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Can The Cast of ‘On My Block’ Really Act?

Random q: if I told you right now to “act” out say…the 🍣 emoji, where would you even begin? That’s the challenge we posed to the cast of Netflix’s On My Block, who joined us for our series That’s So Emo. The gist of this game is: we get your fave actors to really test the lengths of their skills by having them physically emulate different emojis.

Obviously, as certified professionals, Diego Tinoco, Sierra Capri, Jessica Marie Garcia, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, Julio Macias were all pretty good at handling their assignments. But the real question is…who was the best? 🏆 We hit them with tough asks, including but not limited to 🍿, 👖, and the ever-so-intimidating: 🤢. DiCaprio would be shaking in his boots trying to attempt these I reckon.

Watch to see which of the cast members came out on top, and be sure to check out season 4 of On My Block when it hits Netflix on October 4.

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