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Blackmailed by my brother

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If I hadn’t have kept those photos he wouldn’t have found them and used them to blackmail me in to doing sexual things to him and his friends.

My brother broke my heart and completely ruined my life, and yet, I still love him.

I was 17 and getting ready to head off to university in a couple of months’ time, I’d worked so hard all my life to get this far and being given a place in my chosen uni was a dream come true because they had a strict criteria about the type of students they accepted, I was so lucky to get a place.

I was out shopping with my friends, I only had a few weeks left with them before we all set off to Uni, so I wanted to spend as much time together as I could with them, we were having a burger when I got a message on my phone, it was from my 12 year old brother, Paul, I opened the message and then immediately ran home.

I raced upstairs and burst in to his bedroom brandishing my phone, he was with one of his friends, I slammed his door closed behind me, “Where did you get this?” I asked him.

“Does it matter?” he replied.

He had sent me a photo, a photo of me naked with my History teacher’s cock in my mouth, we had a sexual relationship when I was 15 but ended it last year, however, throughout our relationship we took loads of photos and videos of our fun and love making together, somehow my little brother had found them, I grabbed him by his shirt collar, “Where the fuck did you get them from?” I asked, angrily.

It turns out that he and his friend had hacked in to my laptop, downloaded all the photos and videos on to a flash drive, and then deleted them off my laptop, I shouldn’t have kept them but I was in love with my History teacher at the time and I wanted to keep them just as good memories, I got so angry because I never wanted anyone to find out about our relationship, it would ruin me, it would ruin his life, and I would certainly lose my place at Uni.

I realised I was hurting Paul by grabbing his shirt collar so tight, so I let him go, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Just – tell me why you sent this to me?” I asked.

“So, you know that we have them. Now you have to do as we say.” He replied.

“Are you – are you blackmailing me?” I asked, I couldn’t believe it, my own brother, my kid brother who I loved dearly, he was blackmailing me.

They both stood in front of me and folder their arms looking confident in themselves, “Yep.” He said, “Do as we say, or we’ll post them online and make sure everyone sees them.” He added.

“Paul, I’m your sister. I love you, why would you do that to me? – You know what it would do to me if they ever got out. What’s wrong with you.” I said.

“You always get what you want. All of heard for months is Amber this and Amber that, and how proud everyone is of their special girl going to Uni. I’m sick of you getting all the attention from mom and dad all the time. It’s time for me to get what I want.” He said.

“I know it’s been crazy around here but that doesn’t mean mom and dad don’t love you. You’re being silly.” I replied.

“Tits.” Paul’s friend said, out of the blue.

“Pardon?” I asked.
“Show me your tits. I want to see your tits.” He said.

“Fuck off. I’m not showing you my tits. Who the fuck are you anyway?” I replied.

“His name’s Simon, and you’ll do whatever he asks you to do if you want your dirty secrets back.” Said Paul.

I could tell he was serious, I still couldn’t believe my own little brother would do this to me, but he wasn’t joking, that much I knew for sure, I took a deep breath and decided to just do it, I pulled up my top and flashed my breasts at them, I quickly pulled it back down and batted Simon’s hand away when he touched them, “Seeing them is one thing, but you’re not touching them. Right, I did what you wanted, now give me the drive.” I demanded, holding out my hand waiting.

Instead of handing me the drive, Simon unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, “Suck my dick.” He said.

“Fuck off.” I snapped, disgusted by his demand.

“Do it.” Said Paul.

“No!” I replied firmly, and I turned around to look away from them, then I turned around again, “Look, this is gone far enough now. Give me the fucking drive.” I snapped.

“My dicks not been sucked yet.” Simon complained.

“I’m not sucking your dick, Simon.” I said.

“Do it.” Demanded Paul, looking very serious, when I still refused, he walked over to his laptop and placed his finger over one of the keys, my private photos where on the screen, “I’ll just post these online then.” He said.

“No. No. Wait – WAIT!” I said, I had tears in my eyes because I felt so betrayed, my brother had become someone I didn’t recognise anymore, “I’ll do it. I’m doing it.” I said, and I slowly dropped to my knees.

I sucked Simon’s cock just like he asked, and he lifted my top up while I was doing it and he squeezed my breasts, I felt so disgusting and used, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and then ejaculated all over my bare breasts, but then Paul demanded that I suck his cock, I did it, reluctantly, while in a flood of tears, Paul came in my mouth and forced me to swallow his semen.

