Bustin’ Nuts

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I tried to quit, never even should’ve started it in the first place, but then I smelled it. #Woke #BLM #SJW #CheckYoPrivilege

FrosT pulled out a full pack right off the bus, and started packing it. He don’t even smoke, just steals them out of his stepdaddy’s carton, and sells them to middle schoolers. I ran off before he even lit up, but then I heard his lighter clink, and looked back. His crapper friends gathered around, so called because they listen to M&M, Kid Rock, the B Boys, and cracker rappers like that.


I had to get to work, so I just changed out of my school clothes, and into my uniform, but when I came out, they were still hanging around the bust stop. So called, because they busted out all the windows, even though they were plastic, and put up plywood instead.

So, the gangsterbaters tagged that with a fork, crossed it out with (Bloods Rool) over it in red. Then, a big Z cut in over that like Zorro, only I bet he used that kitchen knife instead of a whip, or sword.

“Mhm?” I turned around, and sat down in front of it, but I knew exactly who did that.

They ain’t even gangsters, this isn’t some inner city housing project with the Kryppz fighting the Bloods over territory. It’s a nice neighborhood, or at least it used to be until these boys started fronting. “Huh!” I held my breath as long as I could, “Snh!” Then, the smell hit me. “You gotta ‘nother cigarette?”

“Yeah, fitysent.” I gritted my teeth at him trying to talk black, and forced myself to smile.

“I don’t even have fiFty, centS,” I enunciated, “For the bus.” I got a student I.D. so it’s free, but my momma didn’t raise me to talk all ghetto. Especially in nice apartments like these.

“All right, pull up yo shirt, show us them titties.”

“Uh,” I just changed my bra, so I figured WTF? “There,” I flashed them the bra cups, and took the smoke quick when he handed it over. Looking around, but traffic was light, and if they weren’t looking over right when they passed it, they wouldn’t see me flashing the freshmen, except the back of my top.

“Need a light?” He clinked his gold plated lighter at me, so I could see it’s brass inside the lid, but that just made it ring like a bell.

“Yeah,” I finished tucking it back in my work pants.

“Take your bra off.”

“Uh,” I don’t have any time for this, but hoping the bus was late, as usual every afternoon, I went around behind the shelter, and unhooked it in the front. Covering up another big [Z]ed in silver spraypaint.

“Now show us them titties.”

“That wasn’t the deal, you said you’d give me a light if I unhooked my bra.”

“No, I said take it off.”

“He got you there.” His wingmen backed him up, but at least they crowded around. So, I could barely even see the parking lot over their shoulders. So, nobody out there could see me pulling the shoulder straps out, and my arms in to hold my bra up. Didn’t even have to untuck my top again!

I stuck the filter out with my lips. “Hahaha, now she got you!” Colton was nice enough to monkey fuck it with his butt, but Frosty yanked my bra out.

“Huh!” I just took a drag, and tried not to think about Willy. He was a boy, an older boy, and he started smoking after sex. Now, I’m trying to quit, because it just reminds me of him, but he broke my heart. Cheated on me, and left me for some other girl. Skinny little white girl, got no ass, and barely any titties.

“Damn, girl!” They came around the front, and lined up across the doorway. “30C cups, thick ass titties.”

“Stop trying to talk black, Francis.” Now I don’t have to pay him any undeserved respect, since I got what I wanted out of him.

“Haha, she got you there, T.” Colton, still keeping score.

“Fros-T, guys!” He got whiny.

“Gimme that.” Colton took my bra back, and gave it to me. “Quit playing. Chill, Frosty.”

“Hahuh, thanks.” A car rolled by behind them, but I wasn’t feeling like going through all the trouble of pulling my arms in, and my bra on underneath my top, while holding the lit butt in my lips, so I just pulled my shirt up.

“Damn, girl! They don’t sag, or nothing.” Up on one shoulder, I let it hang from one strap like my purse, and pulled out my other arm.

“Yeah, nice an perky.”

