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I know I’m not the best looking girl, I’ve got a big nose, and big teeth. Even my chin sticks out a little too far…

I hear I’ve got a great body though. Even in middle school, some of the boys called me “Butterface,” and a friend of mine had to tell me what that ment. “Everything but her face,” which means they liked my body, just not my face.

Too bad they’re the jerks that never had anything but mean things to say to anyone. So, I guess I had to take it as a compliment, coming from them. Still, not the kinds of boys you want to go out with, but I don’t guess I can be too picky.


There was this one, Josh. He wasn’t the best looking boy, neither. None of the other girls were picking him for the cutest boy, that’s for sure. So, we’re playing FMK (That’s Fuck, Marry, or Kill) over at the store, when his name came up.

“Ladies,” he finished sticking a candy bar in his pants and came over to the table.

Most of the girls were like “Ew, fuck off, Joshua.” It was just like the lunch room at school, only we could swear.

“Well,” he put his arm up in the window, “If you’re going to talk about me behind my back, you might as well tell me how I scored.” I had a good look right up his shirt sleeve, so I could see his hairy armpit, and don’t ask me why, but some guy’s sweaty armpit was a real turnon.

“Kill,” they all nodded, “Kill,” one bye one, “Kill.”

He just shrugged, and looked over at me. Obviously not afraid that the other 3 girls would get together, and seriously plot his murder. Not even Mauve, and she’s so Goth. So, she was the first one that picked Kill.


Then, he leaned over so close I could smell the smoke on his jacket, and he grinned. “Well, how about you?” I just giggled nervously, and shook my head. “Would you kill me?”

“Oh, no. I can’t.” I started, but I couldn’t stop laughing to say that I couldn’t kill anyone.

“What about marry?” He offered, right there, when he just barely met me?

“I don’t know, maybe? I don’t really know you very well.” I got up to run, because he was really freaking me out, but he caught up before I got to the restroom, and blocked the hall to the back doors.

“Well, that just leaves Fuck.” I just giggled, and nodded. I mean, he’s right, those are the only 3 options. “Go out on a date, and get to know him better, but if we have a good time, and I like him, maybe at the end of the night, who knows?” isn’t really an option. It’s more of a multiple choice quiz. You can’t even pick D: All of the above, or E: none of the above.

So the girls got up to meet us at the door, and told me not to be a slut, but he had his arm around me, and Karyn said “He stole a candy bar.” So, he had to run before the owner got around the counter, and let me go.


“Guys!” I was upset, “What did you do that for?”

“You don’t want a boy like him.” Mauve said.

“So what? It’s bad enough I’ve already got a dad. Oh, I’m sorry.” I mean it, I forgot her dad left, but that was years ago, and I was upset. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“You’d really fuck Josh?” She changed the subject back, once we’re out front.

“I don’t know, maybe? I know he’s not the cutest boy, or you girls never even notice him unless he’s standing right there in front of you, but how do you think he feels?”

“Horny?” She pointed out, “He is a 14 year old boy.”


“Yeah, duh?” I nodded, “So what do you care if I sleep with him?”

“Uh,” She rolled her eyes, “We care about you, and you know the type. He’ll just end up in jail, and leave you to take care of his kids alone, is that what you want?”

“Guys, look.” Kary turned around, and pointed. As if she had eyes in the back of her head, but it turns out, she just watched his reflection in the windows. He didn’t run far.

“What, what?” We had to look around her to see him hanging out on the corner. Smoking a cigarette, and trying to look cool. He didn’t but at least he tried? I don’t know. They finally let me go, but at least that cured my giggles, so I could talk to him.

I made a joke about the candy bar melting in his pants, and he said he couldn’t take out on the street, since he just stole it, but I don’t remember what else we talked about. Mostly stealing, since I’d never shoplifted before, he said “Yeah, you’re a good girl,” and I didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment, coming from a bad boy, and all but then he said “We better take off before the cops come,” and Mr. Sandeep is totally the kind of asshole who’d call the cops on you for a candy bar, and I’m not just saying that because he’s from the middle east.

It turns out, he was just waiting for his friend to pick him up, but he saw us walking down the street, and pulled up next to us. “What’re you doing with Butterface?”


