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Caring wife mistakenly ends up naked

My wife was always over eager to help out, especially for charity or a good cause. My sister-in-law simply isn’t that kind hearted, she’s manipulative and cunning, she knew that my wife’s good nature and sweet natural naïveté could be exploited, as on so many occasions now she played her like a Dutch harp.

As my wife still wasn’t working after arriving from Tokyo, she was bored and a little restless and needed something to occupy her. My sister-in-law was six months pregnant at the time and gigantic, my wife was a waif by comparison. They had spoken a few times about the foreign legion social club, a place for WW2 vets and ex-service men to congregate for subsidised beer and stories of heroism.

The topic had come up, as funding for the club was low and a variety of monetary functions hadn’t raised as much as needed, something on a grander scale to pull in the punters was needed and took the form of my wife!

My sister-in-law had come up with a novel idea, she’d hold a clothes auction at the legion with a difference. My wife was all ears and excited to help, not knowing her full part, apart from the fact that she’d be modelling clothes, that would be sold that evening.

The evening started well and had a huge turnout, lots of sons and daughters came with their respective spouses, my wife along with another slightly younger volunteer, put the first set of clothing on, which had been generously donated by a local business and modelled it on the raised stage, interested women began to make bids and things went well. I stood at the back of the room cheering my wife on.

Finally the last items were modelled and bids taken, my sister-in-law suddenly appeared on the stage to my surprise and was handed the mic, she thanked everyone for their generosity and then said in a stern serious voice, “and now for the main event, the moment you men and possibly women have been waiting for, the strip auction, where if you bid high enough, she’ll take it off for you right here, right now.”

I smiled at the thought of the dirty old perverts battling to get the other poor girl’s clothes off for a good cause, as my wife would never do such a thing! My face dropped when the other girl moved to the rear of the stage, leaving my wife in the centre, was my wife really going to do it? She was indeed.

First bid was for the long flowing silk skirt that she was sporting, as before the bidding started at 30, then 40 then 44, then 70, then peaked up to over a 100 and was bought by a couple in their 30’s, the tension in the room was intense, as the couple approached the stage, they handed the cash to my sister-in-law and then all eyes were on my wife.

She smiled nervously then with slight hesitation dropped her thumbs inside the skirt and slowly slid it down, revealing the yellow lace edged cotton panties, that I had bought her the month before, my wife was in her panties and everyone could see! She smiled and handed the skirt over to the lady.

Now standing in a short white silk shirt, she made no attempt to cover her undies, I doubt that I was the only one hard as a rock below, two minutes passed and the auction continued, the shirt was bought for 80, by a man in his 50’s..it was over or was it?

A few camera phones now started to snap away as the matching bra and ample cleavage poked out, ha ha they’d got my wife to strip to her underwear, but it wasn’t over…

A 120 was offered for the bra, my wife could have refused and ended the auction there, she finally made eye contact with me and mouthed “I don’t mind as it’s for a good cause,” my heart pounding now, I nodded my head in agreement to continue.

An old perv made a new bid of 140, no one had any money left to spend, so it was agreed, he eagerly rushed onto the stage and was almost salivating, as she unclipped the bra and handed to him, her breasts released this had been accompanied by chants of “off off off ” by the older gentlemen and a huge cheer and round of applause.

My wife stood in just her underpants, a hundred pair of eyes fixed on the cute Asian, I thought it was over, but she want finished, my sister-in-law congratulated her for her endurance, the bidding started again, my wife would be nude soon and photographed by all.

I kept wondering who’d really go through with making her naked? Topless was strong enough but completely naked? The bidding started at 50, then went up to 80, then 100, then 125…three old men put in a joint bid at 150 and the mock hammer cracked down sealing the deal…

I moved a few feet forward, my wife’s most intimate parts were about to be put on show, as the money was handed over, the band played a drum roll, in one swift movement the panties left her body and were thrown to the geriatrics. She was naked!

My wife stood hands by her sides in all her glory, her pert nipples looking erect and trim pubic mound, the audience went into rapture, clapping, screaming and whistling, she remained on the stage throughout, before she left the stage, my sister-in-law thanked her over the drowning noise of the crowd, “what a fantastic sport” etc. was shouted out.

Eventually, she left the stage and went round back to the makeshift changing area, I followed her inside where a couple of the old men were already waiting, she engaged in a naked five minute chat, before pulling out some white underwear and slipping it on, then slipping into some jeans and t shirt.

We went back inside and had a couple of drinks, it was strange being in a room where everyone one had just contributed into getting my wife naked!

I’ve never found out what my sister-in-law said to persuade her to strip, apparently the original idea was to strip down to just a bikini underneath…oh well everyone enjoyed themselves!

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