Brutally Gangraped my Mom’s Shithole

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Story of a Mom, who has been a victim of Brutal Gangrape, Public humiliations, toyed and turn her into a cum bucket.

Mrs Nikitha, She was an attractive house wife aged 40. She had 34D cup shaped breast and a fine Ass with slight curves. She had a fine body for her age. Her husband Mani worked abroad and her son Rahul was sent to a boarding school at the age of 9. So she lived all alone.

One fine day, Nikitha came back home after shopping groceries. She took a bath and changed her clothes. She wore a white tee shirt and shorts at home. Her nipples was visible thro the shirt. She made herself comfortable on the couch.
Hours passed, it was 9PM and there was a knock on the door. She opened the doo was surprised to see an black tall man, he continued, ” ma’am, my car broke down and wer stuck here, could you please get me a glass of water”. She left the main door open and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water.
When see came back to the hallway, she saw 5 more black roughly built man.


Before she could even speak, one of the man caught hold of her hands and tied it up with a rope. The other man snapped her face when she started screaming.
Her face filled with terror, she knew she was in trouble. One of em said,” Woman, ur ours now. So do as we say”. She nodded in acceptance.

One of the thugs tore away her shirt while the other one pulled down her shorts, revealing her milky jugs and fine butts. They started sucking her boobs, one of them bit her nipples so hard that she screamed in pain. They made her suck cocks while they were fingering her wet pussy. ” Go and bend on the table” ordered the thug.she did as he said. He took out his 11.5inc massive fat cock, he opened up her ass cheeks revealing tight black shithole. He said, “This bitch has a virgin ass”. Nikita cried,” please don’t do it”. Without any hesitation, He shoved his whole monster cock into her tiny shithole, he broke into her ass. Nikita nearly passout, she couldn’t bear the pain. He violently fucked her for 15min straight, her ass bled. He then pushed his dick deep into her ass and filled her womb with his thick hot cum.

Fluids leaked through her butthole, she started squirting vigorously as he pulled his dick out. Now, other started fucked her as well, they took turns. After 4 hours of brutal penetration, they cummed inside her, she was soaked in sperm and their sperm was oozing out of her holes. They all slept, her hands tied on the bed.

This is not the end 😉
Read the next part, more brutal and public humiliations XD

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