“None of your fucking business,” he put his arm around me like his girlfriend again, and opened the back door to let me in. “Ladys first?” I just giggled, and got in with Mark. He’s older, obviously, because he’s got a car, but once we took off, I forgot all about me. Josh kissed me, and then he went right for my chest.

I guess my 34Cs are something to be proud of? “Smooch, and don’t call her butterface.” He stood up for me.

“Where we going, man?”

Mark asked, and then turned towards the highway when Josh said “You know the place.” It turns out, they had a place to park, just off the highway. They had an overpass, with 2 of those onramps that drives around in a circle to come back around at the bridge? Yeah, but if you knew where to turn off, they also had a fence in the trees, where they kept a truck full of traffic cones, and road signs, and stuff, where they could park.

By the time Mark got out, and came back to the door, Josh already had my top up, and half my bra off. “Man, you won’t believe her tits.”

“They’re real?” He opened up the car, so I had to scoot over to the middle.


“Yeah duh. I didn’t get a boob job in 9th grade.” I had to take off my top, and hold my bra up, “See?” To give them a good shake. It turns out that if you have a nice enough rack, they don’t look at your face too much, once you let the girls out to play.

“Ow!” I accidentally elbowed Mark it the face!

So, I had to say “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m so clumsy.” I really ment it, but he thought I did it on purpose!

“Why don’t you grab me a rubber?”

Josh suggested, and Mark said “Because it’s my car!”

“Yeah, well I brought the girl this time, and I thought you said you liked it when they have a little
fight in them.” That told me they do this kinda thing all the time, but I thought I was getting a boyfriend out of the deal, and besides, it was Mark’s car. He kept them in the glove box in the dash, so he had to get out, and go all the way around the other side.


“She hit me right in the eye!” He rubbed it.

I hoped I didn’t give him a black eye, or anything but “I said I was sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he got out 2 of them, and ripped a third one off, to put back in the dashboard. That gave me a chance to think about what I was doing, for the first time. I mean, yeah I was a virgin, but it all happened so fast that I barely had a chance to think. It was like 1 minute I was hanging out with my friends, and then I saw Josh’s hairy armpit, then the next minute I was hooking up with his friend.

It turns out later that if you look it up on the map. It’s got an onramp, and an exit that curve around one side. The outside of the loop, but on the inside, they go straight out diagonally, so it looks kinda like a heart. I guess, that helped me remember how to get there, when we want to hook up for sex. I can’t really say anything more, because we don’t want it to blow up.

So anyway, it took me a little while to realize that he left the door open, so all I had to do was back out, and throw my bra in the car. “Where do you think you’re going?” He came after me, and Mark got out on the passenger side.

“Nowhere, it’s just crowded in the back seat,” but a car drove past, and they didn’t even slow down enough to see them. Let alone us, hiding in the trees, and I couldn’t tell you how many times we drove past this spot, without ever even realizing it was there, but it had to be like a million.


They had to put the rubbers on, while I took off my skirt, and dropped my underwear. I had to take my shoes off, but I didn’t put them on thinking about hooking up with 2 boys, and one of them being a junior, so he had to be at least 16, or maybe even 17!

I guess if I had to pick, I’d just fuck Josh, and marry Mark, because he has a car, but it turns out they’re both hit it, and quit it boys. Once they get what they want, they leave you alone, unless they want a booty call, so I wound up giving one my number, but I guess I went back to my normal life, only not a virgin after that. It’s not like turning into the worlds biggest slut changed anything else.

They took turns, first Josh bent me over, so I could suck Mark, while he fucked me doggy style. “I thought you’re a virgin.” Josh said, after he put it in.

So, I spit out Mark, and told him “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I never played with myself, or dildos? Vibrators?”

“She’s not even tight?” Mark turned me around, and held me by the boobs, behind me.

“Uh, guys. I’m hot, and wet, so of course I’m loose.” Don’t they know how pussy works? I mean it’s not like either one were virgins.


“Who knew you’re such a slut?” I just shook my head, and blushed, but Josh just patted me on the head, and Mark let me go, so I could bend over. I didn’t really know what I was doing, I mean it can’t be as simple as just sucking it, right?

