Breeding for Mom

It felt good to be back in my room. After my first year of attending a University, I was back home for the summer. My name is Sam and I live with my mom Melissa. My dad died more than a dozen years ago. Last year Mom bought the house we’re now living in, located forty miles from where we used to live. We moved here right after my eighteenth birthday.

The house is bigger than Mom and I required, but it was the best value for the location. I live on the upper floor which consists of two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. We turned one of them into a study room and my bedroom has a great view out the front of the house. Mom’s master suite is down a long hallway from the dining room and the living room overlooks the back of the property. Large windows face the gardens out back providing a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. There are a couple other bedrooms along the hallway to Mom’s master suite which have been turned into hobby rooms.

Her sister, Rachel, convinced Mom to move here to be closer. She divorced her husband three years ago and longed for her sister’s companionship and finally convinced Mom to relocate close to her. Mom wasted no time to move here as soon as I graduated. Neither have regretted it and have been inseparable. They have shown no interest in men, preferring to spend their time together and with me.

Physically similar, they would have no trouble attracting men if they desired. They are brunettes, although my aunt dyed her hair blonde last year. Both have their hair cut short, which frames their beautiful faces perfectly. Mom’s large, deep brown eyes make you feel better immediately when she looks at you. She has long toned firm legs, proudly showing them off wearing short skirts. Her breasts aren’t huge but large enough to sexily push out her tight blouses.

Aunt Rachel has deep green eyes which accent her blonde hair. I thought she was sexy before but her new hair color makes her look even better. At twenty-six she’s eleven years younger than Mom. Her breasts look larger than Mom’s and her luscious legs look similar.

My mood is always at its best when I’m around either of them. We have a large garden at our new house and the three of us work together, keeping it maintained and treating ourselves to a dinner or movie after a day of hard work. My aunt lives a few blocks away and routinely walks over to visit us.


Rachel never mentions her ex-husband, but she did obtain the house and a substantial amount of money when the divorce was finalized. Mom told me it was due to a dispute concerning children but wouldn’t divulge whether my aunt wanted offspring or he did. Not knowing the true story but knowing him, I suspected he had an affair and was caught.

Our time together the last few years has really bonded Mom and me, working and playing together. Mom rented an apartment for me at the University believing I would be more comfortable than sharing a room in the dorms. I figured it was an incentive to keep me at school allowing her to develop a relationship. Coming home once a month I figured I’d give Mom plenty of freedom, but as far as I could tell she wasn’t dating. After three months Mom pleaded with me to come home every weekend because she and my aunt missed my company. Gladly accepting her proposal I changed my schedule according to Mom’s wishes.

My time with Mom and my aunt was increasing my sexual frustration. When I arrived back to school on Sunday night I’d call up one of several girls I cycled through. They didn’t know why they received such a good fucking each time I came back and I wasn’t honest enough to tell them I was fantasizing they were my mother. I picked girls that looked similar to Mom or Aunt Rachel, avoiding an emotional attachment to any of them. They made it clear they were with me for the sex and didn’t want to get tied down to anyone during school so I didn’t mind using them to stave off my incestuous lust.

Mom and Rachel were still close and neither dated. Their full attention was devoted to me when I came home for the weekends and I looked forward to being with them this summer. Jealous men would stare when we’d go out on the town. My aunt would dress less conservative; although, much to my dismay neither would go braless.

Eating out was especially hard as I would sit by Mom with Rachel across from us. She wore a bra but her dresses showed a lot of cleavage from her full, meaty breasts. She caught me more than once staring at her chest through dinner, not saying anything to my mother. She would go back to talking to Mom, smiling while acknowledging the admiration of her sexy wares.



Mom interrupted my daydreaming when she called me down for dinner. One of my favorite meals was waiting for me to celebrate my homecoming. As we sat across from each other I found myself longingly staring at her beauty. She even asked me a couple of times whether I didn’t like my food since I wasn’t eating much. It was hard to break away to eat, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings in her attempt to please me. Her eyes were like magnets, deep brown and beautiful, like a window to her soul.

