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Caity loses a strip game to an older man

Caity had taken her younger sister Janey to the music festival under duress. Janey was now 18 and legally an adult, so much so that they’d only just started talking again, after Caity had “stolen” her last boyfriend two months back! Their mother had insisted that Caity bring her sibling as a kind of reconciliation. They had been close once, but Caity had crossed the line and broken the boyfriend code.

It was a very hot August day, and they were on their way back from the three day festival, when Caity took a wrong turn, Janey had a bad hangover and wasn’t navigating well with the map. They had ended up off the motorway and into a small semi rural town.

As they drove down country lanes the places got smaller & smaller. Eventually Caity leant across the front seats to read the map in her sisters hands.

“You’re fucking lost, admit it Janey, where the fuck are we?” Caity was in no mood for pleasantries.

Janey snapped back “we’re somewhere here, watch the road you dozy cow” with that they heard the crunch of metal, as their mothers new car ploughed into the side of the old hatchback.

“Fuuuuucccckkk” screeched Caity slamming on the brakes. She drove on and steered the car to the left and parked up. They both got out, Caity inspected the damage, it wasn’t too bad on her side, but there was a lot of damage to the door of the hatchback.

Caity scanned the street for witnesses, she found herself near some houses, with a huge open field facing it. She turned to Janey “the damage is minimal on our car, it doesn’t look too bad, we’ll tell mum that someone scrapped it in the supermarket car park.”

She looked at Janey as if to say “let’s get the fuck out of here.” The girls got back in and Caity started the engine.

Suddenly out of one of the houses, a man in his late 50’s came running out waving at the girls. “Shit” they both said in unison, he came straight over and banged on the glass. Caity lowered the window.

“Hey, that’s my son’s car, I hope you weren’t thinking about driving off, as I have your number.”

Caity smiled “of course not, we were just about to leave a note about the insurance.”

The man stared at an unconvincing Caity, “you won’t mind getting out of the car then will you?”

Caity got out rather annoyed, Janey followed her, both still hated responsibility. Caity really didn’t want to go through her mother’s insurance company, lots of questions and definitely no use of the car for a while!

She smiled at the man, the pretty brunette would try to talk her way out of it, after all she was dressed in a short black faux leather mini skirt, long dark boots and tight t restraining her 36D assets, Janey in comparison, was wearing cut down shorts and lose t, she wasn’t as gifted in the chest dept as her big sister, but her ample 34B’s suited her skinny frame.

Caity surveyed the damage to the old hatchback, was it worth repairing? Old green piece of junk, she looked at the man.

“How much to repair the door, any idea?”

He shook his head “dunno? maybe a 100, I can call my mechanic to get a price if you want? lets go inside and discuss it.”

The girls followed him in and removed their shoes as he had. As they entered, nosey Janey immediately noticed a game of trivial pursuit in the book case. The man closed the door and dialled the mechanic, he got no answer, so left a message for him to call back.

“What now?” Caity grizzled, still annoyed at her predicament.

“You can either wait or go through insurance?”

Caity sighed and sat down on the sofa, keeping her knees glued together as not to reveal her panties to him.

“We could play trivial pursuit while we wait” Janey said excitedly. “I play it all the time at college.”

The man laughed and took the box from the shelf “this old thing” he replied ” we can if you want to but I don’t have a table to play on, we’ll have to play on the floor.”

Janey perked up “cool, Caity get over here.”

Caity got up and reluctantly came over, the older man sat on the living room floor and gestured for Caity to join them. She feigned a smile and slowly lowered herself to the floor, in a way that wouldn’t expose any of her panties to him, and sat with her legs to the side of her.

As they played, Caity a third year uni student got a lot of her questions correct, as did Janey. The older man got confused and had only got two wedgies to the girls five each, Janey just beat her sister to the sixth wedge and finally won the game!

The man laughed to himself and stopped, Janey asked what he was thinking about? and he told her not to worry, now more curious, she badgered him for an answer.