They refused to give me the drive still, told me to leave his bedroom and that he’d be in touch with me later.

The next day, I was in the library unable to concentrate on my studies, I was so worried about the photos and how I was going to get them back, my phone buzzed letting me know I had a message, it was Paul, “Meet at the old shed.”, I knew which one he meant, the one behind the track field at the school.

I threw my books in to my bag and ran the whole way there, when I arrived, Paul was in the shed with Simon, but they weren’t alone, there were 5 other boys inside, just by the looks on their faces I knew he’d shown them the photos and I was worried about what they were going to demand of me next.
I was right to be worried, because soon after I arrived, they forced me to strip to my underwear, and then give them all blowjobs, it was horrible, I puked up in the corner of the shed because I had ingested too much semen, some of the boys shot out very big loads.

Even after doing what they asked of me, they still refused to give me the drive, and so the waiting game continued.

2 days later, mom and dad had gone out for the evening, it was their date night, I was in my room laying on my bed, books on my pillow taking notes for classes, my door opened and in walked Paul, Simon and the 5 other boys I sucked off the other day, I slammed my books closed and sat up on the side of my bed.

Paul walked up to me and held out a strip of cloth, “Put this on, it’s a blindfold.” He said.

I didn’t want to do it, but I had learnt by now that it was pointless to resist, I had become a whore for my brother and his friends, and my brother was my master now, I gently smiled at him in a failed attempt to make him feel something, some emotion that would make him see what he was doing was wrong and stop, but it didn’t work, he was too far gone, he’d become a monster.

Once I tied the blindfold around my eyes and head, I could see absolutely nothing, he took my hands and helped me to my feet before walking me forward a few steps and then ordering me to stop.

I heard Simon’s voice, “Take off your clothes.” He said.

I did as he asked and then waited for my next instruction, “All of your clothes.” He said, I had stripped to my underwear, they’d never asked me to take everything off before, I swallowed a lump in my throat, removed my bra and then removed my thong, I felt so dirty and violated as I stood there naked and blindfolded, I could feel all of their eyes staring at me.

Paul took my hand again and walked me back to my bed and told me to lay down, for the next couple of minutes all I heard were whispers, then someone touched my leg and tried to pull them apart, I know what they were going to do and I didn’t want them to do it, “No – Not that.” I said, batting the hands off my legs and fighting to keep them closed.

“Stop resisting, or I swear to God I’ll post them online. Just lay there and be quiet.” Paul shouted at me, I knew I had no choice but to give in, so I stopped resisting and let my legs be pulled apart.

Someone got on top of me, they were kissing my breasts and my bare skin, I felt his hips slide between my thighs and then the familiar feel of a cock penetrating my pussy, they didn’t speak so I couldn’t tell who it was, there was just a lot of groaning and heavy breathing as he fucked me for several minutes and then seeded me.

As quickly as he got off of me, another boy got on top and started fucking me, I tried to block it out, I tried to ignore what was happening, but their cocks gave me orgasms and I found myself liking it, even though deep inside I hated it.

I felt seven cocks fuck me, so I knew Paul must have been one of them, it broke my heart knowing that my brothers cock had been inside me, not only that, but he’d seeded me too, I got fucked 11 times that night so some of the boys obviously did it twice.

“We’re done now.” I heard Paul say, then I heard them all leave and close my door.
I quickly took the blindfold off, they were all gone, I covered myself up with my bed sheet then felt something between my legs, I looked down and the flash drive containing all the photos and videos was sticking out of my pussy, I pulled it out, stood on it, breaking it in to tiny pieces and then I flushed it down the toilet.

I went to Uni about a month later and 2 months after I got their I discovered that I was pregnant, my brother, Simon or one of their friends had knocked me up, I was kicked out of Uni and had to move back home in disgrace, and I couldn’t even tell my parents who the father was, because even I didn’t know, at the time.

When my daughter was 6 months I saw the resemblance, she looks just like Paul, she even has his eyes, I know he is the father, I don’t need a DNA test for that.

Not only was I blackmailed in to doing horrible things to my brother and his friends, but now I have to live the rest of my life knowing that my daughter was born from incest, I haven’t told Paul, he has no idea, I hate him for what he put me through, but he is still my brother and somehow I still love him and care for him deeply.

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