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Bound And Pleasured

“Okay, Serena… Strip!” my black dominant lover said to me. The flatness of his tone sent a chill down my spine. “Now!” he insisted.

I seductively wet my lips and smiled as I casually opened the buttons of my dark-blue, silk blouse, and then pulled it back to expose the powder blue lace bra that supported and accentuated my breasts. He nodded his approval, and said, “Leave the blouse on, for now. Take off your skirt.”

With the same casualness as before, I undid the button on my white, pencil skirt, then tugged down the zipper. With a slight push, it slid down my long sexy legs and puddled on the floor.

“Panties next,” he said, and I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my high-cut, powder-blue lace panties and guided them over my rounded hips, and downward.

Sam rose from his chair and approached me. He opened the front closure of my bra and slid his hands inside, freeing my breasts. “Mmm, such nice tits,” he mumbled as his thumbs traced the crowns of my areolas. His tough was light, almost featherlike, and turned my nipples instantly hard.

“You can still back out,” he said.

“I know. I trust you, Sam,” I replied with yearning eyes.

“Then kneel, bitch. You know what to do next,” Sam said, adding a bit of masculine authority to his words.

Yes, I knew where this was leading. Sam loved my blow jobs. He made me feel proud and unashamed of my oral talents, and he said I was the best he ever had. So I squatted, then dropped to my knees, and smiled up at him when he unzipped his pants and allowed his long, thick, black cock to fall free. I’ve had a lot of white cocks, and a couple of brown cocks in my past, but this one was different not only in color, but Sam possessed the biggest cock I ever had. Big, black, ten inches long and thick as my wrist.

I extended my tongue and licked the pearly white drop of precum from his meatus. And then I let my eyes sparkle up at him as I dragged my tongue along his full length. His cock began to grow hard. I took him in my mouth and began to suck. Mmm, I loved the sweet-pickle taste of his cock and I let him know it with a long delicious moan as I took him toward the back of my throat.

“Ooh! Ooh, yeah! That’s it, baby. Suck me! Suck my big black cock!”

His words made hunger rise in my throat and I began to bob up and down on his shaft. My tongue swirled around his tasty knob and I sucked more delicious precum from his dilated meatus. My teeth raked the sensitive skin as my lips tightened around his shaft.

“Oooh – fuck, baby!” Sam cried and his body shivered with pleasure. It was a game I knew all too well, a game where the rules were constantly changing, as his cock grew to its full length. One that I played to win when I can get him to shoot his load down my hungry throat.

Sam placed his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. I released his cock from my mouth and began to lick and suck his big black balls. My technique was well-rehearsed. I knew every sensitive spot, and how much licking and sucking he could take. With wild abandon, I buttered his nuts with a thick coating of saliva.

“Ohhhhh – yeah! Fuck, yeah!” Sam spouted as he grabbed hold of my hair and yanked my head and continued spouting down at me, “Yeah, you nasty little white whore! Get down on my cock!”

I loved the way he belittled me. It made me feel like he owned me. His breathing was growing ragged. I dragged my tongue along his black veiny shaft. His veins had grown large. More precum seeped from his cock. As before, I never missed a drop and licked it clean.

“Yeah! Yeah! That’s it. Oh, yeah!” he groaned.

Not that I needed encouragement, but I loved hearing it coming from him. I knew he was nearing his edge. I knew how to keep him there, teetering on the plateau of his pleasure until his balls explode. Yes, that cum, that hot delicious cum that I’m swallowed many times before, I hungered for once again. I took him in my mouth and began bobbing rapidly on it. My lips created a perfect seal around his shaft as my mouth pushed down and pulled up on his hard, throbbing cock. More precum pasted my tongue.

“Oh, Serena. Suck me. Suck my cock! That’s it! That’s right! That’s the way! Oh, baby, I’m gonna – ah, feed you!” he cried, his words breaking up towards the end. My desire to please him was overpowering. The whole of my attention was focused on his cock.

“Mmm. Yeah. Mmm. Yeah!”

I released his cock from my mouth. It glistened with my saliva from top to bottom. I looked into his eyes and smiled, then opened my mouth, inviting him back for the grand finale. Sam accepted my open-mouth invitation and slid his cock past my waiting lips. My lips encircled him once more, and he began to fuck my mouth. I knew he could not last much longer, and I prepared to swallow all he had to offer. However, I did not get the tasty treat that I was waiting for.

To my surprise, just as his cock began to spasm, he pulled from me. The first spurt of cum glanced my cheek and painted my hair. The second spurt streamed across my forehead. The third skimmed across my other cheek. The fourth painted more of my hair. The fifth clung to my left eyebrow and trickled over my eyelid. I didn’t know that Sam was planning on giving me a facial, but there I was with heavy globs of cum splattered all over my face and hair. Sam did a nasty job on me and he was all but spent.

