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Breeding Mommy: Chapter X

Tiger followed me to the bedroom, eyes attentively fixed on my large, round butt cheeks, hypnotically swaying side to side as I slowly walked in front of him.

I turned around to see him standing right behind me. His eyes locked with mine as he leaned down to kiss my plump pink lips.

“Mmmm,” I lightly moaned, our lips smacking off of each other’s and our hands lightly exploring each other’s bodies.

I ran my fingertips up his sides as he held my face still, kissing me with a lustful need typical of his insatiable sexual desire. I whined as our lips danced, eyes closed, alone together.

Stumbling back, I felt the edge of the bed and crawled on, sliding my body towards the middle. Tiger crawled on top of me and continued kissing me passionately. I could feel my vagina throb between my legs and he only stopped to kiss and suck on my tender neck, leaving red hickies as evidence of where he’s been.

“Uhhh, baby,” I quietly cooed as he found my collarbone.

He continued down towards my breasts, sticking graciously upwards towards the ceiling, waiting for his mouth. Wrapping his soft lips around my stiff, pink nipple, he sucked slowly and deeply, pulling my nipple greedily into his mouth. I closed my eyes and scratched his head as his saliva trickled down my breast.

Suck, slurp, slurp

He fed quickly and purposefully, wetly slurping from my large, round breasts as he pressed his face into my chest.

“Uhhh, Mom,” he whined, pulling his wet lips from me.

“Don’t stop, baby,” I said hushing him, “feed from Mommy.”

I never tired of the intimate bonding experience we shared when he suckled from me so tenderly and with an earnest need. I felt such an arousing feeling that was so maternal and forbiddingly sexual. I could just melt into the bedsheets and focus on his suckling forever.

He rolled to my side and continuing suckling, slowly and rhythmically while his hand explored my soft body. Our legs intertwined with each other’s and I guided my hand towards his cock, rubbing him while he fed.

Flattening my palm to his sac, I gently groped his warm genitals, rubbing the tip of his cock with my thumb. He was already partially erect and I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft and stroked him slowly, pulling his foreskin up and down until his penis was fully erect.

Slurp, slurp, suck, suck, suck

I closed my eyes and laid my head back as I felt his wet sucks on my tender nipple. My vagina was dripping and aching, and my stomach felt like it was fluttering inside of me. I was so horny for him.

Enjoying my son’s diligent work on my breasts, I held his strong, warm penis in my hand and traced my fingers up and down his large, throbbing member; every vein, every fold of his foreskin, from the base up to the tip of his bulging purplish head, I felt it all: all seven and a half inches, all sixteen years.

I could feel his hips gently rock as he lightly pushed and pulled in my soft hand. Knowing he was ready for me, I sat up and crawled down towards his crotch. Lifting one leg over him, I sat back and pushed my butt towards his face as I leaned closer to his gently throbbing cock.

Drooling all over his stiff penis, I lowered my mouth and wrapped my luscious, pink lips to his head. My warm spit trickled down his shaft and over his sac while I sucked on him slowly.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned softly, pooling my spit on him and letting it lubricate my lips.

I felt Tiger’s hands run up my thighs and grab my hips. Pulling me back towards him, he buried his mouth in my bald pussy and worked his magic tongue between my wet, engorged lips.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes and focusing on my pussy.

I slid my wet, saliva-covered lips up and down his warm cock; gliding my hand up his shaft in the opposite direction. I could smell the lingering scent of Vanessa and my vaginas on his shaft and head as I traveled his length, a reminder of the naughty sex we had earlier in the evening.

I dragged my tongue up his shaft and drooled all over him as I worked my wet spit into his head with his foreskin. Kissing his soft, spongy glans, I pulled my butt away from his face and dragged myself down his body.

Getting between his legs, I grabbed his slippery cock and positioned it between my swollen lips. I rubbed the tip around the opening to my vagina before gently sitting back and resting my round butt cheeks against his pelvis.

I looked back over my shoulder at him and smiled as I gently bounced on him; his eyes fixated on my large cheeks flattening and reforming as I moved along his hard, quivering cock.

I closed my eyes and reached for my breasts, as I felt his girth stretch my pussy.

“Ahhhh, uhhh, mmmm,” I cooed, focusing on him.

My wet pussy slickened his thick cock with vaginal juices allowing me to slide effortlessly on him. I bounced harder and faster with the sounds of my meaty butt cheeks slapping off of him, competing with my desperate moans and cries.

“Uhhh, fuck….James,” I hastily whined between breaths.

Tiger spread his legs wider and lifted them up, pulling his knees towards him. I sat back on him, back straight, and grabbed onto his ankles, holding his legs open. Sitting on him, I rocked quickly back and forth, grinding eagerly over his pelvis.

“Uhhh, Mom!” I heard James moan from behind me.

 “I’m here, baby,” I replied soothingly, slowly grinding my pussy with every inch of him inside of me.

Leaning forward with my face nearly pressed into the bed, I slowly raised my butt up, letting the tip of his cock peek out of my vagina, before sitting back down and engulfing it again. Over and over I did this, clutching the bedsheets as I felt his girth stretch me slowly.

Sitting up, he grabbed me from behind and straightened me up. Kneeling behind me, he thrust quickly into me; striking my cheeks with his powerful hips while he had one armed wrapped around my chest, groping me, and the other around my stomach, holding me still.

“Uhhh, baby! Mmmm,” I cried as he assailed my pussy.

