Bride forced fucked in the train part 2

She saw him extend his evil smile; it was almost ear to ear now, making him look like an ugly goblin

She saw him extend his evil smile; it was almost ear to ear now, making him look like an ugly goblin. Her mind was in a daze, unable to comprehend her position. But it was thrown into frenzy, with panic and despair filling her entire skull, as she heard, even over the loud rumbling sound of the train, the sound of a zipper being undone.

Her eyes dropped to where her captor’s hands were. After undoing his zipper, she saw him unbuckle his trousers. Her eyes, instead of following the trousers as they fell down to the ground in a flash, remain glued to where his hands were. He was not wearing anything underneath; his semi-erect penis had sprung out the moment he had undone his trousers, which his right hand was now stroking.

The moment of reality struck her. Her captor was going to turn into her rapist.

Nikita screamed the loudest cry for help of her entire life. However, the perfect mouth gag and the loud rumble of the train, made sure that none of the passengers sleeping soundly in the AC carriage, heard it.

He saw her scream into the mouth gag. It made his semi-erect penis twitch with excitement. His mouth was wet with saliva, the tip of his penis with pre-cum. She gulped in desperation. He realized that the time window for his ‘suhaag raat’ was limited; he didn’t have the luxury of time.


As his hands reached the knot of her salwar, she began to wriggle, like a fish does when taken out of water. He couldn’t undo it as she was moving too much. With the back of his right hand, he slapped her right cheek violently. SMACK! And again, SMACK! Her body lumped at the ferocious attack, giving him time to undo her salwar with ease. He pulled it all the way down her smooth milky legs and removed it completely, absent-mindedly putting it on a rack above the mirror, which Nikita hadn’t noticed before. Before she could recover from the double blow to her face, he hooked his rough fingers at the waistband of her new pink panty (part of set of sexy lingerie she had bought for her wedding and honeymoon), and pulled it swiftly down; consciously making sure to pocket it (in his front chest pocket).

He expected her to be shaved down there, as were most of the newlywed women. What he didn’t expect was the feminine pinkness of her vulval lips, so beautiful and well, lady like; it was one of the smoothest vulva’s he had ever seen. His now almost-erect penis gave a bigger twitch of excitement.

He noticed her vulva was completely dry, which was a surprise to him. Normally, these newlyweds thought about sex 24×7, especially on the way to their honeymoons, fantasising about the sexual pleasures awaiting them; which made their vaginas ooze out sexuality, in anticipation for their imminent fucking. But that was not the case with her; maybe she wasn’t turned on by her husband.

Hurriedly, he caught hold of the lower edge of her kurta and pushed it upwards, over her breasts, bundling it around her neck. He took his hands to her back, unhooking her pink bra, and immediately bringing them back to the front, in order to squeeze her just exposed heavenly breasts. He let out a moan of pleasure as he felt the smoothness of her young breasts, the taut milky white skin and perky pink nipples. Without much ado, he took the right one in his dirty mouth and started to suck with all his might; mauling and pinching the left one with his right hand. All this while, her mangalsutra oscillated in between her breasts.

The sensation of something wet brought Nikita to her senses, which she hadn’t completely regained since the slaps. She realized that that ‘something wet’ on her breast was the saliva of his captor, pouring out copiously from his dirty mouth. She tried to wriggle again, to free her breasts from the painful assault, but couldn’t move an inch due to the grip which his captor had around her waist with his left hand.

Unable to move, she started shouting again into her gag. Hearing her muffled attempt at shouting for help, her captor let out a groan of self-accomplishment, a ‘huh’!


Although he would have loved to play with such perfect breasts all night long, all nights for his entire lifetime, he didn’t have much time at his disposal. Letting go of her breasts, he adjusted her body, pulling her off the toilet seat slightly, with his left hand holding her around her waist. He spread her legs apart, pushing at her smooth soft thighs with his dark hairy ones, and positioned himself between them. All this while, she tried to oppose every movement he was making, but she just didn’t have the strength to match him. With his free right hand, he placed his fully erect penis at the entrance of her vagina, its moist pre-cum coated tip touching the lips of her pink vulva.

His penis gave the biggest twitch of excitement of the night while she shuddered with fear, desperation and despair.

