’s shoulders and my neck and head on Pete’s.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!!” I gasped loudly. I couldn’t believe this was happening; had never even pictured it. I surrendered completely to them – and then to the huge orgasm that had been waiting in my groin, growing but not moving, letting its pressure build and build until nothing could contain it. It surged up my spine, my front, my heaving tits, down my arms and legs and coursed into my head before exploding in a massive wave of sheer ecstasy. I cried out loudly as it tore through me, biting into Pete’s ear as I shook. He stayed still, just holding me in place.

As my orgasm subsided, my whole body went beautifully limp and the two men held me there, suspended between them at shoulder height. They allowed a little time to pass by then Pete untied my wrists and lowered me down so I could stand again. I was still weak though and they had to press themselves into me from front and rear to keep me upright. Their clothes against my nakedness felt… indescribable but kept me turned-on as hell.

It was Simon who moved first. Backing slowly away from me, he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it away to one side. Then he started to undo his trousers but Pete stopped him. Not a word was spoken. Pete merely peered around my head to catch my eye and raised one eyebrow. I knew what he wanted.

He held my arms behind me again at the elbows, gently nudging me forwards and downwards until I was on my knees in front of Simon’s bulging crotch. Pete let go of my arms long enough for me to pull Simon’s trousers and briefs down.

I gasped loudly in delight as Simon’s huge cock sprang free of its confines and seemed to aim itself at my face. He was a good eight inches and thick. As I pulled his trousers down to his feet and threw them away, I let that massive erection brush my cheek.

I then offered my arms behind me and Pete held them again. I leant forwards. Kissing the head first, I rolled my tongue around his large tip, tasting precum already coating him. Then I slid my lips slowly all the way down his gorgeous shaft; slowly and carefully. I wanted to feed him into my mouth all the way without gagging on the first move. 

My mouth and throat were filled with cock as my lips reached his body and I held there for a moment barely able to breathe properly, then slid slowly back up, rolling my tongue around his underside as I withdrew. In and out, up and down I savoured that delicious cock of his while Pete held me firmly. After a while, Simon grabbed my hair and stopped me moving and lifted my chin to look at him in the eye, still with his cock embedded in my mouth.

“Pete’s turn,” he said.

I wanted to savour this monster longer but dutifully turned to see Pete rapidly shedding his clothes but moving to stand by the arm of the sofa. I knelt on its cushioned base and approached Pete’s now rampantly hard cock. I took him straight in… sliding much more quickly up and down him than I had Simon. Simon was watching me closely as I feasted, his cock in his hand.

Presently I felt him kneel behind me as I kept sucking hungrily on Pete’s shaft. My hands were gripping his ass so I could keep him in my mouth and reaching my throat. My lust was on fire. He had my long hair bunched in one hand, holding it away from my mouth.

I’d never had an eight-inch cock in me before and wondered if I could even take it but soon felt the tip of Simon’s as he held it between my pussy lips and slid up and down between the folds and rubbed my clit with it. The torment of waiting!

He did this for a couple of minutes… sensing my desire and keeping me in that state of wanting as I wriggled my pussy on him, trying to draw him in.

“Arms, Sally,” Simon said at one point. 

I let go of Pete’s ass and kept his cock deep in my mouth as I reached behind me. Simon grabbed my elbows and thrust hard into me in one movement. It was incredible. I’d never felt so filled. My lips were securely wrapped tight around Pete’s cock so I couldn’t cry out but I moaned really loudly as Simon drove in and then held for a moment, before pulling slowly out, just as far as my lips, then drove in again.

It seems I can accommodate eight inches! And, fucking hell, does it feel good!  

He gradually increased his speed over the next few minutes, fucking me as hard as I have ever been, gripping my elbows as he did. Pete’s cock never left my mouth the whole time. I came again; another powerful orgasmic wave shaking my body. But things were not over yet!

Pete let my orgasm die down then reached down my back and started probing my ass with one, then two fingers, using some of my juices which had flooded over Simon as I’d come. Presently, he seemed to decide I was ready and pulled out of my mouth. I was shaking all over.

Simon then sat on the sofa. His erection stood proud and tall and, despite just having two huge orgasms, my hunger quickly returned; if it had even gone away at all! I straddled him and lowered myself onto that glorious flesh. This position seemed to fill me even more. He grabbed my ass and began. sliding my pussy up and down on his pole. 

My arms free now, I hugged Simon’s head and drew him to my tits again so he could suck my nipples as he fucked me. I thought maybe Pete had decided to leave us to it and just watch but, nope! After a couple of minutes riding Simon, I felt Pete’s legs press into my ass and his cock finding its way to my hole. 

I’d never been fucked in the ass before, let alone while having another cock in my pussy! I had no idea if I would like this or not but was willing to try almost anything by this point. Simon slowed down while Pete gradually eased his cock in. I came as soon as he was fully in, even before they resumed fucking me.

John, Brenda, I can’t tell you how amazing that felt! I found myself wishing there was a third cock there for my mouth! Being filled like that in both holes was the most incredible feeling! One in my mouth too would have been, I dunno, total containment or something! Does that make sense? Can you even believe this is me?

Anyway, this mind-blowing double-fucking, with my tits filling Simon’s mouth, and the total thrill of being sandwiched between these incredible lovers went on for about five or ten minutes more. It could have lasted hours for me though! Their rhythm differed slightly. Sometimes they drove into me together and sometimes one was on the out-stroke while the other pushed in. I’d never dreamed something could feel this good!!

I could tell then, that things were reaching a climax. I don’t think they really needed any encouragement but I yelled at them.

“Fuck me, both of you! Fuck me and fill my holes!” I demanded loudly. “I want all your cum!”

They gained speed and power, fucking me furiously. I relished the anticipation of what was about to come – literally! And then they did. Oh God, did they!

Pete’s cock twitched first. Simon’s was only a couple of seconds later. Those two cocks thrust inside as deep as they could reach. Simon had one tit in his mouth and Pete grabbed the other with one hand and my hair with the other. And then I felt them explode inside me, flooding my ass and pussy with what felt like copious amounts of cum. My mind focussed totally on that gorgeous sensation which then triggered another body-shaking orgasm in me too.

We stayed in that position for some time while everything slowly died down. We all felt spent and wonderfully satisfied; well, I know I did anyway! Haha! (No, I’m sure they did too!) When I eventually stood up from them, I felt cum start to drip from my pussy and ass onto my thighs. I reached down and caught it with my fingers, which I then licked clean. Waste not, want not, right!

I didn’t know if I was licking Pete’s or Simon’s cum – or both mixed. The curiosity at not knowing was a lovely feeling though!  

I think you will tell from this description, that it was the best sex I have ever experienced! I wondered if Pete was thinking to stay the night but he left us ‘in peace’ a little while afterwards and went home. Simon and I collapsed into bed, totally sated, needless to say! I woke Simon up the next morning with a blow-job. It didn’t answer my curiosity from the taste the night before but he tasted wonderful anyway and I swallowed everything.

So, after reading all that… what do you think? It was very strange… all that trepidation and confusion… but also amazing. Simon and my first time together happening in this way; Did I do the right thing? Would love to know your thoughts on all this. 

Speak soon! 

Lust and kisses!

Sally xxx

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