Can I help you, Miss.

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I helped my pregnant teacher carry her shopping home and she seduced me in to having sex with her. It was amazing. and I felt it kick.

I was walking home after school on a rainy day and I saw my history teacher, Miss Burch, walking home from the shops, she was heavily pregnant and struggling to carry two heavy bags of shopping, so I crossed the road and offered to help her carry some.

She was grateful for my help and when we got to her house we were both soaking wet through, she invited me inside and made me a hot drink, I sat on the couch drinking it while she went upstairs and dried herself off.


When she came back down she was wearing a pink fluffy bath robe and drying her hair with a towel, she sat beside me on the couch, “Oh, you’re soaking wet through. You poor thing.”
“I’m alright, Miss.”

“No, come on.” She said, standing and reaching for me to take her hand, “Let’s get you dried off.” She added.

She took me upstairs and gave me some towels and a big shirt to change in to and showed me where the bathroom was to go dry and change.

When I came out she was standing by her bedroom door rubbing her big pregnant bump, she smiled and chuckled when she saw me wearing her shirt that was three sizes too big for me, it made me laugh too.

I was nervous when she invited me in to her bedroom, I entered looking around nervously, “Come sit beside me.” She said, sitting on the bed and patting the mattress.

When I sat beside her she said the most unexpected thing to me, “Have you ever been with a girl?” she asked.


I was only 12, I hadn’t been with anyone yet, her question made me blush, “No.” I replied, embarrassed, then she kissed me, it was just a peck on the lips, but it made my heart beat faster and my body tingle with excitement.

Then she removed her bath robe, she was completely naked underneath, because she was pregnant her tits were massive but I couldn’t see her pussy because of her baby bump, she took my hand and pressed it to her bump, “Feel that?” she asked, then the baby kicked and I felt it, “Yeah. Wow.”

She pulled off the shirt I was wearing, I still had my boxer shorts on, but then she removed them too.

“Uhm – Miss?”

“Just relax.” She said, and she kissed me again repeatedly and then placed her hand on my crotch and rubbed my cock and balls vigorously, it was like nothing I’d felt before in my life, so good, I leaned back a bit and enjoyed her touching me down there.

She made me get up fully on to the bed and she joined me, she rubbed and sucked on my hardening boner, then she got on all fours, I finally saw her pussy from behind, it was shaven, bright pink and it looked soaking wet, “Do you want to fuck me?” she asked.


“Yes, Miss.” I replied, my cock was hard and I couldn’t take my eyes of her pussy, it was amazing.
She reached around and pulled her flaps apart, “Stick your cock in there.” She said.

I kneeled behind her and held on to her hips, I could see her baby bump underneath her, she had a big beautiful ass too, her skin was all soft like silk, “Come on, put it in.”, I guided my cock to her hole and I pushed forward with my hips, it slid inside her, it was so hot inside, the feeling made me gasp and my legs shook.

“That’s it. Now, fuck me. Come on.” She said.

She had such a sweet voice, calming and very sexy, I thrust a bit faster, the feeling was great, I was fucking my teacher and it was great, “Oh Miss!.”, I leaned over her butt and put my hands underneath her, holding on to her baby bump as I fucked her, I could feel the baby kicking inside her, it was bizarre.

“I think she likes it.” She said.

“Who, Miss?” I gasped.


“My daughter. My baby. She’s a she. I think she can feel you. Keep going.” She replied.

It was my first time having sex but I think I did a pretty good job, I just kept thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy hole and eventually I came, “Oh Miss. Miss!”, I felt my spunk shoot out inside of her hole.

She was breathing heavily and she moaned when I came, “That’s good. Oh that’s good. Good.” She said.

She was so nice to me afterwards, even made me dinner and washed and dried my clothes for me before she gave me a kiss, thanked me for helping her, then she gave me taxi fair home.

I thought about her all night and the next day at school she kept smiling at me and ruffling my hair playfully when no one was looking, I was her new favourite and she invited me back to her house several more times after school for sex.

It ended when she had her baby though.


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