“Oomph!” He fucked my face so hard, it made my cheeks blow out, and I drooled down the rubbery sides before I could seal my lips around it again, but then Mark found the hole again, and grabbed my tits again once he got it in. “Aghl cough!” I had to push Josh off when he gagged me on it. “Be careful!” I hit his hip, but not that hard.

“Sorry, Mark made me do it!”

“Uh!” He finally started giving it to me. I mean, really giving it to me hard, and holding me up again, so he could pull it out slowly. Careful not to let it slip out again, but even when it popped up, and slipped wetly in my butt crack, I liked that too. So, I wondered if I was really slutty enough to do the dirty, but it turns out, I didn’t have long to find out.

Josh took me back in the back seat, but this time he lay down, so I could get on top of him, and Mark came up behind me to grab my ass. He spread it wide open, and spit in it, so he could fingerfuck my ass, because Josh already had his dick in my pussy. “You like that, huh?”

“Uh, huh!” I was breathless, so I just nodded, and grunted, but that made me squirm.


So, when Mark told him “She loves it up the ass!” Josh held me tight, and moaned. Shivering all over, and blowing his wad in the rubber. So then Mark let me back out, and turn around. I felt down his chest, and pulled his shirt up to take it off.

“Huh, you don’t have to do it in my ass now, that my pussy’s not taken?” I felt his nipples, and he even had a few hairs around one, but only a couple around the other. I decided that I like hairy boys, and tried to imagine what he might look like with a beard? Not a big bushy Santa beard, but you know those guys with the real stubbly chins? Especially when they trim it neatly, so it looks rugged, but not like a bum, or anything. That usually means they manscape, like Josh as well.

Finally, he picked me up, and put me down on the hood. We’d been there for a while, sucking, and fucking so it wasn’t too too hot. Just right, at least it wasn’t cold bare metal, but it turns out he didn’t have to pick a hole, and stick with it. He picked my legs up, and said “Here,” for me to hold them up. Then, he stuck it in my pussy, and pulled it out. “She’s nice and tight back here.”

“Yeah,” Josh looked over, and I forgot all about him until he showed up naked. “I bet.” Then, he pulled his bare dick up, and tea bagged my face. So, I could suck his bare balls until he got hard again, but Mark kept going back and forth. Fucking my pussy and ass until I loosened up enough to really take it in the ass, and it was all right. Not my favorite, but it didn’t hurt neither, and as soon as Josh got it up again, he put the last rubber on so he could come around to give me the double dicking.

That was the best, because I felt so full of dick, and they could feel me all over with four hands. Mark pulled my hair, and my arm around behind my back, but not too hard. He didn’t twist it or anything, he just held it there, and my hair in the other hand, but by then I was too far gone. It took a really long time, but finally I felt it growing inside me like a baby.

“I’m about to cum,” I said when it felt close, “I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming! Yeah!” Josh blew it in the rubber again, but Mark had better staying power. I guess, it’s okay that Josh is on a hair trigger, if he can get it up again so quickly, but I’m gonna give him a 6. Mark’s an easy 10, because he doesn’t just grab your tits, and blow it in your pants. He can fuck you at least twice as hard, he knows how to do it in the butt without hurting you, and a big plus is he’ll pick you up!


Some girls said he tried to rape them or whatever, but what’s with false allegations, anyways? Never mind, I got his number, and he called me whenever he wanted to help out one of his friends. He sure knew a lot of virgins, so they needed help getting laid, and I needed a boyfriend. It just took a really long time to find one that appreciated my unique beauty.

I know, it sounds like a line, and I didn’t even believe him the first hundred times he said it, but he really means it. So, that’s how I met my first real boyfriend, and future husband, but I guess that’s a whole nother story…



I took a few days off to bingewatch Taskmaster. (The British panel show) Also, Sally Phillips’ “Special Cuddle” from Series 5, episode 1 took care of my fap material for about a week, but I had Jessica Knappett in mind for “Butterface.” (Americanized for the audience)

Not that she’d appreciate this story, nor the unflattering comparison. Probably wouldn’t care for you tossers thinking about her slagging it up with high school boys either, but it’s not like she’s ever going to read this…


Look, it’s in character. She’s a ditz, a bimbo, and honestly too dumb to rape. It’s a fantasy, so no. I don’t have her snapchat.

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