He relented “if you must know, the last time I played this game, I played a much riskier version, involving a forfeit for the worst player and stiff penalties for wrong answers, but I can’t play that version with you young ladies.”

“Why not” snapped Janey “we’re all consenting adults here, right Caity?”

Caity glared at her and moaned “why don’t we just play the normal version eh?”

The tension between them was still high.

Janey smiled at the older man “tell me about your version, please go on tell me.”

He smiled back, “ok ok if you insist, my version involves a strip element to keep it fun, two wrong answers in a row and something has to come off and be given to the person whose question you get wrong, you can get an item back for every wedge question you get correct though, or you can use an item of clothing from another player once, to avoid stripping at all. The first person naked has to do some form of public exposure, to show everyone that they were the first to lose all their clothing.”

Janey fell into hysterics!

“We’ve so got to play this version, c’mon Caity let’s do it, pleeeeeease!”

Caity shook her head “no way, he could be a perv or a murderer or something? no offence.”

He looked at Janey “she’s right to be so concerned, she’s very protective of you, it’s only natural.”

Janey scowled at her “fuck it, let’s play just you & me then, I’m not scared of getting naked if I have to.”

He smiled and got the game ready by shuffling the cards and putting two players counters on the board.

Caity gave a deep sigh “fine, if it will stop you getting my little sister naked I’ll play, I just hope you’re ready to get naked in pubic.”

Janey started the game and got her first question correct, as did Caity, the man didn’t, but redeemed himself on his next turn, 10 minutes in and Caity got a question wrong, The others didn’t. On her next turn she got a football question, she was in trouble!

The answer was Ecuador not Brazil!The man grinned from ear to ear, the uptight bitch would have to strip. Each player had started with four items. Caity now had three as one was coming off! She pondered which would expose her the least? taking her t shirt off would show her boobs through her green sexy laced bra, but was the t shirt long enough to cover her panties? It wasn’t!

Omg her panties! She suddenly remembered that she’d almost run out of her normal panties when she’d packed for the festival, and had had to pack, and was now wearing the big white & purple flowery granny ones. She’d never worn that pair before! Her mother had bought for them her from the discounted items at the supermarket, as a joke as loved teasing her about being so uptight.

She stalled as long as she could until Janey interjected. “C’mon get something off, you know the rules, you’re holding up the game.”

Caity glared with indignation at her sister, it was her fault that she was now in this mess! “Panties or boobs?” which would she show him?

With great regret and grimaced face she chose, unclipping the catch on the back of her skirt and unzipping it. She pulled at the t shirt as hard as she could over her panties, and worked the skirt off with her right hand, whilst still sitting. She got it off and held it up in front of him, with a big smile, he took the skirt and placed it down next to him.

Janey burst into a fit of giggles,”omg no wonder you didn’t want to play, what the hell are you wearing? Mum only bought them as joke.”

Caity’s pretty face burned red in shame, she was lost for words. He smiled at Caity and said in a jovial tone “ignore her, I think they’re really cute and the lengths that you’ve gone to not to show them to me have been admirable.”

Caity yanked on her t shirt as hard as she could but it was no use, both her skirt & the t shirt were too short. She remained optimistic that she’d soon be reunited with her skirt soon. Janey asked the man the most difficult question she could find on the card and he got it wrong! Janey got hers right, Caity didn’t, it was her turn to ask the man, and a second wrong answer which would cost him an item.

She picked a hard category and he answered incorrectly. She grinned,forgetting the rules about using the others clothes as a credit against stripping. Her grin dropped when he reminded her of that and dropped her skirt to the side of the board.

“Damn” she thought. As came to her turn again, Janey picked a tough question resulting in a wrong answer, Caity closed her eyes and exclaimed loudly “why is it just me stripping?, surely you two are going to have to strip aren’t you?”They both sniggered at her.

She knew what she had to do, she’d managed to hide most of her panties from him so far, but now she had nothing but her hands and arms now to stop him seeing and she needed them to cover her boobs.

