Body Shots

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I didn’t know I was gay until the summer when I was 12.

I got a lot of mixed messages about what that actually ment. “Ew, fag.” I knew it was gross, and girly stuff? “That’s gay,” like flowers, perfume, the color pink…

I guess I was always a “Butch,” and I never outgrew the whole “Girls are gross” phase. My friends started talking about girls, and wanting to kiss them.


“Ew,” that felt gay to me. “Why?”

“Because she’s pretty, look at her, and she’s going to fill out some nice fat titties.” He weighed them in the air in front of him. “You can tell, she’s already wearing a bra, and everything.” In 6th grade, before school ended for summer.

I just walked off disgusted, whenever the boys started talking about that stuff. I don’t hate them, women are needed to have children, if you want that sort of thing. I just didn’t understand them, their stupid dresses, and skirts. Their stupid gay colors, and stupid fruity smelling perfume.

So, I kicked around the woods, or the creek where there were rocks and sticks I could kick around. Pissed that my friends were turning “Gay,” and getting into stupid fairy feelings, like love. It was immature, but at the same time, I never really looked at a man, and thought.

“Yeah, that’s what I want.” I started having wet dreams, but I couldn’t remember what they were about. When I woke up with my underpants all sticky, I thought it was pus. I’m ashamed to admit that I had morning wood, and I didn’t even play with it.

I just touched it to move it out of the way, and check around for pimples, or boils. Some sort of pustule to explain where it came from, and then went to ask my mom.


She took one look at the mess in my pants, and called dad to have “The talk” with me. I cried, when he told me what girls were for, where women came from, and what you had to do to make them pregnant.

I knew that I didn’t want to do that, but he warned me again not to play with myself. He saw it as a good sign that I was getting wet dreams, because that ment that I wasn’t doing anything sinful, or gay. Like playing with myself.

So, after that, I withdrew from everyone else. My sister was a girl, so I already avoided her, but a teenager. So, that’s where I learned about pimples, and pus. I didn’t have a hair on it, or I would have found it checking myself for pimples that first morning.

I’m proud to say that I got in pretty good shape. Running off alone to climb trees, basically pullups gave me some biceps I could be proud of. Picking up rocks to throw in the chuck-hole. The biggest rocks I could pick up, and throw, because those gave me the biggest splash.

The “Chuck Hole” was just a little waterfall, where a log fell across the stream, and made a little dam. I think, we sure didn’t have any beavers around there, but for all I know somebody dammed it on purpose. To make 2 little pools, one on top, and another one washed out by the water-fall, that was only up to my shoulder, standing under it.

In the deepest part, but it was a pretty popular place to cool off. When we’re children, the girls were on top. Which ment they went up to the little reservoir, while the boys went down to the chuck-hole to cool. It wasn’t deep enough to swim, but you could lay back in the water, and let it wash over your face. At least until you’re old enough to look up.


Over the waterfall, and see the girls strip down to go skinny dipping. I was old enough, or at least tall enough to do that. I just had no interest in looking at what girls didn’t have between their legs. I guess I was a little proud that I could piss. Just unzip my pants, and flop it out in a corner, or behind a bush. Tuck it back in, and zip it up to be back on my way.

Then, I got lucky. I met Beau (Not his real name, but it’s French for Boyfriend.) Over by the dam, but he lay back on the bank. He didn’t even have his legs in the water, he just put his arm up under his head. To keep it out of the sand, and he had his shorts pulled down. No underwear, unless you count the gusset sewn in the bottom of his swim trunks, but he had the elastic band tucked under his balls.

His hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking it, and his balls bouncing in his hairy scrotum. He was a teenager, even more developed, and muscular than I was. Just standing there, eyes wide open, mouth breathing, and watching his tummy suck in. Flatten out in time with his breath, and his slow strokes picking up the pace. His hand slapping his hip loud enough to hear it over the waterfall between us until he let go.