Still holding her by her waist with his left hand, he used his right one to guide the tip of his penis beyond her vulval lips, his penis throbbing with ecstasy at their tightness. He left it there, at the edge of her vagina, and moved his right hand to her face, which was ashen with fear. He gripped her jaw tightly with his right hand, forced her face straight, and aligned it with his own; their nose tips barely a centimetre away.

She smelt his ugly face before actually seeing it close up. He still had that evil smile etched all over it. He saw her beautiful face and read her fear. He could hear her desperate attempts at shouting for help, feel her feeble attempts at wriggling herself free from his grip, and then, see her pearly tears roll down her elegant cheeks as she resigned to her fate.

Holding her jaw, he made sure her eyes were fixed on his own; as with one forceful thrust of his pelvis, he tore into her dry vagina.

She shrieked out in pain as his penis assaulted her dry vagina. Such was the force of his first thrust that his penis was almost completely embedded inside her the first time itself, she heard him release a low moan of pleasure.


He saw her eyes dilate in shock and heard her groan in pain. Bringing his penis almost all the way out of her vagina, he thrust again, this time a little less forcefully as it regained its original depth. Then, like a man possessed, he began to piston his penis in and out of her vagina, in forceful rough thrusts, grunting like a pig every time the tip of his penis hit her cervix.

She thought that this was her worst nightmare come true. With each thrust, she felt unbearable pain radiate from her vagina, to all over her body, right to her head. Her initial loud shriek of pain had given way to low groans, which were synchronised with his thrusts; almost as if the energy of his thrusts travelled all the way up to her throat, vibrating her vocal cords of their own accord.

He stared into her helpless eyes as he continued to thrust in and out of her vagina, which had now begun to respond to his assault. He could tell, by the decreased amount of force that was now required to piston in and out of her, that her vagina had begun to release her own sex juices. He could also feel the increased wetness around his throbbing shaft, and also on his thighs. She was really secreting a huge amount of juices, now, his every thrust made a sloppy noise in her copious juices. To his surprise, he heard her moan in pleasure into her gag. It was a low sound, but it was definitely a moan of pleasure. He immediately stopped his thrusts and withdrew his penis out of her dripping wet vagina.

She couldn’t believe that her vagina had begun to respond to this assault, as if it had a mind of its own. After fear and despair, she now felt immense shame as her vagina was adjusting and accommodating his rapist’s penis, trying to derive pleasure out of her rape. Maybe it was because of the slight repulsion she felt for her husband, maybe the feeling of being suppressed since childhood, maybe her womanhood needed an escape route. The initial pain had subsided; and with each and every thrust, she could now feel a wave of carnal pleasure radiate from her vagina, to all over her body, right to her head. She couldn’t believe her ears as a low moan of pleasure escaped her lips. At that moment, his rapist stopped fucking her and withdrew out of her vagina completely. To her surprise, her mind was swept by a wave of disappointment.

Bitch! Who do you think I am? Your husband! I am not here to pleasure you, he shrieked, anger sweeping his face. He had to do it now. He rarely did this to newlywed women. But he had to teach this ‘whore’ a lesson.

Before she could fathom the reason for his abrupt halt, she had been flipped over. If her earlier position had been uncomfortable, this was hell. Her dupatta got twisted more, increasing the pressure on her wrists; her shoulders were also twisted, making her delirious with pain. Her head now faced the dirty toilet seat, barely inches away; her mangalsutra hung down due to gravity and its lower end was well below the rim of the toilet seat, oscillating like a pendulum. Her knees were awkwardly bent, half her weight supported by the toilet seat. She felt her ass cheeks being drawn apart by his rough hands, and felt some wetness around her asshole. As she realized what was going to happen to her, she let out another shriek, her second last one that night.


He spread her meaty ass cheeks, exposing her pink asshole. He hadn’t expected her anal region to be devoid of hair too! The sight of her tight pink puckered asshole, the smooth surrounding hairless skin and the feel of her juicy ass cheeks, elicited another big twitch of excitement from his eager penis (even bigger than the one on touching her vulval lips). He was almost certain that she was an anal virgin, which made his penis twitch continuously. He, as well as his penis, was eager to violate this newlywed wife’s anus and teach her a lesson.

He used the liquid soap in the toilet (Ah, the benefit of an AC 2 tier toilet!), to lubricate her asshole.

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