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Can’t stop fantasising about my little sister

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Every day and every night, every single time I see her, I fantasize about having sex with her and breeding her for the rest of my life.

I’m Matt, I’m 12, I haven’t really had a life yet, but I already know that I’m a sick, twisted, dirty pervert, who should probably be locked away before I do something horrible.

I have a sister, her name is Maisie, she’s 8 years old, she is such a beauty, long flowing golden blonde hair, big blue eyes like a Manga character, her face is symmetrical and perfect, rosy cheeks, a smile that melts your heart, and I can’t stop thinking about her, I have dirty sexual dreams and fantasies about what I’d like to do to her.

This story is one of my many fantasies I have about Maisie.

We’re alone in the house and I go to her bedroom, I gently kick open the door like I own the place, I lean against the doorframe smiling at her as she sits on the floor playing a make-believe tea party with her dolls.

She’s wearing white ankle socks with red hearts on them, a frilly summer dress covered in a pattern of yellow buttercups, she’s sitting cross-legged, the bottom of her dress clinging to her knees forming a small gap between her legs, just enough for me to see her little pink panties, her hair is free flowing in front of her face with just a single braid at the back, tied with a yellow ribbon, she looks up and sees me, her rosy cheeks puff up, her dimples appear and her bright white teeth shine as she smiles back at me.

I step in to the bedroom and quietly click the door closed behind me and I walk towards her, her eyes watching me the whole time, her head lifts and tilts back further as I get closer to her, I kick off my shoes to the side, she watches, wondering what I’m doing, then I pull off my t-shirt and toss it aside.

She giggles curiously, I keep smiling at her which forces her to smile back at me, god I love her little smile.

I unbutton the front of my jeans then pull down the zipper, she watches as I pull the flaps apart and push them down my legs, I step out of them and kick them aside, now I’m only wearing my boxer shorts and I notice her big blue eyes briefly glance at my crotch.

I bend down, slide my hands under her arms and hoist her up and hold her with her bottom resting on my arm, like a parent holds a toddler, I peel the hair off to the side of her face to look at her, she’s curious about what I’m doing but doesn’t question me, I’m her brother, she loves me and she trusts me, I gently tap her on her cute button nose with the tip of my finger, she giggles and smiles again.

I carry her over to her little pink bed and I sit her down, she’s still clutching one of her dolls and she plays with it, brushing its hair while I hold her feet and remove her socks.

I then stand up and lean over her, reaching down I pull the zipper open at the back of her summer dress, I kneel on the floor in front of her then politely take the doll from her hand and place it on the bed beside her, “Arms up.” I say, she lifts up her arms and I slowly slide her dress up and off her, she picks her doll back up and continues to play while I neatly fold her dress and place it on her dresser.

I go back to her and once again kneel in front of her, I place my hands on her knees and start to rub her thighs, her skin is like silk, incredibly smooth, I look at her little face, she sees me looking and smiles again before going a little shy, I push her hair over the back of her shoulders to get a good look at her, she has the cutest little nipples, a teeny bellybutton, and then my attention is drawn to her pink panties.

They’re a little loose fitting but tight in the crotch, I can see the outline of her pussy, the fabric of her panties and lightly sunk in the crack between her flaps, I pull them down and off her legs, as soon as they were off, her legs slammed shut again, she was embarrassed to let me see her special place.

I rub her legs and thighs again and eventually get her muscles to relax enough for me to pry her legs open, I open them wide and look at her smooth, rounded, hairless pussy, it glistens in the light like a priceless jewel, I kiss her thighs, which makes her giggle because it tickles, and I slowly move my lips further up her thighs until my nose reaches her pussy, I stick out my tongue and lick up her crack, it tastes like strawberry candy, it is very sweet.

I stand up and take off my boxer shorts and expose my cock and balls to her, my cock is fully erect, “Now you taste mine.” I say, and I shuffle forward and rub the tip of my cock across her cherry red lips, her tiny mouth slowly opens and my cock slides across her tongue like its laying down on a silk cushion.

Her lips cling and form an air tight seal around my cock, her hand comes up and she curls her tiny fingers around my shaft, she rubs my cock while simultaneously sucking the juicy tip, and I reach down between her legs and finger her virgin hole, I look down and stroke the hair on the top of her head as it bobs back and forth and I listen to the sound of her slurping

He mouth makes a popping sound of air as I lift her head up, she licks her lips, wipes her mouth and then looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes and smiles again, “Let’s lay down.” I say, she crawls across her bed like a kitten and I watch her cute little ass wobble around as she moves, she turns and lays on her back with her head on the pillow.

I get on to her bed and kneel, with the bottom of her feet touching my knees, I look at her body for a moment, she’s just lying there with her arms at her sides, perfectly still, her little body is a work of art.

She lifts her knees up and I pull her skinny little legs apart and wiggle my way between them, she’s a lot smaller than me so I’m careful not to crush her, I look down, far down, and her head is at my chest and she’s looking back at me, she looks back down between us and watches me tease her pussy with my cock and she giggles a little.

I push my cock between the folds of her opening and pause, “Don’t be frightened.” I whisper to her, I then gently lay my hand over her mouth and then I thrust my cock inside her pussy, she throws her head back with the pain of losing her virginity, I squeeze my hand tighter around her mouth when she screams, I keep going until most of my cock is inside her and then I pause again.

I pull my hand off her mouth, she blinks and stares at me again with the glint of tears in her eyes, I wipe them away, “You’re such a pretty girl.” I whisper, I slowly slide my cock back out of her and slowly back in, repeating every 10 seconds or so, my cock fit in to her pussy like a glove, if the glove was 3 times too small that is, her pussy was a very tight squeeze.

When the pain of me popping her cherry subsided, she began to moan with pleasure as we fucked, she sounded like girls in the online porn videos, only with a much younger and more innocent tone in her voice, her insides were squishy, soft and lumpy, and massaged my cock beautifully.

I fucked her for nearly an hour, it was slow because I wanted to enjoy every single moment, I got a bit faster near the end, I lean myself down on top of her, still trying not to crush her under my size and weight, I grab hold of her little ass, squeeze her butt cheeks hard and then thrust my cock deep in to her until finally it happens, “Ooa!” my semen rises up my cock from my balls, and then explodes from the tip, burst after burst, it shoots out and quickly fills her pussy to the point where it created back pressure and forced me to pull my cock back.

Then we fall asleep cuddling as my seed works its way through her body.

Even though she’s only 8, I fantasies about her getting pregnant with my child, I’d love to impregnate Maisie, and spend the rest of my life just breeding her and our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of which I fathered of course, that would be my dream come true.

I fear my fantasies will become reality if I can’t stop thinking about it though, every time I see Maisie I just want to rip her clothes off and fuck her brains out, you wouldn’t understand unless you saw just how beautiful she is, she is so beautiful.

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