With a mischievous grin, I reached out, wrapped my slender fingers around his cock, and gently milked the last of his semen onto my waiting tongue. After I swallowed and purred my delight, Sam ordered me to stand up and take off my blouse and bra, but keep my heels on.

I stood and was going to scoop his cum from my face and lick it from my fingers. He suddenly grabbed my wrist. “What do you think you’re doing?” he questioned.

I froze, somewhat confused because he always enjoyed watching me eating his cum. “I… was… just…”

“No. Leave it. I like the way you look with my goo on your face,” Sam said. “Now, your blouse and bra?”

I took off my remaining clothing and stood motionless in waiting for his next more, or instruction. He smiled as he https://myotakuworld.com/studied me. He liked what he saw and told me so. Sam was a big man. He stood 6’6”, and weighed 240 pounds, and it was all muscle wrapped in dark ebony skin. He was enthralled by the stark contrast of our skin, and I found it very erotic.

“Shall we get started?” Sam asked, and I nodded. He smiled, a lecherous smile, then he ushered me down the hallway and into his bedroom.

The moment we entered the bedroom, Sam said, “Your body belongs to me, Serena. “You’re mine to do with as I like. To tease. To please. You will have no say about what happens. And as we agreed, you will be bound to my liking the entire time. So, are you ready?”

“Yes,” I replied. We never played this role before, but he was engrossed in it and I was excited to try it.

“You sure, woman?”

“Yes, Sam, I am yours to do with as you please.”

With a slight gesture of his hand, Sam guided me beneath the hand-hewn beam that divided the room. I stood, perfectly still, and watched as he opened the small duffle bag that lay on the bed and took out a rather long length of soft, cotton rope.

“Hold out your hands,” he said, “And cross your wrists.”

Mindlessly, I did as I was told. With skill and precision, Sam wrapped one end of the rope in a figure-eight, over and around my wrists, binding them gently, yet securely together to where I could not break loose.

“Too tight?” he asked.


Sam gathered the free end of the rope, and tossed it up and over the beam. He grabbed the free end as it swung in the air, and pulled it, drawing my hands and stretching my arms upward. In one, quick motion, he secured it to the corner post of the bed.

Spread your feet a little more than shoulder-width,” he said. I cautiously shifted my weight from side to side, widening my stance. “A little further… Further still… Perfect!”

I watched as he rummaged through the duffle bag and took out a pair of ankle cuffs. “What are those for?” I asked.

Sam smiled, then he fastened the first cuff around my right ankle. “You’ll see,” he said, then he fastened the second cuff around my left ankle.

Although I was looking forward to this, I was wobbling a bit stretched up the way I was, and I started to feel a bit nervous. Sam reached under his bed and retrieved a spreader bar, and hooked it between the ankle cuffs. He stood and added tension to the rope, stretching my arms as the knot tightened around my wrists to lift my weight until my stiletto heels lifted from the floor.

“Oh-god, Sam, it hurts!” I cried out. Sam laughed at my realistic response and eased back until my heels once more touched the floor, then he retied the rope.

A not-so-gentle slap to my vulnerable ass caused me to lose my balance. The rope caught me. I steadied myself. Again, Sam rummaged through the bag. This time he took out a silk scarf, grasped the opposite corners, and fashioned a blindfold that he placed over my eyes, then knotted the free ends around the back of my head.

“Serena?” he whispered, “Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?”

“Not in the last five minutes,” I giggled.

Sam moved behind me and ran his fingers lightly over my breasts. I jumped at his unanticipated touch. He kissed and licked my underarm. This time I purred.

“You’re mine,” he whispered, “To tease. To please.”

I yelped when I felt his hand slap my naked ass. Another, and another. My flesh quivered with each blow, and a pale pink blush began to grow on my tender white ass. His hand moved down to my mons. He rubbed then ran his middle finger down my slit and hooked my hole. My head tilted back and a moan escaped my parted lips as I tried to breathe. After wetting his finger in my pussy, he ran it over my thickening clit, while he burnt my lips with his hot kiss. Then, suddenly, he was gone.

“Sam?” I called out blindly. A moment, maybe two or three minutes. It was hard to tell how long I waited until I called out again, “Sam? Where the hell are you?”

I was relieved and pleasantly surprised when I felt Sam’s arms encircle me from behind. I felt his thickening cock press into the cleft of my ass. His naked body pressed against mine, and he held me tight. He started rubbing his cock down the lower portion of my ass while he nibbled on my left ear. I thought he was thinking of fucking my ass until he whispered, “Would you like me to fuck your pussy?”

“Yes, please,” I choked the words.

He gave my ass a final thrust, then, as before, all contact ceased. I listened and the faint hum of a vibrator caught my attention. Being blindfolded, braced for what was to come. Then I felt two fingers splitting my folds, holding me open. Almost imperceptibly, the vibrator circled my clit.