“Well, guys.” I looked back and forth, across their saggy pants, and checked them for anything hard. Bulging out, and I never been with a white dude before. Honestly, I never been with anybody but Willy. “Why don’t you pull them out, and show me what you got?” I tasted the nasty ass filter cooking, so I dropped it, and stubbed it out.

“I got something for you to smoke right here.” The third one, the new boy. I never did get his name, but he was the one that showed up with his hats on sideways, all red. This one with a 5 pointed crown, or another with a pentagram from Hottopic, I’m guessing. Maybe he was a real gangster, I don’t know, he sure does know the gang signs, and the colors.

“Hey man.” Frank pushed him out the way, so I spit out his boy’s dick, he and waved it in my face. “My turn. Suck it, yeah. Suck it nigga bitch.”

“Mhm?” My momma told me if you don’t got nothin’ nice to say. “Mnh!” I’m not even gonna stop smokin’ on pole to correct him. “Mhn huck! Guh kuh! Yeah.” I pointed in my mouth, and he stuck it back in deep. “Ugh gug gag!” Balls deep.

Using the N word, like they earned it fronting like Bloods. “She’s deep throating it!”

“Yeh, and she gots the jungle titties, like one of them bush bitches.” Yeah, it’s humiliating, but I like it like that. A little, fuck my throat, and you can call me whatever you want, but now I got 3 dicks to suck? It don’t even matter if they little white dicks with the caps cut off, if’n they 3 of ’em. Know what I’m sayin’? Feel me?

“Yeah, I see that. Guys, let me try it, please?” Colton, he’s not a leader, he’s a follower. So, he waited until after sloppy seconds, and thirds, but he didn’t shove it in too hard.

“Mp!” This one ain’t even cut! Good. “WRLGH!” I had to grab his soft little ass, and relax my throat. “SNH!” Hold my breath, and stick my tongue out to lick his balls.

“Uh, fuck!”

“COCK!” I just put my head back, and hit the plywood behind me when he pulled out, and busted a nut all over my tits. “Huh!” Catching my breath, “Huh, fuck. Yeh, huh.”

The other 2 didn’t last much longer, once they saw the hot white mess all over my tits, and I held them up to catch the stripes, crisscrossing back and forth, until they pulled up their pants. Well, they just high enough to drop their little white dicks back in, and pulled up their waistbands. Ain’t like they wear belts, or nothing, but that real gangster, from the real Red hood.

Still ain’t asking his name, but he got Maasai color boxers on under them. 5 pointed star on his thumb knuckle, right side. They don’t just give that away, Blood in, Blood out. So, it must’ve been him that taught them all the gang sign. The quiet one, probably lets T play front, so he’s the first one to get shot, too.

“Hold up, guys! Shit.” I had to turn around, and hook up my bra, when they just left me there. Juggling them back in the cups, and hooking them together. Tucked in my shirt to cover ip their nuts, but nobody honked on the way by, and I patted my shirt just to feel it stick to the juice.

I missed the bus though. So, momma pulled up on the way bye. “What you doing there, you know what time it is?”

“Sorry, momma.” I folded up my homework, and stuck it back in my bookbag, grabbed my purse… “I missed the bus.”

“Well, get in.” My brother scooted over to let me in the back. “You been smoking?”

“No, momma.”

“Don’t you lie to me, girl. I can smell it all over you.”

“Hey, Nicole.” Zavier held his phone out, down low behind her where she can’t see, but sideways to show both my jizzed tits. “That ain’t all…” …She been smoking, but nothing to be ashamed of. At least they didn’t bust it all over my face, and hair, but I checked it when I got in. Honestly they look good with all that white nut all over my deep brown skin. Like icing on Hostess chocolate cupcakes. Or the Frosting in Ho Hos, or Little Debby’s Devil Cremes, or you know.

An Oreo? I finally giggled. Like a bunch of Tollhouse cookies up in this mob, a little chocolate chip on the inside of all that vanilla.


“I got to go Mamma, can we just go?” I snatched Zed’s cap. “Boy, put your hat on straight. Jesus, how you trying to front like you a Crip?” I looked at it, “Where’d you even get a Fork hat from?”

