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Camping with my little Brother and Sister

It has been almost a year since my brother and I started getting closer than a brother and

sister should be getting we have been playing with each other and fucking each other almost every day before and after school even after everyone in the house is asleep we would sneak into each other’s bedroom and sleep together and wake up with a pussy and ass full of cum and pee, Ned never really had to use the toilet I was his personal toilet and cum bucket and his little slut and I loved every moment of it.

My mum sister brother and i were all sitting to have dinner i could see Ned squirming and giving me a naughty look i winked at him and asked myself to be excused and had to go do some teenage girl stuff, a few moments later Ned got up to go use the bathroom or other words (use me) we met in my ensuite bathroom i was already naked waiting for him i asked him witch hole is he going to use today my ass, pussy or mouth Ned went to kiss my lips firmly then went on to my clit and rolled his tongue up my slit then bent me over and darted his tongue into my asshole he looked up at me and pointed to my pussy i sat up on the bathroom sink and spread my legs for him Ned moved his face between my legs and started making out with my pussy all i wanted was his dick in me but the way he was fucking me with his tongue was orgasmic i was holding my hands over my mouth to stop myself from moaning i was arching back and forth i could feel myself getting ready to cum i gasped loudly and pushed my pussy outwards into Ned’s face splashing his lips in my creamy girl cum, i watched my little brother swab globs of my cum of his face and pointed his fingers towards me to have a taste i use to taste myself all the time when I masturbated i love the taste of my cum i sucked my cum of his fingers and pushed his cock inside me and told him he better fuck me.

I felt a powerful stream of warm pee splash inside me my eyes began to roll as my pussy was being filled up with my brothers pee Ned then began to thrust his cock in me hard i swung my legs up over his shoulders and clawed his back and held him tight as his dick fucked me hard, his pee began to puddle out of me with each thrust making a very satisfying squelching noise, Ned slowed his pace and lunged into me deeper with his last few thrusts letting loose a large load of cum in my pussy it was a slight less powerful stream than his pee but it was satisfying me all the same.

After we both snapped back to reality we realised we left the door open and in that door way we saw my little sister Mia poking her head in the doorway Ned was quick to grab her and pull her in and close the door behind us i stood there in front of our little sister half naked with cum and piss pouring out of my recently fucked pussy with the angriest expression on my face i went face to face with her

“ok what did you see you pervert” i ranted at Mia

she was acting all nosey trying to ask us if we were having sex and like an idiot i told her no she then pointed at my pussy letting me know there’s cum and something else dripping out of me i couldn’t really act innocent at that point “yes we were having sex okay” i told my annoying little sister then she started asking us all these weird questions did he cum inside you? has he cummed in your mouth yet? are you going to get fucked in the ass? did you use protection

“since when did you become a whiz kid on sex” my brother snarled

Mia then went on to say she watches porn to she’s given enough blowjobs to claim she’s sexually active my brother and i were completely stunned at how much of a little hoe our sister is but then again i was doing a lot worse when i was her age so i guess she had it coming yet again i was still mad that she caught us next thing i knew she would want something or she would dob on us i pulled Mia closer asking her what she wants to keep her quiet.

I could smell something that made me lose my train of thought it smelt strong and a little salty and sweaty it was the smell of pussy but not my scent i moved my sisters hand to my nose and took a a whiff and asked her how long she was watching us

“since Ned was eating your pussy” she replied

she saw pretty much everything and she must of been fingering herself watching us

“you were playing with yourself weren’t you you little hoe “i snapped at my sister

she just went all cheeky and acted like she didn’t know what we were talking about being a little smart ass i pulled down her pants and saw that her panties were drenched i reached further to pull her panties down to see that her slit was dripping with her girl cum she not only fingered herself over her brother peeing inside her sister she orgasmed over the whole thing.

Shocked at the discovery of how sexually active over our little sister is we didn’t know what to do with her i suggested to her to meet us in Ned’s bedroom after Mum and Dad goes to bed and we will talk about everything then we’ve already been gone from the table to long.

Later that night after Mum and Dad kissed us all goodnight and went to bed i waited at least half an hour for them to fall asleep i then tip toed into my brothers bedroom as soon as I opened the door I was greeted by my brother slamming into me and deeply making out with me “I needed that so bad” my brother exclaimed I closed my eyes briefly savouring the moment of his soft lips meeting mine fearing that I may ever get to feel anything from my brother again.

My little sister marches in like she owns the fucking place and sits in between us with that same cheeky grin on her face I decided to get things moving by asking her what she wants , Mia just sits there and giggles my stress levels began to rise I needed a smoke really bad I went towards Ned’s bedroom window to light up a cigarette and watched my little bitch of a sister from a distance watching her eyes as she thinks of a schemish little plan for herself.

Mia pointed at my cigarette and told me she wanted more of them if that’s was all she wanted I was willing to sacrifice a whole packet to her, I went to hand Mia the box of cigarettes that cheeky grin soon returned to her bitchy face I knew there was more to her scheme she said she wants to smoke cigarettes while she watches me and Ned do what we normally do when nobody is around just before we got into everything I asked Mia is this all there’s no more tricks she nodded in excitement.

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