He slowed down to gentle, rhythmic thrusts and slowly kissed my neck and shoulder. I could feel his warm breath on the nape of my neck and felt like I could melt right there in his arms.

“Mom,” he whispered in my ear, kissing me gently on the cheek as he grabbed at my breast.

There was something so sexual about that word to me now – ‘Mom’. It meant so many different things. Caregiver, protector, lover, slut. No other word encapsulates all of the roles a woman plays in a man’s life than ‘mom’. No other role made me so sexually and emotionally fulfilled than being his mom; his slut; his lover.

“Mmmm, baby,” I cooed quietly with my eyes closed, focusing on the slow ebb and flow of his young cock held tightly in my wet, swollen pussy.

He slowly kissed my neck, sucking on it before moving towards my collarbone.

“Uh, Tiger, honey,” I whined.

“My little mommy,” he replied, holding my body tighter.

“Always yours, sweetie,” I lovingly affirmed him.

Catching me by surprise, he pulled my body backward and my hot, sweaty torso fell backward onto the bedsheets.

“OHHH,” I gasped in surprise, breaking into a smile and giggling.

James pushed my legs apart and grabbed his hard, wet cock. Centering his bulging glans at the entrance to my gaping, swollen vagina, he pushed himself into me as he leaned forward and gathered me into his arms.

I let my head sink back and my eyes shut as he tenderly sucked on and kissed my neck.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned, feeling his big, teen cock slowly ebb and flow inside me; stretching me gently.

“Uhhhh…..uhhhhh, baby!” my moans got louder and whinier as we made love on the bed.

I wrapped my legs around his waist to hold him inside of my throbbing pussy while he continued thrusting, pushing my body into the bedsheets.

I could hear him whine between his soft, purposeful kisses.

Without much warning, he rolled onto his back – pulling me with him – with me ending up on top of him. He grabbed at my meaty butt cheeks and spread them apart as he slipped his index finger deep into my butt and squeezed my cheek.

“Mmmm, Daddy,” I whorishly moaned when I felt him penetrate my anus with his finger.

The slow, deliberate probes of his cock turned to quick, spastic upward trusts as he assailed my pussy rapidly.

“UHHHH….UHHHH…..MMMMMM,” I whined and cried as he fucked me mercilessly.

“Ohh, James….James!” I breathlessly gasped, grabbing at the bedsheets.

He slowed his torrid pace down and spanked me, the sound of his slap on my ass was loud and sharp.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned enjoying it, “you like using me like that, don’t you baby?”

“Take my big cock, Mommy,” he replied.

“Mmmm, give it to me, Daddy,” I told him with need in my voice.

He gripped my fat butt cheeks again and squeezed them tightly as he thrust upwards slowly, sliding every inch of his girthy, teen cock into my slippery, engorged pussy.

“Uhhh…” I moaned, eyes closed and mouth agape.

I moaned louder when he pushed his finger deeper into my ass and I fell down on his shaft, impaling my wet pussy on his generously sized penis.

“That’s my whore,” he whispered to me.

“Uhhh, yes, baby….your whore,” I cooed.

Pushing myself off the bed, I sat him and began riding him; hands placed lightly on his chest. He pulled his finger from my butt and gripped my wide hips, rocking me back and forth across him in a quick rhythm.

“Ohhh….uhhh….mmm,” I whined, my hands reaching up to clutch my ample breasts as I arched my back and writhed over my stallion; my son’s seven-and-a-half-inch steely tree-trunk of a cock buried deep inside my motherly pussy, moving with my energetic body.

“Fuck, Mom!” he remarked of my unmotherly behaviour, “be my little whore.”

His words emboldened me and I rode him faster, harder, pushing myself up from my knees and sitting violently back down on him. Over and over I rode my stallion like a whorish cowgirl working hard for her man’s seed.

“Uhhh….Daddy!” I cried, “mmmmm…”

The wet sounds of Tiger’s cock sliding rapidly in and out of my aching vagina were drowned out by the sounds of my meaty butt cheeks slapping off of his thighs and the squeaking of the mattress being violently compressed by our bodies rhythmically bouncing off of it.

“Uhh…I’m gonna cum, baby…I’m gonna cum!” I desperately cried.

Before I could utter one more word, my legs went limp and a surge of warmth flooded my sweaty, splotchy body, radiating from my throbbing, wet vagina. I collapsed onto him and moaned wildly, trying to contain it. He wrapped one arm around my body and the other around my butt and held me tightly as I spasmed over him.

“Uhhhh, James….James….James,” I panted breathlessly.

Tiger gently probed me with his cock as I continued to orgasm on him. The ebb and flow of his cock inside me as my pussy uncontrollably contracted caused another mini-orgasm and my body shivered. Copious amounts of vaginal juices trickled out of my aching pussy and down his thick, veiny shaft.

As I recomposed myself, I leaned forward and planted a long, deep, and passionate kiss on his lips.

“Mmmm,” I gently moaned as our lips lovingly held each other’s, moving effortlessly while our tongues darted in each other’s mouths.

Tiger rolled me back over and settled between my legs. Leaning down, he took me in his arms and we continued to kiss passionately; my body still flush and hot and my pussy aching from my orgasm.

Tiger gently pushed and pulled his hips in rhythm with our lips, and his eager cock ebbed and flowed inside my creamy, wet vagina.

I could hear his soft whines as he pleasured himself in me and lightly ran my nails across his back to comfort him.

His gentle

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