When finished we cleaned up and retired to the living room to discuss our plans for the gardens. It was the time of year we’d have to do a lot of work to get them in shape for summer. She told me Rachel was anxious to come over and help which wouldn’t help subdue my aroused state. Unfortunately, I was going to have to seek a seasonal job to help pay for my escalating education costs. Summer employment was going to severely limit the time I would be able to spend with my two favorite ladies.

I was tired after the long trip and went to bed early, putting off job hunting until morning. I fell asleep fast thinking of past images of Mom and my aunt. I woke up earlier than normal and went downstairs to the kitchen. Mom still has a daily newspaper delivered and whenever I’m home we’d share it while eating breakfast. I retrieved it and started to read while waiting for Mom to arrive.


Mom’s door creaked open and I heard her footsteps come down the hall. She lightly kissed me on the back of my neck and said, “Good morning, Sam. You’re up early.” I could smell her natural scent as her lips burned my flesh.

“Yes, I am. I slept well and wanted to get a start on looking for a job,” I replied as I looked up to see her walk around me to go to the counter. I froze as I gazed at my mom wearing a blue nightie which barely covered her full, firm ass. It wasn’t a see-through, but it clung to her tight enough making it was obvious she was nude underneath.


As she filled the coffee machine my eyes locked onto her long, bare legs. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen them but they still excited me when displayed. As she finished and turned I quickly looked down at the paper disguising the fact I was leering. As she walked by me to go back to her room my eyes lustfully followed her sexy body.

After a few minutes, she returned in a robe to prepare breakfast. She must come out to the kitchen each morning right after she wakes up, starts up the coffee, then returns to her room to change to her robe. I had gotten up early before and she was always in her robe. I wonder if she had changed her routine when I started college.

I made a mental note to not let sleep interfere again with my early morning delight. Hopefully, she wouldn’t revert back to changing to her robe before coming out to start up the coffee in the future.

We talked while she finished cooking. After we ate and finished reading the paper, I helped her clean up. She asked me what I was going to do today. I told her I was going to hunt for a summer job to help pay for college. We talked about possible job prospects and where I should start looking.

She hugged me, wishing me luck and left to get dressed to go to work. Retreating to my room, I surfed for job leads. A few minutes later I heard Mom’s car pull out. I looked out my window and watched her drive away. As soon as her car disappeared I was in bed stroking my rock-hard cock, reliving the sight of her nightie-clad body. I didn’t last long, coating my stomach with globs of hot cum.

I didn’t have much luck finding a job so I decided to take a break and go out. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some items Mom had wrote on a list on the table. When I arrived home Mom was already there, earlier than normal. She greeted me with a hug and I asked her if anything was wrong. She informed me she took off to spend more time with me before I found a job.


We walked around the garden discussing what we were going to do for the next few days. While we were eating dinner later that night, I informed her I wasn’t having any luck finding a job. She looked disappointed but then smiled as she said, “You never know, maybe something will come up.”

Soon after we retired to the living room to watch TV, Mom went to her room. She left the door open and I could hear her talking on the phone, probably catching up with a friend. Their conversation was too faint to comprehend the content, but I did hear her say goodbye to whoever she was talking to.

She came out and sat by me on the couch, wrapping her arm around me to hug me close. I could feel the heat from her body and her breath as she told me she was going to help me with a job. I turned to look into those beautiful eyes as she continued to tell me she was talking with her friend Sharon regarding some available work. I remembered Sharon from our old neighborhood. She was Mom’s age and was hot. She told me Sharon had quite a bit of work to do around her house and she was willing to pay me good money to help.

Sharon was wealthy and would usually give me a twenty when we’d go visit her, for my college fund, she’d say. I figured the pay would be good and working around a hot looking woman couldn’t be bad. I readily agreed to work for her. Mom was elated, smiled and kissed me on the cheek as she went back to her room to call Sharon. She came out later and informed me I could start the next morning. After a few more minutes I told Mom I was going to bed to get a good night’s sleep. Setting my alarm to get up early, I drifted off fast.


