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Football Leads To Boob Balls Of My Neighbor Aunty

Hi, guys, this is Rohit again. Thanks, for your replies to my last sex story. Those who haven’t read my sex story, please read my story naming “Became tailor for Marwadi aunty”. Now for the new readers, I am Rohit, from Pune, 22 years old. You can contact me on  This is the real sex story of me with my neighbor aunty. This is a long story guy, hope you will like the situation in which I got lucky. Coming to sex story, got a chance to fuck Anita from my apartment who use to live on the first floor.

Anita is 30yrs old with a figure to die for (36 28 39 )and fair incompletion. She is married to Chetan, an alcoholic and has no kids. He was a very mean in character. So, he uses to fight with everyone from our society. Even he used to scold the kids from our society for no reason. He used to beat Anita after he drinking.

So, it’s a Sunday afternoon and I and my friends were playing football near our building. Anita’s flat was near mine. There is a compound wall between our flats. As her flat was on the first floor, her balcony was just above the compound wall.

So that afternoon, we were playing football and kicked a powerful kick. The ball banged on the compound wall and then bounced into aunty’s balcony. As the ball went into her balcony, one of the teapots fell down and made some noise. We all ran away from the ground as uncle might come and fight. He would use bad words. Now all my friends started to blame me for my kick and said, “Now, you go and bring back the ball”. So I had no options but I was not having guts to go and bring the ball back. So I thought and got an idea.

Then I went to the ground and climbed the compound wall. I had a look at her balcony. The door was closed and even the curtains were closed. So I thought there will be no one in her house. I got a look at my football and I jumped into her balcony. Then, took the ball and was about to jump back but I just saw someone on the bed from the gap of curtains.

When I looked closely, oh my god, it was Anita aunty lying on the bed. She was wearing just a black bra and panty. I was shocked and excited to see her. Her back was facing me and hence she could not see me. I took my mobile and started to click some pics. Then I gathered some courage and thought to enter her bedroom. I tried to open the door and to my luck, it was not locked. So entered her room and slowly started to walk towards her bed. I started recording the video on my phone.

As I went closer to her, my heartbeat increased. I saw that she was having headphones in her ears and her eyes were closed. Then, I went near her and I saw her mobile screen. There was a porn going on her phone and her one hand was inside her black panty. I was surprised to see her in that position.

I again went closer and started to record her video closely. But suddenly, she opened her eyes and saw me. We both were shocked and she started screaming loudly. I was frightened and said, “aunty, sorry, sorry. I was just here to take my ball”. But due to her scream uncle who was sitting in hall asked from outside, “what happened Anita. why are you screaming?”

I was frightened and joined my hands and said: “plz, don’t tell uncle about this. I was just here to take the ball. But I will go immediately and will also delete your video.”

She said, “how can I tell it to your uncle. He will beat both of us if he sees you and me in this condition,” she said this by wrapping herself with a bed sheet. Just after her word, we heard her bedroom latch opening. We just looked at each other while she was having fear in her eyes.

I just went into her bathroom which was attached to the bedroom and I hid at the back of the bathroom door and then uncle entered the bedroom. All this happened just in a few seconds. He entered having a beer bottle in his hand.
Uncle – Anita, why did you scream?
Aunty – I just saw a cockroach near the bed, so I screamed

Uncle- you bitch. I thought something else. And why are you in a bed sheet?
Aunty- I was just going to bathe when you entered

Uncle – So, what to hide from your husband?

And he removed the bed sheet. As he removed it, she looked at me through the bathroom door.
Uncle- hey, you sexy bitch. Look at my sexy wife. I just fucked you 20mins before. But I still want to fuck you again.
Aunty- No, not now. I want to take a bath now
Uncle – You bitch! You don’t want to listen to your husband?

Saying that she grabbed her hair and pulled her back. She was screaming in a pain. He then poured some beer on her bra. And started to laugh.

She said, “please leave me.”
Uncle- Ok. Do one thing. I want to see you bathing. So, don’t close the door and take a shower

I was very much excited to hear his words. Aunty was shocked but had to obey or he will beat her. So she came in the bathroom and I was behind the door. She went down to the shower but her back was at the door.
Uncle- hey, look towards me and bath, you whore

She turned around and looked at me. I was busy looking at her boobs in her black bra. She started the shower. And we looked at each other and I put my hand on my ears and said sorry. Then, I removed my short as I was having hard on and was uncomfortable down there

She was shocked to see this. So, I took my tool out of my underwear and started to stroke my dick. What a view it was! She was in a bra and panty in the shower. Wow!