With my hands tied above my head, the vulnerable state of my body was completely in Sam’s hands. I felt the vibrator run up and down my slit and dive in and out of my juicy cunt.

“Ahhh! Oh, Sam… I’m going to… going to…”

The vibrator brought me to the breaking point, and a kiss to my pussy sent a delicious orgasm washing through my loins. I squirmed, I moaned, my body quivered… and I craved more. Much more. Sam’s talented tongue began a gentle assault on my ultra-sensitive clit. It was more than I could stand, and my body quaked again, spilling more juice from my pussy, adding to what was already trickling down my thighs, but Sam was there to lap it up, his tongue tickling my inner thighs as he went.

Once more, the vibrator traced my pussy lips and danced across my mons. Sam’s probing tongue slid back to my throbbing clit. “Ahhh… Ooh…” My body was soaked with sweat. A hungry tongue lapped my pussy, and even though my calves were burning and my arms ached, I needed more. Instead, yet again, all contact ceased.

I waited. I listened. I felt the little annoyances of my hair sticking to my sweaty face, my feet now wobbling in my stilettos from standing so long in one place, rivulets of sweat tickling my skin as it dripped from my body. The silence was killing me. The only sound I could hear was the drumming of my heart and the blood pounding in my temples.

“Sam? Sam… where the hell are you?”

A sudden stinging blow to my vulnerable ass told me exactly where he was. Another blow. Another. Another. Another and another. My ass quivered with each blow, and my cheeks grew warm. Another. Another. The palm of his hand felt like a hard wooden paddle. More cunt juice and sweat trickled down my inner thighs and I wanted nothing more than to feel Sam’s cock slipping in and out of my pussy.

After the spanking ceased, I felt something cold and pointed touching my anus. I drew a quick breath as the tip of a butt plug pressed against into my asshole. I drew a deeper breath and grimaced with the discomfort of the large end of it stretching my sphincter on its way in to fill my rectum.

Then, once more, I was left struggling to stand on my own in my wobbling stilettos, more sweat dripping down my body, and absent of his presence, while trying to conform to the massive plug inside my ass.

“Sam? Sam?”

Suddenly, a featherlike touch circled my left areola. It startled me and I jumped. The touch was withdrawn, and replaced by another sharp slap to my ass…Another, and another. The blindfold was removed. My eyes struggled to adjust to the light. Once I had focused, I began to blush as I noticed that Sam had a running video camera set up on a tripod and aiming right at me.

Sam took the camera off the tripod and began filming me from every angle. A sudden sense of nakedness enveloped me. Was it modesty getting in my way now that I knew I was being filmed?

“How’s that pretty white ass of yours feeling?” Sam asked as he moved behind me with the camera.

“A little warm,” I weakly replied.

“Still? Mind if I give those rosy cheeks a close-up?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not really,” he said with a chuckle as he zoomed in on my ass and the thick butt-plug that filled my stretched hole. Down to the rivulets of juice trailing from my pussy.

He turned off the camera and set it on the dresser. He knelt in front of me and released the ankle cuffs. On wobbly heels, I brought my legs together. They ached something terrible. Sam stepped in front of me and took me in his arms. I felt weak and he held my weight as he kissed me deeply. Using one arm to steady me, he reached up with his other arm and untied my wrists. Like the dead weights they were, my arms dropped to my sides.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he whispered.

I struggled to wrap my arms around him. “I was hoping you would,” I managed to say.

“Lie down on your back,” he whispered.

Expending the last of my energy, with Sam’s assistance, I lay down on the bed and moved to its center. I lay passive, as he took hold of my ankles, then moved my legs up and apart. The stretch was uncomfortable, but I did not protest. Sam knelt between my legs, and as big as his dick was, he entered me quickly and easily. The tightness and soreness in my legs grew as he spread me even more. I tried to bend my knees but lacked the strength. Sam had succeeded in wearing me down to the point of helplessness.

He withdrew all but the head of his cock, then forcefully drove in all ten inches of his powerful black cock balls deep inside me. “Ahhh!” I cried.

Once more he withdrew and forcefully drove in and I heard myself crying out God’s name. But I was no longer in God’s hands and filled with lust, Sam had no mercy on me as he began to take me hard and fast.

With each thrust, my breasts bounced wildly. The intense stretching of my legs and hips somehow enhanced the wanton desires building deep inside my pussy. I was tired. Every part of my body ached from the pleasures I received. Orgasm after orgasm, more than I could count, drained me that much more, yet filled me with passion, like never before.

On final thrust, buried deep, and I could feel his cock spasm inside me, filling my throbbing cunt with his semen. I closed my eyes and reveled at the moment. The air was filled with the intoxicating scent of our sex.

He released me from his grip. My legs flopped back on the bed. He rolled me on my side and removed the butt plug. I was exhausted. He cuddled me, and I drifted off in his arms.

Although Sam kept the video, I watched it. It was pretty hot to see myself bound and pleasured in this way.

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