The next morning I was up and reading the paper, anxiously awaiting Mom’s arrival. She made her appearance at the same time wearing the same nightie. My plan worked as I leered at her scantily clad body. She repeated her routine, leaving and returning to fix breakfast in her robe. I told Mom I’d probably be late getting home since Sharon’s house was an hour away. She hugged me goodbye and wished me luck on my job. Her parting smile was sexy and even had a diminutive smirk mixed in. It was enough to arouse my horny prick.


I made it to Sharon’s place and she was still as hot as I remembered. We reviewed the things she wanted to be done and the list looked short enough I was sure I could do it in a day, although Mom had told me there was a week’s worth of work. After the first item was completed I realized the main job Sharon wanted accomplishing was to have her pussy filled with hard, young cock. Her seduction plan wasn’t complicated, leading me to her bedroom, stripping off her clothes and begging me to fuck her hard.

She kept me in bed all day, obviously not getting the spousal sexual attention she required. She told me her husband was out of town on a business trip until the end of the week, probably fucking his secretary instead of attending meetings. She wasn’t upset about his indiscretions as she was financially comfortable in their relationship. Neither of them desired a divorce and was fine with the status quo.

Exhausted from my workout, I arrived home late. Mom asked me how it went and I told her there was a lot of hard work to do and it would keep me busy for the week. She smiled and told me how happy it made her knowing she was able to help with the arrangement. I went to bed early in order to get up for Mom’s negligee showing.

Each day was a repeat of events starting with Mom in the morning and Sharon taking a sexual pounding during the day allowing me to live out my mom fantasies. One of the mornings I blew it and slept past Mom’s nightie show. Friday arrived too soon for my liking, signaling the end of my work week. I was hoping Sharon would extend my time, but she explained she didn’t want the neighbors to get suspicious and she had enough memories to last a while. She thanked me with a day of sex and I left with a check for five hundred dollars.

Mom had one of my favorite meals ready when I arrived home and we discussed our weekend plans. We decided on a number of projects in the garden and she mentioned that her sister was going to come over to help. I was looking forward to spending a weekend with them. Signing and handing the check to Mom brought out a big smile as I told her to use it to help pay for college expenses.

After breakfast the next day we worked in the garden. Shortly after we began my aunt showed up, looking as good as ever. We had never felt comfortable hugging as she was too close to my age, but she did stroke my arm with her hand in a greeting fashion, smiling wide and causing my groin to tingle. We toiled through the day, broke for lunch and decided to go out to dinner to celebrate our day of hard work.


Aunt Rachel went home to change while Mom and I picked her up on the way out. They were radiant at dinner and I couldn’t have been happier being out with these two beautiful women. Envious husbands stared at us as we dined. Sleep came easy after a full day of work.

After breakfast the next morning, Mom pulled her chair to face mine. She sat down and scooted up closer, intertwining our legs. Her bare leg rubbed against me under our robes as she leaned forward and stroked my arms. Her smooth, firm knees pressing along my hairy thighs sent electric shocks to my hardening cock.

She told me she had something important to tell me. I stroked her arms the same way she was doing, relaxing both of us. Fortunately, my robe concealed my hard prick resulting from our close contact.

She stared at me as if she were trying to decide how to tell me what she had on her mind. I looked back into those brown eyes and immediately felt at ease. She told me she had a long phone conversation with Sharon yesterday. My relaxed state began to disappear wondering what Sharon had told Mom.

“Sharon’s pregnant,” she divulged, still staring at me. I could only imagine the panic-stricken look sweeping across my face. I hadn’t used protection with Sharon. She pulled me tight each time as I flooded her cunt with cum each time. I had wrongly assumed she was on some kind of birth control.

“It’s your baby, Sam,” she continued.


Fear swept through me as my hands squeezed tight on Mom’s arms. What an idiot I had been forgetting about protection. My mind was racing of the implications of getting someone pregnant. Mom could see my discomfort and moved her hands to mine pulling them away and held them tight, smiling widely, amused at my predicament.