Lay back, and moaned. “Uh!” He shook, twitched, and sucked in gasps between his grunts. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” In time with the spurts of semen, splashing on his flat tummy, and even hitting as high up as his chest. “Huh!” He smiled, and stopped cumming. “Huh!” Gasped, and ran his hand up, to rub it in, and spread it around before he looked up and saw me.

“Oh, shit.” He pulled his trunks up, “How long have you been there?” I shook my head, and shrugged, but I closed my mouth. He looked down, and pointed his chin at my crotch. “You like what you see?” He ran both hands up his sides, so his arms bulged, and he rubbed his chest.

“Uh, yeah.” I’d never seen anything sexy before in my life. I mean that nothing I had ever seen before was a turnon, at all. I guess Prince, and George Michael were the 2 that most boys called gay. Maybe Jon Bon Jovi, but they were all girly. They had long hair (Or in the case of Prince, pink, and purple ruffles.) Ear rings, and shook their butts in tight jeans, like gay fags.


“Well, you just going to stand there with a boner?”

“Oh,” I covered it up, and pushed it up in my pants so it wasn’t pointing straight at him. “Sorry.”

“Oh, no. It’s okay, quite all right.” He got up, and slipped into the water. To splash it up his body, which just made it harder, and rinsed off the residue before it dried, and got crusty.

I had just barely kicked one shoe off, so I kicked off the other one, and took off my shirt. Since he let me see his big boner, and watch him beat off all over his body, I dropped my shorts. Then my underpants so it sprang up, and bounced right in front of him.

“Come here.” I kicked them off to walk through the sand, while he got up, and reached for me. Then, he touched my hips, and pulled us together. I smelled his chest, and turned my head to hug him. Listen to his heart beat loud against my ear, and feel his legs against my junk. His hand squeezing my ass gently, and he smelled my hair.

“You’re really in great shape. What’s your name?”


He said “Beau, you can call me Beau.”

“Huh! Okay, Beau.” I stuck my thumbs in his waistband to pull them out, push down his trunks, and feel his rump. “I’m Charley,” (Or “Chuck” for short.) He let go of mine to step back, and push them down. Kick them out of the water, but his hairy package was still soft, and a little shriveled up from the water, but then he got down, and touched my hips again. Pulled me in to kiss my balls, then cup my buttocks, and lick up to the tip of my boner.

“Oh, Beau!” It scraped on the inside of his teeth, before it rubbed back under the roof of his mouth, then he started sucking. “Oh god. Oh my god, that feels so good.” He just nodded, and kept sucking. His lips slipping up and down it, his tongue rubbing the underside in the same slow patient stroke he used on himself, but he picked up the pace. Faster, and faster until I blew my wad right in his mouth. “Oh!” My knees shook before they gave out, but he held on, and set me down gently. Sitting on his hands, and he held onto my spurting pecker the whole time.

“Oh oh oh oh!” I just lay back until it stopped cumming, and he let it slip out with a wet kiss.

“Snh!” He grinned, tight lipped, and picked up my legs. Pushed me up on my shoulders, and stuck out his tongue, to catch it with his thumbs. Back on my ass cheeks, he spread them open, and kissed it deeply. Rubbing my pucker with one thumb, then the other. “You like that?”

“Oh,” I shook my head. “Yeah, it’s okay,” but after he sucked me off, of course I was already completely relaxed, and it didn’t hurt when he switched to a pinky.


“How about that?”

“Oh, uh!” My mouth wide open, my eyes clenched, but it didn’t hurt. It was just a weird sensation since I’d only pushed anything Out of that hole, but even after I felt his tongue try to wiggle in, and his thumbs rubbing the outside. “Oh, fudge! Fu fuck? Afuck!”

I realized then, what was happening. He was making me the girl, and his knuckles popped through to pop back out. In and out, until I was lose enough for him to move onto a bigger knuckle. A bigger finger, but it felt so good that I didn’t want him to stop. Finally, he got a thumb in, and I mean all the way in so his hand was right between my butt cheeks, or at least his first 2 fingers.