So without further ado she quickly slipped the t shirt off (her ample chest bouncing in the sexy bra) and handed it to her sister, crossing her arms over her chest, her worst fear on full display now in the form of her granny panties, which finished at her belly button, and fully covered her buttocks and lower abdomen.

Just then the man got up and went into the kitchen, Caity hissed at her sibling “I told you I didn’t want to play this fucking game and I’m now in my embarrassing knickers in a strangers house.”

Janey tried not to snigger, she felt bad for her sister but also still hadn’t forgiven her over the Mark boyfriend issue, this was great revenge though so far.

The man returned with a can of lager for himself and two cans of cola for the girls. Caity took the can and thanked him she used her left hand to hold the can and her right hand to pull the ring pull, exposing her glorious chest to him, at that moment she gave up hiding her parts, what was the point?

The game continued and Caity sat on the floor, long legs stretched out in front of her, both hands resting on the wooden floor, panties & bra in full view to him. The game continued and the man lost his socks to Caity.

Janey lost her t shirt, but had a crop top bra underneath, which she’d worn all day long at the festival. Caity lost again, as she unclipped the bra and her mounds of mammary glands fell forward, she knew she was close to nudity and then outside exposure. She handed the bra to his outstretched hand, his eyes were transfixed on the hot brunette’s bosoms.

He took the bra and gloated “just one more to go then everyone out there gets to see you.”

Caity sighed and replied “you never know you could still lose.”

She smiled slightly at her sister, she was glad that her sister was finally getting over the thing with Mark and glad in a way that she was the one almost naked, rather than her little sis.

The game reached it’s climax, everyone got their 1st question wrong, but only Caity was in just her underpants. The man just got his 2nd one correct, Janey too.Caity held her breath.

He read it out “on the periodic table, what is symbol for lead?” poor Caity thought & thought & thought, then guessed is it Li?”

” I’m afraid not” he replied, “it’s Pb.”

Caity closed her eyes and threw her head back.

He continued “as you’re the first one naked you’re disqualified from playing!”

Caity stood up and said in a disheartened tone “I suppose you’ll be wanting these then?”

“Yep, get em off” he answered grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Caity didn’t want to hold the game up, so put her thumbs into the high waistband of her panties and slipped them off, held them up in her right hand.

He stared at her body, great figure, huge tits, dark neatly trimmed pussy and lovely skin, beating her was unreal! She placed them on his open palm.

“Thanks for playing, no hard feelings yeah” he said almost sincerely.

“No” she replied “it was my decision and I lost.”

Caity sat back down as she had before, her long legs stretched in front of her and open, hands on the floor, but this time her labia and clitoris were visible. She made no attempt to hide anything. The game reached it’s conclusion and the man just pipped Janey on the last question.

Caity knew a nude forfeit awaited her, she looked out of the window and wondered what? She enquired about the return of her clothes, as Janey slipped her t shirt back on and he put his socks on.

The man smiled and said “oh no, you don’t get them back until after the forfeit, didn’t I tell you that?”

Caity felt a little annoyed that he was actually going to make her go ahead with it, he’d gotten her naked and totally humiliated, what more was there?

“At least let me try to win some of your clothes then” she said desperately. “Let’s play one quick game, please,then I’ll do it, I need another go, as you’ve seen all of me and it’s not really fair that others will see me naked.”

He looked at Janey, she shrugged her shoulders, but deep down thought the idea of her sister naked outside, would be something she could tease her about for years to come.

The man set the board up again, he explained that Caity could have just her underwear back, but each item would result in an extra hour of nudity for her, she agreed and put her underwear back on, adding two hours of nude time. It wasn’t long until the bra was off again with no one else had stripped!

Within ten minutes the panties were off too. Caity thoroughly frustrated now, begged for another try, resulting in a further two hours. This time she held out well, the man lost his t shirt and Janey lost her t shirt too, it ended badly for Caity again and both Janey and the man were now even more eager to carry out the forfeit.