“Relax, it’s okay. She wanted the baby. She told me how she seduced you and how she tricked you into thinking she was on birth control,” she quietly said in an attempt to calm me. Moving her hands to my arms, she stroked up and down to ease the tension.

Taking a deep breath, I replied, “Wow Mom. I had no idea. You’re okay with this? Does she want anything from me?”

“She wanted a baby and her husband couldn’t give her one. She’s elated and doesn’t want anything from you. You know, it’s not uncommon,” she told me, still locking our eyes together.

“Not uncommon?”

Explaining further she said, “Yes, wealthy women routinely find a young man to impregnate them when their husband can’t or doesn’t want to.”


“Why don’t they go to a fertility clinic and get inseminated,” I asked, more relaxed from Mom’s gentle caressing.

“They usually don’t want anyone to know and they like the more discreet method. Most of the time the husband won’t allow it, afraid his colleagues might find out and think he is less of a man for it.”

“Sharon asked me to have this talk with you to make sure you’re okay. She hated that she didn’t ask you in advance, fearing you’d say no to her,” she stated, looking for my reaction.

I smiled and told her, “It’s fine Mom. I like Sharon and I’m glad she’s happy now. It was quite a workout last week though.”

“No details Sam. A mother doesn’t want to know those kinds of things,” she laughed, breaking the tension.

She pulled back and we went to change for another day of work in the garden. Aunt Rachel arrived mid-morning to help out. Several times Mom caught me staring at my aunt when she’d bend over and display her ample cleavage. My face reddened realizing I wasn’t that sneaky, but Mom only smirked and continued to work. We ate at home and Rachel left right after.


After our showers, we relaxed on the couch watching TV before retiring for the night. Mom draped her arm around me and stroked my upper arm again as she did in the morning. She moved my arm to do the same to her and we enjoyed the moment, massaging and bonding with each other. Her skin was smooth and soft. I could have remained there for the rest of the night. I gently squeezed her arm several times after she did it to me.

We were ready to call it a night when she looked over at me and said, “I really enjoyed the time we spent together during the weekend. It was fun working and playing together again. I’ve missed your company more than I thought I would when you were at school.”

I replied, “I always have fun when I get to work in the garden with you and Aunt Rachel. It’s going to be a bummer to have to start looking for another job tomorrow.” I secretly wondered if she had any more hot friends needing help.

As if she read my mind, Mom said, “Sharon told me some of her friends are really jealous of her now,” as her eyes locked with mine. “You know, there is a way you can spend more time with me this summer and still earn money.”

Observing my clueless look, she disclosed her plan. “Sharon says her friends would be willing to pay for the same service. It wouldn’t take long and you could spend more time here with me.”

Now it hit me. Mom wanted me to impregnate Sharon’s friends. Trying to hide my excitement, I responded, “Gee Mom, you want to pimp out your son? That doesn’t sound legal.”


Squeezing my arm harder, she replied. “Not pimping. It isn’t sex. You’d be inseminating desperate women. We would provide a service they need and they’re willing to pay well for it.”

“Umm, Mom. You do realize sex is part of it, don’t you? How about the legality of it? What if they want to come after me for child support or something?”

She explained the process in length. She assured me these women had no intention or desire to establish a relationship with me. They didn’t even want to see my face during the process. It wouldn’t be lovemaking, it would be a simple infusion of sperm. They required secrecy because they didn’t want to involve anyone else. Sharon had a loyal attorney draw up an agreement to protect both parties from further action. The women would be people we hadn’t met to further cement anonymity.

The plan was well thought out. I wonder how long Mom and Sharon had been working on the details. It was hard to contain my excitement over my new summer job prospect. I told her in as steady a voice as I could, “Sure Mom. I’ll help out. Giving me more time to help around here will be really nice.”

“Great Sam. I’m taking off work this week in order to spend more time together,” she informed me, returning to the smooth-stroking on my upper arm.

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