“Ah! Ihn.” It popped right out. I mean, it almost made an audible pop, he pulled it out so fast. My pucker kissed at it, and slammed shut. He set me down, panting, and hard as a rock again. Turned my legs over, and patted my hip.

“Get up on your knees, and bend over.”

I just nodded, and got up in the position, as fast as I could. He was hard as a rock too, and as soon as he stretched me wide open, I was just like “AHHHHH! Yes, ah fuck yeah!” He just held it in, bottomed out (With who knows how much that wouldn’t go in) until I got used to it.


“Nice tight virgin ass. You never been fucked by a man before?”

“No, but I’m ready. I can feel it, I’m ready please. Fuck me, fuck me in my butthole, yes! Fuckmeyes! Fuck ME! FUCK! MEEEE!” I Squealed like a pig. (Of course I never saw Deliverance. Are you kidding? My dad would never let me watch a scene like that.)

Again, he started slow, even slower than ever before. Dragging it out to the tip, and only then turning around to sink back in again. So, I could feel every inch, I don’t know maybe about 3 or 4 inches before he hit the bend, and had to stop. Pull it back out to sink back in again, and again. Faster, and faster, but not any harder. Until he pulled out, and I fell down. Gasping for air, now that I could breathe better. Stretched out on the sand, my dick literally in the dirt, while he grunted, and fapped behind me.

“Huh!” Finally, I felt it splash, hot wet, and sticky on my back. “Oh!” I reached back to feel it, splashing on the backs of my hands, and rub it into my buttocks. More shooting further up my back, but I dared to sink my thumbs in. Spread my crack wide open, and even feel my fresh fucked pucker. So, he aimed down, and shot the rest of his wad in there.

“Huh!” He patted my hand, so I moved them, and then he stuck his finger in. Wiped up the rest off my back, to stuff inside my fresh fucked hole, and I loved it.

“Oh shit,” he grabbed me, “Somebody’s coming.” He pulled me back into the water, so my junk shriveled up, and my pucker clenched as soon as it hit the water. I heard giggled, and started shivering. Afraid that they would come down here, but Beau got up to look over the water fall. Just a glance, he shook his head. “It’s just some girls,” and then he came back to rub my shoulders.


“You getting cold?” I nodded, and shivered, but he held me in his lap until I warmed up. Then we got out, ducked down, and put our clothes back on. To sneak around the dam, and up the back. The girls squealed, and covered up their flat chests, but we just ignored them. He took my hand when we’re past the trees, where they couldn’t see us, but then we took a detour.

We walked off deeper in the woods, where he could tell me that what we’re doing was gay. Then, he had to start over, and clear up all the stupid ideas about what that ment.

“No, you don’t have to be girly, frilly, and pink like Prince.” He pointed his thumbs at his chest. “I’m not gay like that, I’m a butch.” I asked, so he told me, “That means I’m a man’s man, and I like manly men, so don’t start acting all faggy, just because we’re gay.”

“Oh,” I cleared my throat, because my voice cracked, and then lowered my voice, to make it sound deeper, and older. “No way. I’m a butch too.” I even stuck my arms up, and flexed.

“Good, now come here.” He sucked me hard again, so I could fuck his ass the first time. (He was a virgin too) Once he showed me how to eat him out, and loosen him up. He was squeaky clean from the water, and he even showed me later how to splash it in once I fingered it good so we didn’t have to douche, and enema. He helped when I got to my thumb, because his were thicker of course. Then, I took his cherry, but when I felt like it was almost time, I pulled out.

“Turn over.” I slapped his hip, so I could waddle up next to him with my shorts around my knees, and beat off all over his body. His flat taut abs (No definition yet) and his firm flat chest. That got him hard, so I could suck him, and beat him off again when he got close. Then, we smeared our loads together all over his body so I could get down, and lick them up together.


That’s how we started out, our first time having sex, and it was incredible, but it only got better from there…

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