Uncle- hey, where are you looking? Look at me. Now come on, give me a flying kiss and take out your boobs from your bra.

She gave a flying kiss to him and I gave a flying kiss to her. I was enjoying every moment of the show. Now she took off her boobs from her bar. But didn’t remove her bra and started to squeeze her boobs. Wow, she was having pink nipples which were erect. I still stroked my dick and she was continually watching my dick.

Then, I found her white bra behind the door. I took it and put it on my dick and started to rub it over my dick. She was looking at it. Now, uncle’s mobile rang and it was his friend’s call who was calling him for the drinks. So after the call, he said,

Uncle- I am going with my friend now. I will be late at night. And I will fuck you when I come back.
Aunty- Ok, but please don’t drink too much and don’t come too late.
Uncle- Hey, you fucking whore. Don’t tell me what to do? Now come out and give me new clothes.

She turned off the shower and went out gave him his clothes. He wore them and tried to kiss aunty. But she said, “don’t do it when you are drunk. I don’t like the smell”. He then gave her a slap and kissed her and went out of the bedroom.

As he went out, aunty hurried and closed the door. As soon as she closed the door, I came out of the bathroom and grabbed her by the back. My one hand was on her tummy and other on her boobs. I whispered slowly in her ears, ” hey aunty, I will enjoy today” and started to kiss her neck from the back. She also whispered as uncle was still in the hall. ”Plz Rohit, leave me. Don’t do this. Uncle is still here”.

I garbed her boobs and pushed my dick into her ass over her panty. Then, I said, “aunty, I know you want to enjoy and uncle is not stratifying you. I will help you and nobody will know”.

Now she started to moan slowly and started to respond to my touch. We heard the main door latching and came to know that uncle had left. So, I turned her around starred to kiss her lips. She also started to respond. While kissing, I was squeezing her boobs over her bra. We kissed for 10 to 15 mins and then stopped. I looked into her eyes. She had tears in her eyes. I said, “Aunty, why are you crying? Aren’t you enjoying me?”

She said she hasn’t kissed for a long time after her marriage as her husband was always drunk and she doesn’t like the smell of his mouth.

Aunty- Rohit, I loved your kiss. (And stated to play with my dick)
Me- aunty, you are going to enjoy the full section, dear

I took her to the bed and lied beside her. She removed my t-shirt and now I was full nude lying on her. Now, I took off her bra and started to suck her left boob while pressing her right. Her pink nipple was in my mouth. What a feeling it was! So soft. She was saying, “ohhhh, suck it like a baby. Suck it hard”.

After sucking her boobs for a while, she came over me and started kissing me on my whole body going downwards to my dick. Then, she started to suck my dick. Soon, she took my whole dick into her mouth. What a feeling it was! I can’t express it in words. I was looking at her while she was doing it like a porn star. “ohhhh Anitaaaaa sucks it harrrdd. Yourrrr bestttt”.

I caught her by her hair and started to fuck her mouth. The feeling of her wet tongue on the dick was awesome. So, I removed her panty and saw her clean shaved pink pussy. I took her in the 69 position and started to suck and lick her pussy. As I started to suck, she was like,” Oh, no one has done this to me, yaaaaahhhhh babyyy. Now, I can’t control, please fuck me”.

We came back to the missionary position. I was sucking her lips and my dick was in her pussy. I then put my dick head into her pussy and gave a push and half of my dick was inside her pussy. So, I again gave a hard shot and my whole dick was inside her pussy. Then, I started to give shots and she started moaning. I closed her mouth with my kiss and increased my fucking speed. The whole room was full of moaning sound and sound of my body bouncing on her body.

Then I took her in the doggy position and put my dick into her pussy and started to fuck her by grabbing and pressing her boobs against the back. She enjoyed the doggy position.

Later, after this section, we both were exhausted and were laying on the bed naked. She said, “Rohit, today I enjoyed a lot with you. My husband doesn’t last more than 5 mins on the bed but you completely satisfied me”.

I said, “This is just trailer, aunty. You will enjoy a lot with me” and we smooched again. Then, I wore my clothes and went to my home, promising Anita that we will enjoy again. I will tell my next experience with Anita in my next sex story.

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