“I aint a Krypp hat,” He spells it Kryppz, be cuz of course he does. “It’s a fraternity.” On the down-lo, he took it, “Omega Psi Phi.” Pointed out the letters all stacked up so the circles stuck together, and the fork pointed out the top in gold embroidery, but at least it’s plum purple instead of Crip Blue/Silver or Blood Red/Gold.

“You got in with the frat boys? I sure hope it’s not one of those ‘No means yes’ fraternities.”

“Yeah, through the Quarterback.” He got in on a scholarship. “Didn’t even have to haze me or nothin’.” He’s a Tight End, notta Wide Receiver, know what I’m saying?

“Mhm? You better not be foolin’ wit’ no Cripps, and Bloods, son.” Momma scolded him instead of me for smoking. “I ain’t raised no little gangster to get shot up for nothing. You know the cops’ll shootchu just fo wearin’ a hoody?”

“I know, mom.”

“You aint got no squares?”

“No, mom.”

“Well, I’ma havta stop, fosome gas on the way. Putcho window down, girl. Damn, stinking up the whole car like a Newport factory. Shit, like I raised you to spend good money on poison.”

“I know, momma. It was just these boys, hanging around the bus stop, is all. I wasn’t smoking, I swear.”

“Yeah, Frosty?”

“How’d you know that?” Just to get him to show me his phone again, so I took it.

“Hey, gimme that back!” He even wrote [Pimpin’ yo sista] in the chat where he sent my picture, but I’m 18, so it’s legal. Barely, though. “Givit!”

“All right. Just a minute.” I held it up, and the screen long enough for Delete to come up, so I could tap it. “There.” I threw it over, but I’m getting my paycheck tomorrow, and that little hustler gave me an idea.

$0.50×20=$10.00 a pack, and if I get a carton. I ain’t stupid, I don’t get mad, I get even. What’s a carton going for these days? Just cause his stepdaddy don’t count the packs in his, now he thinks he’s gonna be pimping me out?

Nosir, it ain’t gonna be all profit, but I bet I can get all the boys away from Frosty, if I give a little milk-shake. 30Cs looking like double Ds on my skinny little shoulders, taut abs, thick ass hips, and nice tight ghetto booty. I worked hard for this body, so it’s about damned time I start working it for me.

Paying good money for poison, she says. “Go and get me a pack, sugar.” She pulled up at the gas station, and handed me a $10.00. “Get the Cadillacs, Newport aHundreds, Box.” While she put the rest in the tank on her credit card.

I know, “Alive with pleasure,” mom. “Dead with cancer.”

“You know that’s right! Why you think I don’t want you two even started on drugs?” Too late, I already got a dick, Ted. Let me explain that: My daddy left, but not before I started busting out, and his friend Ted. Theo, the O.G. Ted, he stopped by early before my daddy got off work to get his dick sucked, and I was all too willing. I ain’t no ho, but I’ll suck yo dick for a cock!

Sex sells, though. See how much money that wannabe pimp makes off his daddy’s carton with me there to give out blowjobs with every butt. It ain’t hookin’ if you give it away for free. Hell, they’ll pay me fifty cents a smoke! To feed my habit, filthy fucking habit, it’s gonna kill you one day, girl.

“Mhm?” Thinks he can blackmale me with pictures of my titties, like I’m ashamed of them. “No sir.” I’ll just take yo boys, then. That Colten first, get him a Colts hat, bet he’d follow my C cups anywhere, and talk proper English like a white boy if I told him to. The only reason I even looked to see if anybody watching is I can get in trouble. Arrested for Indecent Exposure, flashing skinny little white boys likeat.

Freshmen, he wants to play drug dealer? “All right, Francis.” Pimp?

I won’t play. Ain’t gonna join ’em, but I can sure enough beat him.

“You feel me, Francis?”


“Sorry, lemme getta packa Newport Hundreds, Box.” I grabbed a lighter, “And this.”

He rung it up, and Zed pulled out his lighter in the car. Silver instead of gold, big [Z] scratched in both sides. Clink! I lit one up, and handed it to momma, in the front seat cuz she driving.

Gotta go to work…



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