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Brother and sister discover a glory hole and share it

John and his sister Erica were still asleep when their father pulled into the gas station. The trip took twelve hours and they still had six more hours left. Their bodies were contorted and twisted as they slept through most of the trip. Visiting family was always like pulling teeth for both of them, and the car trip did not make it any better. Sleeping was their only trick to survival.

Both John and Erica were seniors in West Lake High School. John was nineteen and a year older than his sister Erica. John was held back on purpose when he was in the fourth grade. His parents thought it best that they let his body build up so his football prospects would be better when he got older.

After the devastating knee injury his freshman year took all hopes of playing any level football away, John still had hopes he could at least get into college. Although he was a former jock, it did not stop him from hanging around practice or showing up to the games. The team was his family, and even though he was not playing, he was still a member.

The sound of a car backfiring woke John up from his twisted sleeping state. He opened his eyes to find that his father stopped at a small local gas station. Looking out the window he saw his mother walking into the store. Checking his phone for messages, he sighed at the time being only 1am.

The lights from the station sign were barely lit and the name of the gas station was hand painted, and was not even lit up. John stepped out to see the door of the gas station close behind his mother as she walked in. John also saw that his father was pumping gas and was now deep in conversation to the man whose car had just backfired. Seeing his father distracted by the conversation he was having about what could be wrong with the man’s car, John walked into the store.

The store looked like it had not been cleaned in a year. The cases of soda were piled up in random spots and were covered in dust. The store still had all the junk food and snacks, but nothing was organized. After a very quick look, his bladder took over. There was no sign for a bathroom anywhere. There was a set of doors in the back he saw, but was kind of out of the way to be a bathroom. The sound of one of the doors locking made him think it could be just another small redneck gas station. John heard another sound of a door closing and thought that his mother was using another bathroom.

The moment John walked in the room he saw a plain wooden board on the wall. The plain white room was covered in graffiti and stains. There was a very small toilet that looked somewhat clean. Quickly relieving himself, John flushed and thought about what the board was for.

With his pants still unbuttoned, John contemplated why there was a board hanging on the wall. When he heard something slide behind it, John followed suit and slid his board out of the way.

The hole to the bathroom next to it was dark, and before John could do anything a hand appeared. He was about to say something but it reached straight for his prick which he failed to put away. John knew what type of rooms he was in and saying something could spoil it, so he kept quiet.

Joan and her husband enjoyed an active, kinky sex life. He was a trucker, and Joan was wild. So wild she enjoyed giving blow jobs. Not just any type of blowjobs but with random anonymous guys. The not knowing what they looked like or anything about them made it that much more of a turn on.

Joan knew her husband enjoyed it too, and when he pulled into their favorite spot when they first met, she was quick to nudge him that she wanted to please him in the place they met.

Joan was quick to make sure the kids were sleeping in the back as she made her way to the bathrooms. Once there she heard the sound of her husband pissing, and knew it was time to remove the board.

Joan cut the lights off, and removed the board waiting for him to do the same. She peered in to see his cock close enough to grab, and she did.

Feeling like he was in porno brought life to his dick. With his soft dick hanging out of his pants, John stood in disbelief. The moment of truth happened when the hand reached in and grabbed John by his member. Holding onto the wall as his flaccid cock was pulled through the opening of the wall and he was now staring at the wall.

The feeling of a warm mouth encasing his prick sent shivers though John’s body. It was like nothing he experienced before. John only had a few girlfriends, but most of them were prudish and virgins. The furthest he got with a girl was feeling his last girlfriend’s breasts. Now an unknown warm, wet mouth took his entire prick in her mouth. The soft feeling of her tongue encircling his cockhead caused it to jerk and pulse with excitement.

John let out a low moan as she took intense pleasure of slurping on a cock. She licked the bulbous head as she knew her husband liked as she pushed in his piss slit with her tongue. Going back and forth on his shaft Joan hit her stride.

John could feel the tongue hit all the right spots as this unknown mouth seemed to know how to get a man off. He put his hands on the wall the moment he felt her mouth go back and forth on his manhood. John tried everything he could to hold back, but the feeling he was getting was making his blood pump hard to his member.

John heard the low moan from this woman through the hole, and knew that she was liking it just as much. The way her mouth went back and forth, and twisted at the right spot to hit his sensitive head was just too good to hold back any more.

Joan could feel the cock in her mouth get stronger and harder, and she knew all too well that her reward was about to be shot into her waiting mouth. Joan also knew her wet pussy was screaming for attention as it dripped with lust. Her mouth worked on the shaft hard making her lips grip its slippery girth.

The pulsing was quicker than Joan had felt in years and she decided to let it burst right on her tongue. She moved off the throbbing prick at just the right time to let the hot cum flow right onto her tongue.

John moaned loud as he felt his cock give away its precious white reward to the mouth sucking it. He felt the air hit his orgasming prick as he sent forth its first wad of spunk.

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