Caity’s clothing was scooped up into a ball and put in the boot/trunk of his car. The man returned and explained that they were all going for a nice long walk over the open fields opposite. Caity was going au natural.

She shook her head, but was promptly reminded that she’d agreed before they played. Caity had always been gracious in defeat, as many years in the hockey team at uni had resulted in quite a few loses. In the end though, Janey tricked her and got her to the door,then pulled her out and slammed it. Barefoot, Caity followed them.

The man was holding a video camera in one hand and an expensive professional still camera in the other. Caity put one of her hands over her bush, and her arm over her boobs, the others crossed the asphalt and went into the fields.Caity couldn’t stay put, the risk of a neighbour returning or seeing her was too great.

Janey took control of the video Camer. She was used to making movies at college as part of her course, so filmed her nude sister as she would another (clothed) student. Caity snapped at her continuously to stop, but that just made her giggle more. The man caught Caity a treat, with his super fast shutter, catching her in all her glory.

Caity took to sulking, as the pair buzzed round her catching every image they could. She had never been so ashamed!She prayed that they wouldn’t meet a soul, how wrong could she be? In the distance two young men appeared. Possibly 21-22, Caity asked, then begged to go back, but the man ignored her plea’s, and headed for a liaison with the men now coming hastily towards them.

Caity did her best to hide behind her sister, and Janey tried to shield her until the very last minute, then jumped out of the way, so her sister was fully exposed to the now excited men.

“what’s going on here then?” said the blond guy, trying to take it all in.

“She lost a strip game and so she’s doing the forfeit over the fields.”

Everyone chuckled by Caity.

“nice one” came the response from the 2nd man, as he pulled out his smartphone.

“I’ve got to get a pic of this.”

“Me too” remarked his friend and snapped away.

Caity yelled at them not to & covered her naughty parts.

The man quipped a little annoyed “the purpose of the forfeit is so anyone can see everything of you, now stop covering up or I’ll walk you through town.”

Caity reluctantly took her hands away and let them take their pics,egged on by the man. She even posed with them. Janey got in their pics too and helped by taking a few of them with Caity.

After that 20 minute ordeal was over, they walked on finding an old homeless man, who grinned inanely at Caity’s exposed pussy, tits & ass. An eight man rambling troupe also enjoyed Caity’s charms to her dismay as did two elderly dog walkers.

Eventually some 45 excruciating minutes later, they were on there way back. Caity remembered that she’d increased her nude time to four extra hours trying and failing to get them to strip.

On approaching the man’s house, Caity noticed that one of the neighbour’s was washing his car, she asked for the door key, walked straight to the door and went inside,leaving the neighbour a little shocked but happy.

When the man came inside, he suggested they all catch some rays in his garden. The girls slipped outside and laid on some sun loungers. Caity laid back with her knees apart and pussy wide open, still in shock at all the people seeing her naked. The man pulled up a reclining chair and layed back opposite Caity, her clit glistening in the sun, two hours passed.

Caity came inside, her body a little red from the sun. He was already in and was checking the images that he had taken of her. She looked at him, she really to get dressed now, more than ever.

He showed her the images on the screen of the camera.She felt embarrassed and annoyed that someone possibly older than her father had such pictures of her. She asked if there was any way that she could get her clothes back earlier? He smiled and said, there was but only if she posed for a few more pics and did exactly as he said.

She was desperate to get dressed, so agreed without asking the finer points, her clothing was returned. She was allowed to get dressed, then strip then she could get dressed and stay that way.

The 1st shot was a classic upskirt pose. Her legs open slightly at first, then gradually opened wide.Her granny panties looked sexy peaking out of the leather mini. She wilfully posed as instructed and stripped as directed.

Now nude in his armchair, she opened her pussy up and pouted, he looked at it and said “play with yourself, think about all those men that saw you naked today, think about me getting you naked and seeing everything.”

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